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  1. And anyways, suffering is caused by ignorance. So if u suffer, how can u call yourself enlightened(free from ingnorance)? Radiculitis levels of logic.
  2. Suffering is self made. Only a moron would cause suffering to himself for no reason by resisting life. So if you're suffering, you're a moron. Maybe a god realized moron, but still a moron
  3. Lol, don't ruin my genuine apology πŸ˜€ i meant what i've sayed:)
  4. Yeah, trying not to get triggered while reading leo's comments is a huge challenge for me πŸ˜€ i think im getting better at it slowly. Lost it a little bit towards my last post... sorry Leo, you're a great guy
  5. Leo's debate arguments these days: 1) you're wrong 2) you're not as concious as I am 3) you don't even exist, bruh.
  6. You are absolutely certain that u exist, right? Nobody ever doubts his existence, it's impossible. Even to say i don't exist u need to exist first to say that. So u exist. Absolutely so. Now the question becomes 'i exists but as what?' Then neti neti starts. Everything is impermenant, but i remain and observe existence coming and going. Then by observing all phenomena to its subtlest realms u realize what u are can't be found or grasped. It is nothing or not-anything-tangiable. No-self in buddhist's terms. That's the realization of the absolute. Realization of nothingness. And it has no levels or it wouldn't be absolute. There are degrees of insight into the absolute tho.
  7. @softlyblossoming Here's a good explanation of 'im nothing vs im everything' imo.
  8. If u create a distance between what is you and what is your mind, that's called trancending the mind or maybe distancing yourself from the influence of the mind. This gives a clean perception even tho the mind is still full of defilements. Dissolving the ego is pretty much self explanatory. Means purification of the mind, eradication of the defilements, cravings, attachments, unresolved emotional traumas, things like that. As far as i know, this creates a clean mirror where reality can be reflected as it is without any ego distortions on top of it. No ego = no distortions = the truth. A path of distancing your awareness from the mind and the path of purification a somewhat similar. If one rises his awareness, naturally some purification will happen of the ego. And if one purifies the mind, the awareness will rise also. They're kinda the same but also different. I don't know much about buddhism but i think this is what is being called as samatha vs vipassana meditation among buddhists. Idk, could be wrong.
  9. I can relate to this. My logic would be to rely on some higher power like grace or god or smth. I wouldn't be able to see an altervative solution even. "Mind is eternally confused" i think sadhguru made this quote some day. It's like a hopeless instrument for navigating and making descisions in life. Because it has no clue about anything whatsoever... and it never will...
  10. Only if one achieves a state of zero bias can he observe reality as it is and not as he would like it to be. All bias is essentially a distortion of reality to suit your personal agenda and therefore a fake version of reality, aka delusion. To reach zero bias state either ego has to be trancendended or dissolved. Maybe there are some other ways also idk.
  11. I think delusion has to do with the ego. Ego interprets reality for it's own survival all the time. All interpretations of reality are distortions of reality. Only a place where there is no judgement, no interpretation, just pure seeing without any interpretation is the true clean perception of reality. It's called samadhi. So unless you're in samadhi, your perception is in some way distorted by the ego. If u experience suffering, you are deluded also because only delusions can cause suffering. So the simplest way to tell if you're deluded is. Are u beyond suffering? If no, then you're still in delusion.
  12. Hmm, good point. I wouldn't know how to explain that. Maybe the body makes full priority of the production of sperm cells right after the ejaculation so all the energy goes there and causes the low energy for a day and then goes back to normal functioning the next day. And then when the spem cells reach its full count, the testies still continue to produce sperm but because the bank is full, now they get reabsorbed back into the body, storing and cultivating more and more energy at this point. Idk. Im just speculating.
  13. As far as i understand, the body goes into a "repair mode". It tries to recover from semen loss and it takes enourmous energy to generate semen cells. Even to produce normal body cells it takes energy, but semen cells are of a different nature that require manyfolds more energy because it carries a possibility of a new life or smth. It's like if u get sick, all energy goes to heal that sickness and u feel weak. Or when u eat full stomach heavy meal, all energy goes into digestion and u feel sleepy. Same way the production of semen cells is not a joke for the body, it takes enourmous energy to produce them. Hence the explanation. That's why u get more energy when u do no fap because now u can use all that extra energy that u would otherwise use for semen production to some other activity. U have more energy to use at your disposal. Your body is not busy rebuilding something over and over just to be thrown out again πŸ˜€
  14. I think it's a normal response. People who say they don’t feel any energy loss after masturbation probably never experienced what it's like to be full of energy. So they are always in that low state of energy so it doesn't make any difference to them, plus i would imagine they just sit all day somewhere not doing anything active. It makes no difference whether u have lots of energy or no energy when all u do is watch youtube videos or smth. The real impact of ejaculation becomes very appareat when you try be focused on some goal u want to achieve that requires determination and commitment, then it becomes very visiable how much the motivation drive drops low after masturbation. At least for me it's very noticeable. It feels like falling from 9floor for me πŸ˜€