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  1. It is until you're bored of it, haha. Glad you enjoyed the story. Every time I go there the people working are nice. Definitely a great atmosphere.
  2. I’m 23. My girlfriend was 21. My 3 relationships of the past decade have been so physical that I would be willing to bet I’ve had sex around 1000 times. That’s why I said that I don’t have a problem in the bedroom or later stages of attraction / relationship, just with the initial flirting / dating stages.
  3. So around a month ago, I broke up with my girlfriend of four years. I felt like it wasn’t really going anywhere, and I felt I was ultimately in a different stage of my life than her. So as hard as it was, I ended it. This was my 3rd long term relationship in the past 10 years. In those 10 years I’ve spent around three months single, so while I’ve had plenty of experience in the bedroom, and in relationship, I have very little flirting and dating for fun. While I still feel repulsed by the idea of actually getting into a relationship and I have absolutely no desire to do so for a long while, I’m always interested in improving myself and pushing my boundaries. I recently watched Leo’s three-part series how to get laid and I have been interested in where I’ve went wrong and the mistakes I’ve made dating in the past. Oh boy has there been a lot. Fast forward to today – I’m at my local natural grocers to get some kombucha and organic chocolate that I eat right before I work out (good source of organic sugars that my body can use right before I hit it hard in the gym), and I noticed a super hot, 8-9/10 hippie looking girl with curly black hair and a bandana scanning items and checking people out. The flashing thought of “fuck this girl is hot” goes through my mind and the following scenario unfolds as I step into her checkout line: I set my kombucha down on the moving conveyor and the conveyor doesn’t stop like it normally does when an item gets close to the cashier. My kombucha slams into the scanning area almost shattering into pieces. I don’t get embarrassed, but instead make a joke out of it and go “whoa, WHOA!” In a comical style of voice. I completely owned the spontaneous unfoldment with ease. The Elderly gentleman in front of me laughs, and the hot hippie check chuckles and says something like “that happens a lot.” She places a divider bar in front of the censor to get the conveyor belt to stop so I can place my things down. I do. The elderly guy in front of me grabs his stuff and leaves. I step up and face her to checkout, she looks directly into my eyes with divine feminine beauty - testing to see if i will maintain eye contact. I do, solidly, and then say to her teasing, “does this thing always break when you’re here?” Hook, line, and sinker. she giggles and says “most the time.” her eyes and face blush, i don’t think she was expecting me to be so direct. silence for a few seconds as I’m putting in my member number to the credit card machine. she breaks silence almost instantly asks ”what are you up to today?” I point at the chocolates and say “I’m going to lift some weights, those are my pre workout.” now mind you there are 4 large chocolate bars here, so it’s not a single serving at all. It’s about 20 servings of chocolate in total. These bars are huge. she says ”you eat them all?” I say “well yeah.” she goes “wait really?” Smiling and confused, as if she’s mindblown I eat all this chocolate before every workout I say “no I’m kidding.” she says “oh that would be wild if you ate them all before you worked out” giggling i pivot hard again and go “well i do eat them all before I workout.” Fucking with her intentionally. she’s completely dumb-struck. I can literally see her emotions fluttering as she’s trying to figure out what the hell im saying, if im being serious, if she misheard me, or if im playing with her. I felt like a cat playing with a toy mouse. she goes “wait, Really?!” awe-struck that I am now saying I ACTUALLY EAT THEM ALL I go “yes.” Dead serious, maintaining eye contact. shes in disbelief. A few seconds pass, I tell the truth: ”haha, just kidding. I eat a few squares from one bar before I workout, it helps me get a pump.” she starts laughing, and says “oh my gosh! I knew that would be so crazy if you actually did!” completely amused by the “game” I was playing with her. I can tell how much she enjoyed it. She says “want your receipt”? (this whole time I’ve been scanning my card, putting in my member number to the credit machine, etc. i say “nah im good, ill need a box though.” (they use boxes at my natural grocers so people can take their groceries out and not use paper bags - all the boxes to use for this are held in a giant storage area at the end of all the checkout lines I start walking over to look for one, she immediately “qualifies” herself, passes by me quickly saying “oh no i can do it” I stop in my tracks on the way to grab a box. I say “thank you.” she grabs a box for me and meets me back at the checkout line, fills it up with my stuff. a few seconds of silence and she hands me my stuff, looking into my eyes and says “enjoy your workout” smiling I smile back and say “I will. enjoy that runaway train you got” (referring to the conveyor that doesn’t work.) she giggles i leave. —————————— While I probably could’ve ended by closing her and asking for a number, as I said, I really have no desire to date a girl right now, especially after being in a relationship for so long. But this interaction, with a super hot girl that would’ve normally taken my balls from me, gave me confirmation that I’m on the right path - to see the push and pull, the tease, the game, and to watch this 9/10 girls emotions become so dynamic and ”turned on” that she is 100% attracted to me. Such a great feeling. 😎
  4. My god those videos are incredible.
  5. That's a great take - I agree. We really are living in some wild wild times.
  6. I don't understand how he died? Does anybody know exactly the cause?
  7. Just read through, pretty groundbreaking stuff. I literally cannot fathom where this will be in 20 years.
  8. Didn't even realize that - that's awesome. haha, same! I'd be even more nervous if I spent my entire life learning how to animate for Disney or Pixar.
  9. This is insanity. I can't wait to use it:
  10. So... a social credit score?
  11. That's because Trump actually is more mentally fit. Biden is a puppet that is being used as a front for a deeper force, which is actually quite sad. It's basically elder abuse. @Hardkill, have you watched a single talk all the way through from Biden recently? He literally cannot go 10 minutes without making an absolute fool of himself. It's a disgrace to our entire country.
  12. Makes sense. I can see that clash of collective survival agenda's - really cool to observe honestly. Damn this is a good insight. Noted.