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  1. Leaving for a solo-retreat Won't be using any social media or unnecessary imput for the mind. Will remain present 24h a day. The aim is to overcome boredom. To reach a place where I can sit without external stimuli and be content even if it means to stare at the wall all day. But of course I'll be doing some other stuff like meditation, watching Mooji's videos on his website, i go to prof school also but i meditate there only, don't know what they're talking about. I already tried this recently and gave up after almost 2months. This time should be easier i feel. See ya
  2. Following One single path vs Multiple paths. I heard so many contradictions and opinions on this topic. Both sides has vary good arguments. For example sadhguru says that following one path gives more integrity. That certain paths are like lifestyles and can trasform the core being of who you are. And says that constantly changing paths disturbs your destiny. Your life cannot take proper shape like that. (More about it you can watch the video) I think this kind of logic makes a lot of sense. Also Mooji sayed some things that gave me understand that staying one a single path is a smarter thing to do. There was a story that Mooji was telling about Nisargadatta Maharaj how one time one very poweful master who was about to leave his earthly existence and was very fond of Maharaj and wated to transmit all his powers to him. Ha had a lot of siddhis and sayed to Maharaj that I want to transfer all of it to you. And Maharaj nicely replyed, no thank you, "my guru already gave me everything I need" . And that master sayed "you really are an elevated being"..Yea.. I like this story, it touches something inside me, like what kind of person would turn away such things? Somebody who has no desire for "more" left, total fulfilment with here and now. There's a lesson in that story actually. Anyhow, back to the topic. Recently I found out that Ramakrishna Paramahansa had practiced all the religions, islam, muslim, christianity, tantra, meditation, advaita etc and experienced enlightenment in all of these traditions. This really hit my mind. Then I started to remember that many great masters actually had a lot of exposure to differerent paths, traditions in their journey to enlightenment and turned out to be great beings. Which is a kind of contradictive idea towards sticking to one system only which also makes a lot of sense. Here is a little bit more on what I talked about. "Every time you choose or un-choose, you distort your course of destiny. A determined mind is the mind whose choice is permanent. Once you make a permanent choice, you become choiceless. Such a mind will allow destiny to flow the way you have chosen." Here's a little bit about Ramakrishna starts at 3.40 min mark
  3. Getting irretable when seeing the expressions of love. Something that happens to me and I think to others also. Something to be mindful about.
  4. Witnessing the deep sleep I think I found a way to explain how can someone be aware in deep sleep and what it would feel like. First of all, when we sleep our body and mind is still functioning. The mind is even making choices, if it's cold you will clover yourself with blanket, you will be aware enough to know the tempreture outside, if we want to go to the toilet also we know that and body/mind acts accordingly, but it is doing that unconsciously. So subconscious mind is active and alive and feels things, interacts with things. So now what happens is that IF you become so advanced!, so conscious, aware that you penetrate your mind, there's no more difference between conscious mind and unconcious/subconscious mind, everything becomes conscious for you, you're aware of the subtles movements of the mind. Then when you are in deep sleep you are also aware of the same functioning. Anyways the mind is moving, but your awareness is not Sharp enough to know what is happening in your subconcious. But once your awareness becomes total, meaning when subconscious come into conscious. Then in deep sleep you're aware of these movements of body and mind, and that's how you know "I'm alive, I exist" even during deep sleep. Idk, this is just a theory but it makes a sense to me.
  5. Fasting For The Mind This is probably the easiest way to enlightenment. This video alone explains so many facets to spiritual work. Many great insights here. Rare sadhguru video
  6. Unless one purifies his mind sufficiently, he can't sustain permenant non dual state of awareness. The reason for this is that all the impurities of the mind are pulling a the energy down all the time. It is like a sack of rocks and you are under water trying to raise your head above the water to breath the fresh air. If you strive very hard somehow you can manage to push your awareness with some intense concentration or mantras to the surface of the water and experience what It's like there, but it will be likely to sink you down very fast because no one can sustain that level of awareness/ concentration/ samadhi for a very long time. Sooner or later these rocks will pull you down. A seeker must drop/dissolve all his attachments, desires, compulsions, ego, arrogance, pride, all the impurities because these things are pulling the energy frequancy down, it is a bondage. When a seeker gets rid of these rocks, naturally he will rise and float on the surface of the water without any effort. That's the significance of purifying oneself on the spiritual path. Sattvic mind is karmically pure, always in meditation and is not different from Freedom. ~ Papaji
  7. Yin Yoga Very nice practice I can say. Different from hatha yoga in a way that yin yoga is very therapeutic and has a power to dissolve your pain body, negative emotions, compulsive cycles, old stagnant energy. Which is great because so many people suffer from it. I learned this practice from Kim Eng, she works with Echart Tolle and makes great video on how to do yin yoga.
  8. Sattvic mind will get it right away. Rajas mind has to practice and attend Satsang. Tamasic mind will not even attend Satsang. Sattvic mind is karmically pure, always in meditation and is not different from Freedom. ~ Papaji
  9. We smile when we feel uncomfortable. This is a classic one. When people feel shy or insecure around others they start smiling to pretend that everything is fine. It's like a defense mechanism that turns on automatically whenever you talk to people and you're anxious. For example you go to the job interview and you feel shit-scared, maybe even complaing about life and how much you hate working nonstop and then the next second you see a director and you're like ping, sunddenly you're laughing and smiling and full of energy and you're cool and funny tho inside you feel enourmous killing stress We do this all the time actually... It's fun to become aware of it.
  10. When you purify yourself, you actually purify the collective place. I learned this from eckhart tolle, he was saying that a person who is dissolving his pain body is doing a lot more service to others then he realizes because his pain is not his individual pain only, it ties up with many people, society etc. It is a collective pain. And when you dissolve your pain-body / stored negative emotions / sankaras, it could be done in many ways even by practicing forgiveness, when you forgive someone, you not only make good to yourself, but you also release the other person from that pain he feels of doing something unwholesome and he feels better then as well.
  11. Hello everyone This is a place where I'm going to share all the insights, observations, thoughts and discoveries about spiritual work that I find useful and interesting for me. Many of them won't be well articulated and properly explained because there's a lot that I still don't know and need to learn. And as I'm learning new things I will be sharing them here hoping it will inspire someone and plus it will give me something fun to do as well. Pranam
  12. Futurama Rick and morty Community (same creator as rick and morty) These are my favorite.
  13. It is very beneficial for a meditator to hold morality. If you obstein from killing, false speach, lying, harmful words, any bad deed basicly. Your mind will be serene and quiet. And then meditation will be much better. 8Fold Noble path is the best to follow.
  14. Shakti chalana kriya with shoonya is a practice of death. Literally.