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  1. It does. Once you have an awakening, it recontextualizes your perspective on life. I like Leo's old analogy of Santa Clause. Imagine receiving present throughout your childhood, fully believing in Santa Clause. You truly imagine that a bearded man is coming down your chimney every Christmas, and every kid around is reinforcing this belief. One day you wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, and you see your parents stashing presents underneath the tree. What changes? The presents are still there, and they've always been there. You can't talk about this to other kids because they won't believe you. It doesn't affect your life externally. The only difference is that now Christmass has been recontextualized, and now you know the truth. The knowing, in this case, has no "personal" benefits, and that is consistent with Enlightenment. People who never had an awakening see reality as solely material. Simply because they never experienced anything outside of that. Reality is not material, it is truth, identical to self, identical to consciousness. This has to be realized in the moment. Same as with any deep wisdom, you can hear and study it, but won't get it until you do. A 5-MeO breakthrough will help you get it.
  2. I had the same experiences after my death and breakthrough on 5-MeO. It will pass after a week or two.. unfortunately.
  3. Yellow dudes will be coaches and teachers, older guys could end up in some high positions in academia. You can also find them in Green circles. Being post-Green, they will embody a lot of green ideals. They're holistic people, knowing a lot about everything. They won't be a stereotypical Orange dating coach who only knows pickup. You tell apart orange from yellow by asking whether the person is genuinely interested in something or only using it for personal benefit. Most importantly they will have a ton of life experience. Yellow people will be unconventional, likely lived in different countries, have an open mind and a long journey of life-improvement behind them. It's extremely hard to develop yourself to that stage when your parents and culture constantly pulls you down. Yellow requires some kind an inner push, a unique ambition, curiosity and discipline. Yellow mega-thread has some good examples.
  4. do you eat in the 4 hours before bedtime?
  5. Are we talking attraction or finding the right partner? those are separate things in my mind. The attraction part is that list Leo posted. It's about becoming a better value man or woman. As far as living with a long term partner, the compatibility of your personalities is much more important. Typology theories, like Socionics, do a great job of describing this. You can have a confident player guy, who doesn't match your personality type at all, and vice versa. People get attracted based on looks and masculine/feminine dynamic, but they completely disregard psychology. That leads to bad or just mediocre relationships. The perfect type will be your compliment. He or she will be the opposite of you in many ways. He's strengths will complement your weaknesses and vice versa. So if you are naturally an outgoing player type, the right person will be more reserved and introverted. It goes much deeper than that of course, I highly recommend reading more about this stuff.
  6. coffee is definitely addictive. I've been on an off coffee all the time. I'm managing my coffee intake much better these days, but it isn't easy. Coffe fills your brain with rapid beta waves. It increases your pace, makes you chaotic and hyper. It's not a high conscious drug in an of itself and has some negative side effects. When you take it too much, it builds tolerance and you don't notice any effects, and when you try to stop, it gives you headaches and lethargy. With that being said, coffee can be used for its benefits. To use it properly, do the opposite of the mainstream. Don't drink a cut of coffee every morning and 3 more cups throughout your day. Have a cup every 2-3 days only when you need that energy boost. At those intervals, a single cup of coffee, before an exercise or a demanding project, will have x5 the effect of daily users, without side-effects and addiction potential. requires discipline tho.
  7. I struggled with social anxiety a lot. I grew up as a minority in a foreign country, never felt connected to people or society. Surprisingly, what worked best for me was psychedelics. On my trips, I realized that my identity is entirely self-constructed. Ultimately the reality itself is imaginary, but that's a deeper point. As far as self-image goes, I was shown that it is completely malleable. This stream of consciousness we experience right now, the colours, sounds, etc, can be steered in any direction! You create this reality quite literally. The way it works is first a thought or a scenario arises in your awareness. Then after a while, often when you forget about it, it manifests externally. This has been happening over and over and over in my life. Nothing about our identity is concrete. All the negative beliefs and notions can disappear at a drop of a dime. I now understand how psychedelics are used to cure addictions. People even drop a hard-core habit, like heroin, let alone cure social anxiety. The way psychedelics work is they increase your level of awareness beyond the level at which your problem was created. Thus, you can see it for what it is! Once the issue becomes transparent, it doesn't have a hold over you. It becomes an effortless conscious decision of whether you want to continues to be a certain way or change. Amazingly, you can take your life in any direction, consciousness can be re-structured in any way you want. Just be certain about that you want, so much that it has to feel as though it already happened. Also, the thing you want has to be accompanied by a warm and loving feeling. That's it, the details will take care of themselves.
