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  1. thank you so much @mandyjw this is really valuable. the thing is, I do want to help because I really empathize. I lived in a different country before and searching for a new place to live and all was an absolute hassle. That's why I'd like to offer help. but because of what happened I'm really confused. Ofc I'd like for things to go back to normal, but I'm feeling at peace even if it doesn't.
  2. My thoughts right now are to go with the uneasy choice and not do anything. Just thinking out loud
  3. @Gili Trawangan You are right. Its just tough. I really liked her and it was mutual. will do my best to see clearer.
  4. Hello Everyone. I met a girl and we were strongly vibing. mostly over text and a couple of times in person since she lives in a different city than mine. We were progressing, flirting, bantering, looking forward to seeing each other and all (a lot of that was from her side too). But surprisingly, she backed away for some reasons that some of them are legit (recently moving to the country, changing cities and jobs etc.) and some are not. I totally understand when women back away, when things start rushing. but in this case the progression was both sided. Now I am conflicted since our last conversation, before the drama happened, I gave a word to help with something. (help her find an apartment et al) but then we had an emotionally rough discussion that the next day I was paralyzed. (Yes I am a highly sensitive person and fully aware of it and trying to deal with it) Since I don't wanna come off as needy or too friendly or too feminine or whatever it is called. I decided to reduce contact until further notice (give her space and try to calm myself down). But should I proceed with helping her with what I promised? especially that I already started with gathering info since I'm from the same city she's moving to. It is not in my nature to be an asshole, but I'm just conflicted. I know this might sound familiar to many of you all and might seem minimal. But recently I have been facing some things in my life that made this a bit more impactful than it should. I truly would appreciate your inputs. many thanks.
  5. @Ampresus I am not able to tell whether you watched Leo's episode on Islam, if you didn't you better do.
  6. @TomDashingPornstar Truth. but that has to be done strategically.
  7. Hello @MiracleMan, I came across this section to start a topic about something similar and I found yours.. To give you an insight I would like to share with you my story, which is very similar to yours. but now I am in the process in taking action. I have been doing a regular full time job since almost 7 years now. by nature, I am a dancer. (reason why I say by nature is because I have been doing it long before I entered the typical work/career life and even before I entered college) and I have been always serious about perfecting my craft (never thought of it as a career as I always thought I'll be able to combine a regular full time job and my art) Yet and after 7 years,, I have been struggling, it's by force that I make time for my dance practice (which also includes other athletic activities and workouts, even meditation and mindfulness are also of vital importance) my case is very similar to yours when it comes to job "satisfaction" i have been doing it for the money only.. I never found anything fulfilling in it. I turned 29 a couple of months ago and my only "resolution" for this year (before turning 30) was take an action towards this. Around a month ago, I traveled MILES to do truffles/ mushrooms. Maybe I'll get an insight. (i would prefer to do a retreat like @Nahm has mentioned, but there was no retreats around me at that time, so I ended up travelling on my own) Long story short, I have decided to really break out from the career life. I figured out that there's no solid plan to form until it's solid. If I don't break out as soon as possible I'll keep wandering until it's too late. So i really made the decision (also to add to that its not a huge income that i'm giving up, and like you mentioned, my skill set in that field will always be there). Soon as I returned to the city where I work, I had immediately put my resignation. It's not as easy as it sounds. sometimes it feels crazy but at the same time I feel like there's a calling that I have to fulfill. I am trying to focus on that. I don't have a solid plan of what I am going to do but I do have a broad idea and i'll start from there. So to start, yes I highly recommend what @Nahm has mentioned. I mean being on my own in the trip that I made made me realize a lot of my personal issues and insecurities and most importantly who I truly am and what I want to do in life and what I want to do to make it fulfilling. and even more importantly, you gotta determine what exactly you want to do, what kind of art. Hope this has given an insight! wishing you the best.
  8. hug your girl in a spooning position after sex/ while asleep. yes they do love it. they adore it.
  9. I do the Islamic fast (Ramadan) and I am a professional dancer. And believe me when I tell you it's the best time of the year to practice for me. As a dancer most of the movement is body weight + cardio. Practicing while fasting puts me in the best shape ever. It's only the first two days that are extremely challenging though. sometimes I cannot continue for more than 30 minutes. But it's after those two days that your body adapts. For the rest of the month I continue practicing the same way I do when I am not fasting (two hours approximately) all done on empty stomach. I feel that not just I lost some weight (in a healthy way) + I gained endurance and strength, but also I do feel that my body got cleansed. Especially If make sure I eat clean when the sun sets (when you break your fast) I always recommend it to everyone because it works perfectly for me. Hope this helped.
  10. @Nahm thanks for the valuable information.. what is mentioned in your first comment was a bit disappointing for me as I am really looking forward to it and I don't really have that much access to it. I have been planning this since a couple of weeks now and I don't know when I can get it after that. nevertheless I'll practice what you have mentioned until I try it.
  11. Hello Actualizers, What is the best way to take Mushrooms (for a first timer) ? what is the amount and if there's any certain "type" especially for spiritual breakthrough/ consciousness growth? I am going to take it for the first time and I am really excited. Yet, trying to collect info to make the best out of the experience. would really appreciate your insights!
  12. So sorry your going through this dear. It is absolutely not your fault what he has done to himself.
  13. thank you so much guys this was really insightful... appreciate it ! @Michael569 @CreamCat
  14. @Slade @Barbarian Number 8 thank you so much guys for the insight, I think I can relate to both. I tried to reconnect of what it means to me and why I do it in the first place. It kind of gave me that motivation again to practice it more. at the same time, I feel like it is not the same as before. its NOT the same motives that I used to have. I am a dancer and have been doing it since 14+ years. I feel it doesn't mean the same to me anymore, yet, its becoming more personal, I don't need to be out there to win competitions or battle others (which I did... had so much hunger) now it's slightly less. I am still passionate about the music and the movement though.. I think I will be doing it for as long as I'm gonna live, but in a more mature way. more personal way. Will see how it goes. thank you guys again. More insight is definitely welcomed!
  15. Hello Actualizers.. Did you ever encounter losing the spark towards your passion? towards what you love doing, towards what makes you feel alive, due to life circumstances/ responsibilities, and maybe maturing up? Is it just a phase? it happened to me before, and the passion came back stronger, but this time it's different. What would you do about it? surround yourself with passionate people who would inspire you? look deep inside? Meditate? I am asking myself these questions while asking you guys too.. I hope to get an answer... . would really appreciate it.