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  1. When your mother dies you suddenly realize your own mortality like never before. You experience pure horror. So I don't think it's possible to be prepared for that unless you do some serious contemplation about death.
  2. @Clown Here is another question. I feel like I would make more progress if I had an opportunity to talk to someone offline on a regular basis. Rupert Spira talks about the importance of having a spiritual teacher. I need a guru! But how do I find one?
  3. @Leo Gura Hi Leo, just curious if you found a way to deal with your sluggish thyroid. I have the same issue and have always been curious about the root cause - it's an autoimmune disease which pretty much means you are attacking your own body. I wonder if it has anything to do with self body image etc. Any thoughts?
  4. Do you mind sharing your field of study?
  5. I have the same experience with low blood sugar. When I am hungry it's really hard to control my emotions and thoughts. As for having a baby, I personally believe that it's a pretty transformative experience very much like enlightenment, and your portal remains open for quite some time after giving birth with all kinds of crazy shit coming into light, both good and bad. At least, that has been my experience with two kids.
  6. I've noticed that my ego has been acting up lately since my meditation practice got more consistent. Right after a very good session the other day I was overtaken by pretty powerful negative emotions (about my own ambitions and goals, so pure ego) and had a screaming tantrum pretty much like my 2 year old daughter. To the point that I couldn't "observe it", I became completely unconscious. What the hell is it? Does it have anything to do with meditation?
  7. Hello, could someone please help a newbie? I started the do nothing meditation and here is what's happening: at some point I fall into a "thoughtless state" which initially felt like "it" was projecting from my throat/chest but today it felt like floating. Now, all that said, I have a VERY vivid imagination and I am afraid that my mind is playing tricks on me after hours spent watching Leo's videos. Or is that what they call "zoning out"? What is it??