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  1. @Leo Gura congrats on that. And I loved your last video.
  2. Love this and how you explain it@Leo Gura these days, sincerely, I don't know how you earn your money. It doesnt seem you do from actualized, that's the sense I get. Doesnt mean I'm right.
  3. @Leo Gurawhat´s your game about? im into them
  4. Play the illusion of meaning and purpose just because what else there is to do - but know it is a game.
  5. Love this, and thanks for sharing your experience Is coaching overpriced?: yes and no, and depends on your relationship to and with money and value. Ultimately, money is wrapped in all our deep traumas, sense of trust in ourselves. Which is why, hiring a good coach is scary, because there is no more excuses, and has you confront all the stuff that we hide and protect from (which is deeply spiritual in essence). I've personally paid coaches who, deep down, I thought I was better and more skillful than then. I also invested a lot of money on coaches who have helped me transformed my life in ways it would take me days to share. And with my therapist too, it took me going through 3, to find the one I know can hold me and serve me in a way I feel most need. These days I charge 12k to work with me for a year. I Make 6 figures and work 15 hours/week. As a context, I used to be very shy, insecure, awkward and a teacher or early years earning 1,200 pounds back in the old days. And like, as an example, a client of mine went from 190k (working 50 hours per week) to 420k in a year, while having 12 weeks off, plus saving his marriage and creating way more intimacy, impact in his company, and freedom. So the money is worth it for as long as we create the results we are committed to having. Whether a coach charges 3k or 100k. But I've also done pro bono work with people who are very committed but couldn't afford me fees. Or I'd create something bespoken for the right people who aren't ready yet to commit to a big investment. In regard to this question: How do you know that you found a good coach? I'd say, personally, through talking to a bunch and feeling into it. Although I only trust coaches who have proven their value on what they do, have served me powerfully with no agenda and more importantly, are doing their own deep work VS just talking about it. Meaning, they too invest good money on their therapists, coaches, and education. There is so much more to this industry and conversation. The problem with coaching is that it has a very low bar of entry and very high to actually have a thriving business. And with that comes a lot of people who call themselves coaches, who aren't qualified or gone through a rigorous training. None of this is wrong, but it also damages the image and potency this work has to offer. And the impact all of this, is that most people, because they haven't worked with powerful coaches and created real results in their lives. They conclude that isn't worth it and it's best to try to coach themselves, which doesn't really work anyhow. Happy to share more from my experience shall that be of value. Love, David
  6. @cjoseph90 from Madrid here!
  7. I did my first ICF training back in 2017, in London, for 5k- it was a good foundation of coaching. Then I did an ontological one for 10k and another one for 5k. All of this without counting all the coaches I have hired. If you want to be a coach, you want to commit to play a long game and invest thousand and thousand of dollars in training and coaches. In US, Accomplishment coaching is one of the best and most rigorous trainings there are out there.
  8. @Leo Gurai don´t think you ever stop building one´s life
  9. @Leo Gura what are you focusing on building in your life, these days?
  10. Beautiful work, keep it up!
  11. You are welcome!
  12. @Verg0 Hello! What an amazing path you have chosen. The world needs this medicine. A bit from my own journey: I did my ICF training back in 2018 - I started charging right after I qualified. A good amount is 1,500 dollars for three months - this is a good amount that most people can afford and calls them in to some level of commitment in their lives. As you continue practice, you'll enroll people in greater levels of commitment to work with you for 6 to 12 months. You can have a great business that makes six figures with a handful of clients. Please read this book: The prosperous coach by Rich Litvin. The way I have built my business is through serving my ass off - I was part of several networking clubs in my city, ton of workshops and use LinkedIn a lot. Eventually, my business has grown organically though referrals and word of mouth. Up to today, the first conventions I have with people is free of charge because I want them to have an experience with me and of what coaching can do for them. I'm always in an abundance of service and conversations. Over time, you can have a nice business that grows more organically, based on how solid your coaching will become, you'll get more referrals and clients will continue to renew with you. If you private message me, i happy to send you some PDF´s, resources that I created thought the years and have supported me greatly in all the things you mentioned, including creating clients. Love, David
  13. This man shares a lot about Elon and his mind
  14. how long it took you to see profit from @Leo Gura
  15. it could be, as for everything else, like sex, tv, food ... we can use jerking off to avoid certain feelings too.