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  1. This has been discussed here a bunch of times so I am just gonna share this video for whoever is interested. I don't want to sound arrogant, that's not my intent at all here, but the no-thought state doesn't require years of meditation - you can uninstall your outdate OS1 and upload OS2 much faster than that. I am on my third month of self-inquiry+35 minutes of daily meditation+ some chanting in Sanskrit (Nirvana Shatakam+ Gita) (sometimes just listening to it). Almost 80 percent of self-referential thoughts are gone and it feels incredibly liberating. It's not stable yet - the ego does attack with vengeance, as explained here Usually i go through ego/monkey mind attacks every 5 days or so where I have to do self-inquiry almost non-stop: Who thinks she's losing her mind? Who's having this thought?? Who the hell sent you?? and then, like magic, it's still again. I think Gary Weber's teaching is overlooked and lost in this noisy and crowded space. You can find his books online for free. Check it out.
  2. However, that intuition for some reason doesn't arise in the minds of entire world population but in the minds of the very few. Why is that?
  3. Google it, you won't be disappointed
  4. This conversation got a life of its own Here is what I meant by "guidance" : information, books, movies, music manifesting at the exactly right moment, as well as signs (quite literary, on T-shirts I see around town) as well as random conversations I overhear. Syncronicities are mind blowing to say the least. And yes @Faceless, the guidance and the guided are ultimately the same thing, but not all of us at Level 5+ just yet. I believe that Ramana Maharshi knew what he was talking about. Don't you?:)
  5. Do you experience a sense of guidance on your path? Gary Weber ("Happiness beyond thought") says this self-aware field of consciousness is very selective - the awakening happens only to 1/1000 folk. He likes to quote Ramana: "(S)he knows what is best and when and how to do it. Leave everything entirely to Her. Hers is the burden: you have no longer any cares. All your cares are Hers. Such is surrender." Do you feel Her presence in your life right now?
  6. This explanation resonates with me. Yes, you could probably manipulate the content of the dream but is the story line you are trying to create really meant to be for you? I have noticed that whatever I thought I manifested never really worked out the way I invisioned it. Dah! But if you are this space of awareness than EVERYTHING is welcome, both good and bad. A divine dance.
  7. I had a lot of progress with Rupert Spira’s guided meditations, like this one
  8. Love it! Great energy. I'd introduce the illustration in the very beginning and let the viewers see it for a bit longer.
  9. Does anyone have experience communicating/connecting with others while in deep meditation?
  10. I just watched this today and thought it was pretty good. I have two young children who are constantly pushing my buttons, which is part of the reason I am on this path. They are my Zen masters:)
  11. I have a pretty complicated relationship with my dad and there is a lot of resistence in me, I’ve tried pretty much everything but the feelings/negative thoughts just appear out of nowhere. Long story short, I “asked” and had an insight today that he and I are acting out some sort of a karmic script where he is experiencing a bad relationship with his daughter. I have no control over those thoughts, they are downloaded as part of the script. Does this sound crazy, did my mind make it up? Or is it consistent with the bigger picture?)
  12. @Berjohansen, @OEN thank you! @Nahm "I am kind of a big deal" LOL
  13. I had an interesting experience during the mediation today. Feeling of anxiety and stress kept coming up and I tried just watching them, then ignoring them and nothing was working. Finally I visualized that my awareness is hugging my ego and says "I love you", and right there and then I experienced a huge traction, almost like an explosion, and it felt like my body filled the whole room. So perhaps instead of killing our ego, we should treat it like a child?:) After all, it's just a character in the movie