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  1. Snorted Is the one that will last long. Synthetic and smoked 5 meo Will last the same as the toad... which one to choose?... Would you rather die slowly with no way out, or die quick with no way out? Jaja... I would recomend to try the fast one first, its easier when its something that you dont see coming. Easier but, still, you may resist and in that case, youll suffer. If not, It will be the Best experience of your life. You just need to commit to yourself, to just surrender and let happen what needs to happen, its simpler than It sounds, not quite easy for everyone since you dont really have a point of comparison with any other substance out there. Youll only know if youre ready to die when youre dying with the 5 meo. Also, dont confuse yourself before even tryng 5 meo... THERES IS NO TOAD SPIRIT. Not with bufo, not with synthetic 5 meo, not with ayahuasca, not with peyote, not with any medicine, thats just a projection of the ego, nothing is separate from you since You are god and You are the only thing that really exist. You are all that youll see on your trip. The shaman thing is just a show that the ego likes so It thinks its doing things "right". All the rituals, the chants, etc. Are cool, artístic, cultural or whatever, but still, its just ego. Ive tried 5 meo dmt labmade and also the natural secretion. Its the same thing. The only real difference maybe its the smell, natural 5 meo smells like a mix of beer and... A bufalo's fart lol. Ive done 5 meo dmt solo. In my experience its the best way to work your energy so that you feel free to really express what ever Energy thay needs to be purged. Its like youre practicing dieing week after week, or month after month, you enter the nondual state one Time after another and slowly, with practice and a lot of hard work in everyday life (like meditating, selfinquiry, etc) youll start to see clearer and clearer the diferente between your true self amd the ego. Now... You say that you dont have experience with the medicine, in that case, I would not recomend you do it alone at the begining since you dont know what amount of purging youll need and also the reactions youll have. You could die with your own vomit, you could stand up in the middle of the trip and run to the street and have an accident, you could get a serious PTSD from the experience, so, I recomend that you have a "facilitator/shaman" or a sitter that Is experienced with the medicine, that knows a lot of diferent kind of reactions someone can have with the medicine. After you see that your ego doesnt over react from the experience, then you can consider doing it solo. I recomend you to read Martin W. Ball's book: Entheogenic Liberation. It has some deep insights for doing elightenment work with 5 meo and other medicines. I hope my opinion helps you. Hello from Mexico! ❤️
  2. Youre gonna think exactly the same thing the 4th, the 5th, the 20th time you do it. Try not to understand or look for an insight, dont try nothin, just smoke and let what needs to be manifested express itself. Youll be surprised of what comes out Glad you did the toad <3
  3. That woman could really get a lot of understanding by taking some psychedelics. She's too traped in her mind, I dont think any explanation from Spira could help, you need to experience directly this stuff hes talking about. It may help though.
  4. Hi! Im 24 years old and I want to learn what to eat to be healthy and work on detox my body for spiritual work. Im not looking for any strict diets, at least not now. Im starting my transition from eating a regular (shity) mainstream, high sugar, meat, weats diet, to a more conscious and healthy one. I want to learn whats up with our body, how does it process certain foods, what do I need for my type of body, etc. I want to learn how to eat, not somebody else telling me what to eat, I want to understand the process. Can Anyone help with some books, videos or blogs where I can start and develope this knowledge?
  5. Ok, so now that the author has given the first 8 excercices to start your routine, does that mean that you dont have to do savasana, ujjya and nadi sodhana anymore? Or do you have to add them to the routine? I think its abvious that these excercices are like a training for the complete 8 routine. But hey! maybe im wrong Also, how many do you allready found your Ishta Devata?
  6. I forgot Leo is in hes retreat
  7. Yes, we arrive to the "base camp", where a certain amount of peoples job is to pray for you, 4 days straight around a fire taking turns with other people in the same camp, when you arrive you and a couple of guides lead you to a remote place, draw a circle on the floor and then leave, so, im really going to be alone but its organized by this group. They dont check your bag to see if you have water, food or drugs, its your responsability if you dont get a breakthrough by cheating in some way or another.
  8. The person who told me about the experience said that no drugs where allowed, and of course, no food or water. The people doing this retreat are nahuas, so theyre approach to the experience is very ritualistic, and this group of nahuas/aztecs/mexicas in special think that the use of psychedelics is "cheating" I dont want to be disrespectfull to their beliefs of anoying the spirits, I just want to make the best out of it. I think that not drinking water nor eating food is something I have to do in order to get closer to getting a breakthrough, also I want to, But the 5 meo is something im not that sure. The experience itself may be allready too much, or maybe, not... @Leo Gura what do you think? Have you done this yet?
  9. On may im planning to do a vision quest for 4 days and 3 nights, Ive been thinking a lot about it and on how can I take the most of it, I want to do Kriya from Leos book recomendations during the vision quest retreat, and other techniques, also Im thinking on maybe taking 5 meo dmt on the peak experience of the vision quest, im sayng maybe to all of this, becuase maybe the vision quest by itslef is allready really hard. What do you guys think, any simillar experiences? Thank you!
  10. Guys, at Nodhi Sudhana and Ujjyia do you recomend to listen to alpha binaural Beats? Also, when sitting, I have 3 problems... 1: I start falling alseep even when i'm not listening to binaural Beats. 2: when i'm with my legs crossed one of them always start to numb and that distracts me a lot! 3: My back also distracts me because it starts to hurt, not like a bad posture but like the muscle that has never been excerciced xd. What would you recomend for this 3 problems and what do you think about the alpha Beats? Thank you!!
  11. Have ever thought about go living to a gurus comuna, for example Isha Foundation, so you could be closer to an enlightened person and away from all the distractions of society as a faster way to get enlightened? If that’s the case, why do you stay? Or why don’t you go? Is there pros and cons? thank you @Leo Gura
  12. I think I’m having some problems with experiencing non duality at the moment of living life. Its hard for me trying to achieve things knowing that at the end nothing that I do really matters. maybe because all this time I was doing this “things” for others or for my ego. how can you consistently pursue a goal that at the end will kill you, the idea of you, how do you convince that drunk monkey to work with you in this journey that ultimately will take control?
  13. Do you remember the moment where you decided that enlightenment was going to be your number one goal? And what had to happen so you could stop procrastinating, and getting stuck from doing it because of fears and inhibitions?
  14. I know that believing does not serve me at all, I can see it, if that weren’t the case I wouldn’t be depressed. I don’t want to know where am I so I can feel superior, I just want to know what the fuck is happening to me and what is the next step because not knowing what to do with all this noise inside my head keeps me in a vegetative state of being where nothing is happening. I just want to stop suffering.