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  1. - I wake up at 8, getting ready for work - breakfast- usually oats, eggs or yogurt fruit salad - I finish work at 5, have dinner at home - low carb, 2 meals a day - 1 hour of meditation + posture correction - 30 minutes of basic home exercises, shower - 1 hour for myself to watch a TV show or a movie - repeat
  2. If you want a robust workstation I recommend Lenovo. They make high-quality laptops that are plenty powerful and not cheap. I don't think they have touch screens, drawing pens and other small features, but I guarantee they will outlast any cheap brands like Acer and HP by a long shot. A Dell or a Mac would be my second choice, and the rest of the brands shouldn't be seriously considered at all.
  3. I had my top wisdom teeth removed recently. It was a very simple and quick procedure. Local anesthesia takes about 5 minutes, another 5-10 minutes to extract them, and in 20 minutes you're at the door. It was painless, apart from the pinch you feel from the syringe. He actually showed me the teeth he pulled out. They had back spots so it was a good call to get it done. I brush every day, but these suckers are way in the back and hard to get at. The anesthesia wears off in a couple of hours, and the bleeding will stop after 12 hours. In a few days, you will forget you did it all. The only inconvenience is sometimes I have food stuck in the hole where one of the teeth used to be.
  4. I decided to experiment with the Keto diet after following Dr. Ekberg's advice on youtube. I'm not overweight or diabetic, so I wasn't expecting any life-changing results. Nonetheless, I've decided to experiment and share my results. Measuring calories is not my thing, so my Keto wasn't as strict. but I tried to limit the carbs as much as I could, and I felt like I hit the <10% marks most of the time. My diet was pretty good to begin with - I eat lots of veggies, I don't consume wheat products and sugar in large amounts. I've mostly eaten vegan, with some exceptions. I did, however, consume lots of grains (mainly brown rice) and practically no saturated fats. The first week of Keto was challenging, my body and the gut microbiome were adjusting to a new food composition. I experienced fatigues, weakness and headaches, I felt drowsy and weak. The glycogen stores in my muscles were depleted and physical exercising became difficult. Any fast or explosive motion became a struggle. Most of that faded away in the second week, and I started noticing some pretty cool benefits: I noticed my skin and hair health have improved. My hair became elastic and silky, and my skin felt very smooth. My beard started growing at an increasing rate, also the patches and holes in my beard started to fix themself. I experienced improved mental clarity and energy. I felt like a teenager. Sleep quality improved. Mood swings and ADHD has been reduced. My state became very peaceful throughout the day. Waking up in the morning became a breeze. I usually felt very exhausted and dragged my time in the morning. Food cravings subsided and my meals felt much more satiating. I became more sensitive to sugar and my taste became more refined. I lost weight in the first two weeks, about 5-8 pounds. My takeaway is that I've underestimated the importance of fats in the diet, and misunderstood the role of carbs. Fats are building blocks for the brain and hormones, while carbs provide the fuel for short bursts of mental or physical activity. The most healthy leafy green vegetables are low carb, which makes it easy to construct awesome meals full of micro and macronutrients. I enjoy the steady and calm state of consciousness that Keto puts me in. The other benefit has been from an increase in saturated fats, which boosted up my hormones. I've been eating vegan and avoiding animal fats in fear of cholesterol, but this experience completely flipped my perspective on the matter. Lack of quality animal fats in my diet lowered my energy and overall mental/physical wellness without even noticing. I'm a proponent of plant-eating for ethical reasons, but I wish there was a way to get the same benefits.
  5. He actually made a video explaining the sugars
  6. Found a great channel for health and diet advice! Dr. Sten Ekberg This guy is great at breaking down and explaining complex health issues. If you can ignore the clickbaity titles and thumbnails, his advice is excellent and in line with what Leo has been teaching. I do feel like he overemphasizes Keto a bit too much, but I understand where he's coming from. Carbs/Sugar in the American diet has caused so much havoc that pushing the pendulum in the opposite direction is not a bad thing.
  7. I think it goes even deeper than the geopolitical actions of the parties. The whole two-party system is a way of misdirection. In its essence, it's an elaborate reality show. The purpose is to give you a small taste of being involved, without any engagement in any decision making. I see no reason why, with our modern technology, we can't create an online voting system. To ease the pressure on the people in congress and get people involved. But this would mean the average citizen actually gets a say in what's going on. and the argument that Republicans are ignorant and stupid and shouldn't vote doesn't make sense. You can't exclude a decent chunk of the country because they tingle your Green ideals. News and social media agitate their stories to send you down a rabbit hole of resentment for the other party. Meanwhile, they present you with a veneer of someone who can bring real change, and cares about your issues. It's just a pendulum swinging back and forth between the parties. Yes, one party might be slightly more conscious (0.01 vs 0.005%), but the parties are a facade to begin with. The people who genuinely have a say, by the virtue of their dollars, have always been Orange, and their policies are party agnostic. It's very easy to cater to republicans, praise America, embody traditional values, have a stroke of libertarianism, and say that the democrats are pedophiles. It's also very easy to cater to dems, basically show them republicans and shit on them (trigger their Green). None of this addresses issues like the pyramid nature of society, geopolitical wars, insane wealth inequality, absurd monetary system, fake politics etc. All those stories and media hype about Trump, Russia-gate, qanon, big tech etc. are phony. Like the current trend about how big tech is somehow against Trump. In reality, as was uncovered by the whistleblowers in "The Great Hack", Facebook in 2016 collaborated with the Republicans and contributed massively to the rise of nationalism in the UK and the US..
  8. A great documentary on Israeli prime minister Netanyahu, for anybody who wants to know the man:
  9. @HERO_ same boat here, been living completely by myself for 3 years in a new city. It tricky when u have to give a contact or need a hand moving furniture. Holidays can be a downer sometimes, but they're overhyped anyway. I was talking to the barber the other day, and she was shocked that I can't go anywhere on Christmas and have no plans for it. It's definitely a balance, and I'm not a proponent of complete Isolation. I've been on both ends of the spectrum, where I've spent years of my life socializing, and now all my time by myself. I think something is lost when you're in a group of people. You're in a different mind set, you start to think more collectively and focus on externalities, rather than perceiving clearer, deeper and more being introspective. Shared activities are nice, but often I don't find them to be very conscious. A group's state of consciousness will gravitate towards the average, which is not ideal sometimes. I also write this as an extrovert, my natural state is being very communicative and social.
  10. keep it in the fridge. it'll keep the ants away and when more solid it's easier to scoop.