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  1. @mandyjw yeah i checked it. Thanks i will try it. @sholomar i actually have mouth ulcer quite frequently but dont know nothing about it, i'll check out that. Btw I also have problems with constipation but thats probably because im celiac. @Preety_India Thank you!!
  2. Idk what kind of bloodwork i had done but i took several because i had issues with tiredness,dizziness etc etc. It turned out that im highly iron deficient and also celiac. But I have healed out from iron deficiency for like 9 months now. Recently i did an ultrasound from neck to belly but no result. Idk where to find material about how to deal with this stuff everywhere they just speak about exercise,sleep,diet...
  3. @Michael569 no
  4. Lately i've been having chestpain. I have checked at the doctors no problem with my heart, also done bloodwork. I dont know whats the problem. Sometimes im depressed and sometimes im very very excited, so happy and my chest going crazy and i have to stop. Whenever ido this personal development thing, meditate or anything get chestpain,get a litte bit stressed i guess. I cant do any work, when i started selfdevelopment i used to do so much work,i had so much energy etc. but now i just dont have nothing. Im not a workaholic, i spend a lot of time watching youtube listening music etc. I tried taking a break from this work but it didnt help. Should i take a dopamine detox or what? I also started taking schoolwork more serious, tried listening carefully at lessons, focusing on understanding rather than just cramming, tried to become more curious about what they teaching us about, tried learning 2hrs everyday, but in the end of the day im dead tired so i stopped it. I just cant understand how yall,leo and everybody doing so much stuff,having so much energy?Im not lazy, procrastinating or any kind of this stuff, i have so much ideas what i want to do but zero energy. Im getting enough sleep, i dont eat sh*t, im exercising a bit everyday. This is not just a "season" for me its been couple of months since i feel like this.
  5. @sholomar Thanks bro! I will give it a shot then
  6. @TripleFly When i tried what the book said (for 1 day) more people hit up a conversation but i felt anxious and just vulnerable idk. Idk i just feel this book is not the choice, its just a quick shortcut for getting friends, getting better at social skills etc.
  7. Whats the best question should i ask from you and from somebody i randomly meet on the street?
  8. @susanyzm thank you, i actually want to start writing something not a book, maybe some poems. @Michal__ i would waste a lot of time, energy. @Ibgdrgnxxv thats great bro @dinone I cant really understand what u mean, maybe u talking about ur son. Just try to catch him up with material stuff, probably show him a book how to get more friends or get laid. @dflores321 i'll easily stay on this path. This is the only thing that interests me. @bejapuskas Great idea! They really reply back?
  9. @Bando of course, i wont do spirituality and any kind of these stuff right now but its just far more interesting than money, dating, friends...
  10. @Hello from Russia Thanks man! I thought a little bit about this thing and its awakening. I've always wanted to dig deeper into philosophy and spirituality etc. but see i HAVE to start with basic things like mastering money, diet, relationships and these kinds of stuff because it will f*ck me up later if i dont do these.@Thewritersunion Nice! I hope u doing well too!@Hello from Russia Yes, my parents dont even know that im doing this stuff incase if they would know they would shake my arms while im doing a shamanic breathing like: "Please dont do this stuff, please stop right now!" Lol. I think if a parent start doing things with their kids early like in toddler years they can do everything they want. But if the kid f.e. 12 already programmed etc. it would be hard. Of course if the parents hugely into these things they can get the child into this stuff even if the kid doesnt want it first time
  11. Thanks! I actually didnt had a journal(i mean i had but didnt take that seriously) at that time so i forgot these ideas very quickly... Thanks for replying!
  12. I tried to build a habit like studying everyday for 2hrs but if there isnt an exam next day im just sitting there and i just feel uncomfortable and i feel like im wasting my time... Why should i study? Theres really nothing important that they teach us and anyways i will just completely forget about it. School is just here to just fill up the time while you dont get mature and grow up, once u grew up you can work for others. Even the teachers dont give a shet about you that you study or not, they dont really teach us the stuff, they do the teaching slowly, they do everything to waste the time of the lesson... Im just there depressed, bored in school that why i have to sit there for 8hrs waste my energy and time... Why should i study?just give me reasons. I get it to gain "knowledge" and to get a decent job...
  13. Im trying to improve my diet, i have low energy... My family is quite poor, so i cant really buy the foods i really want...
  14. Im just curious, what yall think about it?
  15. This book is basically tells you to be people pleaser, be a fake person, be agreeable to everybody etc. Full of manipulation. Why do people recommend this book so much, why do people like it?? Its very very baad. Whats ur opinion about this book? Can you recommend good books about social skills?