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  1. Look man, there a lot of different people on this forum making posts left and right. But, so as with everything in life, you can choose what to focus on. You can either: Make a topic about how much of a Yellow sage you are, and rant about how other people are in the dark. OR You can be humble and ignore the BS around you. Finding the topics where real insights reside. Commenting on only things you have experienced directly. Not using this forum to show-off your Ego. By doing the latter you will become the solution to the problem you pointed out.
  2. It's great that it will be legal tomorrow! Criminalizing and waging war on drugs, or on anything, is never an answer. This is a big step for Canada towards SD stage Green. Acceptance of natural substances and giving people a choice is excellent. As for Cannabis itself, I think Cannabis can be used and misused at the same time. From what I see, the majority of pot smoker actually doing the latter. In my opinion, proper use is: Using it not very often - once a month maybe. Doing it when you are mature enough Using it by yourself - no parties or chilling with a friend. No distractions - no TV, youtube videos, music, video games etc. Contemplation - trying to get new insights from each trip. In general, using it as psychedelic to get profound experiences. In-proper use: Being psychologically dependent on it - doing it often. Doing it to escape social pressure and anxiety - you need to deal with them. Doing it to chill and relax - not the best way to do it. Doing it to sedate yourself and escape reality - terrible idea. I think many weed users can relate to what this guy is sharing:
  3. @outlandish I agree that the government is corrupt and closes the eye on this issue. It is very hard to change the government since it is lobbied by the big corporations, and most of us don't have any political influence. Instead, I would suggest each of us take responsibility and acknowledge our own actions. If your living in the first world country there are conscious choices you can make toward greener future. For example, buy a Telsa model 3, or some Hybrid vehicle, instead of a truck with a 5.7liter engine. When you mortgage a 300 thousand dollar house, invest a couple thousand in a solar panel array. The panels will pay for themselves in a couple of years and you will make a profit. I am young and not financially stable enough yet to follow up on some actions. I will do my best in the future. I think when we start to invest in green energy products, an industry shift will follow. As long as there is demand for fossil fuels, there will be supply.
  4. I worked in Sustainable Energy Research for one year, we were helping green energy industries with product development (I got solar panels in my profile pic ). There is a lot of talk about change, and some things do happen, but it is not fast enough, and only a small group of people actually working towards it. Fundamentally most people (me included) don't care about anything other than themselves (they are low on Maslow's hierarchy of needs). People who deny our treatment of the environment are just rationalizing to themselves. They know they are wrong, but admitting that will involve a lot of maturity and work. I'm a hypocrite in that I do drive a gasoline vehicle and pay for "dirty" electricity (from coal sources). But I am committed to change that in the future.
  5. I'll try to give an example of how problem-solving might be approached: Question: 2 + 3 = ? Number-crunching - Brute Force method: Answer: 1? no, 2? no ... 5? correct. Basically trying all possible combinations until one fits. AI - Neural Network: Answer: 5 with 98% confidence First, the network must have the patterns '2' and '3' recognized in its memory structure - Neuron nodes. This is done by feeding the nodes with thousands of number-answer combinations (The breakthrough with AI is that you don't hard-code those patterns, rather they emerge by themselves from trial and error). Then the model is able to make an estimate based on previous runs where 2 and 3 were added. Human brain: "What is a number? - it's a representation of quantity" "Okay, let's imagine 2 apples and 3 apples". "How many we have in total? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5" "The answer is 5" I'm trying to show with this simplistic example that AI only learns from trial and error iterations, in a sense, it's not too far from brute force tactic. AI can be seen as a solution to a specific problem, whereas the human brain is a generic problem-solving machine. AI looks to the past for solutions, a human brain has imagination and can intuit an answer.
  6. My field is somewhat close to Computer Science (Electronic Engineering), I know a little bit of the inner working of Neural Networks. It is a very clever mathematical algorithm and certainly a breakthrough when compared to old-school number-crunching problem-solving approach. However, Neural Network structure is only a very limited imitation of a brain. It is far far far away from the capacity of the biological brain. AI is not capable of Intuition, which is the basic component of true Intelligence. AI is able to make smart decisions, but what people overlook is that the model requires many hours of training before doing so. It is not able to learn based on Intuitive insights like humans. For AI to be dangerous it needs to develop an Ego, To build such a complicated structure as Ego, it has to be at least as creative, intuitive and intelligent as you are. Single AI has to learn life and surpass you in all the tasks you perform, not just one like modeling data, playing Chess or Go. It is SD stage Orange Futurist's wet dream of living in a world full of conscious machines, and maybe one day we will. IMO though we are centuries away.
