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  1. keep it in the fridge. it'll keep the ants away and when more solid it's easier to scoop.
  2. If you're planning on ingesting, ie (4-AcO), you can try the following: Measure out 50mg accurate, then pre-mix it with 500ml of water. This way your 50ml doses will have 5mg substance. (should work for plugging too, but you'd have to use lower volume).
  3. It's difficult to describe one function by itself. Usually, there is a pair of dominant functions that work hand in hand to create a type. Both are intuitive functions. Ne is all about possibilities and potential. When Ne looks at something, it immediately sees all the possible scope for what this thing could have been, and what it is currently not. It's all about diversity, novelty and variety. Actualized is a good example of Ne. It incorporated lots of novelty and coverts many topics. Ne users see hidden meanings and make seemingly unusual interconnections, which makes them naturally metaphysical. Ni is introverted intuition, it's all about time, specifically past and future. it sees everything as a process unfolding in time. Ni users are excellent at learning from past mistakes and predicting the future. Ni types are very intuitive, they like to daydream, and can appear distant at times. They usually know the exact right time to do something - minimum action maximum impact. Ni users have an excellent imagination, they can maneuver any situation with minimal input data. They have amazing deductions skills. Both functions are concerned with time. Ni stretches the timeline in both directions. Ne stretches the present moment frame and fills it with possibilities and potential.
  4. This is a fantasy many young guys have. The reality is, that getting sex consistently without a relationship is very difficult. To have it as often as you would with a gf requires you to be in the 1% of guys who have crazy game and a massive social circle. At that point, it becomes a full-time job of keeping your social image and chasing girls. It seems like you have opportunities while you're in a relationship, but it all flips around. However, if you're looking for growth, it's a good way to push yourself. Just realize that you'll feel like a starving wolf most days.
  5. @Leo Gura please consider personality type when choosing a partner, otherwise its going to be short-lived. This should be one of the most important criteria. Your matching type is ESFJ in Socionics and MBTI. You might get along with other types, but it will never be optimal. As an INTJ your brain is wired a certain way, and your match has a complimentary cognitive structure. You can become really good at it and figure out the type with minimum interraction.
  6. I love Chomsky, he sees right through the naive Orange fantasies. In this interview, he completely destroys the tech bro myth of neural link and artificial intelligence. In all honesty, Neural Networks are only a small step from brute-forcing a problem, to call it intelligence is to bastardize the word. Science and Tech are truly at the beginning of the Dunning–Kruger curve - no understanding of systems, language, learning, wisdom, intuition etc. It's quick to equate intelligence with a clever engineering trick.
  7. Go for it. DPT is my absolute favourite after 5-MeO. If you're careful and start low, it shouldn't freak you out. Both are very similar in my experience. I get a pleasant elevation in consciousness and peaceful trips from both. They have a comparable body load with nausea and trembling, although with DPT it's stronger. DPT gives me sort of a "drunk" state, whereas 5-MeO is a clean blast to infinity. Longer DPT trips might get you more acclimated to the new elevated state of consciousness. Ultimately though, nothing will prepare you for a 5-MeO breakthrough.
  8. If stage Orange is different and more evolved than Blue, why do so many people cling to Science and take it as a dogma? I see this all the time. Science has LITERALLY become a new religion. The mainstream culture is built around it. The materialistic narrative for who we are, and what is existence, is soooo prevalent. Just looking at the people around me, they all regurgitate random scientific facts. Everyone watches quick 1-minute science videos. Everyone wants to be in STEM field because science is where the money's at. People look to science to explain meaning, existence and consciousness. Nobody actually does real science, but everyone loves to talk about it. Science became the ultimate unquestionable authority for the majority of people. Instead of doing empirical work, the majority rather take the word of a guy who has a Ph.D. Is this the same bias that a stage Blue mind has? or is this tendency not related to spiral dynamics? how can you unplug your mind from the constant bombardment of scientific narrative?
  9. Synthwave list