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  1. That's a great way of doing the inquiry mentioned by Shambhu. Question who am I can be used to scan and find the psychic image or identity that you're holding in your head. As you're becoming more and more aware of the subtle layers of your identity, naturally an increasing distance arises between you and your person, you and your ego. This gives you freedom and fills you with intense love. I did this method for a long time and still do. It's my #1 practice. It's also called "I watching" sometimes. Or "establish your identity" is what Mooji would say. Classic example, Love,
  2. Yes because often to follow you need receptivity and devotion, it comes easy for a woman. Man are too arrogant usually to follow anything or bow down to anyone. So they have to grind it by themselves. Either you generate energy from within by yourself, or you're open enough to receive the grace in cascades from above. Those are the two ways I think. Sorry, I know that question was not directed at me 🙏
  3. I actually have another theory on this. I think male body is energetically better suited to do transmitting. Female body is much more better for receptivity. You can see that principle of life in the sexual organs even. Females can simply receive knowledge without any sadhana unlike men who have to grind all the time. That's why so many great teachers usually take male body because male body allows them to do powerful transmitions that you need if you want to transmit knowledge and grace. Of course a guru is beyond body, but body is an instrument that can be used for different purposes. You don't see a woman carrying a man on her shoulders, don't you? Because that's not the women's role. It is a man's role to be underneath and carry people through the river of samsara. For what it's worth, I think being on top is way more enjoyable than carrying people. To play the role of a carrieer is really hard work, not that woman cannot do it, it's just that female body is less suited by nature for the job. Female body is better at other things like supportive role(gaming terminology), I heard that the the way energy is functioning in a woman is different, it moves in a spherical manner(AoE), male body energy behaves in a more concentrated way (Single target dmg) so woman tend to be more intuitive becauce this energy picks up a lot of information from the outside and gets filtered through her system. They are more sensitive and better at doing some psychic or healing type of work. These are just my ideas mixed with what I heard from other teachers, don't take this seriously, it could be totally wrong Regards 🙏
  4. It's because men have semen. Lol, I'm just joking, but it could be true since semen is a a powerful source of energy that can be used for enlightenment 🙏
  5. I don't know, sorry. I don't think so. Stay well 🙏
  6. @Waken mind blowing, isn't it? @Nos7algiK ❤️
  7. Increadible Ram Dass talk. Had to share it. ❤️
  8. I think it's the only medicine out of stupidness. If you look back at how you were 1 or 2 years ago and you don't feel stupid, that means you're not growing. If you feel like a retard, that's very good growth then To be truly free from stupidness is my definition of being a buddha ❤️
  9. Idk bro, leave me alone Okey, okey, I mean gentle and soft but not weak and lame. Gentle and soft as opposite to arrogance and violence. You can't be arrogant and high conscious. They are directly opposite to each other like selfishness and love can't go together. And women generally tend to have these higher consciouness qualities of care, compassion, share, giving etc. Sorry if I sayed something wrong, I didn't think this through as I was writing this, i had a feeling it will bite me in the ass I agree with your describtion of higher masculine nature and stuff. Regards ❤️
  10. To make no effort is the hardest task in the universe. That's why it is sayed that enlightenment takes no effort get it?
  11. Men are pigs! I can say from experience it is true Usually the nature of masculine is to be arrogant, brute, violent, toughnut. The nature of the feminine is to be soft, gentle, like a flower. Those are higher consciouness qualities overall. It is sayed that buddha became a women when he became enlightened. That's methaphorical, it means he overcame his violent masculine nature and became like a flower. Women also have masculine nastiness in them btw. ❤️