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  1. @Driven62 this video helped me a lot: Also, make a list of things you fear. Rate them from 1 to 10, where 10 is what you fear most. Now start doing the thing you fear the least. Each fear you overcome empowers you. Work your way up this way. Take your time, don't rush it. If the thing you fear the least is still too scary, then do only a small part of it, even if it sounds ridiculous. For example, if you fear driving a car, then just go sit in it and fasten your seatbelt, sit for a minute and step out again, not even starting the car. That's it. The next day you take it one step further.
  2. March 2015, when I was on a vacation, and I read the power of now for the first time. After reading for a while, I laid down the book and just ignored any thought that involved past or future. So much peace.
  3. @Psyche_92 very good! This one is for you:
  4. @saish the mind is always seeking the 'best'. More important is that you just do it. If the mind comes up with arguments that your meditation practice is not effective, and you should try something else, then observe that thought. And let it pass. Or label it with something like 'mind-meditation-meta-chatter'
  5. @h inandout you are forgiven
  6. @Joseph Maynor the ego is just a concept? Do you mean how much time you're absorbed in thought after enlightenment?
  7. @doucey24 you fear that after enlightenment you will lose progress. You might. You will lose the desire to make progress, but also the fear of not making progress. Whether you still make progress in any field after enlightenment is completely up to you, you simply won't cling to it anymore.
  8. Could it be that your ego is trying to prevent your awareness to grow?
  9. I would rather call it existential bliss.
  10. Me neither, i'm thrilled to see where this is all going
  11. A while back i took 300mcg of AL-LAD. In short, I didn't find the experience very profound. I was aware on how other people are merely robots, but I already knew that. I was extremely aware, and there were some visuals, but nothing mind-bending, no god stuff or being one-with-all stuff. I've read other people's trip reports that sounded way more interesting even on lower doses. The thing is, a few hours after I took it, I think I went to the bathroom about 7x in 1 hour. Is it possible my body recognized it as a toxic substance and flushed it all out?