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  1. @eskwire but people see enlightenment as 'realization of the objective reality' - which wouldn't be true if it was a product of a biased, human-centered mind, right? This would make enlightenment itself a product of the ego
  2. In order to control my emotions more, I studied the topic a little bit In order to first understand how emotions really work. Scientifically speaking, it seems like all emotions are caused by hormones, which are set free by the brain and other parts of the body In reaction to a certain situation (or rather the mind's interpretation of it). What kinda surprises me about this as I dig deeper is that even the most profound, most beautiful emotions people have can be explained by mere chemistry In the body. Even the feeling of inner peace and appreciation people have after meditating can be explained by Serotonin, which is produced by a part of the brain which is stimulated during meditation. From an evolutionary perspective, it seems like even the most beautiful feelings only serve the purpose of rewarding an action, which the system interprets as beneficial to survival. All emotions seem to be survival-mechanisms or as you might call it 'egoic'. Scientifically speaking, I didn't find any proof for a 'deeper area of emotions' apart From that. Apart From this view being pretty depressing, what do you think about it? People on here talk about experiences that go beyond the body and ego, realizations of the true nature of existence. How do you know that all that and even enlightenment isn't just an illusion itself? A feeling created through stimulation of the brain? I mean People have these experiences on psychedelics and psychedelics stimulate certain parts of the brain that are responsible for feelings like these. How do we know that enlightenment and eudaimonic happinesd actually exists and that it's not just another product of a machine-like organism like our own?
  3. The biological process seems to be more and more understood scientifically and it seems to me like humanity is making progress towards slowing that process down and even stopping it. Of course, technically speaking, medicine is always slowing down the aging process. But what if we could stop that process completely and would only die when we wished to (if we actually did), would that be beneficial to humanity? What do you think?
  4. It's teaching me right now that it is not as easy and safe as it seemed to be when I was a kid.
  5. This has been and still is a very strong problem of mine. One thing I learned is to not take the plan too seriously. You don't really know how life works yet and if you make a plan for yourself, it's like somebody sailing on a boat with a map based on his limited experience. Some things on the map may be completely wrong and if he relies too much on it, he might get himself in trouble. The plan should be a rough guideline, but if life doesn't work the way you planned, it should always be the plan, that has to change according to life, not the other way around. Also, learn a lot about the things you want to achieve. What is health? What components are there to it? This way your plans get more and more realistic. I think in the end though, it comes down to habits and work-ethic. The human mind works in very habitual ways and I think it is crucial to change its whole operating system into a productive state. That's what I am struggling with pretty much at the time.
  6. @RossE In German it's called "social work", it's a well populated city, but not that big either.
  7. I am a student at university, just having moved into a new appartment with my girlfriend. I lost my job a few months ago and although I have some small things going on, I don't have enough money to pay my share, nor do I have any money to invest in myself and personal development. I tried to come up with ways to make some more money without putting too much time into it (I'm not talking about millions here, just like 500-1000 bucks a month) I want to find a job that pays the rent and do something else (maybe Business-related? Selling something?) on the side. Do you know anything somebody could do on the side with basically 0 skill or experience?
  8. This channel is gold. What helps me is to combine it with other habitual patterns I have throughout the day, for example only chook social media and messages right after a meal.
  9. @aurum thank you!
