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  1. @Simon Håkansson thank you!
  2. So I’ve been in a 2 month relationship with a girl I’ve known for 2 years. It was great at the beginning (of course) but now I’m questioning. She has what I would consider severe childhood trauma - depression, anxiety, etc. she breaks down a lot and is very neurotic. Of course I resort to trying to expose her to PD but of course it doesn’t work. Any advice? What should I do? Also: I have recommended her a therapist but she denies and just won’t go
  3. @Knock I haven’t payed attention to this, thank you.
  4. @Charlotte I’m confused, I just don’t know why when I talk to people they get all weird okay 😂
  5. @Charlotte I have been skeptical of this. It’s not thought, its happens in my awareness, it’s almost everyone I meet. I think it has to do with maybe being awake, and not being a “shoot the breeze” person. I think maybe it scares people because it’s deep
  6. @Jed Vassallo thanks. That’s honestly what I thought too! Thanks for the reply
  7. Everyone I talk to.. when I make I contact I can tell they get uncomfortable and insecure. I really don’t understand, I’ve been told my eyes “pierce the soul” and it seems like “I know something they dont” does anyone have any ideas on what’s going on? I try to have normal conversation and it seems like everyone I talk to has this same reaction...
  8. @flowboy great point and perspective, thank you
  9. @universe @studentofthegame thank you both very much
  10. @Pilgrim such a well thought-out and meaningful reply. Thank you very much. It means a lot to me
  11. I have been hesitant to share this on the forum but my conclusions I come too just aren't satisfying. I really need help. With that being said, let me tell you a little of my situation. Around 4 years ago I fell in love with (lets call her Amanda). Amanda and I have been together ever since I was 15 (I am now 19). We love each other deeply and are very deeply connected. She can talk with me about anything, even personal development and spirituality. And we always push each other to be better. We do just about everything together as far as lifting weights, meditating, going to get groceries, and even her moving into my parents home with me. Just last week Amanda left to go to Washington D.C. to sell door to door to try to make some money. We both decided to take a break from our relationship as this is a great time for solitude and growth. We decided when she comes back we will get an apartment together and rekindle our relationship. I wish it was that easy but here is the kicker: Around 3 days ago I hung out with the only other girl (lets call her Kylie) that I have ever really had a connection and relationship with. When I hung out with Kylie it was very clear: I love this woman. The same feelings of love I feel towards Kylie are the same I feel towards Amanda. But what makes this hard is that Kylie is new to me, I have never know anything other than the 4 year relationship with Amanda that I have been in since a freshman in high school. So being with Kylie is exciting, exhilarating, and makes me feel alive... the problem obviously is that I cannot have both. I have tired multiple days to take time and just contemplate what I truly want, but I can't seem to go anywhere - the only answer I can come up with is "I simply want and love them both" but this is obviously not realistic and just the ego trying to attach and control everything... anyways, I would love to hear the forums advice on this one. Thank you all
  12. @Leo Gura So what do I do now? Or is that just it - there is no point and nothing to do? Its completely paradoxical, because both are true and because all is true. everything that is imagined - its true - do I get it ? or is there no it to get?
  13. @Anton Rogachevski Half truths. Its all from your perspective - what are your goals? You say "you are only seeing one perspective" but yet you yourself do not see others. From a "Im trying to get enlightened" persepective - yes, wage slavery Is just an idea and has no foundation in reality other than an idea in our heads. True Freedom with a capital F has nothing to do with your daily life or job. But, from a "I'm a human and only have one shot at life" perspective - no, you can not fully create and express yourself if you are employed full time and required by a "boss" to do this or that. (with exceptions of course) Any thing else is just the tea-pot calling the kettle black
  14. @Serotoninluv thank you very much! This helped a lot