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  1. @LoveandPurpose Self actualization is not only about enlightenment
  2. Listen to BTS. It helps with self actualization
  3. Is this guy right?
  4. @egoeimai Τσεκαρε αυτα: (Ζηλευει γιατι ειναι στο matrix/egoic consciousness)
  5. What is your favourite spiritual/personal development song? Mine is a Greek one. It's called "My heart is broken". The music video is awesome
  6. @Prabhaker Can you link me to an article on asleep consciousness?
  7. @Leo Gura So, human awareness has nothing to do with consciousness?
  8. @Leo Gura You should do a consciousness vs awareness video
  9. @Leo Gura By "becoming more conscious" don't we mean becoming more aware?
  10. @WelcometoReality What I'm asking is why are there subconscious thoughts
  11. @Maxx So you don't believe that we are part of one consciousness
  12. Feeling like everything is one doesn't make it so