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  1. Acceptance is one of the qualities....Love is Truth
  2. the force of love gets back to you in triple power too.Be careful with magic everything comes back to you 3 times stronger
  3. There is a lot of darkness and deception on the occult path
  4. I have tried with 1p-lsd microdosing.It stacks pretty well.Dont take too much though
  5. Hey.It looks i have ocd.I can't stop changing position in the furnitures in the house.I try to see where it is best to be positioned and always i change everything nothing really fullfils me and when it does after some time it stops.The same happens with my posture...I minimalize and try to empty the uneccessary shit and it helps a bit.What alse can i do?
  6. Take deep breaths first fill the stomach and the rest will go to the upper body.Then completely exhale and stay there calm as long as you can.
  7. no i did not.This might happen if you do it right and it is not bad.It was like a restrfull 15 minute sleep.
  8. xaxaxa why don't you try 5 rounds of 40 breaths with prolonged hold of the breath.Today i blacked out.
  9. i do not know.I cannot answer for sure 0,4 the three experiences
  10. No just a rush because a female entity was calling me to hurry.I smoked it on a wooden pipe mixed with some normal sage.The place was like i have been there again.The 10x is okay but it lacks the vividness other trips describe
  11. I already have some experience with the plant though the previous experiences were more subtle.This is the second time i had a more powerful trip with the salvia plant.It looks like i have to try the 20x to fully go away but i am ok for now with my 10x.I cleaned my body and mind before taking the substance.I made three times in one night the one after the other...I tripped on darkness with relaxing music.With the salvia plant you have the feeling of something pulling your body the same happened again and it started by the feel of something pulling me to the right.I went to a dimension which i were not alone.I lost the contact with reality.I completely forgot that i had took the substance.In the place i went i was not alone first there was a female entity telling me to hurry it was like an 'aunt', the place felt familiar.There were also other presences.It didnt felt scary but salvia is really weird.For sure it doesnt seem to have any party-side effects as happens with other psychedelics.I took another hit and i felt the presence of 5-6 entities upon me and i asked them to help me because i have problems with my health and with my heart.They didn't say anything they just stand there and 'looked' at me.I felt a healing effect with one of my physical problems but time will show.The third strong hit were in front of the mirror(i know it is dangerous not to lay down but i tried it with a candle for light source.At that point salvia showed me how bad my ego is ....i saw my intentions at that point and they were not good.I kept staring at my eyes.My head went 90 degrees xaxax and my ear were parallel with the ground i went straight to the bed because i was tired and could not control my movement.I had some subtle but interesting visuals with merging the energies of me and my mothers(my mother has a similar physical problem as me).Salvia is really nice for deep meditation.After a little time when the strong effects wore off i tried wim hof and meditation.I had some scary and dark insights during the night sleep but nothing to knock my brain out of homeostasis.I will try again
  12. don't feel bad when you turn soft.This happens only because you loose touch with the act.Once you start stressing you loose the contact with the act and you are getting soft.If you want to solve all your problems you have to calm your mind.It looks like there are a lot of problems....first off you have to have sex seing each other 10 months is too much time for not having sex with open lights.Also you have to try without condom.Nothing is going to happen i had sex my girlfriend without condom eveytime and nothing happened but keep in mind after ejaculation you have also to pee not only to clean yourself because sperm stays in your dick "tube".Anyway she has to understand that you are a man and you have some needs and some difficult times sometimes....if she can not understand this then there is a problem with communicating each other and thats a skill you have to built from time to time and from a relationship to another.Υοu have no sexual problem man the problem is your stress.You are a male don't think so much just act
  13. will never be completely sure about psychedelics.They can absolutely transform you but there is always something you can't know.My opinion is to not supress that you want to try.Don't forget that there is always the choice of microdose which will absolutely is going to help with clarity and focus (and of course the techniques you are using to raise awareness)The feelings about the girl is something difficult and i can not help you there.Romantic love is such a powerful feeling.I am using psychedelics...!
  14. Μy man acid really helps me the same way.Drop aciiiiiiiid