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  1. Eating bk burgers and diet coke
  2. I watched wwe Cody rhodes slapped the rock and rock was smiling after that... Something big Is coming
  3. New video pizzas with 7 up
  4. Do u know I don't have any drawing techniques but still First is kaileena link Then snorlax
  5. Aew just changed their set into new colour scheme. It looks better than before. I saw the debut of Okada in aew and some matches. Swerve and joe segment was nice
  6. I think controlling your mind is like directing your thoughts consciously. No thought is no observer. Pure emptiness In experiential reality,one can think nothing In meditation but still observe with no thought that black screen . In imagination based reality, one can observer with no thought too But most of the people react to imagination as reality, the images that paint our minds. Controlling your mind in imagination based reality is to watch your thoughts passing constantly and instead of holding onto those thoughts that come,try to focus on thoughts u wish to think consciously It's Like training.
  7. Cry me a river
  8. I think it's a mental thing.If in a relationship with this or that person, so now we can do anything, it's a society based learning. Woman mostly believe in social values and care about their image,that's why u hear them say I believe in horoscope, etc Tarot card whatever, because they believe in lucky number stuff,so to them relationship person is all ok it's a mental thing. Others look creep not because they are,but because of ego,each person has ego and the way to protect your ego is to see other as less or evil etc and self is nice person based on pure assumption rather than factual evidence. That's woman nature to protect ego, because the idea of a man not wanting them is hurtful, so to project they are after me and creep sustains ego
  9. Ok my question is when I talk or interact with others,it's like I'm talking to myself. So in a way I'm leading myself to knowledge, it's like hall of reflections of oneself and all people are me from different angles, perspectives ,etc.
  10. My burger king video. Eating whooper and music shorts Ignore the rat part,it's something elsd
  11. horror animation
  12. watch this horror movie download fun
  13. Going to eat chicken saucy wrap with 2x coke
  14. 3#last night I had a lucid dream. It was a weird lucid dream.I sensed intuitively in my dream that this isn't real. And then after some continuum of experience in dream ,I opened my eyes and saw this world but then when I closed my eyes I saw dream world as if I am in it. I was able to move in it but then I tried to open my eyes again and saw this world but closing I saw dream reality. After some cycles of this experience I broke through and eventually woke up. Still trying to figure out what was that experience? What it shows about the nature of reality?
  15. Last night I had series of dreams. I saw being awakened by my cousin in the dream, I saw my cousin and trying to go to sleep in the dream. Then I saw both of them are either outside or in room. I went down to go to shop and saw varieties of chocolates. I kitkat honeycomb chocolate and yellow honeycomb shaped edible thing was around it and packaging with kitkat yellowish with transparent Parr too. I saw so many of them. Flavours I have never seen ,so many unique designs and flavours in dream. Another dream I saw was I was someone else like my body was different in the dream. I was part of some let's say European family in the dream,I was a child about 10 or 11yrs old boy . I saw 2 or 3 siblings all young in that world. Some vampire relatives and daddy was vampire too. Mother was human. But I saw how someone was trying to drink her blood, but she was kicked out by other vampires.Then I saw my dream mother trying to drink tea in restaurant with others -outside chairs one. She was waitress and served the food and moved close to the mom and drank her blood by only a bite ripping her side shoulder cloth with it. I saw big teeth dripping in mouth and she Said delicious. Then I saw back in mansion we live in.Children and everyone was scared of mom that she Will kill everyone as vampire. I remember running from room to room to survive in that eerie atmosphere. Then saw blood dripping from ceiling, everyone was there and then changed mom appeared ,there was blood outside on cliffs as well ,no idea who she killed,but she started talking rather than attacking and dream ended. My other dream was my wife was vampire and she about to kill me. There was another vampire trying to save me,but I saw the frame was still. Meaning I was able to hear dialogue or sound in continumm but frame of dream was still I wasn't able to understand why it's not moving me in dream. Another one was weird lucid dream.