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  1. I work as an electronics technologist for a company that works in the radio frequency field. For studies, I did two two-year programs in electronics engineering. We are a small company, so I get to do more interesting and diverse work of design and testing of various circuits. One interesting project we have is a prototype power generator for an electric space propulsion engine. It is used for satellites and potentially may be used for missions to Mars.
  2. if you separate love and companionship from sexual desires of the body, I can see how polygamy it can work. You can relate to a person and have a deep connection with somebody without having sex. And on the other side, you can have plenty of sex while never developing an emotional connection. With both being true, it should be possible to separate the two. Meaning you can have that special partner, while also being with others to satisfy that needs of the body. Ultimately it all comes down to the values of society you grew up in. If monogamy was encouraged, that's what you will adopt. Someone who grew up in a tribal community, for example, might have a different set of values. I see it as a Greener approach. Green is very community oriented. it's about sharing the experience with others and having fun. A stage blue, for example, will be very rigid and all about that traditional marriage. While Orange might be somewhere in between.
  3. I love Leo's post about survival strategies. You've made excellent highlights! I found a couple of more examples that illustrate how complex and highly intelligent survival mechanisms are. When observing the Nature consciously, it becomes very apparent that an intelligence far more magnificent than humans can understand is at play on every corner. Tuskfish uses tools to maximize its survival: Pufferfish creates amazing art to attract mates: Cuttlefish has incredible hypnotic body patterns: (the Cuttlefish also uses smart reproductive tactics. Smaller males will pretend to be a female to sneak into the big male's harem and reproduce with the females.)
  4. I think you didn't take enough, or didn't the right psychedelic. There comes a point where you simply cannot deny or dumb down the experience. When the experience becomes more real than your ordinary state of consciousness, then you made it.
  5. Very good post! Straight to the point
  6. it is quite shocking, to say the least. The experience itself is extremely powerful and life-shattering. But also, the integration of it can be quite tricky. It is completely unexplainable what is going on at the peak of 5-meo. Our regular notion of reality collapses instantly. You return to that mysterious state in which you existed before you were born. Of course not as a "you" that you know yourself to be. The tricky part is how the heck do you reconcile that after you come back. You've experienced something impossible and completely out of the realm of your ordinary existence, or even some meditative states. With that being said, the experience is the Truth. It is the most sacred thing and everybody should have it. It is God, it is Infinity, it is Void and complete unity. Don't be discouraged, it is equally beautiful as it is grand and shocking. If it gets too hairy, you can always remember that you will be back to your present existence. The understanding will remain and you will be grateful for it. Godspeed.
  7. all it does is produces more EMF that is so called "good for you" ( I would question that assumption ). It doesn't cancel existing EMF, which is actually impossible with a device like this. At least tinfoil will attenuate existing EM waves.. and really almost metal will do.
  8. The situation is only getting worse as the US ( with Trump ) advances its geopolitical game. Seems like the 'Iraq war' scenario is unfolding again, this time with Iran.
  9. Grades in and of themselves are irrelevant. It's true that once you are out in the real world they might not be as important. With that being said, if you don't have the will power and work ethic to get your grades right, you have no change in the real world anyway. Study for the sake of maturing yourself and developing the right habits. It's all about being responsible, hard-working and dedicated. Leo said many times, study for the knowledge and the practice of studying, don't study for the grades exclusively. If you can't even put the effort to get good grades, how will you overcome the challenge of working on a business to escape wage slavery?
  10. Here is a story that illustrates the mania for success, entrepreneurship, and fake change that is going on in our society. The CEO in the story is ofc massively delusional, but she is a radical example. The same principles of business, technology, and personal success operate to a lesser degree in all Orange views of the world. There is a selfish motive underneath appraisal of technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship. It becomes a game of politics and deceit. (This YT channel is nice, but also very much sold on the idea that technology will save the world)
  11. I sort of seamlessly stopped eating meat. I've always had meat as part of my meal, mostly because of our culture and habit. My parents always had some kind of meat garnish for every meal. With transitioning to a more healthy diet, the meat just went out of the picture. I've started eating smaller portions and adding more vegetables to my diet. At first, I bought frozen vegetables to mix with nuddles or rice, with a little bit of chicken. Then, I just eliminated the chicken form it, and it didn't make much of a difference. If anything, I lost a bit of weight and stopped feeling tired after every meal. I've replaced milk with almond milk, dropped cheese and bread, and stopped eating meat regularly. Instead, I have vegetables, soups, salads, and eggs or oatmeal for breakfast. The need for meat to get extra protein or calcium, or any other nutrients, is mostly a mental projection. The mind just clings to it because it's what you ate most of your life. I'm not a proponent of any vegetarian ideals, but holding meat as crucial is basically defending a habit with rationalizations layered on top. I don't think you need to follow any strict vegetarian diet or advice. You don't need to count calories or nutrients. Just slowly start buying less meat. One day you will realize that meat is not as important as the mind makes it be.
  12. @Nahm It's hard to say. I definitely don't think there is a correlation between material success (wealth, recognition) and spiritual discoveries. However, I do believe there is a correspondence between one's emotional/psychological development and spiritual wisdom. Personally, I had deep 5-meo breakthroughs early on. I have not built my life externally, nor have I fully actualized my life purpose for that matter. Yet, I've worked on different emotional problems and generally have a stable psyche. I believe that a person who doesn't work on himself might have a different interpretation/experience of the deep mystical truths. A certain sense of detachment, openmindedness and metaphysical curiosity is needed to get the deep wisdom. I see psychedelics for example, as projecting the person's inner world. If you are using them from a place of low-consciousness, that's how the experience will go. However, if you are openminded enough to even try them, you are already on the right track and will likely get a value of them. Precisely because 5-meo is so effective, most people built ego defenses and rationalizations against it. Here is a nice episode that might be relevant to the subject: @Serotoninluv I love your story. Here is my meditation closet
  13. Halifax, NS, Canada ( I didn't take those photos obv )
  14. It has its benefits and downsides. It's not for everybody. There are no benefits, no job stability, no comfort and hard to get started. On the flip side, once you are established, you can earn a lot, have a flexible schedule and be your own boss. I'm not a freelancer, but I'm educating myself and trying to break into that space. From what I've understood so far, it can be really hard to get started (Your success will follow an exponential curve with a very slow beginning phase). Most freelancers emphasize that it is basically identical to running your own business. Your product, in this case, is your own skill. First, you have to work on your business plan and foundation. Whether its web development, digital marketing, coaching or e-commerce, you have to build up the skills first. This can take a while if you are starting from ground zero. Practically speaking, you still need a 9-5 job while working on your skills/product. The second phase will be building your client base, getting your product or service out there. This will require a tone of hustling and marketing. It also takes time for the client network to grow. Probably will be a good idea to keep getting income from other sources (9-5 stable job). Finally, when you build up your skills/product, and when it is known to the world, you can transition full time into being a freelancer. At this point, you can introduce new features and refine your service to make it even better. My timeline for something like a freelance web developer will be - 1 year to build your skills, and 1 year to get known to the point of having more client than you can handle yourself. That is still a very conservative estimate, it takes into account that you hustle every evening and weekends. That's my personal opinion, I will love to hear from actual freelancers on here.