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  1. @Ampresus I don't think it particularly matters which book you read first, I would just read what you are most interested in at the moment, there will always be more books to read, even if you've read a 1000 books.
  2. @Colin I have not. That seems very interesting!
  3. Yesterday I had an amazing insight into the benefits of meditation (for me) for 6 months straight. This past Monday I had to get a tooth pulled while awake, because of a bad cavity. As I was telling my friend, he exclaimed "dude, did you wake up on Monday and think 'oh no I have to get a tooth pulled'" And Surprisingly, I looked at him and was like "No, actually, I wasn't stressing at all" And then it hit me. Any other time of my life (before meditating) I would have been completely stressed and worried the day of getting a tooth pulled while being awake. I would have been filled with anxiety. Any other normal person who hasn't practiced meditation or personal development would have probably woken up that day completely dreading getting a tooth pulled while having to be awake. But this past Monday I wasn't. I woke up relaxed, did my normal routine, drove to the dentist, and went through the procedure all without maybe a tiny nervousness the couple seconds before the dentist started to pull my tooth out. (It wasn't that bad) I have never experienced this type of radical benefit from meditating. I hope this can help anyone who has just started on the path to see that there are example of practical benefits to mediating.
  4. @danton You're all good man! You are spot on with your house metaphor. You need to build a solid foundation first, but that does not mean that you can't browse roofs for your future, its always good to keep an eye on what your aiming for
  5. @Charlotte hehe I was literally typing the same thing as you posted that! @Flammable you can find the test kits here: I highly recommend testing it so you can stay safe and reduce the chances of someone getting injured.
  6. @legendary This is absolutely awesome! Such a great representation of the spiral stages.
  7. @Ingit To me irritation = "things should be a certain way, but they aren't" So I would agree it has to do with acceptance of your present moment at all time, acceptance of reality as it is. But also even deeper: Acceptance of the feelings of irritation you get. Be careful to not judge yourself in your process, just observe and let go.
  8. @Equanimitize This is a great high-consciousness answer @sneha finding your lifes purpose may help you deeply as well. To have something to connect to and wake up eager to work on?
  9. @LiberatedMonkey I just graduated high school so maybe I can give you some advice? Look deep inside and ask yourself what do you really want more? What would benefit you more in the next year if you got one of these goals accomplished? What means more to your heart? What is your intuition telling you to do? I think some contemplation and self-inquiry will help you, it helped me!
  10. @Wekz Big goals will scare you, that is completely normal. Just by becoming more aware of your fear will help you to counter-act it and face it. Also check out
  11. @d0ornokey The Six Pillars of Self Esteem is an amazing book. It completely changed my perspective on many things, and also helped me with some issues I was having with my friends at the time.
  12. @CreamCat These videos are absolutely money. I can confirm to OP if you watch these they will help you with your problem!
  13. @TripleNipple I can confirm, after my shroom trips, weed has been insane. I believe its the new neuron pathways that opened up during my trips, that are still open to this day. @Jack River I get you, "the root of suffering is from desire" - Buddha
  14. @Jack River Im not sure I am getting what your saying? But I think your saying that any spiritual/self development "tool" such as marijuana or psychedelics are just products that stem from the same issues that cause me to want to use them as "tools" in the first place?
  15. @Crystalous I have never thought that to be true, I feel like weed makes me extremely aware of my body and whats is happening around me. This is of course after I had a couple mushroom trips.