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  1. I've always resonate with Jimmy. What a great being 🙏
  2. @Ampresus See the video i linked. It talks about monks who were running marathons to become enlighten. I love that story
  3. Running 42km can be spiritual. Or 10km if you're beginner.
  4. Can't imagine my days without doing Yoga in the morning. It became the best part of the day followed by harmony and balance for the rest of the day
  5. Water is cold in relationship to your body temperature. That's relative experience. For somebody the same water is warm becouse his hands are cold. So the water is neither cold nor warm, it's in relationship to your body's temperature that you experience it as cold or warm. That's what relative experience means. For a kid being 1.60m is tall. For adult it's small. So it's relative. It's not absolutle. 1.60m is neither big or small. It's according to you that you call it big or small. All experience that you have is based on comparisons. You know what is dark only because you know what is light, you know what is silence only because you know noise. So actually you never experience the Absolute Reality of water. You only experience the relationship it has to your senses. So you know life only in relationships. Spiritual process is about seeing absolute Reality. Absolute truth. Raising your perception beyond the physical. Seeing things the way they truly are.
  6. First of all do you have trust from your father or does he think you're some kid who doesn't know anything? If you want to influence people, first of all you need to earn their trust. They have to see you as inteligent being. Otherwise mostly people will not be willing to listen to someone that they think is less smart. Gaining that trust is the key but it takes a lot of work, time, energy, responsiblity, wisdom, everything. When you have that trust, even if you say something that makes no sense they will not leave. They will be willing to listen and be patient. But if they have no respect and trust for you, the moment you say something that they don't understand - you're finnished they will leave..
  7. I'm not an expert on these things, tho something was mentioned in Shoonya program that Shakti chalana kriya does something to the sushumna. Here's something interesting about shambhavi I thought you may like it 14th episode, 104min - till the end.
  8. Here're some rare, deep talks from sadhguru. I listened to all of them. Very mindblowing"Sadhguru+Jaggi+Vasudev"
  9. Here's what I mean. "I had an experience, it was so... It's nothing."
  10. Forget that state. Everytime you meditate, do it like it's the first time for you. If you try to recreate what happened you'll most likely have big expectations as what should happen what shouldn't happen. That's not good. In meditation you don't descide what happens what doesn't happen. You only observe. And it would be even better if you're able to enquire who is aware of the things happening.
  11. @zunnyman Ahahaahaaha Yes but it's not necessary that Isha would replace what you're doing right now I continued my self-enquiry for a long time after I was introduced to Isha However, it sucked me in quite strongly. The impact of Isha programs was such I dropped everything now. Funny because my intention was always do self-enquiry as a main thing and a little bit of simple yoga just for balance and wellbeing. Isha has a funny way to make you thirsty for spirituality for sure. Many people go there just for a healthy lifestyle and become hardcore spiritual seekers *If people come to me looking for water, I put salt in their mouth so that they cannot go without finding it #sadhguru :D:D:D
  12. The mind says "but how that one can be seen? It's impossible" yet all that is happening inside unmoving awereness 🙏
  13. I'm actually traveling to Isha centre in coimbatore right now to get initiated into Shoonya and then stay there for two more weeks just focus on my sadhana and explore many things and temples Right now sitting in the airport :D:D Never been so fired up The most beautiful thing about Isha Inner Engineering and shambhavi is how ALIVE that process is. I have so much gratittude for that practice. Life becomes so much more intense and adventurous, spirituality and spiritual progress just goes on on fire so fast Life On Full Throttle #🙏 And what is special about the shambhavi itself is that it's a living organism you can say. She has an intelligence of her own. It's like a softwere designed to fuction according to what you need most 🙏 That's the main difference between Isha meditation and everything else. That in Isha you receive a seed or a softwere from sadhguru that you just have to nurture and maintain an atmosphere and then fantastic things will blossom, as in other forms of meditation you're on your own, you have to struggle and grind hardcore It's completly different game altogether