  8. Originally I wanted to experiment with mushroom, but then stumbled on a substance that is synthesized in a lab and is supposedly identical to Psilocybin, aka "synthetic mushrooms". Getting 4-AcO as a research chemical instead of shrums seemed a much cleaner and cost-effective option in my mind. In retrospect, maybe I should have gone with regular shrums first. 4-AcO was... to put it mildly, a very intense mind-fuck. I did two trips, at 16mg plugged and 25mg orally. The cool thing is that just like shrums, you can eat or drink it. My ass can finally get a break I also found no difference in the experience between the two methods. Right of the bat, this substance was very different than other psychedelics I've tried (DPT and 5-MeO). It cranks up a completely different knob in consciousness! I found it to be quite the opposite of DPT. My trips were 7-8 hours long, with the peak being 5 hours and 3-4 hours of afterglow, which was also pretty intense. The whole thing was mind-twisting. On 5-MeO or DPT, I can easily surrender and melt into the void of blissfulness, but this was a completely different animal. The trips were extremely cerebral. I felt intense pressure in my brain at the come-up, as though my head was squeezed in a vice. My level of concentration was enormous, akin to 10 pills of modafinil. I had a dramatic increase in awareness. It was so distant from my baseline, that I immediately started laughing recalling myself just 30 minutes ago. The trips were super mind centred, full of thought loops, memory tracers and mind fuckery. Quite a contrast from DPT, which was primarily in the body. 4-AcO wasn't gentle at all! It started messing around in my head, in all kinds of places. It brought up all the areas of myself that I need to work on. I lost myself in thought circles, and reality completely disappeared. I literally become a thought for a whole hour, and only 5 minutes have passed in clock time. To me, the substance felt full of Masculine energy. DPT has more of a feminine body-vibe, whereas 4-AcO is full of extreme masculine mind energy. I walked around the room like I'm some kind of shrum god. My eyes were open as wide as humanly possible, and I didn't blink. I looked at my reflection in the mirror and saw an evil grin. My body felt strange and robotic, but also effortless, as though I was a puppet. My face was glued to a window with my mouth fully open and saliva running down. All while infinite intelligence was uploading insights into my brain. It was pretty harsh. To make matters worst, in the middle of the trip, my neighbour knocked on my door. He was bringing his trailer and asked me to move my car. I freaked the fuck out at first but then summoned the courage and went out to move the car. After the look on my face, he's probably not going to be knocking on my door any time soon And to make matters worst, after an 8-hour mind raping experience, it left me with a bad hangover. After the first trip, the headache pretty bad, and had to work the next day. The second time, I was more prepared, I drank lots of water and got better sleep, and the headache wasn't as bad. One day of recovery with a warm blanket and a cup of tea is a must for this one. It was pretty intense and dark, but there were positives as well. The trips made me introspect and reflect deeply on my life and my development. The substance brought up many phony beliefs and notions I have. It made me a more mature man with a much clearer purpose. At times I thought I went completely crazy and wanted to run to mommy. Though in the end, I would say that it was beneficial to get a bit of "masculine compassion". No doubt, this is a hard-core substance for me. I've read different reports, but they don't seem to describe it in this way. I can see the potential for micro-dosing, for the concentration and fluidity, but anything more is a serious mind fuck. I wouldn't recommend this to beginners unless you really want to take a beating and humble yourself, which I suppose is good from time to time.
