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  1. @Truth Addict thank you ! This is very true. I will follow your advice
  2. I feel like I am bouncing back and forth between my ego and my divine self, or authentic self. Its like I have a period of few days of realization of "holy shit, its all okay, I am everything, life is so good!" then, a period of "I feel like shit, everything is bothering me, why do I feel this way?" and then it bounces back to "Omg I forgot everything about life that I was so amazed and mesmerized over last week! How did I forget this! This is amazing!" It literally feels like I am about to fully become my authentic self, live out my days in peace, and excel in everything I do, and then BOOM! it will just switch and flop back in a short period of time to an egoic, delusional, monkey-mind, pissed-off, state of living. So any ideas what is going on here? I understand that this is all apart of growth, and most of this seems like ego backlash, but boy is it one hell of a rollercoaster lately! Any advice or comments is appreciated, thank you!
  3. @Shiva honestly I think if you wait until your death, you will not come anywhere near as close as fulfilled as you would be if you grounded yourself in god, did the practices daily, etc. Nothing (at least in my experience) has come anywhere close to fulfilling me on the level that spiritual practice does. That is not to say you can’t be fulfilled not doing the practices, you definitely can. But their benefits are so much more valuable to you in this lifetime. i kinda look at it like health: “If health doesn’t matter when I die, who cares?” The statement is correct in a sense, but if you take care of your health while you’re here I can guarantee you will feel better/be more fulfilled.
  4. @Zigzag Idiot thank you! That means a lot. It’s what I decided on for my life purpose, so I think that is what allows me to be so genuine, is because I’m doing it for the right reasons! Thanks again
  5. It has now been 10 days since quitting weed and I have never felt better. I am now pursuing my life purpose with the most passion I have ever felt. I just recently made the best video I have ever made (see below) I am extremely proud of this.
  6. @Psychonaut thank you!
  7. @Joseph Maynor I can understand that, do you enjoy reading or not reading more?
  8. @OneWithAll I know man, I think we are in agreement here. I’ve just started meditating and stuff within the past year so right now it is good for me to read. in the future I have plans to stop all reading
  9. @OneWithAll to correctly do the meditative practices, learn about the all spiritual traps, and learn about the nuances of the path. you don’t think someone who has read on the traps of the path will have a better chance fairing then someone who didn’t read because “there’s no point”?
  10. @LoveandPurpose yes I believe it does! But both are great!
  11. @EternalForest The answer to the question you ask is in the question itself... You know you are a hacker and you know you want to be a master, that is your answer right there. So be a master. If you know you are a hacker and want to be a Master, just be a master from here on out
  12. OneNote has a feature where you can record audio from your phone and computer. So when I have a lot of notes from a chapter or a long quote I will use audio instead of typing it down or writing it down.
  13. @dimitri awesome!! @LoveandPurpose I can see that, it can be a chore to take notes. when I find myself taking a ton of notes, I switch to an audio recording of my notes.