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  1. There so much content about dating and tips how to get a girlfriend, how to be better looking etc. There are people feeling bad for being virgin and being single at 30 or at older. Like i get it ofc if you have no friends it can solve your loneliness and get a little bit of romance in your life but why do u put so much energy in it? People go to courses, learn from different pickup teachers and dating coaches etc. but why? Maybe you get into pickup and after idk how many tries you get 1 girl and you have sex with her and thats it, was it good? There are people f.e. on Twitch who donate money to streamers to get attention from her and then they feel good... And teens too they want to be so popular, cool they do everything to get attention. Girls do literally everything to be beatiful and get attention from the opposite sex its a joke. I open tiktok and theres just girls doing the same thing for attention. Theres so much importance put on virginity too. People literally laugh and make fun of a person who havent had sex for their life, whats the logic? I cant understand my peers they try so hard to get a girl like as though it would solve the emptiness within. Maybe i have different sexuality but why go for a girl if you have no strong emotional connection with each other?
  2. I was just thinking about this and i came to realization i just need to switch to stage green. Lot of things like numbness, being boring would go away. Emotion is what really missing. I just watched leos nihilism and dangers with spiritual work vid and its really helpful. I struggle with depression and anxiety and i dont have bad thoughts or generally bad life(from the outside) Idk depression just comes. Although im 16 i resonate a lot with being a doomer idk life has no meaning, im just living on addictions and i hate school. Video games, porn, anime, rap metal 24/7 and i have no motivation and i dont care about self-help no more. I've tried to get on a bigger break but no matter how much i try to have fun i just cant. Basically for 6 months i havent done nothing with my life. Everyday go to school->come home dead-tired. Why people say teens dont realize how much energy they have? No we dont have energy at all. Somehow it became so much more easy to socialize at school and with friends but why? The more unconscious i am the more friends i get? Anyways this is just me talking about random things... What im saying that I cant see no meaning. I just want to be left alone in nature for weeks. All these people around me so boring and talking about meaningless, material things. Idk how the hell im going to get to green... Maybe i will try blue and become religious and create meaning that way. Anyone doomer here? What did u do?
  3. @mandyjw thank you The problem is that when theres so much stress and sh*t in your life you go through life as a blind person. Theres so much distraction, unconsciousness that u lost who you are, u cant remember ur values. @Raptorsin7 yeah ik psychedelics are not an answer but it seems easy. I just smoke it and i just get an aha moment... @DIDego yes i know about chakras they can be helpful. Thank you for ur kindness. I would love to hear more from ur story. @Matt23 well i hope my big5 and mbti will change...
  4. @kinesin thank you now i get it. Just look for certain environments,activities, people. Ok @JonasVE12 thank u
  5. @Leo Gura Yeah that will help but its hard to meet people here in my town and at my school i dont want to cringe at myself and i dont want to get to know other students idk the whole conversation and the chat would be about petty stuff. Idk how to get attention, how to be interesting... Nobody starts a conversation with me and im usually carrying the whole chat... I will try to be more interesting, get more emotional, chat and meet people here online then maybe people IRL will start caring about me. @kinesin traits:Energetic,adventurous, confident, noisy, thoughtful, hardworking,creative,spontaneity,kindness,originality, imaginative,artistic. Values: f.e. change. I cant really name more...
  6. Yes you can change your beliefs, change a bit but can you actually do a 180° turn? Can you actually change your personality? Like fake it till you make it? Or its just creates problems? How much do you change when you are in your teens? Is it hard when u've grown up? What is personality anyways? My traits: Who am I: loner, quiet, passive, irritable, numb, unemotional, neurotic, uncreative, no strong personality no style, sometimes serious sometimes just depressed, thoughtless, honest, practical, calm, openminded, loyal, a bit hopeful, a bit selfish idk else. What i value: improvement, freedom, creativity, concern for others, kindness, knowledge, love, resourcefulness, truth,achievement,curiosity, feelings, purpose,spontaneity,individuality Idk its weird, why do i value these things? Why i dont have none of those then? When did u guys experience huge personality change? A huge dose of dmt would feel really good, maybe my personality would change ...
  7. Im really sry i didnt necessarily wrote about u. I just wrote my experience and what generally happens to a lot of people when parents let the kids play a lot of hrs
  8. @JonasVE12 I've heard some people mention Owen cook and his older videos were good, how can i get them? But the reason why i dont want to go out because i feel like i couldnt hold a conversation, i would go blank, i have nothing to say... What now? Would it be good if i start with typing online then go out? @WaveInTheOcean Why? It would show how i would behave if i had no social anxiety and all of these stuff? That stuff is easily addicting, how can i become so relaxed in other way? @7thLetter Well that sucks. I dont know where are the parents when the kid plays hrs of video games and stay at home etc. and they can clearly see that the kid has no social life(ok u had few friends but still). Imo many adults shouldnt have children, they would have to go through a really hard exam to have children. Or they should create like a f*cking tax or idk xD. Seriously so many parents fk up their child. Anyways thx then i have to convince myself to work at a job where i have to interact with people a lot.
  9. Anyone who's been nerd all their life? How is your social life? What are your struggles? If you managed to get out of this how did you do it? What exercises you did? What books helped you? What are the best ways to improve?
  10. @Finax i dont have a fix personality type. I used to be istj. As im doing tests now sometimes i get intp, intj, istj. Problem is that theres a 50 50, like on s-n and sometimes on j-p. But i will check the carrers thanks Yes i can easily get better but first i want to just make a decision what carrer i want.
  11. @Average Investor np @nistake Szívesen!
  12. @Ananta maybe im not that introvert just simply suck at social skills and thats why i dont like dealing with people
  13. @Ananta Its not a problem that they are whiny etc. I like persuading, changing, leading, motivating others. Can i just change my personality, become more extrovert?
  14. I've already binge searched for a few for myself, sry if the book is mentioned twice : How to talk to anyone What every body is saying. Conversationally speakimg. Body language. Nonviolent communication. The fine art of small talk. talking to strangers. Talk like ted. Don gabor how to start a convsrsation and makke friends. Talking to Strangers: What We Should Know About the People We Don’t Know. Improve your social skills How to Speak – How to Listen If I Understood You, Would I Have This Look on My Face? The Conversation Code: How to Upgrade Your Social Skills and Your Life Emotional Intelligence 2.0 We Need to Talk: How to Have Conversations That Matter Reclaiming Conversation: The Power of Talk in a Digital Age Skill with people by les giblin. On speaking well. Always know what to say peter murphy. Never eat alone. Goodbye to shy. How to instantly connect to anyone How to work a room Compelling people How to be a people magnet Man in command Better small talk Make urself unforgetable. Elements of Wit by Benjamin Errett
  15. Update: i spent some time learning programming and i dont like at all. It just makes me tired and im not passionate about it. I will probably study Psychology and become a counseling psychologist. It will be good at college, I will finally study something i care about. The only thing that sucks is that im not a very social person and I'll contact with people 24/7 when i get the job. If you ask why i havent chose this carrer already, its because i always felt like im not a social person, my family,friends and at school they would laugh at me, i thought it would be cringe if i choose this carrer as a man(almost everyone who go learn psychology at college is a girl) and i thought to be a psychologist you have to be emotional and im not that type.