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  1. As long as you have a single thought in your mind you're bias. Only perfect equanimity is not bias. Only full enlightenment is not bias. I mean full enlightenment, not that self-realization stuff.
  2. Great video btw haven't finished watching it but still wanted to say this what is the answer that gurus give. What you like you exaggerate, what you don't like you degrade, thus to see everything just the way it is you need to be free from desire and aversion. Only then you no longer skew anything in any favor. You just see without interpreting anything. That's also an ultimate goal in spirituality To be not self-biassed also means to be enlightened. We are all biassed here as long as we have even a slightliest liking or dislike. Very nice topic. Very nice video also
  3. Interesting indeed. But i don't think you need to change anything. I think enlightened teachers are aware of this and they adjust their teachings to each individual accordingly. Here's a paragrah of sadhguru saying that a guru always gives a method designed for each individual. Not just man and woman. This is also one reason why you should learn yoga through a master not a book.
  4. Now that's a good question . But he will probably say. "Self cannot die" or something like that.
  5. If it was me, I'd be probably be looking for some kriya master. Someone who knows human system and what to do with it. Or some ayurvedic doctor, they also have a very deep understanding of a human system. Stay Well. If it's not getting better for long you can try consulting with an ayurvedic doc. I can give you contacts of one ayurvedic doc who's also an isha hatha yoga teacher.
  6. @winterknight do you wish to become popular spiritual teacher like echart tolle and other modern nonduality teachers?
  7. Why are you doing this? If you had a milion dollars would you still do these things?
  8. Just flow with it, enjoy it:) Don't believe what he says. But don't be a fool to disbelieve it either.
  9. @Gili Trawangan this doesn't make vipassana inferior path. Every path has It's own benefits and problems. No path is for everybody.
  10. Because in self-inquiry state of self-realization there's still cravings and aversions, attachments, still desire is very active and ego is still there. Vipassana is a higher state because it seeks to destroy the ego completly, to leave not a single spot, total purity. I heard Mooji once discribing two ways to enlightenment. One is you purify yourself more and more until you get enlightened. Another is you realize the true self, and then purity follows naturally after that slowly. I like how this guy describes this state of zero desire. Very poetic.
  11. Yea but vipassana teachers.. For me they're like budhha statues sitting. So equanimous.. I think vipassana is not about self-realization like peter ralston. It's about purity, renunciation, dissolving attachments and ego. What you try to achieve in vipassana is a much higher and harder state to achieve then self-realization. Differerent methods, traditions have differerent qualities also. A devotee would emanate a differerent fragrance also. I'm sorry you had to see that. That's dissapointing indeed
  12. @Dwarniel what is your idea of "fully enlightened" people?