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  1. Maybe try to observe your thoughts and feelings of anger, sadness, anxiety , sensations etc. It's a good practice for mindfulness and raising consciousness also
  2. Mindfulness meditation and monkey mind don't have anything against each other. The idea is to become more and more aware of the activity of the mind. So monkey mind happens you observe monkey mind, if game strategy happens you observe that also, whatever thought comes you observe that also. It's impossible to stop the activity of the mind. Either you'd become brain dead vegetable or an enlightened being but until then i wouldn't bother about the mind. Do you even know why you meditate what are you trying to achieve by doing nothing everyday for 1h?
  3. "Great beings and who are commited to create wellbeing for people are usually friendless" #Sadhguru Be careful not to missunderstand this in some weird way because this a little bit advanced topic here. 4.15min
  4. I think it has more to do with being stuck in a comfort zone. "If I don't get into trouble that's good enough" i think this is your mentality right now It's a different problem then desire.
  5. "Either everything is sacred or everything is utter nonsense. These are the two ways of seeing the world. If you're in between, if you see one thing as sacred and another as filthy, you're finished" #sadhguru
  6. As far as understand there are two types of self-acceptence. One is you accept acknowledge who you are with all the negative qualities that you have. Or in other words, you are honest to yourself absolutely. That's one type of self-acceptence. Another type of self-acceptence is when you feel ugly, inferior, weaker etc and you try to feel okey about it. It's impossible. Once you make a judgement that you're inferior you will not be happy about it ever. You can't have an idea in your head that you're inferior and feel good about it. One way is to become superior and change your self-image into a possitive one, go to gym, wearing nice clothes etc. Another way is to stop comparing yourself to others. This is a much better way because it deals with the root cause of suffering. You have to figure out how to stop comparing yourself with others. Comparing yourself with others usually comes from a desire to be better then others. That's the only joy that most people know, to be one step ahead of somebody else. You need escape the rat race in other words. You need to realize what is truly important. Is being one step ahead of somebody is important, or having a profound experience of life is important? You need to fix your values in life about what is important. And realize that what everybody thinks of you or what you think of yourself is social nonsense, it has no existencial significence. Btw, you can also stop comparing yourself with others through absolute self-abandonment. Devotion, volunteering, Yoga is extremely effective if it's authentic, basicly all consciousness work can lead you to that place where you don't matter anymore. "Passion for others, dispassion for yourself: highest way of living" that's your answer basicly P.S. "If you win a rat race, you're still a rat" #funny quote by sadhguru
  7. Just realize that you're just a dust on this planet and reduce your self-importence. Bow down to people you talk to. If not physically then mentally.
  8. Hmm. Well yeah. You need to accept simple realities of life. Accept that you have an ego and that you have all kinds of crazy tendencies in you. I agree. But generating love towards yourself has nothing to do with it. You can accept simple facts of life without any love Important question is: does accepting that you have a big ego, and kinds of crazy emotions liberates you from insecurities, attachment to your self-image, interiority complex, self-hatred, low self-esteem? No, you just accepted that you have all kinds of disfunctional qualities in you. That's good. You shouldn't deny this But how to become free from these things? Self-love is not gonna cut it. Because the problem lies in attachment to self-image, the only solution is abandonment. How can generating emotion of love will trancsend your attachment to your self-image? Pls explain Because attachment to self-image means self-importence also and self-importence means constant self-evaluation and self-obssesion and constant anxiety about how you look. How will emotion of love is going to solve your attachment to your self-image???? Let's say you feel inferior or worthless or whatever. then you generate emotion of love towards yourself, well okey, it made you feel good for a moment but did your attachement to self-image is gone now? No, not even a little bit. It only got stronger because you ivested all this time into worrying about yourself. Naturally the more time you spend thinking about yourself, more self-absorbed, self-centered you will become. Self-love is not tackling the root cause of the problem. Problem is attachement to self-image, solution is abandonment. Self-love is not needed for abandonment. Accepting simple realities of life that we have, like animalistic nature, like you sayed, that's fine. But it's not the solution to the problem, it's just being honest and straight to yourself. That's a different topic altogether. Being honest to yourself and admitting who you are with all the negative sides that you have is important, I agree. See. You actually say the same thing like me without realizing it :D. You say the solution is to become aware of the ego and then rest in a place of no self. Well yes of course. That's one way to drop attachment to self-image. To realize that you're not the image is a legit way to self-abandonment. And no self-love is needed, see? Without generating any love towards yourself you can observe yourself and slowly drop your attachment to it more and more. Your ability to function in a society without any friction depends on how empty you are. If you're too full of yourself you'll be in constant friction with everybody. If you're empty, nothing troubles you and you're fine with everybody, you don't have strong likes and dislikes, you don't judge people, you get along with everybody because you're nothing. Nothing fits into everything isnt it.
