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  1. We crave women, sex all the time. But after we get it there are feelings of anxiety and depression. Is it just simple neurology? This is how our brain and dopamine works? So should we use sex just for making children? This is a simple question but I masturbate really rarely but its always the same cycle. Its a craving and after its done the mood drops a lot.
  2. @ted73104 thank you but what do you mean these things wont kill me? @manuel bon love to you and your family as well. This is a weird topic for me because i think there isnt much resources for how to deal with this or how to think about this. @Yimpa its true but i think it wont bring help for a lower conscious human. Its like an enlightened person saying something to an average human
  3. @An young being idk its weird. Its like the question of giving sugar to a kid. Its not good for his health but psychologically he is improving. What do you think? Sometimes i thought to myself why dont spiritual or enlightened people teach more and so on but after all im like the world is fine. This is how people work Same with spirituality. How does not everybody does it? Or have even a single clue it exist? This is just how people work
  4. For example theres a 16 year old stage orange guy. He has friends, he plays in a football team, plays video games, has a girlfriend, watches tiktok, doesnt study, watches porn. He feels happy in life. Maybe some of us would say he could do this and this. For example teens who watch Hamza Ahmed would say dont watch porn, no tiktok, get high quality friends, make a business etc. But is the 16year old guy good? His consciousness is evolving, embodying a level. Thats what matters? If you feel happy that says ur on right track no? If your suffering then go back or go on to the next level? Im not saying big moves like from orange to green but like 1 step f.e. try medktatjon or do this or that
  5. @Husseinisdoingfine yes ive read the post but you can still go to a party anywhere else. So whats the actual thing that keeps you from going to partys?
  6. What stops you from not dating now and going to parties? Can you do a masters degree in an other college? Can you find a peer to go to the parties with? Are you scared of rejection when dating or making new friends?
  7. You dont have to take it forever. Usually its a few years than you slowly taking it off. Its like if you have any other illness medication will help you. Antidepressants are not that deep just constantly talk with your psychiatrist and if you have any side effects then tell him. Just keep on doing therapy and self-help. Its the little nuggets and aha-moments that will make you feel better
  8. I wasnt actually in an accident but my brain tells me that maybe it could have happened. I have anxiety when using my bycicle. When im on the streets a lot of time i spend quite a few seconds looking around and again and again... Im going to psychologist he will help me. But i have anxiety of walking on the stairs or sometimes eating food. Or sometimes im opening a door i close my eyes to not hit my eye What do you think?
  9. I think self-help, doing psychology and philosophy is making me depressed sometimes. Everyday there are new videos of self-help youtubers. I mean whats the new idea? F.e. Infinite waters always releases new videos almost everyday. Other youtubers say you gotta do this and that to be happy. Read more books etc. I think most people should just eat healthy, sleep well, work, enjoy life, read books sometimes, be grateful. I have a journal, there are lots of ideas there. I read couple ones but what ive realized is that sometimes i should just go watch youtube or watch sport or go bycicle. A mind cant even memorize a lot of thoughts, u should just understand them and generally ur life will improve just a little. What do you think?
  10. How can i adress this problem above?
  11. Already lot of people gave advice. The things is you try and if you try you already helped him. There arent lot of parents who do this
  12. @integral ive watched the episodes back in the day but still didnt understand it. Theres a question. An answer or thoughts arrives. How can i know its not just me building things up? How do i know im not just speculating? I ask more questions but my mind always give answers. What else can it do?
  13. I dont understand it. Can i talk with somebody in private?
  14. Or an app that you use for fixing your thinking, helping your mental health. I want to use worksheets can somebody link a good one?
  15. There are thousands of mistakes a person can do when thinking, doing philosophy. There are traps i do daily which im not even aware. You too make mistakes. Is there a practical list somewhere mentioning the most common mistakes? What do you think?