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  1. I'm so slim and trim, calling me fat might come across as a complement actually
  2. The Purple Frog is a species of frogs that was discovered in 2003 in the Western Ghats of India
  3. Yes, same. This work chips away from anger and fear, for sure. Reality is not as threatening as it once used to be.
  4. @Endangered-EGO I hear you! I can go meta on it and let go of all personal attachment, etc. Though it's easier to do when in the comfort of your safe environment, but if my loved ones' life was endangered, I'd have to work through some hard emotions, for sure. Only shows how deeply we're wired for survival on a very instinctive subconscious level.
  5. Are there still anger, fear, sadness? Do you see it as evil act or someone's act of love? How unbiased are you?
  6. @Chris_Esoteric By creating challenges that will threaten your survival. But life is already full of them as it is
  7. @SQAAD It's not about dropping our survival skills, it's about the big picture perspective. And speaking of your examples of eating turds and having your finger cut off, if you were starving to death with only a turd available in front of you, you'd eat it. And if you were given a choice between watching your family slowly killed one by one or your finger sliced, I have a feeling you'd choose the latter option? You'd choose the lesser pain over greater? Perspective.