  9. Hmm.. I enjoy this conversation Okey but see you can't direct love towards yourself. You can generate sweetness of emotion within you. You can generate love within you. You can create an atmosphere and climate of love within you as a nourishment for your growth. The same way a plant needs sunlight, the same way humans need a nourishment of love to grow. But why self-love? The moment you generate love towards yourself it becomes insanity. It reinforces duality, it reinforces your self-image, you become a little bit more self-obssesed then you were before. That's why I used this quote: : "Passion for others, dispassion for yourself: highest way of living". You need to generate love towards the world, animals, insects, birds, trees, not to yourself that's ridiculous. If for example you spend 6months in a forest by yourself without any people without thinking about yourself, after 6months you won't even remember how you look probably your self-image will drop considerably down. And your ability to feel compassion for others will be greatly enchanced because your ability to feel love for others is in equal proportion in how much you don't give importence to yourself. If you think you're the biggest guy in the universe, you will be incapeable of empathising with anyone around you. You'll tramble everyone over their heads and you won't care about how they feel because you're the biggest guy in the universe If you spend 6months looking obssesing over your looks and trying to accept yourself. You will actually just reinforce your self-image even more. How can you forget yourself, abandon yourself when you spend all day worring and thinking about your self-image? It doesn't happen like that. The more time you spend thinking about yourself the bigger self-image becomes. The more time you spend helping others, generating love for others beings the smaller self-image becomes. Someone who thinks he's important if you ask him to do a little volunteering he'll say, "What is for me? What will I get if help you?". Someone who dosn't think anything about himself, has no self-importence jumps into every possibility to help others and he does it with great joy and love and compassion for others people. It's difficult only if you have self-importence. Self-importence doesn't have to be egotistical. For example, if I asked you who is more important, you or a food that you eat? Or who is more important, you or the air that you breathe? Who is more important, you or a stranger on the street? You may not be an arrogant person, but unconciously you think, first you, then everybody else, isnt it? That's why bowing down is so hard in difficult, conflict situations. If you're empty, if there's no self-importence. Even in most difficult, most conflict situations you'll have no friction with other people, your humbleness and love and compassion will gloss over everything. If you think you're important then the arguments will grow bigger and bigger into a very unpleasent states becouse nobody wants to lose, there's too much proudness in them to admit that I was wrong to other people. Their self-image can't handle that. "When someone hits you on the cheek, turn them the other one, that person will fall into your embracive arms." It means when you don't think you're important, only then you can offer yourself to others, only then can you truly show compassion, otherwise if you think you're a big important guy, when someone hits you on the cheek your love is gone, you will hit him back 2x harder because you "deserve to be respected", "you have rights" this kind of thing etc.. What to say... You can go for the real thing or you can come up with phylosophies and psychological games that doesn't really work in the end. If there was another way it would be nice. But life is like that, unless you abandon yourself, the potential to suffer from a bad self-image is always there. Even if you're the nicest face guy in the universe, if you're attached to it, there will be constant anxiety in the background not to look stupid, always to look nice. idk if you realized this but your second step is self-abandonment. Realizing that you're not your self-image is one way to stop giving importence to it. When you realize you're not your body, you're not your image then it becomes insignificant, thus freedom from outside opinions and self-judgment happen. First step is not needed at all, just skip to the second one why do have to accept something that has no meaning to you? (Rethorical question) Also these comments were not meant as a practical guide, step by step instructions to become free from insecurities etc.. it was meant as theoretical explanation of what is happening to people, why they don't accept themselfs, why they suffer from this self-image and what is the solution. 🙏
  10. Enlightened being would not react blindly or unconciously to the situation. Every action enlightened being creates is a conscious karma. Not a conditioned blind reaction of craving or aversion. P.S. I'm not disagreeing with you I just found myself typing this for no reason . This is true but there's something that dosn't move, something that dosn't generate action. If you tauch that dimension, you can say he's self-realized if you dissolve all karma, all movement then it's ultimate enlightenment.
  11. There's only one purpose on this planet to evey human being, animal, plant or tree or whatever... - to grow and to blossom.