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  1. @integral Answering your question. I became vegan like ~2 months ago. And I did the test right before that, when I was still on a vegetarian diet. I still eaten animal products for the past 3 years. My low level is either from bad absorption or "bad" animal products. Also, I do consider that I will return to vegetarian, but mostly for social/taste reasons, if my vegan trial will do more harm than good to me. I am not fanatic about this, but can't accept/reject a lifestyle without trying it first either. @Michael569 Thanks, will look into that. I will do a test in a few months (or sooner if I will feel weaker/mental fog). If my overall level will rise, I guess nothing to worry about. In rest, I have a plan from you guys . Will remember to not take the sups 48h before the test tho. @M A J ISadly we don't live in a truly healthy society, and such lifestyle could work only in a village with self cultivated products. Otherwise, you don't really know what you are putting in your plate and what deficiency will rise out of it.
  2. @Michael569Thanks. I will look into it. For the most part, I've considered only pills and powders to supplement, but never anything more "exotic". Will look up if we even have those tests in our region Also, do you have any inputs on those parts? @EugeneTheSage Thank you. Will look up at this as well. From all the mentioned sources, algae are the least consistent in my diet. I was certain that I get enough from other sources.
  3. Right now I take the following supplements: D3, B vitamins, mineral spectrum, and creatine monohydrate (mostly to boost my workouts). I did a blood test recently and my B12 was barely above the bare minimum (something like 260 from a range of 250-750), however, my minerals seemed just about fine (Iron, Calcium, and Zinc). Don't have any problems with sleep, focus, or general energy levels during the day, just want to be cautious with deficits and have an extra umf. For Omega I eat plenty of nuts/algae/tofu. And as far as I know, those are all the most common issues. Usually, I take the supplements with water, but I have 3 general questions: If I take all the supps above at once, will they get fully absorbed? Creatine is recommended to take with something sweet (like juice or sweetened milk) for better absorption. Is this true? My B comlex it's very concentrated, up to the point where my piss becomes saturated yellow for half of the day. However, today I took all my supps with juice (including vitamin B) and my urine was the normal color. + it's overall "dangerous" to take such a high dosage of B vitamins? Thanks for any feedback in advance.
  4. The National Bank created a separate akk for donations. I don't think you can get more official than that.
  5. Yeah, this might be the case. Rn I am considering eating 3 times during workout days and see if this somehow affects my productivity in other areas. Also, "funny update". My coach told me that fruits are bad bc they contain a lot of fructose (aka a lot of calories/sugar) and that all carbs are "pure evil" . Idk, he is looking at them mostly from a losing weight perspective, but even then fruits are good for your health, besides just gains...
  6. The kettle became white, not the water. The heating element boiled the tap water and a lot of minerals just got stuck on it. Gladly, my usual water leaves no trace of excess salts after boiling. Ok, I've never considered a sauna before (I will ask if my gym branch has a good one). If I understand correctly, between cold showers and sauna, you would recommend the latest, yes? Actually, I get way more stressed after a cold shower. I've done it for ~60 days max as an experiment, and all I got from it was a PTSD/anxiety to shower a few weeks after I finished. I did it to train my willpower and see If I will feel more energetic/rested afterward. In reality, I got trouble sleeping after the first few weeks + my feet were extremely cold and almost impossible to warm (even with socks) after them. Idk, maybe the main problem with them was the fact that I shower in the evenings, not morning + I did them full cold, without any warm gradation. I still do them, very rarely, but again, mostly for spicy sensations than health benefits. Yeah, I totally get that. But again, I've done them for reasons other than gains. There is already a lot on my plate to consider other than cold showers before I develop any stable habit.
  7. Thank you all for your time and effort . @aurum My water seems quite good so far. I will check out the composition once more to be sure that it contains all the minerals I need. What is funny tho, I bought once a new kettle and boiled it a few times with tap water to "clean it up". Let's just say that after one boiling, it was all white from the salts . Also, as far as I know, cold showers/baths help a lot with recovery but slightly inhibit muscle growth. Idk, I've tried to cold shower for a few months in the past and haven't noticed any substantial benefit. @The0Self I do 16/8h fasting mostly because it increases my productivity. It feels easier for me to eat just a few times a day, even if it means eating bigger portions. Idk, I just feel more focused when I am hungry. @Michael569 Hmmm, 140g of protein per day sounds quite a lot for me. From your experience, is better to consume like 3000+ calories to get all the protein, or maybe It would be wiser to consider, after all, at least a protein powder (tbh I have no clue how to choose a good one)? Getting 2500 calories is doable and sustainable tho. Hahah, yeah, I understand that. By "skyrocket", I meant 10-20% increase, not x10. I used to watch a lot of Athlean X back in the days, and it was a very good time to build up some good gym attitude, but he was too dense for me. Right now I am not following any "gym guru" at all (besides Derek, the guy who you recommended, but he is more like a vegan cook than a serious coach ). The main concern I have (and the reason I started this topic) is that I take everything quite holistically. Considering fitness is quite a heavy mental task for me, thus I want to get as much high-quality info and just start practicing. In a sense, I am not worried that gains will take long, I am worried that I will underperform on any step of the training/recovery and will waste my time.
  8. @Michael569 Thanks a lot! But I am still slightly confused about this part: My sleep is good, and the training part will be handled by a coach. I am mostly curious about protein intake and general "gut health". If I have to boil it down to 2 smaller questions: Will eating buckwheat, rice, pearl barley, tofu, soy products, white/brown beans, pea, whole pasta/bread, and various nuts (all of them are quite a stable addition to other meals) be enough (and how much/often realistically)? I also eat daily fruits, vegetables, but the main part of my meals are cereals and legumes. Is there any root or seed that I can add to my tea/water/smoothie that will skyrocket maybe not my gains, but overall health (basically, something like walnut or blueberries, but in the world of seed/roots), as I neglect them quite a little?
  9. Howdy guys! Hope the New Year is bringing you some good stuff. I want to renew going to the gym this week and I want some recommendations regarding a few topics (just a small 1 sentence response will be enough): Fasting and calories surplus - does it make a big difference when I eat if I am able to get all my calories within 24h of my appointment Water bottle - I am using mostly a plastic bottle for convenience, shall I look up for a glass/metallic (and how to choose a good one) Supplements - I am vegetarian, and I don't really want to use any artificial powders, but I am curious what I can add to my food and water to boost my gains and recovery (stuff like cinnamon, maca, or there is something more specific)