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  1. You problably came here to promote falun gong purely. I can see, you are part of organization.
  2. Cult? Its all free officially. People just keep reading its cult and spread. Do the practice and see, you dont have to follow more.
  3. Dispenzas meditations, books
  4. I always notice when i go over 8 days i get fustrated. And i have done 67 days of SR. I still see that cycling has been best of all benefits. Strenght and stable energy. There is Taoist formula our there depending on your age. But maybe i miss some tips how to circulate the energy. If one has health issues, kidney issues and that, it can be harder fot them to feel good on longer streaks i supposuse, for me it was quiet struggle when hitting 60+ days but i was edging and still mentallly mastrubating and ofcourse i had sex after 67-68 days. Havent done any longet streaks anymore.
  5. People make claims that "it changed my life so much" and ask the details. They have nothing to share, only that it was great expereince. But most still keep old habbits and havent kicked their bad addictions. So what has then changed to those people?
  6. I wonder is it more effective for trauma, addictions then other psychedelics?
  7. Who is living proof that reached enlightment with the help of psychedelics?
  8. I dont know if in the long run we still are psychologically dependet on these substances? Ofc i have tried them, and MD is so new concept and not long term effects are not clear.
  9. Okay , well its stilll temporary fix, but in the beginning ofc its good, to stick with new habbits, and rewire the brain, if it will work like that. I dont know. Happy to read your success
  10. But when you stop microdosing, do you see sustained growth in meditation practice, or you need that "meh" its bettter do microdose, so it comes little like psychological dependency? People talk about the benefits, but are there downsides? What if it drains some part of the energy in our body? When you get something, you lose something. Just toughts..
  11. Its still so taboo for mainstream, but maybe it blow up more recent years
  12. What would be better book Leo?