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  1. "Sitting quietly, doing nothing, the grass grows by itself" ~zen quote The entire spiritual process in a nutshell. I can relate to this a lot.
  2. "I am the way, I am the Truth, I am the Life itself" I see this in spiritual traditions that it's not just a practice that gets delivered and passed down but the entire culture and the way of living and thinking and philosophy and lifestyle that comes with it. It's this code of living that is more important, not the practice. Practice is just a part of a it. Code of living is what makes one grow every day, every moment, every step on the way. Practice alone can't do this. For example, if someone does zen meditation 20min a day it is good, he will benefit but it's not yet zen. Zen is when your entire life becomes meditation. It includes how you eat, how you sleep, what you wear, what you do and don't do, how you speak to people just everything has to become zen. Then only you become a living embodyment of zen. Same way with every other spiritual tradition like christianity, buddhism, taoist cultivators, shamans, yogis, alchemists, healers etc. All of them have their own way of living which is very different from one another. It's quite beautiful tho. And when one embodies that Way he becomes That. Like Jesus sayed "I am the way, I am the Truth, I am the Life itself". See, he was not seperate from what he was teaching, he and his teaching are one. I feel this is why mixing different practices from different traditions doesn't work. Because they work almost against each other often. Where for example a healer is supposed to go into the world and soak in everyones negative energy onto himself and mingle with people's karma and offer himself for the sake of others (sort of like a Jesus figure). This would not work in combination with other paths because on some paths you can't even touch other people, you're supposed to sit quietly alone, isolated somewhere. Some paths say you should work super hard, others say you should not do anything at all. That's because it's not just a practice that is being passed down but the entire way of thinking and living. That's why the best way I think is to adopt the entire system, the way of living and the way of doing things that are designed specificly for the path and not just bits and pieces from many different paths. That way one can progress successfully and avoid a lot of confusion. "I am the way, I am the Truth, I am the Life itself" ~Jesus ❤️
  3. Lol... It's getting nowhere this conversation I think. Too confusing at this point... I hope you're well ? Stay well and good luck to you ?
  4. I think I get what you're saying, at least this second part of it. But there's no such thing as a reality beyond observation, or a reality beyond isness in truth. It's just a philosophical idea. It's a very popular idea tho. All scientists believe in this idea and I can see why. A void of total emptiness where there's no time and space, where no conscious conclusion can be drown is possible. Yet just because there's no possibility to draw a conclusion in it doesn't mean there is no isness in it. Isness is there also. Only thing is that in this emptiness there is no experience of any kind so recognition of isness can't happen. A manifestat reality becomes necessary for isness to recognize itself. After isness realizes itself in this manifest reality, then isness can know itself even if there's no experience of any kind. Total void where there's no movement of time or space but still self-aware. Sounds crazy to me. But many sages and seers are sayed to have achieved these levels of awareness. Plus the idea that there is something as non-isness gives birth to the idea that isness has a beginning and that it has an end. And then what, then you realize that non-isness is there before isness and isness appears and disspears in this non-isness. Then you realize this non-isness is endless and beginningless and it exists and it is synonymous with isness. Lol, so you see, whichever way you go you end up in the same place. God is everything, everything is god there's no other reality but God and that is isness. Regards ?
  5. @Windappreciator yea, okey, I think I got a little bit of that. But still that non solid empty field of possibilities and then manifestation of those possibilities are both isness to me. The isness of unmanifested reality is the key sentence. So it's all one. One big isness that doesn't have an opposite. If there was an opposite to the isness then that opposite would also be isness thus it's no longer opposite it's the same principle with the term reality. If you say reality is only this big and everything outside of it is no longer the reality, then immediatly the outside reality gets included in the term reality again. So there's nothing outside reality that can be called non-reality. Everything is reality. Manifest or unmanifest, still a reality. Same with isness. Isness = reality. I wonder if you get this Cheers ? Yea. I get this. I can relate to this very well ? @Guru Fat Bastard smart ?
  6. Isness = Existence = You. Or rather, existence alone exists, there is no I, only impersonal sense of isness/existence is there. I like it this way of looking somehow. ?
  7. Pretty good is: basicly everything then, including nothingness aswell. Because no-thingness also exists. So there is nothing outside isness. Includes everything. No duality, no seperation, not definable. Because definition implies duality. It's something you can't define or grasp with your mind or intelect you can only Be that. It's your True Self. Amen @Windappreciator sorry, I didn't quite follow that example... ?
  8. I like this but I think there is no such thing as non-isness because non-isness is still isness just a different kind of isness. Like no-thingness is still a thing. Same way absence is still presence. The presence of a thing and absence of the thing is still presence. Presence of the absence you can say Little fuzzy but fun I could be wrong tho idk. Regards ?
  9. It's nondual. It's everything and no-thing at the some time. It's consciousness. Consciousness is not something you can define in concepts. But it's sure fun to try Regards ?
  10. Haha not bad ? but a better definition would be nothingness I think ?
  11. If one genuinely tried to define the term I gave, he'd be mind-broken. It can lead to a spiritual awakening. That's what was supposed to happen. Regards ?
  12. Trying to define the term "is"... So profound