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  1. any idea when is going to come back or is there an announcement somewhere?
  2. hi, - no more videos for 7 months, is Leo dead? - what is going on? thanks
  3. Hello, I am trying to work on writing down some thoughts I am recently asking my self about: what would happen if we hypothetically had the chance to transfer knowledge from brain to brain with the advance of the technology? I don't think that there is a better place on the internet to ask a question as such than actualized, I assume that if we are here on this actualized.org forum we are all open-minded and willing to take any question not for granted. I am trying to come up with some hypothesis and thesis on what could happen if I could transfer the knowledge of any person to my brain. I know for a fact that knowledge means: money success and all the good stuff we all strive to achieve. The more you know the more you can control the world. What if tomorrow you would have the skills to build a computer with the stuff around you, or to trade stocks so that you can make 100k in a day, or whatever! I am curious to know what do you think would happen!
  4. Leo I love you! You are me living in another place! We think exactly the same