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  1. No, you have to register by sending email to them. I wrote them today, they didn't reply yet.
  2. Mantak Chia is going to do a guided meditation and transmition through zoom this month to whomever joins it.
  3. 32.20 @pluto Do you know how to remove them?
  4. Did you do psychedelics before or after doing sadhguru's practices? Actually the reason you cant feel the benefits of rasa transmitions is probably the same as why you can't feel much benefit from sadhguru's practices because sadhguru's path is all about transmition and presence. Without receptivity only your lung capacity will increase, no transformation will hapen. You can see he always says, do the practice with love and devotion, do it as an offering etc. etc. And if you're are receptive it will totally transform you. Some people on first day get blown away like tornado hit them. It's not a path of individual striving, it's a path of offering yourself and receiving. How fast you grow in many ways depends on your receptivity. So the reason you didn't see much result in those techniques whether It's sadhguru or rasa or even vipassana because even in vipassana buddha's grace is very much alive and active in that path, the reason is just that something is blocking you from grace. Like rasa instructor was telling you also. So the reason I asked if you did psychedelics before or after sadhguru is because according to Mooji using psychedelics causes spiritual pores to close and makes you unreceptive to grace. That's what rasa teacher was also telling you also to make a 6month gap. I want you to understand that without grace growth is impossible. "Grace plays 99% role of your spiritual evolution, you only do 1%." #Mooji. Fix this thing before you do anything else. This is an answer to all your problems. Arrgoance is another disease that blocks a person from grace. Watch out for it. "Especially these thoughts like I'm the ultimate authority", "only I know what is good for me" is a peak of arrogance and a cancer to your soul.
  5. No I was talking in the context of seeking Mukti Or self destruction in other words. 14.00 min explanationtion
  6. @Pacific Sage yes yes life is amazing and full of great beings indeed
  7. No one ever would want to go for it willingly probably. This desire for mukti has to come organically, it cames at the last stage of evolution once you experience the limitations of the physical, and once you're beyond suffering, only then a desire to end your existance becomes a possibility. Sadhguru explains this very beautifully. #suffering will not seek
  8. @Leo Gura if I'm correct, you can't achieve mahasamadhi before dissolving your prarabhta karma. Only upon death can such things happen by guru's grace because there is a gap of limbo state and you can be dissolved in that moment. Sadhguru talks about it somewhere. Here also: #Suffering will not seek Mukti - Sadhguru. Also like pluto sayed. You can achieve mahasamadhi without meditation even. Sadhguru's wife did it with 9months of practice without having any previous experience of meditation
  9. Nice yea, kriyas and yoga can do this by slowing down the system, then awareness and equanimity seeps into life automatically.
  10. Q: Why don't you teach hata yoga and kriyas via books ? 29.42min Insightful answer
  11. I have a feeling that once you get a taste of super consciousness you're doomed to be unsatisfied with your sober life for the rest of your life. What a torture. That's a limbo state. You can't be happy in your ordinary life anymore and you can't be permenatly in thst nondual state. Just in a limbo of suffering. Unless you can find a way to be in permenant nondual god mode.
  12. I do agree. Just the same way life is growing and evolving organically and by itself. The same way consciouness is growing and maturing by it's own nature and law. Being present is a simple way to grow and be content at the same time and just enjoying life as it comes. Life satisfaction is in the small details and simplicity and not in big events. This is a classic mistake that everyone is doing. Chasing something fantasting, being in their heads, imagening a great future, thus missing the beauty and completness and wholess of this moment already. I'm just talking echkart here. Being present doesn't stop you from pursuing big experiences tho. But at least you will be doing that from a place of contentment, not from a place of desperateness and lacking. Whatever you do from a place of lack will not lead you to everlasting fulfillment only momentary satisfactions which in turn will make even bigger hole of lacking inside you. This is very simple but very profound teaching that everyone is overlooking.
  13. Maybe there is no such thing. Maybe it goes on forever. Like Mooji says, there's still refining and maturing of consciousness happening in me against the background of unchanging awareness. This refining of consciousness can probably go on forever. I think what's more important is to find the ever lasting peace and happyness which is your own Self. Then you can still do all those other things if you still want to.