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  1. To sleep well for a whole week after 2 years of having 3 to 4 sleepless nights per week
  2. I ghosted most of those around me and limited the internet. Outside of work I play video games, I watch long format videos. Sleep is still not great, with regular annoying nightmares/dreams, but at least I can sleep most of the time. I never party and I don't do drugs, ultimately I have very few things to reduce anxiety. I read "plug" lol. Is that the impression I give?
  3. There are plenty of possible attack phases. 👍 There are the usual things (sleep, varied and high-calorie diet, supplements, etc.) but to give more based tips: -Testosterone cream (pm if interested) . -Cycling of MAOIs (e.g. harmalans) -T3/Pregnenolone mix -Raw food diet (Markus Rothkranz/John Kohler style) -Liver cleansing. -Tantric sex. -Megalomaniac daydream.
  4. How could I know? 🤔
  5. Beginning the question Nobody denies that the brain (and/or "soul", whatever you want) constructs all of reality, including others. This does not mean that there is not an objective reality somewhere which conditions this construction. What are the names of both my parents? The name of my mother's cat? The lottery number? After all you are God, so on your next 5 MeO trip you should be able to be conscious enough to respond to me right? Or you're going to act like jowblob , and explain to me that as luck would have it there was a problem that prevented you from proving that you are anything other than in a in a state of semi-dementia due to a heroic dose of psychedelic or MDMA ? No, everything which can be perceived is your conciousness. God tells me that so many people claiming to be God and "imagining others" after using a type of drug with biased pharmacology is a big red flag. Then, like everyone else, to try to make sense you will switch to “YOU are God”. Well no, either you are God and you are imagining me, so talking to me like that has no meaning/interest, or I am God and everything you say is false. Non-duality doesn't make you God, it's a fundamental mental construct that allows you to function normally in relative experience that's it. Petition of principle + misplaced pride. Smoking 5 MeO here and there (I did it several times a few days ago), and reading Ken Wilber's books for 12 year olds is not investigating. Most people here are lazy, think they're intellectual and based because they watch 3 hour YouTube videos of Leo with a pretty thumbnail and take LSD. Well no. How does this prove that you are God? If you sleep yes you no longer perceive the outside world, it is logical, it has nothing to do with God or even solipsism. Ditto Just say you don't know how it all basically works.
  6. No, because love is based on reciprocity AI has no choice whether to like you or not. I don't know...
  7. Does anyone here simply admit they don't know?
  8. “Only others can be fooled, but we are smarter than everyone else, even if our IQ is merely average.”
  9. I would have run away.
  10. @Paul5480 You have no proof that you are God, literally none. All you've done is taken DMT and become aware of Solipsism, of the infinite potential of consciousness, and you conclude that you are God probably with the urge to spit out what Leo and the various schizophrenics roaming around here are saying. You are most likely being deceived.
  11. In fact it's not shocking at all. Look at the affinity of the HU210.
  12. Why not just stick to normal delta-9? Consuming RC just for the sake of legality has a bad resonance.
  13. When you start to have destroyed your health capital like me.
  14. I love humans. Humans are profoundly good and intelligent.
  15. I already explained, they force themselves to talk to you for some reason. On the one hand, they are contacting you because they feel the need to do so, but at the same time as it is forced, they are procrastinating on the conversation they have started with you. It's logical, isn't it?
  16. A low-anxiety man naturally enjoys fucking the hottest women possible, and interacting with them in a childish and dominant manner. Otherwise, you will want older and "mature" women, you will prefer more submissive positions (e.g. cowgirl) than dominant/animal ones (e.g. doggy style), you will sometimes have homosexual fanaticisms (even if you are dominant) or ladyboy...
  17. No, old women are not as attractive as young women. No woman two or even a decade older than you will want to hook up with you unless she has a mental problem and/or is desperate to find a partner, otherwise she would hook up with a man her own age/around . The “milf” fantasy comes from a sort of anxious slave mentality where you identify with, are accustomed to the struggle. Then you project that onto women, and you assume that you will have a better connection with an older woman, because older women would have a more "damaged" and "organized" mentality and physique, and this leads us to believe that they are less “energetically devouring” beings than young women. Basically it is a question of energy saving, "economy of the phallus" (want to be the a object) and it is bad because it is an energetic pattern of someone who has aged prematurely psychically for various reasons.
  18. @Princess Arabia I swear to you that I would like to have more benevolent interactions than this evening here or elsewhere, but the search for and sharing of the truth (at least what I believe to be) prevails. Do not believe that it is to harm you or others. I say that because generally, people see me as someone hostile, but no. Whatever.
  19. 1)They are busy, and take advantage of little poses here and there to continue the conversation. and/or 2) They start the conversation because they are afraid of losing you, because they need you as a stopgap. OR to "buy you", because they think that not making contact with you will cause you to ruminate/get upset because "I'm not being taken care of" or some boring delusion like that, and don't want to deal with that. So in the first case they don't have time, in the second case they are forcing themselves to talk to you for some reason.
  20. What's the point ? What will you do with the results? You confuse with depression, hypomania is a type of excessively "high" mood, that is to say euphoric or angry. It is a form of excessive or even pathological attachment (anxiety). There is no neuroendocrinological difference between anxiety and euphoria, the hormones and neurotransmitters involved are the same depending on the context. Whatever 👍 That's true
  21. What I want is also and above all to increase sexual energy. There's not much point in depriving yourself of orgasm if the energy flow is weak anyway.