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  1. There is no need for anything. Only practice is necessary. changes will happen only with practice. No need to know the science and philosophy aspect.
  2. I have done my research. Everyone who I consider genuinely self realized used the self inquiry practice and most of them in very little time it happened for them and a very very strong desire. and I am not just talking about those gurus you see out there, but just the average joe not marketing or selling you anything. I know plenty of people that have been strongly practicing breathing meditation for decades and none of them have realized the self, they have amazing experiences like entering jhana, hell even I used breath meditation at first and got into very bright lights entering a ocean of bliss and ecstasy and my mind would be totally disconnected from the external world. for years and dozens of time I have entered these states and none of them had any permanent lasting effect so to speak on me. And here I am more than 6 months doing self inquiry and my mind is more on the "non dualistic side" now. There is a sense of peace, bliss and love everywhere I am going (I am not going to claim this is permanent yet as it's not completely stable) however I see that even when I purposely don't practice anything the changes and effects are there. Seeing the self in everything is just wonderful, liberating as hell. feeling happy for no reason. Anyway like I Said this is my opinion. I don't believe object meditation to make the necessary changes in the brain for self realization to happen. Let's just say self inquiry have the highest rate to achieve this. I don't see this only in my self but also others who practice and practiced this. "It's a mistake to assume that only one school or one technique has a monopoly on Truth. If that were really the case, everyone would be using that one technique and nothing else." It doesn't work that way. not everyone is exposed and have done enough research to fall on the most direct practice and effective of them all. I myself have done a lot of other different school practices before. it's not that I didn't know about self inquiry it's just at that point of my life I didn't think much of it. people that tried to convince me that I should practice self inquiry I didn't take them seriously. which is really a shame because I could have made a lot of progress if I just have had listened to them.
  3. Nice! However in my opinion only awareness watching awareness self inquiry) will lead to non duality and eventually to self realization... But meditation on the breath for example is still an object and won't lead to that, unless by "accident" since eventually awareness might shift from time to time to awareness itself
  4. Why the hell should I take any of you serious while non of you have attained self realization?
  5. Meh persons who ddint celibate got self realized. I think it'd all a bunch of horse shit.
  6. You are limiting yourself. From the moment I wake up till the moment I go to sleep I am practicing self inquiry, and yes I have work and other shores to do and still able to apply it all the time with barely any distractions. So no more excuses. just do it! Formal sitting practice is important, but what about the rest of the day? you are going to let your mind wander again".
  7. Google Jed Mckenna, there are many suspicious claims about him.
  8. Great book! I haven't read it all (I probably won't because I rather use that time for practice ) But kudos to you
  9. Hopefully its a positive answer , else why write a book about enlightment?
  10. Your first enlightenment post, you say for all day to be aware of the breath and then you say of this awareness... which is it? did you practice being aware of the breath all day or just awareness being aware of itself? (not objects) When you say you don't have any mental noise... do you mean thoughts as in images of hot girl undressing in front of you or verbal thoughts such as... "I am going to have to do some shopping"? I guess you dissolved the "I"?
  11. Of course! Extreme bliss and love for the divine, while tears of joy and happiness and a sense of freedom. The self is beautiful
  12. That's what I am saying, some ask very simple practical questions and there is no answer. I have no interest in such questions like you stated above, as they are just concepts... the whole point is to experience it from direct experience. Until few weeks ago I didn't know what the phrase "seeing the self in everything, seeing god in everything" means... Now from direct experience I am experiencing this what was a mere concept, fantasy/imagination for me. That's why I keep repeating on this forum that only practice is what will bring results and not listening to hours of conversations with gurus that talk about the absolute truth