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  1. I agree with what was said previously. At the current stage, AI is simply a tool. It is a clever way of approaching problem-solving. AI as we know today needs a problem with a clear set of well-defined rules (like a game). On the contrary to human intelligence, which can deal with more than simple black and white approach. The models that are used right now are very rudimentary. It is true that you don't particularly define every node in the AI, in other words, you don't program how it should behave. In that sense, it is a revolution. However, to achieve any kind of results with Machine Learning, you need a structured linear task and an obscene amount of trial-error iterations. You constantly need to apply error correction in a feedback loop. That is not to say that I don't believe in the evolution of consciousness in form of a "machine". Fundamentally, everything is already consciousness, so I don't see why expression of sentience should be limited to the human form. For AI to evolve further it will have to be an incredibly complex and chaotic structure. Each node will have to interconnect with another in a very complicated manner. To challenge human intelligence, AI will have to be at least as complex as the human brain. Considering that we know so little about the human brain, a truly powerful AI is hundreds if not thousands of years away. I don't believe that a couple of computer scientist will create a structure as complex as the human brain in our lifetime. If a system reaches a certain level of sophistication and freedom, it can give rise to an even higher order of complexity. Examples are everywhere: A simple skeleton and cells in our body produce a living organism; A simple low-voltage signals on copper traces produce powerful computational tools; A gathering of individuals can build an empire. Take for example the game Minecraft. It is an extremely simple video game, but it has a lot of freedom in it. This freedom keeps people entertained and allows for creations of complicated structures within the game. Someone built a replica of the Roman Colosseum in Minecraft. The programmers of Minecraft certainly did not have to code in every possible structure. They simply laid out the ground rules of the game, and let the complexity to emerge.
  2. @kieranperez I feel you man.. This is really awful. If I was in your situation I would try the following: Distance myself from all the negativity. Leaving my parent's house and minimizing my contact with family and friends all together. Find a stable job where I can quietly work long term. Doesn't matter how much it pays or if it's not very meaningful work. As long as I can do it while working on myself on my own time. Commit to save a certain amount every month. This money can go towards the dept. Working on myself and specifically focusing on Meditation. No contemplation or other fancy techniques, just sitting and doing nothing. Not forcing myself to sit the longest, but simply committing to it every day (15min - 45min). After a while, the Monkey mind will calm down significantly. I know it doesn't feel like it right now, but all the negativity will pass with time. It always does, no matter how deep the depression is or what the circumstances are. You just have to do whatever you are doing and let and the time do its job. You will either outgrow the situation or your attitude towards it will change altogether. Looking back, you will always say that this was the time you grew the most.
  3. @Antonius I have some suggestions for getting more accurate measurements: Get a 0.001g (1mg) resolution scale, you can find on Amazon for about 30$. Choose a leveled steady surface and calibrate the scale. Don't move the scale after calibration. Measure the whole 5-MeO bag before putting your dose onto the plastic container. Record an average of 5 readings. Measure the plastic container without the substance in it. Record an average of 5 readings. Use the button on the scale (TARE) to subtract the weight of the plastic container. Put your desired dose onto the plastic container that's on the scale and measure. Remove the plastic container and click the TARE button again to bring the scale to 0.000. Measure again the plastic container, now with the substance in it. Record an average of 5 readings. Measure again the whole 5-MeO bag, now without the dose you removed. Record the average. Finally, subtract the recorded full 5-MeO bag before and after. Then, subtract the plastic plate after and before. Then take the average of 2 numbers. This will be very close to the actual dose you are taking. Example: Full 5-MeO bag with the dose: 0.234g Full 5-MeO bag without the dose: 0.201g Difference = 0.234 - 0.201 = 33mg Container before dose = 1.902g Container after dose = 1.937g Difference = 1.937g - 1.902g = 35mg Final dose = (33 + 35) / 2 = 34mg
  4. @Sidi I think you definitely have to take the responsibility, and especially as a project leader. Although you can interpret it both ways: From one hand it's your fault for not checking up his documentation regularly and not setting up milestones. From his side, he should be on top of all technical and non-technical project documentation. However, you cannot do his job for him. So the situation at hand is that yes he is behind, but blaming is not going to be productive. You have to face the problem that is at hand right now. Maybe get together as a team and go through his code to help him document it?
