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  1. My definition of ignorance is when you believe you know a lot.Or when you believe you know whats good and what is bad.
  2. No 110 but 70-80 for first time.Take 1/4 or half blotter.
  3. Once a week for 8 weeks.Friday or Saturday clean your house sleep good before trip.Trip at night with the availability tripping in total darkness with your eyes wide open, average dosage not to much nor too little.You will see the risen sun with different eyes.
  4. Hi I own a Mac and I want the one note for my mac.Is the new one (onetime buy-offline 2019) the same as in Leos video?Or should I have to buy a new windows laptop?Your answers will be appreciated!
  5. Create scd yoghurt.
  6. Does your enlightenment consciousness will going to become slow, dark and evil again in trillion years?
  7. Weed makes your mind slooooow.It is making you unaware.You can use it after a good psychedelic trip to experience a little bit of the acid again for example.You can experience even some days after the trip...i would pick the edible thc, having the benefit of the longer action!
  8. Are you sure that women love more you than the Gucci, Prada and the diamonds?
  9. But what means Real?What is real in the end?
  10. if its passion developing the skills its a joy and you don't try, it just happen's.
  11. Hi everybody.I want to use Concerta ( something like aderral)to finish my studies.As i have to read so many books...I am a in a dentistry college and i have tons of reading.Is anybody here with experience using these substances?I may use modafinil too.Any opinions or strategy with the dosage?
  12. Explore it in your house first.After it somewhere in nature without other people...maybe one friend to keep an eye for you.Night is a good choice.
  13. Shelfisness has more than one sides.Although nice point.