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  1. You're not going to go far with this attitude. Either you expose me of being false, or you admit that people on self-love still have concerns and anxiety about their self-image.
  2. Love is like a worship in one way. Like for example, you worship Jesus. That's love. Or whatever. An ant you can also worship. But it's a huge hit to your ego. "What? Worshipping an ant? Ants should worship Me, afterall I'm much bigger and smarter then them" Worshipping someone like god is much easier. To worship an ant takes absolutely having no pride, no arrogance. That's not easy to do. You can only love if you don't think too much of yourself. If you have proudness in you. You will never be willing to bend down. Proud people never bend. They think the world should bend to them. Actually worship is very nice. You should do it some times. I do it everyday it feels amazing. .... Compassion idk..don't confuse compassion with feeling sorry for others. Or feeling pitty for others. I see it everyday. "Oh you're such a retard I feel so much compassion for you" this is not compassion
  3. Self-loving man will say: i don't like my body but I accepted it. Or maybe even managed to love his body. An intelligent man will say: i don't give a shit about my looks. Self-loving man will be obssesed about his looks. All the time trying to love and accept himself An intelligent man who doesn't care is free from such concerns. Nobody can make him feel bad about his looks. And self-destructive thoughts never happens to him. And he couldn't care less if he loves himself or not. He doesn't think about himself. He doesn't care about his self-image. This sounds like a sage quality to me. Self-love sounds like an attempt to feel better about yourself. Because you're too attachment to opinions and ideas about yourself.
  4. I don't care about anyone. This is arrogance and ignorance. People will hate you. I don't care about myself. This is divine. This is freedom and happyness. And also what@Brian676 said.
  5. Love is just a sweetness of emotion. But what we're talking about in here is not love. It's self-acceptence for those people who have low self-esteem. Who beat themselfs everytime they fail. Who think self-destructive thoughts. people like that think solution is self-acceptence, aka self-love. Accepting their failures, accepting that they are different, accepting their birth defects, accepting the each of us are differently capable,, acceptings that it's okey to lose and etc... I say solution is dropping the need to be accepted, dropping the need to to be successfull. Not to care if you lose or win. Not to care if you fail a1000times. Dropping and forgeting yourself totally. That's the only solution to be untouched by any number of failure. The only way you can totally be okey the way you are, with all your disabilities. Even if you're shitfaced the only way to be okey with that is not self-love but self-abandonment
  6. What gives the biggest experience in life? that's basicaly your question. Is it love? Or Is it life purpose? Or Is it something else? Some people find relationship to be the biggest experience for them. Others find that life purpose is the biggest experience for them. Others find some other activity to be the biggest thing in their life. But nothing is bigger then infinity, aka enlightenment.
  7. So you basicly feel bad about failing at something so you think self-acceptence is the solution. But why do feel bad when you fail in the first place? Because if you fail your self-image is bad and then you feel bad, that's why. And when you accept yourself or you love yourself, now your self-image became tolerable, normal, acceptable. Now you say to yourself "I'm not a loser, being bad at basketball is normal" you feel great. But the real solution is having no attachment to your self-image. Even if fail a 1000times and people tell you you're a total're still okey. Not because you've accepted yourself but because you don't care at all how you look, what people think about you. You could be shitfaced and still be perfectly okey. Because you forgot yourself. You don't think about yourself at all. Self love will make your obssesion with self-image even stronger. It will only make things worse.
  8. Sorry. I saw different points were made but for sake of simplicity I focused only on one point about poor self-image and how self-love is improving self-image and gives you some sense of confidence. But it's not a good solution because this will create arrogance. And there will be constant anxiety about not to look foolish again. Because that would mean negative self-image again. And you don't like that. What true solution is. Forgeting yourself. In such a state, even if you do something stupid and everybody calls you an idiot you are still okey. Not because you love yourself but because you don't care about yourself. You don't care about self-image and how you look and what people think of you. Self-love is only making poor self-image into good self-image to stop self-destructive thoughts. But the real problem is not solved. With self-love the problem gets even stronger. You did mention that you do self-love for the true self and for the body. How loving your true self is even possible? You have to create 2people inside of you. Your true self and your false self. And then this false self is loving his true self and that results in more love for others? Makes no sense to me at all. And if there're two people inside of you, we call this schizophrenia You love others that's okey. But you love yourself that means there's you and there's another you who you love No, no, no.... There's only one you. You can be radiating with love. But you radiate love towards yourself then it's just narcissism. And in no way will this increase your love for others.
  9. What does being impatiant to yourself even mean? So you don't like listening to other's perspectives. Then you started loving yourself. And suddenly you like other people's opinions ? Sorry I don't see the connection. How does loving yourself. Make you a better listener? Unless you're genuinely interested in other people. Only then you can joyfully listen to what they have to say. What does self love have to do with this? Lets say I hate myself but I'm very interested in someone's opinion. Will my self hatered stop me from being interested in other people's perspectives? Not at all. It has no impact on my interest in other perspectives. Actually the more self-obsessed self- loving you are. The harder it will be to listen to others.
  10. @peanutspathtotruth @Aimblack The problem is you have a poor self-image and you're suffering because of it and you start self-destructive process. So you think okey I will create a possitive self-image with self-love. Possitive self-image will definitely stop the guilt and self-destructive thoughts. Plus it gives you confidence and self esteem so what's the problem? Well here's a problem. It will lead to arrogance, to self-obsession, narcissism. It definitely doesn't lead to love for others that's for sure. Self-obssesed people can't think of anything else then themselfs The real answer is dropping the negative self-image and positive self-image altogether. No-image. That's way I said self-love is not the answer. It's just decorating your self-image… your ego. And plus if you spend everyday thinking about yourself it will create obssesion with your image. Like those people who watch in the mirror 10times before leaving the house. ....... The moment you say I love myself you will be caring egotistical, personal smell around you. The moment you say I don't care at all about myself or I don't care how I look or how to be or anything about myself. All I care about is others because I love every being on this planet. You'll be a Jesus. Jesus was not worried how he looks. And that's not because he did self-love, self esteem affirmations. But because he forgot himself absolutely and lived like an offering to the human consciousness. Every breath he took was for others not for himself. This kind of love is amazing. It's divine. But that self-love that I hear everyday everywhere is just decorating your ego so you wouldn't feel bad when you did something stupid.
  11. Give me 1 example altruistic self-love In my understanding self-love is synonimous with self-worship only difference is self worshiping is stronger. But if you do self love very intensly it will become self worship aswell
  12. I have nothing against love. Being loving to others, being full of love, sharing your love. All this is great. It's fantastic. But loving yourself is the most egoistic, narcissistic, self-obssesed, self-centered, full of yourself thing to do. Prove me wrong and give me one example of self-love which is not narcissistic.
  13. I don't know why I put this here. Just thought it's beautiful
  14. I wish it'd happen sooner