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  1. It's whether you like someone. I like some people, i like some people so much that i say. "Man i love this guy, he/she is so amazing." I think that's the definition of love here. To like somebody. Do you like anyone?
  2. I thought all desires moves you away from being...
  3. @Inliytened1 Arhattobe talked about this like a hundred times. If your ears were truely open you would've gotten it long time ago
  4. Truth and wisdom doesn't belong to sadhguru. It doesn't belong to anyone. It's simply there
  5. Nice post yea i really don't like these keyboard worriors
  6. @Joseph Maynor has a point when he says you cant rush it. There's this interesting analogy about enlightenment. It's like a seed or a plant. If you cultivate your body, mind and energy to a certain maturity fruit will come. You cant rush mango tree to grow in one day. Maybe if you use chemicals you can produce mango fruits much faster but then these fruits will be not very good quality. It will be much less then what it should be. Humans are a part of this earth. We are like plants. And out fruit is enlightenment. We are supposed to go through life the way it was intended by nature. Not to hack it with chemicals and produce lame wacky mangos. And that's if you use very good chemicals otherwise you just destroy the fruits completly. Every life is capable of bearing fruits without chemicals. Humans also. In reality It's more complex It's not so black and white but there's some truth in this.
  7. Love this thread many amazing points sayed by arhattobe
  8. It just depends what your definition of enlightenment is. If your definition of enlightenment is freedom then... Freedom/Liberation and nondual samadhi experience are not the same. You're free when you can sit without zero compulsions until you die. Like sadhguru says. I can sit here unnmoving until i die. That's freedom. Flying into cosmos tripping with aliens and experiencing extacy is not freedom. It's just an experience.
  9. @tecladocasio what you call as enlightenment is what I call a nondual experience or samadhi. Buddha dissmissed all 8 types of samadhi as not required for liberation. So 5meo is just a samadhi state. It's just an experience. There's another dimension to spirituality which is being unfortunately overlooked.
  10. @tecladocasio It's true. It depends on your definition of enlightenment. I agree with you. That's why i sayed It's ridiculous to comapare 5meo with zen master because these are two differerent games you can play. One is exploration another is dissolution.
  11. Thank you 🙏 I've tried my hardest not to touch any buttons. Sorry Leo 🙏
  12. Zen is about becoming free from the life process itself. Zen is about dissolving compulsions in you. Zen is about dissolving karma. You will see a zen master or a buddhist is able to sit in one place unmoving like a breeze. Totally empty. Because he dissolved his personality he dissolved his compulsions he dissolved his likes and disslikes, now he has zero thought activity in him because thoughts are just a consiquence of your cravings and aversions there's no other reason for thought to come. Now if he sits he's absolutely still. You'll see for example Mt Kailash marathon monks can sit for 10 days straight not moving an inch not by insane determination or insase ability to handle torture. Simply because of zero compulsions in the system. They are so pure, so free from compulsions, so free from their karma that they sit absolutely empty like space. 5meo enlightenment on the other hand dosnt give you that. Also the nondual experience that 5meo gives you is also full of distortions. You see, in zen one main objetive is to see reality just the way it is without a single distortion. And distortions are created by your likes and dislikes. What you like you exaggerate, what you don't like you degrade. Like this there's an insane bank of memory and preferences and biases and judments and cravings and aversions that are distorting your reality phenomenally. The only way to experience truth is to see reality without any distortions. That means without zero compulsions or thought activity in your mind. With total equanimous mind. Mind that is like a plain mirror. That's why a million dollar question is "but leo how do you know 5meo is not just a delusion caused by a psychedelic? " the blunt answer is it is a delusion. It is very seriously distorted experience of reality because the mind is still full of compulsions and karma and likes and dislikes and prefererces. To experience reality just the way it is requires a completly equanimous mind without a single desire or aversion inside it. That's the only way. And that's the intension of a zen master. He doesn't care about supernatural experiences he only wants to dissolve his compulsions to experience truth without distortions of your mind and also to become free from life itself. All these three things 5meo has zero effect on. Psychedelics can be useful for some occult maybe like sadhguru used cobra's venom to conscecrate a linga. So it's a certain substance also to perform a certain action. But in terms of dissolving karma it is very safe to say psychedelics play no role in it. 🙏
  13. Psychedelics have nothing to do with enlightenment. It has some usefulness maybe for occult or tantra or mysticism but not for dissolution. Psychedelics are a differerent kind of bondage actually. They can set you backwards as far as entanglement goes. All bhuddist traditions avoid psychedelics for a reason. Buddha himself experienced all 8 states of samadhi and dissmissed them all. It's not liberation he sayed.