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  1. @platolol No, I get it. He's acts as a "bad cop" using "there is no how" narrative to plunge the relative "person" into sheer frustration. With hopes that he would eventually surrender, I guess.
  2. @JosephKnecht That's hilarious. I think he's ramping up his coaching business, started posting a lot of content on youtube, speaking on Clubhouse etc.
  3. What do you guys make of him? I am a bit perplexed that he asks to send "six figure proposals" for his content.
  4. Could you explain what you mean by 20-30 percent upgrade? I've been microdosing weed, taking 5-6 mgT HC gummies. they are legal in my state, and I find it to be a perfect dose - I am still able to function and be present for my kids and family all while doing some very intense inner work. Pretty much, whenever there is an issue I need to explore, I do a "diagnostics" session. It's like 1 year of therapy packed in one evening. Here is my experience: if feels like each time I tap into different perspectives of this mystical multiverse. Each time, it's a different lesson, different point of view, different aspect of shadow work. I've had numerous insights about my patterns with money, food, sex etc. One time, I even had a channeling experience, when I received a bunch of downloads from entities. I've started drawing, it helps me integrate some of the insights. But! For the most part, it feels like accessing different layers within this dream. And no matter how magical, insightful and amazing they seem, it's still all happening within this illusion, if you know what I mean. Obviously, it makes me a better, more insightful/spiritual "human" but it doesn't lift the veil so to speak. Thoughts?
  5. What do y'all think about microdosing weed? I've have been getting insane insights and pattern recognition/integration on 5-6 mg THC gummies. This does feel like a cheat code to reality, or at least my life...
  6. I quit drinking with CBD. About 20 mg feels like a good fat glass of wine, yet there is no drop in energy, no hangover and I am still able to work/read if I need to. She pretty much describes my experience ->
  7. @Michael569 Thank you for your detailed response. Curious if you have any thoughts on Carnivore diet?
  8. @Leo Gura Phil Escot often talks about carnivore diet AND awakening.
  9. I'd like to start this topic to share helpful tips on how to deal with this mysterious condition which seems to be turning into a pandemic. Just like Leo, I've been living with low thyroid, and it's debilitating to say the least. At the same time, Western medicine has been absolutely useless, I've been repeated called crazy for inquiring about different types of diets and supplements, and told that there is nothing I can do but take the pill aka synthetic thyroid medication. Things that seem to be working: going gluten free and alcohol free, supplementing with selenium, Vitamin D and Vitamin B. I've done elimination diets but need to get back on that wagon. Another interesting piece of the puzzle - my integrative doctor thinks my thyroid may be reacting to badly treated root canals from gazillion years ago. Going to see an integrative dentist next (sic! there is such thing) @Leo Gura, do you mind sharing what has worked for you? Super curious if water fast has made any difference at the end.
  10. And here is another one for you
  11. This is pretty powerful, thank you for sharing!
  12. I find him incredibly smart and inspiring. I recently attended a holotropic breathing workshop developed by Gref in the 70s. I definitely recommend it.
  13. Same here. Made a vision board about my future job. (Thank you, Nahm). After exploring what I truly wanted right that moment, I felt like helping my friend with her business. Gave her my free service while ENJOYING the process. A few days later started getting calls from recruiters. Coincidence?
  14. In other news, I had very interesting insights doing self-enquiry on CBD gummies. Like I could see and peal off layers of my own bull shit. On freaking CBD! It was similar to LSD microdosing. Anyone else with similar experiences?
  15. @Raptorsin7 The very last minute: "Resist nothing, seek nothing, need nothing, be nothing." Gives me goose bumps.