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  1. You guys don't know what you are talking about. Plenty of people got enlightenment with mantra. Do some research!
  2. What I am saying is not intellectual, it's my experience. But what can I do that you can't experience the difference between an object and pure awareness? From my experience when there is objectless awareness there is no sense of ME, I, a sense of you there, it's objectless duh! There is no center, the awareness is vast without any limits, certainly not some place in the physical body. All there is is peace. you are peace. I AM is just like any object such as the breath or a mantra. Many people confuse the I AM for pure awareness. The I AM is like a thin wall. watch it long enough and it will dissolve leaving the pure I which is different in nature. Also if you have this sense of an observer that still is an object in the mind. go directly to pure awareness and even that feeling/sense won't be there.
  3. I AM meditation is fine! but it's for beginners. once you can recognize pure objectless awareness, there is no need for I AM.
  4. Ugh. The whole point is to land on pure I. You can do that by bypassing the I AM (which is the root of the ego I) again, both nisargadatta and ramana mentioned this. Ramana calls it the i-thought. Robert Adams talks about it, Rupert Spira talks about it. Rupert spira tells you to ignore the I AM and go directly to objectless awareness which is not AN OBJECT. I AM is an object appearing in awareness. OR you can put attention on the I AM until it dissolves which will reveal the PURE I. Do some research! The feeling of a ME the feeling of an I is the I AM, it's an object in awareness. many can't go directly to pure awareness so they meditate on the I AM. I find it very easy to land directly on pure awareness which is objectless... in the pure I there is no I AM object. If you can't go directly to pure awareness that is your problem. but know the difference.
  5. Nisargadatta and ramana both made it very clear that the I AM is an object and belongs to the ego and needs to be transcended. I am not making anything up . From my experience there is a difference by focusing on the IAm and going directly to pure awareness.
  6. Nisargadatta meditated on the I am for 3 years until liberation came for him. Many people seem to miss this fact.
  7. According to nisargadatta you stay on the I am until it dissolves into the real I. Some people can bypass that altogether. It's a shortcut.
  8. What you are experiencing is the "I AM". nisargadatta talks about that. However the I AM is still an object in the mind, instead of the I AM you can be aware of pure objectless awareness by zooming away from the I AM.
  9. Check out the ancient texts will ya? There is only one definition.
  10. You are a lost cause. go with suffering.
  11. Then just continue suffering okay?
  12. Leo should become enlightened himself instead of keep saying that to others lol.
  13. Still Suffering? Still no permanent peace? You don't "know" anything.
  14. You can try. one night per week won't kill you.