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  1. Hi Giulio, I had a similar experience. All I did was sit in silence aware of the sense of being and the stagnant prana from the stomach would get released by itself like bubbles or smth. It took about 2years of purification to make that stomach lump go away. Constant burping is the also there for me. I think it's a sign of purification because it happens a lot when I meditate or do yoga. Congratz. You've made it 🙏🙏🙏 The flower has blossomed 🙏 Stay Blessed for always Giulio 🙏
  2. I think it's more like transmission of Christ consciousness. Same as what other tranditions call as shaktipat or initiation. Shaktipat, initiation and baptism are the same thing but different words. Holy spirit means guru's grace or guru's presence or guru's energy. Amen to Christ, Alhamdulillah
  3. Full of insights video Also include topics like advaita awakening vs bhuddhist enlightenment vs dao immortality vs god I remember realizing before something about christianity that it is not a path to self-realization, but a path to salvation to Christ to Heaven. And that these are not always the same thing Stay Blessed 🙏
  4. There are men who desire to have sex with kali and she looks like a demon. It's not what you look like, it's what you feel like. 🙏
  5. Sadhguru sayed consciousness can not be attained through chemicals. But chemicals can be used to purge the system to assist the spiritual process. Also the use of these substances can lead to debilitation, addiction and other negative consiquences. The science of enlightenment is a complex one. If we stay genuine, we will understand that we don't understand anything at all on this subject. I know there are gaps and further questions to be asked here on this subject. But for some reason sadhguru is discouraging people from using such substances and it's not out of ignorance. Obviously it's coming out of enourmous understanding of life and machanics of enlightenment. No one here could argue with that. Let's rather stay open and try to deepen our understanding rather then making premature conclusions and stopping ourselves from further growing. Stay Blessed & take care 🙏
  6. Lol, I can't make sense of it either This thing is a complex subject, not for us to understand really. This video might help to make sense of it. Regards 🙏
  7. @Waken It's a strange thing, Mooji doesn't speak of it much and the process is not official in any way. Just his presence is transmitting nondual understanding alone. I heard him say many strange things over the years like, "One day, when you're ready, I will say a word to you, it could be any word and that word will be like an energy code that enters you and deconstructs your entire personhood" stuff like that. He speaks about things like that only on his private website usually. When I say I received transmition from him all I meant was that I attended his satsang online. Where he openly sayed he's not teaching anything, rather transmitting and it's up to us to receive it or not. After that satsang my self-inquiry totally changed. Things started to open up inside in a different way then before. 🙏 Excerpt from Papaji's book
  8. @OBEler Yes of course. No doubt about it I've experienced a few online transmitions during the pandemic with other teachers like Mooji and Mantak Chia. Was very powerful. 🙏
  9. @OBEler Yes 🙏 when the programs where still happening in person not like now
  10. There's a book called A Course in Miracles that was sayed to be directly channeled by Jesus Christ himself. Sounds like a bizzare thing. It might take a few moments to even grasp what you just read here I reccomend watching this talk about a course in miracles from echkart tolle. A lovely presented book that tells the story of how the book was made I hope the link works.
  11. It is the initiation that is important not the instructions. It's more like baptism or consecration. It's a very sacred process that can change your life in ways you have not imagined. Without initiation maybe your lung capacity will increase, but transformation will not happen. This video might be worth watching to understand a few things about life. Stay Well 🙏
  12. I can relate to what @Vytas sayed. I had the same experience. Shambhavi is probably the most effective practice that I know that gives you so much wellbeing in so little time and effort. I remember when I used to do self-inquiry for 2+ years and I was still super miserable and depressed all the time. It gave me a lot increase of self-awareness but it couldn't solve my mood at that time. Then when I learned shambhavi what I experienced was that in a very short time depression was totally over. I totally forgot the meaning of depression. I didn't even notice when it dissapeared. I really don't know any other practice that could do this so effectively and in such a short time. Of cource I still do and like self-inquiry, it has it's own beauty. But shambhavi has that very noticable superficial happyness effect. It's a bit like getting a little intoxicated everyday in the morning so that life looks more beautiful and less heavy It's sells well. I think shambhavi is what most people want in today's world. To enjoy their life is not a small achievement. There are many meditators who are on a spiritual path for many years and still having a hard time with everyday suffering and depression. I think there're now online initiations happening into the shambhavi practice. It's quite exciting. 🙏
  13. Initiation into self-inquiry can open many doors for you. I don't know much but Papaji and Mooji use initiations into self-inquiry. Then it's a different world.