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  1. What did you do for the end of suffering to occur?
  2. So the method of stopping doesn't work since it lasted temporary for you. Time to find other ways to make it permanent.
  3. The problem then is how to bring the realization about
  4. There is just spacious awareness when attempting to look. of course I cant something called a ME
  5. The final awakening, so callled the end-of-suffering, did it happen after a meditation session? or reading a book?
  6. I understand when they say it all happens within me... but I guess it's an intelectual understanding, while in your case even though you had an intelectual understanding of it before, you now also have a direct experience of it
  7. Is it correct to say that the bottom line is, is that a practice isn't what made the final shift, but a set of words that triggered you? ". The realization came in a flash when I fully realized what exactly is meant by "it all happens within you" HOW did you try to understand that it all happens within you? Can I do the same?
  8. Hmm, so the sense of being alive and the one you described above as imagining peace around you expanding from your skins are a bit different from each other? because the IAM (sense of being alive) is what nisargadatta did
  9. "Imagine that all around your body is an invisible field of peace and bliss. Try and surrender to that by giving in. Imagine you are expanding out of your skin to merge with that field. The obstacle will be the thoughts in your head trying to bring you back in your body. Whenever that happens, just kill the thought from the get go (clear your head) and resume. The intensity of your desire will determine your chance of success." Is this the practice you did until enlightment happened? Is this the same as feeling the sense IAM?
  10. Did mental suffering such as future worried , anxiety, fear of death end? Or can you still experience those?
  11. It's understood on intellectual level. Just practicing self-inquiry
  12. If only it didnt take years of self inquiry to understand this.
  13. Is the source, the feeling of being, the feeling of IAM?