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  1. I had a terrifying 5-meo experience which resulted in me flushing the rest of my 5-meo down the toilet. Years later I do regret that decision because I could handle the experience a lot better now; however, in that terrifying moment I knew I wasn't ready to handle even more 5-meo and needed literal years to integrate the breakthrough that I had. So I agree that throwing it out was an ego mechanism, but at the same time your own body knows its limits and probably didn't want you trying it again for a long time.
  2. In my experience, there is no distinction between physical and spiritual realities. It’s more like they are intimately connected and are always affecting one another. So paradoxically, go deeper into the physical and you’ll see how it is interconnected to the spiritual. Don’t separate the two. They are both subjective aspects of the absolute; ultimately they are the same without distinction.
  3. I follow Secular Talk featuring Kyle Kulinski on YouTube, and he recently posted a video criticizing Marianne Williamson over a tweet she posted about prayer. I found this to be a perfect example of how Spiral Dynamics Stage Orange confuses the religion of Stage Blue with the spiritual teachings of Stage Green. I mainly wanted to comment on this video to show the dangers of demonizing spiritual concepts of Green as bullshit. There are many valid spiritual principles Marianne touches that I have experienced for myself as true. Please note that I am not demonizing Kyle or Marianne here. Kyle produces a fantastic show that pushes for great policy proposals that will greatly benefit America, and he does so in a convincing way. Voices like his are important for advancing America’s political discourse. I would just like to clear up any confusion that Kyle’s line of thinking in this video may cause. Likewise, Marianne is an important voice in opening Americans up to Stage Green spiritual principles, but that doesn’t mean she always presents them in a realistic, pragmatic way that resonates with Stage Blue/Orange people. Please watch the video before reading so I can avoid restating the video’s content. Here are my comments and critiques: In her first tweet, Marianne talks about how the power of the mind can influence external events, such as altering the path of Hurricane Dorian. Kyle dismisses this claim as religious, spiritual, new-age nonsense. Now many of you may reject this concept as Kyle does, but that would be a huge misunderstanding about how universal mind (aka God, reality, your true nature, etc.) works. Our beliefs create our entire reality; most people in the west hold the belief that our mind is separate from reality and it doesn’t have any influence on the so-called external world. This is simply not the case. Your mind created the idea of Hurricanes, along with the notion that we are helpless to them and that they cannot be altered by our minds. The fact is that if society at large believed thoughts can change their reality, then that would become our new truth. But we hold ourselves back and tell ourselves the story that our minds of no control over the external world, preventing us from tapping into our true creative potential. This is part of humanity’s innate sense of separateness. Kyle conflates Marianne’s claims with other unhealthy instances of religion/spirituality in politics. He puts her claims at the same level as sharia law and the Republic Party’s exploitation of Christianity to garner votes. Marianne’s claims are not the “left wing version” of religion. She is not preaching a doctrine meant to be taken on faith, and she is not weaponizing these truths for political gain. If anything, these claims hurt her chances with the Democratic electorate. She is speaking of principles that have been verified by many and are taught in many spiritual schools of thought. Kyle explains that Dorian destroyed the Bahamas and missed Florida. He says that if prayer worked, then that means that Bahamians didn’t pray hard enough to dodge the storm. This is a gross mischaracterization of how universal mind works. It is difficult to explain why certain things manifest physically in relation to thoughts because there are so many factors that play into manifestation. The Law of Attraction is misunderstood by most, even in spiritual communities. There are an infinite number of reasons why thoughts do or do not manifest physically, and I would love to flesh this out more with all of you and hear your perspective regarding manifestation. While I personally cannot pinpoint exactly why Dorian took the path it did, I can posit a couple possibilities: The predominant belief of most who were impacted is that we are helpless to natural disasters, and that prayer won’t do anything anyways. This automatically disables almost any possibility of change through the mind. Perhaps people more impacted by Dorian were hoping it would miss them, but they may have resisted getting hit so much that they manifested the reality they were trying to avoid. This is the concept of a self-fulfilling prophecy. Marianne mentions that prayer is a power of the mind. Kyle responds by saying it is not, and it is just something that one does in the mind, and that things one thinks aren’t guaranteed to manifest. It’s true that thoughts aren’t guaranteed to manifest, but that isn’t because mind has no effect on the so-called physical world. Our mind creates all of reality; there is nothing external to consciousness. If something prayed for fails to manifest, it can be due to a variety of factors (see the point above). Marianne claims to have seen first-hand the power of prayer working with altering something like a hurricane. Now she may be right, but I get the sense she is believing this on faith rather than experience. Like I have said, manifestation is very nuanced and virtually no human has a good understanding of how it works. Marianne seems to be taking a Stage Green approach in understanding prayer, rather than a Stage Turquoise approach. I don’t sense humbleness in how she treats manifestation; rather, it sounds like overconfidence in beliefs she holds. Marianne claims the “overly secularized Left” are losing voters by shutting out religious/spiritual people. I strongly disagree. The Left by and large are accepting of most people. I am not convinced the Democratic Party is losing voters because of secularism; the vast majority of elected Democrats are Christians. Kyle more or less makes this point and I completely agree with him. Kyle claims Marianne’s comments are dangerous because people may avoid evacuating and just try to pray the hurricane away. This is ridiculous. No one is just going to change their safety plans because Marianne advocated for prayer. Almost no one believes prayer has that kind of power, even most devout religious people. That’s about it. Let me know what you think and I am excited to hear y’all’s take on this!
