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  1. Yes the prophecies are real. The prophecies of the Eagle and Condor and the Second Coming of Jesus Christ are true.
  2. @Someone here The Truth is I am the only one who knows the Truth.
  3. You got it upside down, the devil does it that way. The Truth is: Death is a dream and Life is waking up. What is Death? Lie Separation Suffering Survival Fear Self Hatred Dream Devil Darkness Ignorance Ugliness Evil Hell Chaos Disharmony Guilt Victimhood Addiction Prison Manipulation Harm Distraction Hatred Greed Fake Conflict Intoxication Sickness Shame Illusion Ignorance Unawareness Boredom Depression Suspicion Destruction Violence Gluttony Atheism Disconnection Numbness Manipulation Self Harm Suicide Madness Craziness Perversion Anger Dysfunction Disability Arrogance Toxicity Distortion Disgust Bizarreness Unconsciousness Cage What is Life? Truth Unity Joy Thriving Love Self Love Awakening God Light Wisdom Beauty Good Paradise Order Harmony Innocent Forgiveness Virtue Freedom Integrity Goodness Presence Kindness Abudance Real Peace Sobriety Health Shameless Reality Understanding Awareness Magic Vitality Trust Creation Kindness Discipline Spirituality Connection Passion Desire Charisma Erotic Happiness Adventure Exploration Elegance Grace Flow Being Ease Pleasure Ecstacy Primal Wild Consciousness Heaven Appreciation Gratitude Home Soul
  4. I was tortured by the never-ending stream of fear, feelings, visions and thoughts of physical torture during my time in hell. Infinite torture was my greatest fear and I faced this fear non-stop for about 18 months while I was dead. I no longer fear physical pain. I am liberated from the fear of physical pain forever. Physical pain is now my great ally. I am forever safe. I am liberated.
  5. You're in a trap of nihilism to the level of laughable delusion.
  6. @Someone here You don't know what life and death is. You don't know what you're talking about.
  7. Pura vida para siempre. Entiendo la mundo.
  8. Nobody has ever wasted a single moment, everything is absolutely filled with purpose and meaning. Move towards appreciating and loving yourself for the time when your body and mind were asking for rest.