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  1. @PsiloPutty @outlandish @TheAvatarState Thank you all. I will def do half a tab and see how it feels!
  2. @Serotoninluv @SgtPepper @Bluebird @Strikr Thank you all, I will be posting a trip report sometime next week, look out for it to see how it goes!
  3. @Serotoninluv Thank you, my source said each tab is 300 ug, so half a tab for first time? or a little less than half?
  4. Next weekend I will be having my first LSD trip. I have only done mushrooms as far as psychedelics go, and I have purchased a testing kit to make sure the LSD is pure. A couple of questions I have a more practical: Whats a good beginner dose in your opinion? Is one tab a certain amount of ug? What are your favorite things to do while tripping on acid?
  5. These are my personal favorites for tripping:
  6. I made a Meditation Retreat report that I will be posting on YouTube. Would it be ok for me to post the link here? Or would that be considered “self promotion”? What factors determine “self promotion”? How come we can post links to other videos but if it’s our own it’s considered “self promotion”? if it is considered self promotion, can we have a separate spot in the forum for people who want to check other users work out, and to post our own videos,reports,etc...? If a moderator or Leo could reply with a confirmed answer that would be great. Thanks!
  7. @lmfao The Art of Meditation video is also mind blowing, I have seen that before. I will watch the improvement one tonight!
  8. It is absolutely amazing. My favorite part is around the end where he talks about blame and praise being one in the same.
  9. In my perspective, It is, what it is Make peace with that, or don't. It's up to you.
  10. @Sahil Pandit Thank you so much!
  11. Hello forum, Early in 2019 I will be attending my first 10-day Vipassana Retreat, and in preparation for this retreat I will be doing 3-4 of my own mini retreats 1-4 days in length in my own home. I was wondering what your tips are on setting up retreats alone, things like: How much time each day doing various techniques like mindfulness meditating / self inquiring / do nothing technique? When you wake up / go to bed? Do you keep a journal or keep it completely free of any distractions? etc. Thank you for any replies!
  12. @bejapuskas yasss I’m with you
  13. @bejapuskas Yes. I agree. You can always love, even if it involves me leaving the chat. @SgtPepper It is the point of the app, but usually you send things like that privately to the people you are with, not to people who aren't even there. But really, it doesn't really matter at all. After deleting the app, I see how ridiculous this is in the grand scheme @Nathan99 I have deleted every single social media app besides snapchat because I like the memory feature it has where you can save video memories easily to the cloud. Maybe I will find another way to save my memories and just delete it al together. @bejapuskas Thank you. I have actually tried the whole "im pissed at you guys and want you to know it" thing and I can say that it is a bad option. I choose to respond with love this time, all while respecting my boundaries and what I value. I actually have two best friends who will always be there to support me, and a girlfriend who I have been with for 4 years, so Im in no way isolating myself completely.