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  1. Then simply only plan in a day what's possible for you. I do this (weekly) and I feel awesome every time, because mostly I can do a little more. And also do what @Michael569 said. I do that and works wonders for me.
  2. I've recently started the habit of doing daily yoga. Mainly I do this to increase my energy levels, and because my body is really inflexible and I think it's a good way to release bad chemicals etc. I just picked a few moves and I do them daily. I like it to be as effective as possible, and I do it every day to ingrain the habit into myself. However, I don't have a clue what move is good for what. In my view the ideal situation is to have a set of poses that so that my whole body and all muscles are covered. Is there some complete list (but as short as possible) somewhere online with this? Or am I approaching this all wrong?
  3. @Spider Jerusalem It's not an object. Once you get that you get it. You still have to search for it, but not like you do normal searching. It's more like searching for your glasses everywhere, until you find out you're already wearing them.
  4. @onacloudynight I have been gradually caring less and less about stuff in my life. I'm now at a point that in most conversations I fake my interest. They rave about their vacations, video games, sports, movies. I just don't care about that stuff anymore. I haven't bought anything that is pleasure-related in years. That doesn't mean I don't enjoy things anymore, I can still enjoy a good meal, a good movie, sex or whatever. I just don't desire it any more. Mostly i'm driven to things that are creative, help me self-actualize or just stuff that needs to be done. Too me this is total awesomeness. What about you?
  5. @ArasH Based on how he's acting, and the calmness he resonates, I think he's on to something.
  6. @phoenix666 I think it is our natural state, but our current society creates too many fears and desires
  7. @Alexo45 great! But know it probably won't last forever.
  8. When a though arises, it's a thought, not a sentence. So then you could go put it into words. That will always take more time than being aware of the thought itself. Some thoughts are actually very hard to put into words.
  9. Of all Leo's video's, this one has had the most impact on my life: I would really like to see a more advanced video about this topic.
  10. Because you get interested in one thing, then learn about it, then integrate it, and then move on to the next thing? Sounds like you're doing great on self-actualizing!
  11. @Alexo45 at some point you will realize that going with the flow and accepting life as it is can go hand in hand with having goals and improving yourself. Would you stop improving your character in a game, even though you know it's not you?
  12. A conscious person is conscious of an unpleasant thought, and will not dwell on it nor suppress it. A conscious person is also conscious of a pleasant thought, and will not act on it.
  13. I think because he is not lost in thoughts, thus experiencing the world in a conscious, not unconscious way.