  7. Hey, I would say you need to start over. Moving to India might be too extreme to follow up. Instead, I would suggest you move out of your parent's place to a new city. Find a good developer job in a new place altogether. Here is the rationale behind it: You will move on from the breakup faster with a change in environment. You will mature by living on your own (you will have to sooner or later). Excellent opportunity for self-development - you will be lonely, but that's an excellent opportunity to go deeper into yourself and contemplate. This can be a beginning of your "hero's journey". It will be hard, but looking back, this will be the greatest decision you ever made. I experienced something similar. I immigrated to a new country leaving my job, my car, my friends, and my girlfriend. It was the hardest decision of my life. I spend months in serious depression. When those feeling passed, I started doing self-development, My life has improved dramatically. I don't know who I would be if I stayed.
  8. Well, if you are doing NoFap and only have sex once in blue moon, no wonder you can't last. I would say let yourself loose sometimes, sounds like you have a lot of tension that needs to be released fast. You only need NoFap if faping is an addiction of yours. Otherwise, ejaculating is quite natural, your body will even ejaculate during sleep if you don't do it yourself. Don't be hung up on lasting longer, the average sex duration for people is only 4 minutes! It may seem cool to last longer, but actually 30 min sex in not natural and very exhausting (I bet our ancestors had sex for less than a minute). Most girls will find it hard to stay aroused and wet for more than 10 minutes into actual penetration.
  9. I completely agree with you about raising the awareness of both sides! I was raised in Israel and was aware of the violence from both sides. I can't speak from Palestinian perspective, but most Israelis have very strong negative feeling towards Palestinians. From a young age the media, social environment and military service indoctrinates you to see the situation one sided. Most Israelis don't want to consider Palestinian opinions and are very dogmatic in their views. They ignore most obvious facts about their treatment of the Palestinians. It is fueled by fear and self survival. I am the only one of my Israeli friends who is actually open-minded about the situation. The only solution I see, is progressing up the Spiral Dynamics stages, into Green. It will take time. As of right now, I would say Israel is 60% Blue 35% Orange and 5% Green. There are protests happening in Tel-Aviv from the Green section of the population. Things slowly starting to change.
  10. @Shadowraix That is fundamentally true - "no man steps in the same river twice". However, some things are given at birth - eye color, height predisposition, skin color, brain structure and DNA. Since brains evolve in a certain way based on DNA, no reason to think there won't be common patterns throughout ones life. You would really have to go out of your way to actually "rewire" your brain, most people won't.
  11. I think Typology systems can be quite useful. I would recommend going deeper into it. Read about Socionics, which is another spin off from Jung's work on personality archetypes. The reason you change types, is because you are not familiar with it enough. You need to explore all the types, find examples of each and compare. Type is something you are born with, it is unchanged. MBTI or Socionics won't tell your level of Intelligence, conciousness, Will power and so forth. But its still useful in describing your general tendensies. I think the BIGGEST use of the model, is in describing relationships between types. This can save you from bad divorces down the road. Its is very accurate in describing who you will tolerate and who you won't.
  12. Almost 25. Started following at 21. A lot of Leo's content went over my head (some still does), but over time, with meditation, you come to the same conclusions. Next threat, occupation of followers besides Actualizing
  13. In my opinion, It might seem like certain conditions has to be met for life to emerge on a planet. But that's only from human's perspective. Because we haven't encountered radical life forms yet. Why cant life develop in -100 Fahrenheit? because it's not a comfortable temperature for any living organism known so far? Even if there were Earth-like conditions on an alien planet. Evolution could have taken aliens on a million different paths of development. Evolution is shaped by luck, unpredictable events (ice ages, meteors etc.), geography and more. They might have completely different biology which means different language and understanding of reality. I think Mathematics is very much dependent on the mind, and it is a modern invention. There are Native tribes that have a very different language structure and cognitive understanding of reality, not like any modern languages. Yet, they can do basic addition and subtraction without any concept of numbers. Interesting perspective about alien perception is depicted in the movie "Arrival" (2016). The aliens there don't even have the concept of Time, let alone mathematics. Here is an example of human silliness. Today, we all image aliens on a sort of flying discs. But before the first human flight was possible (around 1900), when people had no concept of airplanes, everybody imagined aliens using boats for transportation. People thought aliens would come on a vessel from the ocean. This goes to show that we project a lot of our own reality when we conceptualize about aliien species. But I think we can never know for sure.
  14. I agree that our society totally mistreats nature. However, consider this before getting rid of humans: Human consciousness is a higher order phenomenon in the universe. Evolution and emergent complexity happens in nature for a reason. Each higher stage system brings new experiences into reality. Without human there wont be the experience of human love, thought, contemplation, human intelligence, human perception, engineering, research, friendship, belief, leadership, family and so on.. The Universe wants to experience the full blast of everything possible (including the "bad" stuff). I don't think we can just take away some aspect of it.