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  1. Futurama Rick and morty Community (same creator as rick and morty) These are my favorite.
  2. It is very beneficial for a meditator to hold morality. If you obstein from killing, false speach, lying, harmful words, any bad deed basicly. Your mind will be serene and quiet. And then meditation will be much better. 8Fold Noble path is the best to follow.
  3. Shakti chalana kriya with shoonya is a practice of death. Literally.
  4. Every time you choose or un-choose, you distort your course of destiny. A determined mind is the mind whose choice is permanent. Once you make a permanent choice, you become choiceless. Such a mind will allow destiny to flow the way you have chosen.
  5. @Chi_ there are differerent opinions on this. I think It's not needed and my hatha teacher sayed the same. But you do what you feel like.
  6. @Chi_ be careful when rain season happens. Many people get ill, Especially Europeans And sleep outside not indoors. (my personal prefrence, just an encouragement)
  7. One tip. You can't outsmart yourself. Every intention you make it is your mind. Even to be aware of the mind is an intention created by your mind. You can't escape this. It's the limitation of the mind.
  8. You're so Blessed 🙏 sadhguru really has a grip on you 🙏 just dissolve yourself and good luck and make the most out of it 🙏
  9. Btw, there's a huge movement happening now to save rivers in India. I don't know if you're aware of this person but he's doing good work. You could support him if you want.
  10. If this is trauma then you'll have to release it or dissolve it sooner or later. It won't go by itself. I think if realeasing trauma is what you need then this yin yoga would be very beneficial to you. Also this practice for realeasing trauma similar to vipassana. Anyway you're in desperate condition. Could be a perfect time to try something new. Also if you want ayurvedic consultation I can arrange that for you with a 10+ years experience of medical and ayurvedic and hatha yoga teacher today.
  11. This drama you create in your mind or this restlessness could be your sankaras coming out. Maybe just wait it out, probably It's just a phase. I don't now. Anyways. Something else I wanted to ask. Where do people get to stay?any vipassana centre? What are the requirements? Thank you
  12. 1 is a concept. One concept + another concept = third concept. Concepts are relative and changing. 0 is absolute. It is not a concept, it is an absence of concepts. Nothingness. Nothingness never changes.
  13. You can't be a teacher because you're not enlightened. But you can be an assistant to an enlightened teacher. You can work under his guidence and help him spread his teachings. Become an isha hatha yoga teacher or vipassana teacher etc. Or just a simple volunteer in some ashram.