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  1. Haha You definitely have to be careful with it thats for sure.
  2. So do I. Great way to put it. I've had trouble with it in the past too. I've found that anything more than twice a week and the spiritual and transcendental qualities of the plant are obscured.
  3. haha! Mystical is really the best word IMO for all my experiences with cannabis.
  4. The Spirit of Cannabis can be completely Illuminating. Your Consciousness can be open, expanded, and fluid in such an incredible way. You can see anew. The Spirit can bestow upon you the blessing of Wisdom, spontaneously pouring into your being the energy of Love and the form of Insight. It is Divine. It is Sacred. What a blessing it is to interact with this Medicine. - Side note, I 10/10 recommend listening to the artist East Forest alone. He creates beautiful contemporary-style psychedelic/spiritual music that is so good to listen to if you are tripping or smoking the herb. He also has playlists specifically for mushroom trips as well. Super cool.
  5. It was the perfect amount for my first go. I have never experienced or seen more beautiful and vibrant colors than I did with my eyes closed on that trip. I was floating down hexagonal, kaleidoscopic, and geometric tunnels infused with the most vibrant blues, reds, oranges, and pinks you could imagine. All with my eyes closed. There was a lot more to the trip to, I'll prob write a trip report here today or tomorrow and post it!
  6. They always show me how limited and narrow my day-to-day consciousness is. Getting out of that and seeing whats possible is always an absolute blessing. Without doing psychedelics you'll just never know man. You'll never know.
  7. Thank you! About to dive in here in about an hour. Thanks. Set and setting is perfect - home alone, really quiet, no plans at all, and my dog by my side. Here we go!
  8. That's what I'm leaning towards. Thanks for the reply
  9. I'm about to do my first trip tomorrow. My test kit with Ehrlich and Hoffman come in today as well. I have two gel tabs, I plan on testing half of one of them - using 1/4 for ehrlich and 1/4 for Hoffman. I'm currently debating if I should go for one whole gel tab, or play it safe and just do half. I have tried LSD once before, but it was only like 1/4 of a tab and I was very underwhelmed. No visuals, didn't feel much, and only had a slight increase in consciousness. I've seen many people say that gel tabs are notoriously stronger, so that is a little concerning. But I also don't want to only do half and be underwhelmed again. I have a perfect opportunity that doesn't come around very often where the house will be all to myself and I will be completely alone. So what do you think? Full gel or half? Dealer never game me word on what the dosages are, although I'm sure that wouldn't be very trustworthy even if he did. I've done magic mushrooms many times before, having some pretty profound and deep trips on 3.5 grams, 2.2 grams, 2 grams, and lighter doses. Not sure if that makes me any more prepared for LSD. Any thoughts would be appreciated, thanks!
  10. @bazera No its definitely two hours of structured practice. I remember cause it blew my mind. Here is a clip, he says it towards the end: And I definitely agree with you here. Goggins is a much better role model for masculinity than Tate. Goggins has inspired the hell out of me before as well. If I saw him in real life, I would give my thanks.
  11. This is a great perspective. I completely agree.
  12. One of my favorite quotes from him is "People who dwell in God, dwell in the Eternal Now" So much profound wisdom from the 13th century Christian mystic. He was definitely awake.
  13. Goggins said on a recent podcast that he meditates 2 hours every night... I was like "holy shit" lol. This dude is balls to the wall, even with meditation. I think Goggin's massive childhood trauma is obviously why he goes so hard in life. To me, his hardest challenge will be when he gets older and his body gives out completely to physical activity, and he just has to sit and accept himself and life, exactly as it is.
  14. @Simple Success anytime g. You got this.