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  1. @Nahm It's hard to say. I definitely don't think there is a correlation between material success (wealth, recognition) and spiritual discoveries. However, I do believe there is a correspondence between one's emotional/psychological development and spiritual wisdom. Personally, I had deep 5-meo breakthroughs early on. I have not built my life externally, nor have I fully actualized my life purpose for that matter. Yet, I've worked on different emotional problems and generally have a stable psyche. I believe that a person who doesn't work on himself might have a different interpretation/experience of the deep mystical truths. A certain sense of detachment, openmindedness and metaphysical curiosity is needed to get the deep wisdom. I see psychedelics for example, as projecting the person's inner world. If you are using them from a place of low-consciousness, that's how the experience will go. However, if you are openminded enough to even try them, you are already on the right track and will likely get a value of them. Precisely because 5-meo is so effective, most people built ego defenses and rationalizations against it. Here is a nice episode that might be relevant to the subject: @Serotoninluv I love your story. Here is my meditation closet
  2. Halifax, NS, Canada ( I didn't take those photos obv )
  3. It has its benefits and downsides. It's not for everybody. There are no benefits, no job stability, no comfort and hard to get started. On the flip side, once you are established, you can earn a lot, have a flexible schedule and be your own boss. I'm not a freelancer, but I'm educating myself and trying to break into that space. From what I've understood so far, it can be really hard to get started (Your success will follow an exponential curve with a very slow beginning phase). Most freelancers emphasize that it is basically identical to running your own business. Your product, in this case, is your own skill. First, you have to work on your business plan and foundation. Whether its web development, digital marketing, coaching or e-commerce, you have to build up the skills first. This can take a while if you are starting from ground zero. Practically speaking, you still need a 9-5 job while working on your skills/product. The second phase will be building your client base, getting your product or service out there. This will require a tone of hustling and marketing. It also takes time for the client network to grow. Probably will be a good idea to keep getting income from other sources (9-5 stable job). Finally, when you build up your skills/product, and when it is known to the world, you can transition full time into being a freelancer. At this point, you can introduce new features and refine your service to make it even better. My timeline for something like a freelance web developer will be - 1 year to build your skills, and 1 year to get known to the point of having more client than you can handle yourself. That is still a very conservative estimate, it takes into account that you hustle every evening and weekends. That's my personal opinion, I will love to hear from actual freelancers on here.
  4. I'm very extraverted and have troubles falling to sleep as well. I do one hour of meditation before I go to bed. It calms my mind down. I'm able to process all the subconscious thoughts - various conversations, decisions, problems etc. Meditation works very well for that. After each session, I am completely calm and relaxed. And if I'm sprinkling concentration and self-inquiry, I'm so exhausted by the time I'm done, that I sleep like a baby. Addition tip that I discovered recently has to do with eating before going to bed. If I don't eat 5 hours before bed, I rest very well and wake up refreshed.
  5. Amazing report! You are very articulate. Getting closer every time! I'll add a small note. Maybe recording yourself and analyzing the experience too much is not always great. If I did that, it would have put a lot of pressure on me. Just try to be alone with the experience, especially the breakthrough. Don't be too critical of yourself. Be as you are and let it come. Focus all energy on surrendering to Hell, and the Heaven will come. Godspeed.
  6. During my experience as God, there wasn't really anybody to be afraid. It was a blast of all the emotions coming at you at once. Also our notion of "nothing" is not the nothing that God is. It is not an empty, cold and dark space. It is not an emotionless, still, vacuum. All that stuff is a human perception of the void, but God is beyond any perception. God is like the substance of the perception. The appearance of the appearance of empty space after death, if that makes any sense. It's on a completely different scale than life, death or anything else. I think where fear comes in is after you've witnessed that first hand. It's quite a mind fuck, to say the least. Hard to believe that humans can even experience this. It's a different type of fear though. Not like a fight or flight response, more like existential mind fuck. Like you've been living a lie your whole life. It loosely feels as if you just witnessed a supernatural phenomenon that you knew is impossible. All the laws of physics you've known told you that this is impossible. Yet here it is. So you just left with that as a fact and not much you can do about. You basically dumbstruck by the experience, and you are in the state of not knowing. You feel numb and you don't know what reality is anymore, or who you are.