  5. @Lauritz Bewer Yea, I find that it's always a mix of two. First, you have peak experiences and states. For example during deep meditation, contemplation into reality, and especially psychedelic trips. Afterward, you gain valuable pseudo-intellectual insights into your own nature and reality. They recontextualize your previous existence. It goes back and forth between the two, but both are a part of this journey.
  6. You mean like changing my life purpose? I'm still doing what I was doing before for work and mastery, which is electronics and programming. Spirituality although extremely important, is not my outside purpose. I don't want to be a spiritual teacher for a living. But everything I did after having those insights became very deep. I feel less attached to my own mind and able to see things with lesser Ego fog. I feel like those trips propelled me into SD stage Yellow. Because I'm less attached to any particular perspective (including my own), I am able to see everything more clearly. That includes my work, my relationships, my psychology, and spirituality. I'm able to think deeper and be more receptive to wisdom. Because I care less for my own ego and don't cling, insights just blossom everywhere. I think 5-meo can help you figure what you want to do in life. Having gone through some of the experiences, you are able to see things clearer. If it is your life purpose, you might find something that is really true for you, and not what the ego is projecting.
  7. I don't know about regular DMT. I only tried a tiny bit (1 gram) of mushroom, and that's all my experience with other psychedelics. As far as 5-MeO goes. I really don't know what this substance is or how it works fundamentally. It does miracles that's for sure, but what it is existentially I can't answer. My best "scientific" speculation would be that it is a neurotransmitter that is activated during peak experiences, such as childbirth or death, to help the body/mind cope with the process. It disables the part of your brain that is responsible for your sense of self. You experience Ego death, which is real death because the Ego is who you are. When the Ego is dead, you melt into nothingness, which cannot be described or spoken about.
  8. I'll post my doses but I don't recommend you use them as a reference. It really depends on how pure your substance is, and your body tolerance. My preferred RoA is plugging, My first 3 trips were mild (small dose), and the doses were under 30mg. I posted a trip report "Trip Insights with 5-MeO". My medium dose with a heavy body load happened at 42mg plugged. My breakthrough dose was 56mg plugged. After my breakthrough, I did 3 trips at 44mg, 67mg, 68mg. (though some substance stays in the syringe sometimes.) But again, you have to figure out what works for your body. Actually, you will get more benefit from starting small and going up. Threat it as a prescribed medicine that your doctor gave you. Be careful with it and take it regularly. Don't dive in head-on and then never come back to it. The doses ultimately are not important. Each trip builds on your previous experience and state of openness.
  9. It definitely did. I even feel like I've cheated since I'm not a huge spiritual seeker and haven't devoted decades of my life. And yet, I got more than I could have ever imagined possible. Actually, 5-meo is the only thing that helped me recontextualize reality and my own existence. None of my silly meditations and contemplations came even close. One of the first thing that happens after you take it, is that you realize how shallow all talk about spirituality is. Even Leo's advice, which I regard to be of highest value, really falls short from how deep this rabbit hole is. Talking about mysticism can help you as much as a picture of a fountain to a thirsty person. First two weeks after my breakthrough, the recontextualization was more on a physical - body level. Basically what I described earlier in this post. I had strange sensations and unfamiliar feelings. It was unknown because I've never experienced them before or knew that they were even possible. Still, they were all aligned with what teachers like Adyashanty, Eckhart Tolle, and others described in their day to day life. It was like the peace that passes all understanding. Now It's a bit different. I still have deep experiences occasionally, though the intensity came down quite a bit. For me, the path now is to comprehend the experiences and embody them to the best of my ability. It's all about intellectual and existential understanding of who I am. I'm struggling a lot, but more and more the idea of not being separate from reality is creeping on me. I still trip on an almost weekly basis, but each trip is different. I went beyond my breakthrough dose, but never had the same type of experience. My trips are still extremely profound and cannot be put into words. They help me cope with my non-existence and to get ever deeper insights. And it's easier to surrender when you've already died once.
