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  1. @egoeimai I didn't get that Part about the Body, can you elaborate on that a Bit more?
  2. Personally, I think if you don't even know what you would do exactly, don't focus on creating a business just yet. The good thing about personal development is, that once you adopt the developing mindset, EVERY single thing in your life becomes a tool and a playground for your own growth. You are basically doing personal development already by pursuing your academic career. Study this stuff and learn what kind of different aspects there are. If you think you could really create benefit for people or when you really become passionate about a particular direction, then try to create some kind of inofficial business. Invest some money and do some small workshops, either in person or over the internet. In the mean time you can help people with their problems and teach them some PD concepts, so you can test how well you can teach this stuff. Good luck bro, you can do it!
  3. You're right, thanks you so much for the advice, I appreciate it
  4. You may be right about that, but the simple steps are important nonetheless. If I don't do them at all, all the big thinking won't be worth anything.
  5. I don't feel unable to deal with anything, I just don't do it I know that I can do all the stuff I put my mind to but it never really gets accomplished practically unless the bad consequences really lead me to a mental break down and then I do it last minute out of stress and fear.
  6. I noticed that I am very good at conceptualizing and understanding stuff, but whenever it comes to doing the practical work or solving practical problems which necessarily occur, I find myself trying to avoid problems and rather indulge in mental masturbation and all kinds of theoretical thought processes, which have nothing to do with the thing I am working on and/or I get lost in media and porn addiction, which really just feels like an extention of my tendency to avoid real problems. To avoid the real world basically. I especially noticed this in the last few days while I was trying to do some paper work in order to move into a new appartment. I hate going from office to office and getting all these different papers and forms (you gotta fill in a whole catalogue of forms if you want to do anything here in germany) and even though it's not hard to do, I procrastinate to the point where I have to do everything at once on the last day. I am very good at making plans and motivating myself for some hours but it seems like my mind tries to avoid the simple steps and the every day boring tasks at all costs. I know that those simple steps are what success and growth is build upon and I start to really lose self respect because of this. This also means that I lack discipline and so on. Does anyone know what I can do about that? Thank you in advance, you are all wonderful people
  7. @NicAndStuff @NicAndStuff@NicAndStuff Well I'm sorry to tell you but the best things in life require the most effort. I want to tell you that it's NOT necessary. Nothing is necessary. You can literally choose to sit on your chair right now and never stand up again until you starve to death if you feel like it. Ultimately Nothing matters. It's all about what you want out of life. Do you want a life where you really feel in touch with yourself? Where you're not pushed around by circumstances? Where you pursue truth and broaden your consciousness in order to suck in more of life, to enjoy it to the fullest? To understand yourself and others? Then personal development is the way to go. But it does take years and it will probably never stop at all because there are no limits to your own development. You can always learn something more, Do something more. Don't expext quick fixes. I know that life is already hard enough as it is without trying to improve, I struggle with that right now as Well. But improving and working on myself gives me to power and motivation to pull all that through because I see it as just another stage in the big picture of life. I am aware though that PD might not be for everyone. Some people are just not really wired for improvement and Do anything to stay in their comfort zone. Nothing bad about that at all, but if you are this type of person, Then I guess you won't get the results you want on this forum
  8. I think there comes a point where you can actually see the beauty of everybody, and even his unconsciousness. This pity can transform into compassion and love for everyone in the end, while you are not bothered by judgements whatsoever. However I didn't really reach that state yet. Most of the time I feel some compassion for most people, but whenever they get too close to me I just feel threatened or annoyed and want to have some privacy lol. I need to do some more inner work I guess, but I realize that it's not really other people that are the problem.
  9. Then what you need is confidence and being able to stand up for yourself, I'd say even fighting Them physically is legit if it's too bad. What helped me in similar situations is to find out why people bullied me and tried to get rid of that reason. I was (and still am, not as much though) a people pleaser. People used to walk all over me while I thought I was nice. But I'm not nice. Most of the time I am deceiving myself. You might need to tell them in their face whenever they piss You off. Train your confidence through working out, affirmations, screaming and shouting a lot to get used to energy flowing out of your body. Show them that You are not somebody who just takes this type of stuff. You don't have to fight, but be honest and detach from such toxic people. That's my advice. Don't take it for granted though
  10. @NicAndStuff I believe that you may be stuck in a cycle of hatred. Why not try to see them as victims of their own unconsciousness? You may suffer from them tormenting you once in a while but they suffer from their mental state all day every day. Most "bullying" is just a projection of the bully's own issues. Seeing it this way makes you more compassionate and you feel pity for these people rather than hate. This is a good start.
  11. @egoeimai but you are not satisfied by any answer, I feel like you are very confused about this whole issue. You may be thinking about that too much, don't you think? Life is more than problem-solving. You don't have to search all the time, just be open to everything and enjoy the journey.
  12. @egoeimai what exactly are you searching for?
  13. Art is something highly subjective, if you don't know why you create it, who would? To me, art is mainly self expression. But as Leo says it can certainly be used to cherish the beauty of life itself. The actual meaning is different for every artist and every 'consumer'. But I think it should come out of some kind of urge, an inner need to do art.
  14. @egoeimai Do the experiment. Really ask yourself what do you see around you? What do you notice? Even if you look at a number in your bank account, which shows that you are in debt, basically what you Really see is just a number. What the number means is your brain judging the raw data. That is just logical, scientific and common sense if you think about it a little deeper. The raw data, so to speak the "Real world" does not have any good and bad. It just is as it is. Anything else is the mind's work. Which means that what you experience, if your life feels pleasant to you or not is fundamentally determined by the mind. Of course outer circumstances trigger certain reactions Of the mind, but research shows that not every circumstance triggers the same emotion in all people, meaning that those triggers are things you have learned at same point in your life. It is Really not so hard to see that your problems are self-imposed. The way to get out Of that however requires a little more research and inner work to see. People's opinions differ about that.
  15. I think understanding politics can be useful for personal growth and even more to become an influence in whatever way in the world. But for the sake of personal development, I'd try to focus on the psychology behind certain political processes. Don't conceptualize and see people as either "right-wing" or "left-wing" or label a mass of people as the name of the country as if they all were in favor of their government. This kind of thinking imo creates all the bullshit we see in today's politics and news. People not being able to differenciate and look at things objectively, with understanding and compassion, But rather putting people and movements into boxes and demonizing/glorifying them, while bashing people with a different opinion. I personally like to see the study of politics as a study of psychology, But on a larger scale.