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  1. Who is the I that is not directly conscious of God? Deceptive thoughts that aren't actually pointing to a real self? I like this a lot. Dropping the concept of becoming enlightened resonates and stops the spiritual ego in its tracks. I guess that's the name of the game! Feeling bad about being deluded is just more false self Thank you, this really resonates with me! I'll work on detaching from the content of my experience (or rather detach from the one who thinks he needs to be detached ) Thank you so much for your numerous replies; it's amazing how valuable it is to hear other people's perspectives. It helps a lot with getting unstuck
  2. Then why is the supposed physical world even here? All I know is true is the content I'm observing right now. Why should I assume there's a stateless state to go along with it? I have a basic understanding of what I'm shooting for - I have experiences aspects of it (or so I think). Perhaps I may be more deluded about what I am looking for, because I'm failing to find it at all lately.
  3. Isn't it already true that we are all enlightened? I feel like "trying" to become enlightened is trying to manipulate the content of our experience rather than investigating our supposed true nature of nothingness. Thank you for the rest of the post though, there's a lot of gems in what you said and helps clarify a lot for me. I do have a basic understanding that this current experience isn't physical like it seems to be. I do frequently fall back into the illusion when I get consumed in mind; it happens more times than others. So far the primary focus of my journey has been embodying complete authenticity. When I'm fully present, I hesitate less to authentically express how I feel rather than the ego coming in saying I have to people please instead.
  4. Shadow work, concentration, and contemplative journaling. I'll continue to hack away at it, but I can't help but think that concept is a wild goose chase right now.
  5. @The Don You made the right choice deciding not to support him. If someone is emotionally hostile to you that often then they aren’t worth your time. Your brother’s friends are going to believe what they’re going to believe. Same with people at large. Just explain what actually happened and that’s all you need to do. The only people you really need to be concerned about are your close friends and family. Hopefully they’ll be well enough judges of character to know that you are telling the truth. Don’t feel like you need to! It is perfectly valid to feel the way you do about this. Maybe try to find some empathy for your brother - he acted at the level of consciousness he was at at the time. “Forgive them Father for they know not what they do”
  6. I’m struggling to know what I “should” genuinely thirst for. I even struggle with that sometimes @Leo Gura Funny enough, I have had two high-dose experiences not too long ago (300ug acid, 4.5g mushrooms). Surprisingly they were both a little underwhelming; I was intending on achieving an ego death both times but that did not happen. I have no idea what’s true anymore. All I know is I’m sick of chasing something that doesn’t exist.
  7. I like the way you are framing spirituality, and that helps me a lot. Honestly I do all the above. If I’m feeling doubtful like I am now, then I usually default to doing random, perhaps low consciousness, stuff I enjoy. Because I don’t see a point in enlightenment work if everything is just going to stay the same anyway. I do have my go-to teachers that I have frequently read/watched. However, I have been trying to be more authentic lately trying to pursue exactly what I want on the deepest level, so I’m glad you brought that up. And thank you! One of my favorite songs for a variety of reasons
  8. I know this intellectually, but I’m not sure how watching experiences come and go is somehow supposed to enlighten me. So the solution is seeing through the illusion? Because I’m not seeing anything to see through, just the apparent content that appears as physical reality. I’m very emotionally aware. I’ve done a lot of shadow work integrating past traumas. I’m not great at maintaining habits, but I can meditate for an hour with relative ease. But I’m not seeing how that helps me see through the ego.
  9. I’ve had that to an extent. I do feel like deep down I can’t leave this path but it can sure be discouraging sometimes... In my experience, fighting the ego creates more ego True, but where do all the fantastical beliefs about God creating the universe come in? I can see what is right here, but why should I assume there’s more than that?
  10. This past week or so I’ve started to get pretty doubtful of spirituality. It feels like all of this is one big lie and that we’re all trying to pursue something that isn’t even there. I’ve had (so called) mystical experiences in the past - while sober and through psychedelics. But I can’t help but think that all that was just either a drug experience, or my mind playing tricks on me. Now I’m not saying I’m ready to give up the spiritual path, but I just don’t feel a reason to pursue it right now. What’s the point? All I see in front of me is the seemingly physical world, nothing more nothing less. Where is this apparent God? It sounds just like a fantastical idea to me. And I know people are gonna say that all this is really real, and that I just have to experience it for myself. Well I don’t find that particularly convincing. I’ve been on this spiritual journey for four years now and I basically feel like the same person as I was when I started. Am I gonna kill another three decades to pursue something that’s not there and get nothing out of it? I would rather not. So question time - what should I do? I don’t feel passionate about spirituality right now at all. What have y’all done if/when you have gone through a doubt phase like this?
  11. I’m a musician and I get this all the time. Especially if I’m working on the same piece of music for a while. I’ve found that the music ramps up when I’m stressed or avoiding the physical world in any way. Ask yourself what you are avoiding in the present moment and see if you can fully accept what you are resisting. Or more simply, become aware of the music and and consciously release it. It will come back, but don’t get discouraged when this happens. Just keep releasing and it will show up less often. This video by Teal Swan is a great, more practical way to release thought as well. Watch when she specifically talks about auditory thoughts: I hope all this helps!
  12. @Anton_Pierre Teal Swan has an excellent shadow work process. It’s great for healing reoccurring negative emotions.
  13. I like this a lot! Byron Katie talks about this occasionally in her workshops and books. She explains that once you see through ego, the mind becomes still and thoughts become much simpler and more practical. For example, “I really need to eat now” turns into “women getting up and going to the refrigerator.” As if you’re watching a movie of a human percpetive rather than identifying with it. Changing the language of our inner dialogue to be in alignment with no-self is an important step. These thoughts tend to be less resistant and negative, therefore not triggering the ego (if it still exists for you). Thank you again for sharing and I will give this a try
  14. I tend to be pretty skeptical of these new age practices. I honestly think they boil down to intention and belief. If one believes that crystals heal them in some way, they will find reasons to believe that is happening. They may even be getting genuine benefits from them, and that’s great. Anyone’s opinions on new age practices are just that - an opinion held by the ego. Ultimately, the mind’s stories are not true. So I would approach these practices with the same mentality; perhaps be open to them but don’t cling to a belief that says they absolutely do or do not work. In my opinion, everyone’s primary goal should be pursuing awakening. It’s so easy to get distracted along the way with novelty psychic abilities and practices; don’t forget to keep your eye on the ball: the deepest truth of who you are.
  15. @Nahm Thank you so much for this exercise! Simple, yet incredibly effective and insightful ❤️ @How to be wise I would consider this real growth. Sometimes we don’t have time for dozens of hours of intensive spiritual practice, so shorter exercises like this are practically beneficial. Even a short grounding in our true nature is never wasted ❤️