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  1. Awww. I thought we had a special bond . Oh well, it's good that you don't like me. It will bring us closer. hehe
  2. "When two enlightened beings meet, there's nothing to do but smile"
  3. Here's some thoughts to ponder that may or may not resonate with you. 1. You have some attachment to certain goals and you believe it will bring you happyness. 2. Once you feel like you failed to meet the expectations/requirements to achieve that fantasy desire that you believe will bring you great happyness. You become sad. 3. After sad follows frustration. 4. Now you want to blame someone or something for that feeling "why the world is so cruel" kind of thing. 5. You find nothing to blame so you put the hate/blame on yourself. (other people put blame on the world, bad childhood, parents, themselves, and if nothing works, on God itself) How to come out of it? At the stage when the feeling of "I failed" comes. Or the feeling of "I haven't failed yet but it looks like I'm about to fail and so I'm getting sad and then frustration follows". This is where you can change things. There is a lot of fear surrounding the attachment. Belief that without the achievement of the desired goals your ticket to happyness is gone. Your hope for happyness is crushed. And feelings of bewilderment are right behind the corner waiting for you to fall into a despair. But in truth you have a choice at the moment you feel that fear rising. You can simply chose to allow and let the egoic fantasies crumble. It can feel psychologically painful. Yet on the other side there is the Sun. The Rays of freedom. And a treasure of happyness that never fades and needs no effort to achieve it. Needs no conditions to be there. Happyness that you need not earn it or be worthy of. It's simply there for you all the time forever. Then it's the end to seeking, attachment, fear of loss, and misery. Amen
  4. I love you too
  5. I emphasize with your frustration. It's not easy to talk to me but you're doing well imo 🙏
  6. Your behavior is a reflection of your belief system Every action is a statement if you believe in seperation or in all pervasive union. One who knows the truth, the pervasive union in all things, acts accordingly in a way that serves The Whole system and not his little identity. If the implications of the above are undetstood. Evil(selfish) behavior and enlightenment are impossible to combine.
  7. All evil is driven by fear. Not by love Your nature is love. You being but love, can you be evil? Only if you forget yourself
  8. This guy(shaman) is really good...
  9. What about just be aware. Not of this or that. Just simply be aware intensely. It's enough.
  10. Human games > psychedelic experience. It is only spiritual growth that is existencially valuable. Unless a psychedelic experience serves that purpose it is a useless thing. And if psychedelics are being used for spiritual growth and seeking truth, then it gets included into the "human games" category. Check mate
  11. Nice. That was pretty good response I'm comfident one day we'll agree on something
  12. Everything you do out of love (truth impulse) is right. Everything you do out of fear (egoic self grasping) is wrong. If you act out of love, you can't help but be of service to truth and all life. You can't help but feel one with the one in front of you. You can't help but feel intense fulfilment. If you act out of fear. You are in service to illusions and ignorance. You won't be able to escape the dreadful feeling of suffering and suffocation of the heart. And you will feel lost and isolated from others.
  13. I have a theory that could explain some of the triggers like eating and lip sounds, saliva sounds that may or may not be true. My guess is. You have sexual association with these sounds and these sounds stimulate you in a sexual way (on a very subtle level). Hence when you're in the environment where feeling araused is inappropriate or unwanted yet you can't help but be stimulated by these sounds. You get angry. It can take a lot self awareness tho to really notice what is happening right before the irritation comes. But I'm confident it is a feeling that you really really don't want to feel hence you become angry. Sexual arousal would be my guess of what that underlying feeling you try to get rid of is.