  7. I don't blame you. I used to love science. I looked up to the mainstream scientists, took Engineering, read scientific books... Just to grow out of it. I realized that at the current stage, science has very deep roots in materialism. It is serving our stage Orage culture. It is deeply in bed with business and "success" culture. Science is not done for science's sake, but to serve companies and push new products. Even government-funded research has lots of ties to local business. Science became a tool for materialistic prosperity. Not to mention what is going on in big universities. Bureaucracy everywhere. You are hammered with non-practical content. The education is very expensive. No teacher-student relationship. (This is not a critique of science, but more how it is used by our culture) That's not the case with everything of course. There are true scientists who are passionate about what they do. Those are real experts, They have a very logical and analytical type of mind. They have a certain attitude about science. Doing science is their Life Purpose, and they actualize it. For them, doing it is not even a question. However, judging by the fact that you are hesitant, science might not be for you. And that's totally legit. I took me while a realize that engineering might not be for me. Don't go to study science because you, or your peers, think it's cool. Don't do it for money or prestige either. You have to know your personality, your strengths, and weaknesses. What you are actually interested in. Try to recall the happiest moments of your life, what were you engaged in?
  8. This is the key. This is exactly what I became aware of during a 5-meo breakthrough. My ordinary notion of reality got flipped around. When I died, so did the whole world. From being an entity in an external world, I instantly went to having the external world appearing in me. But It's not something that is understood conceptually. It just became so. I'm very puzzled as to how this switch can even occur. I think my ordinary state of consciousness is too low, and my mind distorts the perception of reality. Raw and pure awareness gets covered with layers of language and thoughts. It's really hard to get to the bottom of that. Yet at the end, consciousness includes all that, even the thoughts and the Ego.
  9. I've had periods in life where I drank a lot of it, and at times, none at all. I used to drink it regularly, and I didn't like that. Some of the effects I noticed are: Hyperactivity - lower ability to concentrate. Nervousness - more monkey mind. Headaches when attempting to stop. Psychological addiction - can't start the morning without it. Needing to urinate a lot - caffeine stimulates bladder activity. In general, sort of the opposite of even-killed state. But it's not all bad. At times, I do need that boost! For example, if I have a project that I need to work on, or when I'm driving for over 8 hours straight. Right now, I'm trying to use coffee on and off. I don't drink it in the morning, because I don't want to depend on it when I wake up. I drink my coffee around 11-12 when I need that 1-hour boost for work. I'm also doing 2-1 or 3-1 routine, where I will have 2 days with coffee and 1 day off. This way I don't get overly addicted, and I'm able to remain very sensitive to it. I only need a tiny amount of coffee to notice the effects.
  10. Creator. Visionary. Had to overcome challenges and switch careers. Pursued his Life Purpose despite many struggles. Actualized his creative potential. Great communicator and source of inspiration. An intelligent guy who always speaks his mind. (he sure reminds me of someone we all know)
  11. You won't be able to live a good life as an illegal immigrant. Practically speaking, you won't be able to enjoy the privileges that make the country special. You need Social Insurance Number to get the most basic things - health care, driver's license, and even getting paid. You will have to work for cash since you won't be eligible for official employment. I don't think it's worth it, you will feel like an outsider and be miserable. A better way will be to go through the process of genuine immigration. It is very challenging and requires money and commitment. But it is a fresh start, and you get to be the creator of your new life.
  12. That's a good question. I don't think I will ever reach a point where I can comprehend what happened. It's in a completely different domain from my typical state of consciousness. It's way beyond what a person can conceptually understand. With time, the shock from the experience went down for me. Not that I can ever forget what it meant, but everyday life has a tendency to pull you down so to speak. I'm also taking a break from 5-meo. I feel like I got more Spirituality shoved down my throat than I can swallow, especially at a young age. Practically speaking, there are a couple of things that helped me to cope. The book "Turiya - The God State" by SantataGamana, was recommended by @Greatnestwithin Re-watching Enlightened masters talking about spirituality. Even things you are very familiar with, now they will make sense on a deeper level. Understanding that I'm not the first or the last person going through this. Talking to people on this forum. Coming to terms that life is not material, not physical and essentially a dream. Coming to terms that the "outside" appearance is actually happening within me, as consciousness. (Still freaks me out). Just going through the motions. chopping wood and carrying water.
  13. No need to overglorify A.I. At the current stage of development, it's pretty far from challenging human's ability to approach general problem-solving. Even at one specialized task, after 200years of continues play, the human brain would have beaten AlphaStar.
  14. Some very immature discussions here. The bottom line is, if you are serious about Spirituality, you will do whatever it takes (including psychedelics). Otherwise, here, take this for your efforts: And keep your awakening to yourself, no need to share it or educate other people.