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  1. It's understood on intellectual level. Just practicing self-inquiry
  2. If only it didnt take years of self inquiry to understand this.
  3. Is the source, the feeling of being, the feeling of IAM?
  4. Permanent? how long are you in this state already? And how do you know it wont wear off the next couple of days?
  5. Awakening means the end of suffering. I once asked Fred if that's the case for him, he tried to avoid the question.
  6. "Tnx to Mooji, Leo, Rupert Spira i found what was always there pure empty space of blissfull awarness it took me only 1 year you can all do it! " Was your practice BEING AWARE OF AWARENESS during the day? like rupert spira teaches?
  7. Yes. yes. yes. yes. what are you trying to say? Studying anything is just on the intellectual level. When did I say I have a problem with learning Vedanta?
  8. Actually he is right. intellectual understanding can't do anything. Only practicing meditation will remove concepts and give you peace of mind and eventually liberation. Meditation reduces the questions until no questioner is left.
  9. Do you think it takes something MORE to get rid of any ideas about yourself then by just resting as awareness?
  10. Do you do this LIVE? like when the movements are actually happening? for example, I am aware of my walking and then I ask/see for myself if I am doing the walking or the walking is just happening? Or, do I actually use a past memory where a situation has happened and to recall if I actually initiated the action or it just happened?
  11. Peaceful and blissful with a special kind of clarity. of course, sometimes awareness can also appear dull. but most of the time it feels peaceful.
  12. Was the abiding as awareness practice something you started the last 2-3 years? I am pretty much aware of awareness during activity all day, (for 2 years and a half) have had many experiences but still no permanent shift..
  13. Thanks for sharing your story! The very moment the shift happened, (perhaps 1-20 min before) what did you do? Did you "practice" staying as awareness? or did you read something that suddenly "made you" go AHA?
  14. I got some news for you. you are not enlightened. now you can work on your problems.