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  1. @Ibn Sina Haha awesome. I can see on another video that Dr Phil invited Deepak Chopra on the show. I used to watch Dr Phil a lot, learned a lot from him, but in some cases he can be very dogmatic as well. Definitely gonna watch that episode!
  2. Being either fully immersed in what i'm doing, or acting fully from the observers' view.
  3. This. Can the ego be good? Sure, if you believe it to be so. It's the same as asking can green be a nice color?
  4. I always believed that no one else really existed but me, and they we're only there to make me believe otherwise.
  5. Yes, I'm very curious about all the experiences other people have had, and I like to experience them for myself. I've already tried 300mcg AL-LAD, but not much happened, compared to others on lower dosages. I think it might have been unpure.
  6. Why not just rise above the care whether you have friends or not, and watch life unfold with or without them
  7. Trip report: I did it only for 20 minutes, because my hands were starting to feel very weird. The 20 minutes after, I was in a state of pure bliss. I think kind of like what feeling "high" must be, even though I never have been high with drugs like weed or something else. Right now I'm thinking I want to do this every day, because it felt great! Is it in any way addictive?
  8. Why would he? And if he does, he could start his own business, and follow his LP, which has nothing to do with teaching. Kind of like what I'm doing.
  9. @Stenne for me, meditation helped, but affirmations helped much more in this specific area.
  10. I think universal basic income. After that, moneyless society.
  11. You're never too old for anything. The best time to start is always now.
  12. Did anyone notice that the dreams where you know you're dreaming are the best?
  13. @Shin ahh NoFap, actually that's where I began my self-improvement and spiritual journey, about 8 years ago. All desires exists to keep you from discovering the truth.
  14. I simply cannot fathom anymore why people would argue over someone else's definition of a word, or defending it with their life. This is a feature of enlightenment stage 8 by the way.