  9. I don't think awakening is for everyone. You are consciousness regardless of whether you're aware of it. So self-realization is only a "must" from your human perspective. I think this shift will always be kept for a small circle of awareness junkies who deeply desire it. Through them, consciousness will turn on itself and manifests enlightenment. But consciousness is everything, all the possible experiences, personalities, appearances, brain types, life-paths etc. Self-actualization might be the highest pursuit, but only if you ask people on this forum. Making awakening mainstream, and everyone enlighten in an instant, will only limit consciousness. How would one know awakening if not for the non-awaken state? Even from the perspective of Spiral Dynamics, Turquoise has nothing to do with enlightenment. I think society will continue to evolve up the spiral, while self-realization will always be kept to a select few.
  10. Green will come naturally when you exhaust Orange. Pursue Orange goals and interest fully and you will outgrow them. I don't know your background, but generally speaking, engage in the following: Education - get a uni degree in some scientific field. Get a good-paying job or build your own business. Become financially independent. Get good with girls, get involved with pickup. Work on your body, go to the gym, get buffed. Get nice materialistic stuff - good house, cool car, sexy gf etc. Learn about science and tech. Revisit basic personal development - Tonny Robbins style. Those are healthy Orange activities, each item is a phase you have to fully go through. Without this, I don't see how you can progress to Green and beyond.
  11. I've just had my first trip with 4-AcO-DMT yesterday, and I feeling an intense headache today. 4-AcO is one of the active ingredients in mushrooms, a.k.a "Synthetic mushrooms". It's pretty new to me as well, other substances I've tried, DPT and 5-MeO, never gave me a hangover. I think It makes sense because mushroom trips are much longer and much more cerebral than the other two substances. It felt like my mind was maintaining an intense level of concentration for 5 hours straight. It was akin to taking 5 pills of modafinil. Would be nice to have a solution to that, I wonder if the headache problems get better or worst the more you take it.
  12. There are no other people, really. There's only one stream of consciousness happening right Now. You only have one experience, one awareness of the present. The projection of consciousness onto others is only a thought happening right Now. Whatever isn't in your direct field of awareness doesn't exist. Technically, it "exists" but only as a thought occurring in the Now. This field of consciousness is not yours or anybody's. it isn't associated with a body or a place and time. Its simply a play of appearances in emptiness. but it sure seems like its "your" life, and that its very important, and that there are other people, etc. Its extremely hard to see through this, but Psychedelics can shows you.
  13. Sounds like you're both clinging to some romance in the past. That experience is recreated and idealized and by your mind. I think you're attached to an idea of each other, rather than the real-life person. Our mind likes to spin stories and fairy tails about a perfect partner who fits into all the boxes, but reality can be very different. It becomes a matter of what you can accept in your partner. Try to look very objectively at the person you're with. Without any neediness and attachment to the past, decide whether you want to be with this person. Assume they will never change, and things will never go back as they were in the past, will it still be worth it?
  14. I had the same experience when I first started experimenting with 5-meo. My trips were terrible. I was scared, anxious, it was uncomfortable, and I wanted it to stop. It gets worst before it gets better. The first time can be brutal until you break through. Once you on the other side, its pure bliss. The breakthrough actually changed my relationship with the substance. Every consecutive trip was pleasant and therapeutic regardless of the dose or the substance. 5-MeO amplifies what you feel inside. If you're new to psychedelics, you will have internal baggage and bad karma that will get burned. I went through total hell on my first trips. Its just how the substance works, there's no free lunch here. Yet it's the best thing I've ever done. Living a higher consciousness lifestyle and being inturned with spirituality will reduce the negative side effects for sure. Leo was pretty developed when he first did 5-meo, hence it wasn't as bad for him. But form personal experience, and the majority of reports I've read, the first attempts usually go bad. I recommend you spend a few months getting over your ex, then get your life together by quitting video games and porn. Then go back to 5-meo and commit to 10 trips with increments in dosage.