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  1. @Member yeah what you've sayed sounds about right. I guess there are more than one way of doing this. Creating another vehicle is how Mantak Chia does and teach.
  2. I saw many people with zero meditation experience to go through vipassana retreat. You can do it, everyone can. It looks like a lot but it's easier than it sounds because the place is very supportive and charged with a lot of positive energy. I'm not saying it will be easy, you'll have to struggle of cource but you can definatly do it. It would be very good for you and your growth.
  3. What you call as consciousness is the feeling I Am. This feeling I Am you can seperate from the body and move it around. Right now everywhere you body moves your sense I Am moves with it. But there is a way to move the sense I Am without moving the body. For this you need to build an energy vehicle where you can transport your consciousness/sense I Am into it. It takes a lot of energy/kriya practice to build such an veichle. Then you can transport the sense I Am in this vehicle, sometimes also called an astral body and move about in the cosmos and different astral realms. People who can teach you these practices and how to achieve such things are esoteric paths usually, particulary Mantak Chia is teaching these techniques openly to everyone. And I think Kabbalah speaks of this also, it's a Christian version of the same thing. Tau Malachi a christian mystic that I know who can teach you this. He calls it transferance of consciousness and conscious death. Sadhguru also teaches this in his advanced programs indirectly. But this is not the highest goal. There is something beyond the I Am sense that is Absolute and is aware of the sense I Am. Transferace of consciousness is still just a spiritual entertainment only and not freedom.
  4. I'm happy you found benefit from these things I think some people are greateful for coffee also. They say they can't live without it. Still I think it's fool's gold in the end. Is it a reliable solution to your problems? That's the real question. And the answer seems to be no in most cases. I can't imagine a guru saying to reach true happyness just consume antidepressants or smoke weed everyday until it becomes permenant. Afterall it works way faster than meditation. Why waste time with years of meditation when it takes only 1hit of weed.
  5. Letting go of believes is quite an achievement id say @Javfly33 makes sense
  6. @Javfly33 a glimpse of truth doesn't make you free from suffering. Unless you achieve mahasamadhi and leave your body in that state of consciousness. Maybe that would work. Maybe.
  7. Would you use chemicals such as dopamine or serotonine, anti-depressants, weed etc. to achieve permenant everlasting peace and happyness? Would that be even possible?
  8. 9.13sec lol, I can relate to this so much
  9. Yea it's great but I don't think this is the same thing. It took me over a year of self-inquiry to start feeling this energy in the belly but it could be a different thing, how would somebody know? It seems that immortal body has something to do with steaming sexual energy or it could be the same thing just expressed in different language. Like rainbow body sounds a bit like immortal body to me. In kundalini and kriya yoga they also have similar concepts of prana and apana (downward and upward moving energy) in the navel chakra, which causes kundalini (a dormant spiritual force) to awaken and begin her ascent to the crown chakra where she blesses the yogi with self realisation and a host of siddhis (powers of the mind). Jesus speaks about eternal life also
  10. Starts from 4min untill 12min
  11. Lol. Somebody locked your thread Jesus and immortal body.
  12. Woah. Congratz Are you sure it's immortal soul? It could be just a ball of energy in your tan tien. Or are they the same?because I feel the ball of energy in my tan tien as well tho I don't do any inner alchemy practices.
  13. Do you have to do this practice after the orgasm retention? Some time ago I tried to do the ejaculation retention technique that Mantak Chia teaches (his best practice of cource :D). I was able to stop the process and stop the orgasm at the edge of ejaculation like he sayed but had no idea how to rise the energy upwards. Is this how you do this or there is other method for that? Do you know how or know any links where Mantak is speaking about it? thank you
  14. @Dumuzzi beautifully sayed 😊❤️