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  1. Human sacrifice could be a spiritual thing. Some use human sacrifice for occult purposes. Maybe that's your answer
  2. When you practice kriya you need someone who knows human mechanics totally, totally, totally. From it's origins to it's ultimate. Only such a being can guide you to the ultimate with kriya yoga. Because besicly none of us have any idea how kriya yoga works. You just have to believe that the person you're learning from knows human mechanics absolutely inside out. There're other dimensions of spirituality which are impossible (probably, or at least nearly impossible) to open uo by yourself. Third thing is. There's not a single kriya guru who didn't have a guru. So if no being was able to master kriya yoga without a guru. You think you can do it?
  3. It's a long long process. You need to meditate for 30years then come back to painting. A waterfall of creativity will be rushing through you (probably) That's all it is. Just your level of consciousness is all that matters. This takes time. I think you'd like this. Mooji was painter also and he talks about he was battling with his desire to create a perfect painting
  5. I think some body types are more prone to gaining weight then others. But definitely all can lose weight. Just stop eating for 5days straight. You'll see
  6. Okey you stopped meditation. What are you going to do now? Are you completly satisfied with life now?
  7. You seem quiet an honest person. I think you'll find a solution that's best for you if you remain like that
  8. @Sukhpaal watch the video. You will like it.
  9. Ego backlash can't come if you're working with energy. It comes when you push your mind too far. That happens mostly for gnana yogis only. Those who practice some form of self-enquiry for example. If you feel something going wrong it will most likely be because improper kriya practices that cause disturbence in your system unknowingly. That's the thing about kriya yoga. It's something that you have no clue about what you're doing. You just have to trust that the person you're learning kriya yoga from is relaible and knows human mechanics inside out, that's it. It's basicly putting all your life and spiritual possibilities to another person's hands. It's better to chose wisely
  10. @Yonkon omg :Dddd that's a funny story. But honestly, the most dangeruous thing is that you're not doing this out of absolute love and compassion and desire to help others. There's money involved in this. And this makes it extremley dangeruous. You have to pretend like you know all the answers. You have to maintain a reputation. You can't just say "I don't have a clue how to help you". That's where people come up with a bunch of stupid advises that could be harmful. That's why helping others have to be done for free. There's no other choice. If it becomes because of money. It will become a corrupt, ugly process full of harm. If you want to live a high consciousness life then consider finding a different job better. Or if you want to help people you can find a guru and work under his guidence. A guru will put you in good use. You don't know what is best for people. Not yet at least. That's why an enlightened master could guide you. Other then that, respect for doing such a job at such an age impressive This is smart thinking. Don't ignore this voice. It's your conscience speaking. Don't lose it. The moment you think you have all the answers and you feel confident. That's when you'll become trully dengerous. That's when all the bullshit is born
  11. "Even if the most wonderful thing happens to you, if you're not ready it will be a disaster." You need to work on yourself to prepare your system on all levels before you go experience-hunting.
  12. I think vippassana has a similar effect. Basicly, whichever practice that hastens your dissolusion of karma will put your life a bit on fast forward Lol
  13. I listened to him say that like so many times in so many videos. There are videos where he goes into much more detail about this topic. this is such an advenced level of teaching. He said once we initiate you into samyama, If you get into trouble every 6months now you'll get into trouble every 6h "One of my foot is always in your life, it's on the throttle, and it's heavy (laughs)… Are you okey with it? " ''Life on full throttle." When I got initiated into shambhavi i experienced my life began to change at a tremendous speed. I was facing intense situations everyday. I thought I'm going to lose my mind. However it was the most adventurous part of my life. I lived more in those 6months then I lived in 10years. (Exaggerating here) But it was super intense. Now i stopped doing shambhavi because i had to and my life stopped. For a few months I'm just sitting home. Doing nothing. Sadhguru often talks about how if you activate your muladhara in a certain way your life will become very exuberent and vibrant. These are two dimensions of muladhara. It can be dormant, that means you'll be living a comfortable life without anything major happening to you. Or active and exuberent. That's when adventures start to happen.
  14. We have 1month left to live. Better make use of this time 🙏
  15. I agree with a title. But your explanation is not a 100% solid