  10. I intend on buying the life purpose course and I guess this question will be pretty much answered there but I can't afford that right now so I gotta create a proto-answer for myself for now. I am thinking about setting strategic goals for myself. As far As I read about it in various sources, goals, if I want them to actually move me, have to be: 1. Clearly formulated 2. Measurable 3. High enough to inspire and motivate me but not so ridiculous that I don't even take them serious any move 4. Aligned with my deepest values. After contemplating about it from time to time for the last 2 years basically I think that my top values are joy, knowledge/wisdom, strength, calm/peace and something you might call "friendliness". Now I have two issues I'm struggling with. Firstly, some areas of life are easier to measure than others. For example in business you could just take a number on your bank account as your goal, a number of customers/clients etc. When it comes to areas like emotional mastery or building social skills, I don't really know how to set a clear, measurable goal there. Secondly, how do I know if a goal is too high or too low? For example, a financial goal could be to have 50,000 euros (from germany) on my bank account in 7 years. Of course aiming at 100,000 pulls me more, but it also creates the danger of me getting all neurotic about it because I am not able to achieve the goal. How do I know what is a good balance? What do you think is realistic for a 20 year old guy just getting started in life? Thank you all in advance
  11. Good that you ask. I find some of Leo's videos very good for beginners. I'll give you a little list of videos, I wish I had found them in this particular order 1. This video is good to watch first because it shows you what is possible in your life and what you can achieve. It gives you a vision you can work towards. 2. This shows you the big picture of this whole work, what it means, what it involves etc. 3. I feel like this video changed my life the most, because it really gave me the perspective that I could ACTUALLY engineer my life the way I wanted to, if I just made a strategic plan and executed it, pretty much like a general in a war. 4. A very important video showing you maybe how hard this stuff is and that you have to be a results maker, rather than just planning and thinking about what you want to achieve. Here Leo describes some techniques and fields you can explore to actually get started. 6. This video could show you how important this work is, if you really want to achieve something in life. Society comes with a lot of distractions and in my opinion, if you don't focus on working on yourself, you will probably waste your life on one of these things. 7. No idea how old you are (didn't look lol), but this might be helpful. You can watch these and decide afterwards if you want to spend some time doing this work or nah. If yes, you should search for topics that interest you the most. If you are just getting started, don't be bothered with all that ego-enlightenment stuff just yet. This is hard to even conceptually understand and if you are not sure if you even want to pursue this whole field, this stuff will probably just turn you off. But now I have a question for you: Why do you think it's useless? I hear that from many people and I actually don't get it. I mean... isn't it obvious that one has to understand himself and control himself in order to handle life? If you don't understand yourself, you basically just ride along and life could throw you into every direction possible. I am no master by all means, I'm just getting started as well, but even as a child I understood that working on oneself is necessary. So many of people's problems could be adressed, if they just looked inside, understood their psychology a little bit and used some simple techniques to control themselves so they could live a more fulfilled life. But people prefer to have the same problems over and over again and calling everything that could actually help "useless". Can you explain that to me? What turns you off about all that?
  12. @Ariel Leo did pick up himself at some point of his life. Leo, and most people on this forum (I think) are interested in getting the most 'juice' out of their life. As You are on this journey, You mature and You recognize that a carreer, money, women etc. Are not the pinnacle of life and in fact block You from really deep experiences, which, for many people on here, are experiences of no-self and spiritual enlightenment. I notice that You are probably more interested in material things right now, and that's good. Get your life handled first, do the stuff You want. Realize that You can not stop this because this is not some movement or anything You don't need to call it self-actualization, but if You work on yourself, for example trying to become more confident, You are basically doing the work. Not every advice is meant for everyone, You know. Pick up might me the right thing for You to do. Take in the information and apply them to your own life.
  13. Pretty pessimistic view, but true. The way @vizual said it is also true. Everything has good or bad sides, personally right now I don't really care this much about society being bad or good we have to deal with whatever is given to us right? What's the point of getting angry at it? I used to get mad about all that a lot, then I realized there were enlightened and happy people even in the darkest and most violent regimes. It's all a matter of perspective.
  14. @Ariel yes, you could say it like that I think. At least I see it this way.
  15. Yes exactly well, I think, as with everything else, people like to turn self-actualization into some kind of cult or dogma. Who is there to tell you how it should be? Is there some kind of god of self-actualization in the clouds, giving you the 12 commandments? Self-actualization is simply a trend towards reaching your full potential. A TREND meaning you can never reach that and there is no 'self-actualized' person, only 'self-actualizing' persons. The journey is the key, the destinations and goals you reach during the journey are not as important as the journey itself. Now of course you have to ask yourself what is necessary in order to become what you want to become. And I'd say embracing the unknown and questioning the stuff you think you know is key to real growth. But if you don't wanna do that right Now well... Who is there to force you? Start small