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  1. There is truth in what he's saying. The masculine core grows through challenges, life purpose, self-sacrifice, presence and centeredness. The Feminine (the world) is always testing the masculine. Anytime you lose touch with groundedness and presence, you have tapped into your feminine. These are the two polarities consciousness manifests as. Although they are imaginary, those forces are incredibly powerful. The feminine is appearance, change, and flow. The ultimate masculine gives himself up to the world, surrenders his Ego, and achieves freedom -Enlightenment. Masculine men feel most alive, and at their core, through hardship and challenges. Inspired by "The Way of the Superior Man" by David Deida.
  2. This is a move to provoke Iran into action, which in turn, will justify a more devastating military crusade by the US. Its a devilish and sneaky plan. I hope Iranians will not give in to what warmongers really want.
  3. I had a very similar experience in my first few trips. Non-stop torture, extreme body load, agonizing discomfort feeling of dying and terror. It was so bad, I wanted to craw out of my skin, but just like you've described, there was no possibility of surrender. It was un-doubtedly the worst experience of my life. Luckily some higher wisdom hinted that I should keep going, that it was a purification process. It's as if the substance is testing your determination to see if you're worthy. It's not a magic pill at all. For me, it crammed many years of discomftable spiritual grows with meditation routine in a few minutes The following trip after the nightmare I had my breakthrough, which was unbelievable.
  4. Ray Dalio is a great example of a Yellow thinker. He has a holistic approach to the economy, systems thinking, reduces complex phenomenons to principles, cherishes novel ideas, he can hold contradictory points of view and much more. He is also emphasizing meaningful relationships, conscious decisions and helping others. His favourite approach is Meritocracy, which is exactly the type of system Leo mentioned in his video - the best ideas and the most capable individuals make the decisions. Also, he has a daily habit of meditation. How's that for a hedge fund manager?
  5. I can relate. People who get triggered by Green are likely at Orange stage of development. It can be a bitter pill to swallow that Green is more evolved. It can build resentment. I don't see Green crusading against Orange as much as the other way around. Green is more up in arms about big issues like wealth ineq. global warming, various rights etc. Green doesn't single out Orange with nicknames like SJW for example.
  6. The movie - "The Island" (2005) is brilliant, it depicts Orange dystopia very well. The main theme of the movie is a great example, albeit an exaggerated one, of corporatism, technocracy and deception. Makes you value a strong government that can step in... It's a movie worth watching. 5$ on google movies or youtube. (please don't watch the original trailer as it reveals the plot)
  7. I agree its dangerous. Person taking 5-meo should acknowledge and be responsible for any consequences. I don't know why some of us require higher dosages. it could be the substance, tolerance, administration, not dissolving the substance, bowels, or a combination of the above. Still, I think if you don't change your method and increment your dose slowly, you can go as high as your body is comfortable with.
  8. @nowimhere My experience was very similar to yours. I started low and had to go up to 60mg to eventually get my breakthrough. Keep at it!
  9. Joker is a S.D. Green movie about mental health. It shows how people struggle with bad parenting, no social programs, wealth inequality etc. Phoenix himself is a very socially aware Green guy. I recommend his movie "Her".
  10. but Leo.... I like Tuna
  11. You already know the answer - Lenovo ThinkPad is the best value for your $$ on the market. Take it from the expert: (as you can see at 28:20 it can be water-cooled too )