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  1. Great documentary about our Neo-Liberalist society.
  2. I don't agree with what was said above. When markets are down the Fed stimulate the economy by lowering interest rates. They will give you an easy loan because that will result in more spending, growth, jobs etc. Getting a loan for a business is not a bad idea, but I don't think it's wise to speculate on the market. There have been tons of research and is a well-known fact that you can't predict the market or a stock. One research showed that even portfolio managers in big mutual funds failed to get market returns, and those guys do this for a living. I think you still can become wealthy from investing, just have to do it patiently. Invest in diversified assets, don't expect above-market returns and grow your portfolio diligently every month. With 10% returns, and 400$ a month contribution, you can have close to 200k in 15 yrs. In the meantime, you can work on your LP and provide value.
  3. @Aeris Easy to say those things and not care about money while you're young, and not making any. But when you're about to retire without a dime in your pocket, things will look very different. Also, without your needs met, you can't actualize properly. I think buddy Maslow pointed that out.
  4. But would you want a girl to sleep with you just because she's grateful? That sound like she's returning you a favour.. Better if she's attracted to the personality traits you developed while living your LP.
  5. I feel like emphasis on the communal aspect of Green is a generalization. I think you can certainly embody Green without necessarily being in a community. There are many aspects, like caring for nature/people/animals, enjoying art, liberal views, interest spirituality, broad circle of concern etc., that don't specifically require a commune. Also, whether you are a communal person will depend on your personality type. Personality types explain a lot, and go much deeper than extrovert or introvert. MBTI is a good start, but a more serious typology system is Socionics. Two types at the same S.D. stage can look very differently.
  6. He is good, but I prefer Marko from WhiteBoard Finance. In my mind, the steps for becoming more wealthy are as follows: Getting rid of all dept - starting from the high intrest ones. Making a monthly budget sheet to track your expenses. (Important for understanding where your money goes) Cut out unnecessary spending that doesn't provide results. Start saving by having an emergency fund of 2-3 months of living expenses. Learn about investment mechanisms, retirement accounts, assets, the economy etc. Put money aside every month as soon as your paycheck comes in and invest it wisely for the long term. It might sound like common sense, but I know a lot of people who don't follow these steps..
  7. A very insightful interview with Snowden. This guy is a great intellectual and a wonderful speaker, not to mention a true hero. He sheds some light on many relevant topics.
  8. Recently finished rewatching "The Big Short" (2015), and thought I'd recommend this to everybody. This is a brilliant movie! It explains a very important event in a cinematic way with some great acting. Most people are of course familiar with the world market collapse, but not many can point out the reason. This is not just a fun popcorn flick, although it is entertaining, it's actually really educational. The movie has a lot of financial jargon, I had to google some of the terminologies. Here is a short 3-part series on what MBS are:
  9. I feel like this movie fits right into this thread - "Nightcrawler" (2014) with Jake Gyllenhaal. The character in the movie is ofc an exaggerated example, otherwise, it won't be as cinematic. Nevertheless, the core of this movie is pure Orange.
  10. Just finished watching this documentary, very eye-opening IMO. It's about the role of online platforms and social manipulation done in the politics of today. Share your thoughts if you've watched it. To me, this film certainly explains a lot. The sudden rise of patriotism and nationalism among teens in Ukraine, which sparked a violent revolution. The corrupt rIght wing leader in Brazil. How a not very popular guy becomes president of the United States. Why there is so much polarization in social media, and more. I distinctly remember in 2016 being bombarded by ads and commercials about how fraudulent and dishonest Hilary is, just to promote Trump. It's a sneaky way to nudge you in the direction they want you to go, without doing it openly. They make you feel that you've derived something for yourself, when if fact, they found out your weaknesses and made you follow the social trend. A good example they gave was the election in Trinidad. Maybe we no longer have meddling just in foreign elections. it's just a thought... Short summary: A company called Cambridge Analytica (CA) uses our private data to construct targeted propaganda for promoting their client's agenda. CA referred to itself as a "behaviour change company", and had worked for / is potentially funded by the CIA. They have access to personal data from all the major platform, the data included browsing history, comments, posts, photos, even personal DMs. These are the people who architected Brexit and many other political uprisals around the world. In 2016 they received a contract to support Trump's campaign for the presidency. Being a software company, CA employes data scientists who mine big data and create custom user profiles, which they further use to manipulate and sway your opinion. At the beginning of the campaign, CA had over 5000 data points from 30 million American voters, which is a gross violation of any privacy rights. They did not target every voter equally, their primary targets are what they call "Persuadables". These were the voters that their algorithm identified as being potentially deceived into voting for their client. In other words, thanks to the analysis of all the private data, they knew exactly what buttons to push. As shown in the documentary, their tools of propaganda were extremely successful. Ted Cruz went from being nobody to becoming the second Republican candidate. And of course, Trump won the election. In the end, thanks to brave whistleblowers, this stuff came to light, which caused that famous investigation into Facebook, and CA went under the bus. But this company was only a facade in the first place. I don't think this trickery will stop, and that might have issues here with the democratic process, privacy, deceit and manipulation.
  11. I think you usually pay more attention to the most significant digit. 29.99 is associated subconsciously with 20s, when in reality you pay 30. sneaky.. sneaky...
  12. I did over 40mg+, althought I dont know the purity of my substance. I was laying down with my body loose and my eyes closed during the peak. I don't think I'd be able to sit still and remain stoic. I was hit with such a radical expansion of consciousness, that it pretty much knocked me out of this world. The reality broke down to its core of pure consciousness. I had no visual field, thoughts, sounds, or anything. It's impossible to imagine or describe. I think its not about the dose. There is no race for who can do more 5meo. Take as much as you need to learn what it has to offer. If it happens the be smaller quantities, even better.
  13. As someone who was raised and lived most of my life in Israel, I cannot AGREE more. Israelis constructed a huge wall between themselves and other nations (even literally). It's frightening to see that some don't even consider Palestinians as people anymore. The attachment to Israeli identity is huge. The funny thing is, a lot of Israelis have roots in the neighbouring counties - Iran, Iraq, Syria etc. What separates them from others is just the mentally constructed identity. Things are getting better though. People are opening to Green and starting to give up old values.
  14. I work as an electronics technologist for a company that works in the radio frequency field. For studies, I did two two-year programs in electronics engineering. We are a small company, so I get to do more interesting and diverse work of design and testing of various circuits. One interesting project we have is a prototype power generator for an electric space propulsion engine. It is used for satellites and potentially may be used for missions to Mars.