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  1. People assume priests are good people when actually only an idiot would choose to be one
  2. Nice One who gives is rich, one who keeps it to himself is poor
  3. put a drop of ghee in each nostril before you go to sleep for a few days. learned this from ayurveda teacher That will take care of it.
  4. Here's one way of doing it
  5. Try this chant for 7min.and then sit silent for 3min. See what happens It's best if you sit in cross-legged posture with your arms on thighs, palms facing upwards.
  6. Inner engineering program. Took me to a much higher levels of stability, balance etc. Social anxiety dropped phenomenally. Only in certain very intense situations it comes, like job interviews etc. But still it's much less then it was before. If I continue with the practice even that will go away. I have a theory that strong determination sits can help. But that is untested idea for me only. But shambhavi really works 100% i promise with my life.
  7. I think 99% of people are unaware that they are unhappy
  8. Sadhguru Shoonya meditation is something to look up to if you want nothingness.
  9. @Cortex first learn to talk to girls maybe, after that we will see..
  10. This happens to me also hard to explain this phenomena but I take that as good thing Btw this happens for me in churches sometimes, and from mooji satsangs. Almost like some grace is soothing and putting you to sleep. The same feeling happens from leo's videos.
  11. Isha Yoga is extremely grounding. Designed specifically to prepare the body the mind and energies, to bring balance, intensity, and ease to the system.