  4. Thank you for this! I’m personally very triggered by movies/shows where a character suffers immense physical pain. So much so that I pass out sometimes. I’ll give this a shot and maybe I’ll be able to work through those fears ❤️
  5. Answer your prepared questions during the trip, and feel free to have a free-write section where you can write down various insights. For journaling the next day, use that to gather your thoughts about what you learned. The goal is to retain what you saw in the higher state of consciousness. Perhaps write about what your life would look like without caffeine. That is your time to bring the abstract ideas into concrete reality. It’s difficult to give specific instructions on how to do this because every trip is different. Follow your intuition; if you find another way to integrate what you learn then trust your gut
  6. One more thing! Dedicate your entire trip to this intention. I have found if I try to accomplish many different goals in a trip, none of them ever happen
  7. I would stick to a low to moderate dose. Perhaps 100-200ug. I wouldn’t recommend going much higher than that; it’s hard to fix an earthly problem when you’re dimension hopping Go into it with a clear intention. Write down questions such as: Why do I feel the need to ingest caffeine regularly? What would my life look like without it? What am I trying to avoid when I crave it? Observe your thought patterns and catch why the cravings happen. Most importantly, take time the next day or more to integrate what you learned. Journal about it. See if you can retain what you saw during the trip. It’s great you have a week dedicated to this - the more time the better. Good luck ❤️
  8. Countless! It’s highly dependent on your intention. They can help you become more conscious and expand your awareness, essentially inducing an enlightenment experience (to various degrees, depending on dose). This can give you a clearer picture of what you are searching for with enlightenment work. They’re also great for gaining general life insights. They can help resolve deep emotional issues, help relationships, help with work projects, etc.. There are countless things that higher consciousness can assist you with. Choose your dose wisely as well. I found that lower doses (~.5-1.5g) are great for general life insights and shadow work. Doses above 2.5g are great for enlightenment work, but make sure to incrementally increase dosages; definitely don’t pop 5g if you haven’t taken them before.
  9. Who is the I that is not directly conscious of God? Deceptive thoughts that aren't actually pointing to a real self? I like this a lot. Dropping the concept of becoming enlightened resonates and stops the spiritual ego in its tracks. I guess that's the name of the game! Feeling bad about being deluded is just more false self Thank you, this really resonates with me! I'll work on detaching from the content of my experience (or rather detach from the one who thinks he needs to be detached ) Thank you so much for your numerous replies; it's amazing how valuable it is to hear other people's perspectives. It helps a lot with getting unstuck
  10. Then why is the supposed physical world even here? All I know is true is the content I'm observing right now. Why should I assume there's a stateless state to go along with it? I have a basic understanding of what I'm shooting for - I have experiences aspects of it (or so I think). Perhaps I may be more deluded about what I am looking for, because I'm failing to find it at all lately.
  11. Isn't it already true that we are all enlightened? I feel like "trying" to become enlightened is trying to manipulate the content of our experience rather than investigating our supposed true nature of nothingness. Thank you for the rest of the post though, there's a lot of gems in what you said and helps clarify a lot for me. I do have a basic understanding that this current experience isn't physical like it seems to be. I do frequently fall back into the illusion when I get consumed in mind; it happens more times than others. So far the primary focus of my journey has been embodying complete authenticity. When I'm fully present, I hesitate less to authentically express how I feel rather than the ego coming in saying I have to people please instead.
  12. Shadow work, concentration, and contemplative journaling. I'll continue to hack away at it, but I can't help but think that concept is a wild goose chase right now.
  13. @The Don You made the right choice deciding not to support him. If someone is emotionally hostile to you that often then they aren’t worth your time. Your brother’s friends are going to believe what they’re going to believe. Same with people at large. Just explain what actually happened and that’s all you need to do. The only people you really need to be concerned about are your close friends and family. Hopefully they’ll be well enough judges of character to know that you are telling the truth. Don’t feel like you need to! It is perfectly valid to feel the way you do about this. Maybe try to find some empathy for your brother - he acted at the level of consciousness he was at at the time. “Forgive them Father for they know not what they do”
  14. I’m struggling to know what I “should” genuinely thirst for. I even struggle with that sometimes @Leo Gura Funny enough, I have had two high-dose experiences not too long ago (300ug acid, 4.5g mushrooms). Surprisingly they were both a little underwhelming; I was intending on achieving an ego death both times but that did not happen. I have no idea what’s true anymore. All I know is I’m sick of chasing something that doesn’t exist.
  15. I like the way you are framing spirituality, and that helps me a lot. Honestly I do all the above. If I’m feeling doubtful like I am now, then I usually default to doing random, perhaps low consciousness, stuff I enjoy. Because I don’t see a point in enlightenment work if everything is just going to stay the same anyway. I do have my go-to teachers that I have frequently read/watched. However, I have been trying to be more authentic lately trying to pursue exactly what I want on the deepest level, so I’m glad you brought that up. And thank you! One of my favorite songs for a variety of reasons