  10. At some point in your psychedelic endeavors, you will face the Ultimate fear. It will feel just as real, as putting your head through the Hangman's knot and stepping off the chair. You will have to surrender your life. However, I am sorry it has to be this way. If you are attached to illusions (as we all are), you will inevitably resist when they fall apart. The real transformation always happens when you take the toughest road. Spirituality is just as beautiful and peaceful, as it is full of fears and confusions. People just like to emphasize the first half.
  11. I have a couple of suggestions: To calm down for first trips, I recommend just searching youtube for relaxation/meditation music mixes. "Carbon-based lifeforms" has good mixes. "Man Of No Ego" with tapes of Osho and Watts in the mix. Middle Eastern melody. Space ambient Chillstep mix
  12. @Sven I agree. My grandmother has a mild version of schizophrenia and paranoia. My feeling is definitely different, I was exaggerating when I wrote that I feel like a crazy person (I take it back). I don't get caught in an endless loop of thoughts. I don't have a strong "Narrator" in my head that is feeding an outlook on life. I just sometimes feel strong waves of emotions coming and subsisting very fast. Occasionally it results in a loud laugh or deep breaths and shivering. Mostly on my own time, when nobody is watching. That Ox is a hell of a beast.
  13. Yes, that is how I feel sometimes. Nothing really changes but the perspective. Yet that change is extremely significant. Like realizing you are adopted, that your life was a lie, that you don't really know who you are, that you are in a dream. It feels just as significant as witnessing a supernatural phenomenon in real life. Like seeing a superman flying by in real life. Sometimes I laugh and talk to myself like a crazy person. When I start to inquire deep into my own self, my body starts to tremble. My mind immediately goes - "Wow.. what are you doing? this is way too deep... this is impossible... You are not supposed to know this... Everything is ok, let's go do something else". I have mixed feeling about those insights. A dissociative state of awe and shock is probably close to defining it. I can't really describe it in positive or negative terms.
  14. (sharing my internal dialog) Is reality not one single process? How could this be? It seems like there are 10,000 things out there, existing on their own. Yet, where did they come from? What is underneath all that? What if you accept that you are not special. What if the most precious things in life, like your intelligence, your personality, your memories were not attributed to you. Think about the deepest precious moments in your life. The most intimate connection you have with your own self. What if that is actually not personal. What if the thoughts you are having, and your very own self, is simply a manifestation of infinite collective intelligence. What if your life was just displaying itself in front of you, without you being in control of anything? What if how you feel is exactly how the universe feels? What if God is looking through your eyes and being you right now. Not God as a separate entity, but God that is you. Yes you, with all your trivial baggage. What if the little personal entity that you know as yourself, is exactly what God wants feels? Those thoughts send shivers down my spine. It is too much to bear... It means that I was never responsible for anything. All actions, no matter how silly, are actually divine in nature. What if being an ego is itself part of reality. What if feeling what I'm feeling, thinking what I'm thinking, perceiving the way I perceive, is EXACTLY how the Universe perceives itself. Who am I really then? First I have to fully accept myself, don't cling, look at things objectively and be brave enough. Then, I can give myself away and discover my oneness with the totality of things. Everything is happing as one inseparable process. No separate entities exist in this giant unfolding. Things come and go and they are inevitable. Precisely because nothing is separate, everything happens as it should, and could not happen otherwise. You are NOT special or separate. Why you are holding on to this personality and afraid to look deep enough? What you might find is scary and beautiful, it is crystal clear and confusing. it is absolutely impossible in my common knowledge. I'm not responsible for my own existence, my choices, situations, and other people. I am at the mercy of infinite variables at any giving moment. It seems like I'm definitely here and aware (well, maybe apart of deep sleep). At the same time, I am just a happening, like clouds on a rainy day. So far, I can only say I'm the awareness of everything witnessing this life process. This awareness is definitely not separate from it, nor is it in control of anything. It allows all things to be just as they are. What a weird thing... You think you are smart, special, have a great personality? You hold on to what you did in the past, as tho it defines you? Well, then that's what you get, you have are an intelligent individual. But you have to drop this nonsense, you are literally trading INFINITY for it... And the punch line is, those qualities were never attributed to you in the first place... hahaha