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  1. This is a good answer also. The energies of fear and anxiety make us contract, become mental and lose touch with reality, the present moment where there is no tension and everything flows naturally and beautifully.
  2. How authentic u are is directly proportional to how connected u are to the presence, it's the only authentic thing in existence. In other words it's a question of your development in consciouness.
  3. Being yourself is what u are when u have no techniques, no plans, no intentions. U're simply there, alert and open. Present. Responding to situation as per your nature. As per the nature of your consciouness and conditioning. If u can be present or stay as presence while talking to someone, your authentic self will shine effortlessly and all the right actions will manifest on its own. Acting with mental techniques, mental planning in advance of what u gonna say, theories and tricks about dating etc is lame. That in general would fall under inauthentic category in my dictionary.
  4. A formal retreat is necessary. It doesn't cost anything. Plus it is very supportive and makes your results much better.
  5. It's a practice designed to eliminate all compulsions. Total wipeout of cravings is its goal.
  6. 🙌 Vipassana retreat 🙌 I bet that's one thing you're not willing to do.
  7. This is really cool. Learning equations and how to apply them without understanding anything about them, that's such a classic and brainless way of teaching in today's education. I wish there were more schools like u mentioned.
  8. Maybe u can contribute to the world with your mathamatics? Mathematicians are needed in the world also.
  9. What's wrong with being a mathematician? You're already so deep into it. Why change anything at this point? Execute it. Become enlightened master mathematician. Like ramuman or what's his name. Edit. Ramanujan
  10. To show how lame and unconscious these psychedelic masters are. That's one that comes to my mind
  11. It's like beating a child to make him study better. Sometimes it works but it's still not the way to do things imo.
  12. He didn't mention anything too bad tho. Smth interesting he sayes that women store the DNA of their partners permenantly in their brains which kinda confirms my theory about women being like a sponge. I bet they absorb much more then DNA on an energetic level. An interesting thing about semen retention he mentions that holding semen for too long can cause health problems. I wonder how yogis deal with that kind of thing. Consuming neem comes to my mind. It is sayed neem destroys some of the sperm cells and transforms it into prana. I guess that's one way of dealing with it.
  13. An interesting conversation overall. A lot of useful info for sexual fanatics out there. There're timestamps in the describtions.