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  1. Jigsaw fave pastime now. Ceaco 'Gnomes Sweet Gnomes'
  2. Spiritual/mental health guru and YT influencer. She had traumatic upbringing, from what I've been reading/listening. But who hasn't?
  3. Assessment of Teal by a pro psychologist. Now they need to expose the Smart guy from Infinite Waters, Diving Deep. He's another coo-coo case. No wonder Teal and him are close friends, like two peas in a pod.
  4. @Galyna Time is a relative construct. It exists and doesn't exist at the same time. It can't exist outside of space, for example.
  5. @Preety_India Got to work on your daddy issues. Is/was your papa a controlling type?
  6. "My work assumes you are relatively trauma-free"- Leo. Yes. I've been doing some work on childhood trauma and shadows. Teal can't teach me anything new.
  7. She uses her looks to influence her followers. She's good looking, but I don't think she's beautiful/gorgeous. It's all in the eyes of a beholder, ofc, though. Teal is just an average next door looking gal, who had gone through some life's trials... And yes, she has made a name for herself. A female version of Mooji Baba. Yes,, some life/street smart knowledge, a way with words to convince her followers to follow, and pleasant to look at. That's about it. Teal Swan in a nutshell. I'd rather go with a real deal, Leo.
  8. @DefinitelyNotARobot You can call God anything since it's Everything.
  9. @Prana_y4na Eternity is here now. It's empty and peaceful. Just be.
  10. SUMMER Spring is behind Fall's lining up Next, we'll put on Shades for the sun Swim in the ocean Walk on the beach Drink something chill Eat a fresh peach Smile at a tourist Make a sand angel Simple are pleasures They last for ages Cruises are thriving Fun overrated Sit with a good book The world is created By Natasha <3
  11. Do the practices, self inquire... from a no-mind perspective. Watch Leo's 'Create the Experience of No-Self'.
  12. @Raptorsin7 Razor focused on wanting it and turning off the monkey mind.