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  1. @Leo Gura wow, these last few posts are surprisingly clean of you. Like a breath of fresh air
  2. @Leo Gura no response? Pff... at least admit you were wrong lol.
  3. Are u sure you're giving enough credit to the samadhi i was describing? Total absorbtion into absolute. Where breath stops and u are completely sucked into absolute. And energy is so profound in the body that the body survives on prana generated by the samadhi alone. Time is completely wiped out. 1000 years can feel like 1moment Idk why but it seems your not giving enough credit how insane these states are.
  4. But u haven't had a buddhist samadhi. Where the breath stops. Existence vanishes. And 7days last like 1moment. Or am i projecting again?
  5. @Gesundheit2 pressing a like without liking the video means audio masturbation? Im not sure i understand the joke here
  6. +1 I share similar views as Arthogaan just couldn't articulate it like he does I would add that going overboard with sensual pleasures is what u should worry about. To worry that you'll overmeditate yourself is a bit cringe to me
  7. Actually in my experience if u learn to discern the voice of peace and presence from the voice of ego inside u. U automatically learn to discern when others are speaking from truth or from ego. Don't know how that works but it's true in my experience. Have a nice day
  8. It's funny how responses come to mind tho. If u observe u can notice, we're not coming up with answers, they just come from the state of consciousness we're in. If u abide in ego triggered state, a very angry toxic response will come. If u abide in presence. A totally different energy and response will generate itself inside your mind. It's a peculiar phenomena in my exp. "Trancendence of ego in a daily life" in a nutshell
  9. I do wish to expand a little on this tho. In my experience, when i participate in these "hot" dramas. There're a mixture of feelings and energies going on inside me. I get like 5 suggestions from the mind what to respond and all of them will have a different vibration. The first and most obvious suggestion from the mind to respond is usually "fuck u bitch" or smth 😀 but if i observe that triggered energy which takes enourmous self awareness ime. U can begin to hear a purer voice. Purer energy that speaks from peace and inclusion. It has a more healing effect and is not toxic like responding from triggered ego-mind. So i always try to respond from as much presence as i can which takes a lot of growth in self-awareness but my responses are not always pure. Often it is different degrees of pure presence and triggered ego inside it. Just felt strong inspiration to write this down. This doesn't even adress your question directly lol. I just needed a pretext to write this down 😀