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  1. How to meet an enlightened person?
    How to meet an enlightened person?
    @Robby Look up Joseph Rubano in San Diego. He's enlightened and leads retreats there.

  2. psychoanalitic
    I am enlightened. Sincere seekers: ask me anything
    A good psychoanalyst. Psychoanalysis and psychodynamic therapies are a family of therapies that started with Freud -- but have progressed a lot since his day. They are very sophisticated and subtle.
    Psychoanalysis is the most powerful type -- but it usually requires at least 3x/week sessions.
    Psychodynamic therapy can be 1x or 2x/week. Same principles are used.
    Psychoanalysts these days usually do both types.
    Psychoanalysts are on average the best trained therapists.
    So to find a good therapist, google "psychoanalytic institute <my city>" and see if there are any institutes in your city. Call them and ask for a referral. They often have low-fee options available if that is an issue.
    In the first couple of sessions, you should feel that you are getting something from it. If you don't, or if you don't feel the therapist is a good fit, try someone different. Sometimes it can take a couple of tries to get a good match.
    If you have any trouble or are getting confused, PM me and I will help you.

  3. Self inquiry
    Right way to do Self inquiry ?
    The recommended technique is Ramana Maharshi's self-inquiry. It's very simple. You know that "I am" right now, right? It's obvious. Well, how do you know it? Where is that feeling coming from? Try to find out where in your experience it is coming from, that certainty that you are. Start in your body. Just like if someone asked you where you were feeling cold, and you searched your experience and said "Oh, my feet are feeling cold." In the same way, ask about the feeling of the "I" that you somehow know with certainty.
    And every time you think you know where it's coming from, the rule is that you must ask yourself if you are aware of that thing which you think is the source of the I. If you are, you haven't found the real source yet. So you keep going
    If, for example, you say "It's coming from my head" -- well, ask yourself "Well, I am aware of the feeling and sight of my head, right?" Notice that. So where is the "I" that is aware of the head? It's not coming from the head -- it is aware of it. So where is the I feeling? It's just like you notice that there is light in a room, and you're looking for the source of the light. Is it coming from this chair? No. The chair is lit up by something else. Is it coming from that table? Same deal. So keep searching until you find the light bulb. You'll know it when you find it.

  4. Leos great advices
    All Personal Questions For Leo
    Not too much.
    It will naturally happen within the next few centuries as society evolves. All this information will become freely available to all human beings, ultimately.
    But not in this lifetime. I have little interest in waging a war inside of academia. That is a painful bureaucratic game. Although someone will eventually have to fight it. But that is not my life purpose.
    1) Camera makes it look that way
    2) These days, very few. I'm sort of outgrowing books. Most of my time is going into spiritual practices instead. It's very hard to find a book these days which doesn't seem like delusion, trivia, or something I already know.
    3) Most days I meditate for more than an hour. I try to do at least 2 hours (if you include yoga and various other techniques I do).
    I'm not sure why you're making philanthropy a stage. It's no more a stage than being a cowboy is stage.
    There's nothing wrong with philanthropy, and I'm sure it could grow you in many ways, but it is in no way necessary.
    If you are attracted to philanthropy, then it's probably part of your Life Purpose, in which case, knock yourself out.
    For me, the influence I already have is enough. If anything, I spend too much of my time helping people. The next stage for me would be to go totally solo, yogi-in-a-cave-style.
    First, create a hopeful vision for my life Totally clean up my diet Exercise Bloodwork to make sure there aren't any chemical/vitamin/hormone problems Get a qEEG and schedule neurofeedback brain training Holotrophic breathwork Psychedelics Kriya yoga Nathaniel Branden's self-esteem exercises Reading lots of self-help books and implementing the various exercises given there Finding my Life Purpose and aligning myself with it Solo meditation retreats I don't practice that technique much. About an hour.
    That's a complicated question to answer. People can use those terms differently.
    Psyche is basically your entire mind. The ego. The self-mind. All of your thoughts and emotions and how they manipulate you into action.
    Consciousness and awareness are largely synonymous. Although some teachers will use those words in a more technical manner and draw fine distinctions.
    Consciousness/awareness is the only thing that exists. It is the substance of everything you've ever experienced. Replace your notion of "matter/energy/physics" with consciousness.
    Yes, it was a culture shock. It was challenging and definitely forged my psyche and persona in deep ways.
    Perhaps the most important thing it did was make me much more openminded. I saw the relativity of all cultural norms quite quickly as a result. Although I still didn't go far enough into realizing that physical reality is itself a cultural invention.
    Hilo Hawaii isn't touristy. Just the opposite.
     It's important to know who the Admin and Mods are.
    Sorry, trade secret
    I have tried LOTS of stuff with little success.
    I think my issue ultimately boils down to a blocked chakra, which I will work to clear using various techniques. I think the issue should resolve itself with full enlightenment.
    I will shoot a video in the future about how to deal with chronic fatigue and thyroid issues. There's a lot to say. It's a very complex topic with many variables to consider. It's highly individualized. Autoimmune issues have many factors. One solution does not cure everyone.
    Maybe this one:
    It's an old one, but the info there is life-changing if implemented.
    It's actually impossible to construct a nondual language because all language is symoblic, and therefore indirect, and therefore dualistic.
    There is no language at the level of nonduality.
    No, I'm not interested in language. I am interested in escaping language. All language is a human invention and not fundamental.
    Faster? Sounds like you're already going fast.
    You've only seem the tip of the iceberg of crazy It's gonna get worse before it gets better, so buckle up and set proper expectations and have a long time horizon.
    All your fears -- all the stuff you can't stand, all your worse nightmares -- you must eventually face on this path. There is no way around it. You must face death itself. You must be willing to surrender EVERYTHING!
    Ultimately you will discover that all fear is just a hollow illusion. Your very death is just a sham. Your life is nothing but a dream, and all your problems are dream-problems, like the problems of a character in a cartoon.
    He's a great teacher.