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  1. I do agree with you that life is not just about traps for what it’s worth… very thankful for some legit pockets of bliss along the way…. No words to describe Which, then, of course, created their own spiritual traps ha ha! And so It goes I guess, with memories & reflections of those long-misplaced jewels to guide us thru the night.
  2. Even if not, very thankful to play in the art in all of This! (I guess a huge part of this just comes up to terminology also - “traps” Can be very well be synonymous with “necessary steps away from foolishness & towards actualized love”) personally (for whatever that is worth :)) you’ve been instrumental on the path and looking forward to where your creativity and universal mind leads us
  3. Seems to me, in this realm it’s just traps on traps on traps? Just finer and finer granulations of them disguised as “tests, lessons, objectives” until all meets at that one infinite light we are so fond of. I wonder if anything past that
  4. There are many ways to accomplish this work, many of them very rudimentary & likely necessary… once those are achieved, addictions and compulsive obsessive thought actions begin to dissipate naturally. No sooner.
  5. Leo has touched on this on numerous videos I’m sure, as well as others, But a large part of addiction stems from an uneasiness with ourselves and a lack of compassion within ourselves (and for ourselves) - A byproduct of that is lower frequencies and vibrations, hence, lower moods, and levels of consciousness, which leads to an intense desire to escape Getting to the core of things, being OK with sitting in the present moment… and having compassion for ourselves (esp our addictive & “unlovable” states!) is the way to increase the electrical impulses within these things that we call neurotransmitters, which are just figments anyway
  6. Welcome back to the YT game Leo! Listened allthe way thru at 1.5x and picked up some gems & great reminders along the way. You have always been one of the very highest signal to noise ratios in YT so it’s great to see you doing well & creating, we missed you!! Holding any critiques (if I even have any atm) and looking forward for directions you go in this iteration
  7. Doing that effectively requires a very difficult paradigm shift - we have to be humble enough to admit that we were possibly misguided about certain elements of our ideology or belief system, and that the other side may have been “right”. most people on either side of current political & social climate are not capable of that - due to ego, fear, and refusal to step outside of themselves ( like the thought exercise you just mentioned) it is the perfect breeding grounds for authoritarian totalitarianism to arise, from either side of political spectrum, and powers that be are well aware of this.
  8. Seems everyone here is taking sd as gospel without taking into consideration one crucial element… many of the extremes within current wokeism (sterilization of mentally unstable children, near compete capture of msm, legislation to compel & limit free speech, social sciences infiiltrating hard sciences) veer towards authoritarian totalitarianism… which is not an ideal state for society - no matter what sd color you identify with. communism & fascism are two sides of the same shitty coin - authoritarian totalitarianism. With corporate capitalism acting as the osscilsting mechanism. I would just caution anyone to make sure you are being objective & looking at things with your own two eyes - people throughout history have been very quick to give up their rights & sovereignty because they wanted their “team” to win there are higher objectives at play, ones based deeply in esoteric religion, but they have been bastardized and used to play society against each other. Anyone falling too far to one extreme or the other, without objective observation, are playing themselves It’s a tale old as time
  9. Agreed, they were a very small minority. Hence why they changed strategies and concluded that changing policy within the school systems was their only viable route to success & proliferation of their objectives. When society has stability, the chances of raising a generation of radical progressives & activists is slim to none. It’s been a 40+ year project, that is repeatedly stated in source texts, and they have been very successful. “Gotta teach em young”. they planted seeds, and we are now discussing the fruits of their labor. In this forum, in prestigious universities, and all over the world.
  10. Ironically they didn’t quite disappear, a large majority still down for the cause moved into education, both formative & higher education, and began changing policy towards focus on critical Marxist theory. They realized Americans, we really like our capitalism, so education would be the best route to take to institute change, since the progressive & hippie movement had largely fizzled out. This was stated goal and agenda in numerous Marxist texts, and we are now seeing the fruits of it throughout education as critical Marxist theory has firmly taken hold in many forms (DEI, SEL, queer theory, critical race theory). kids can barely read or write anymore, but they make great little activists as they mature.
  11. This is the closest approximation of what woke culture is that I’ve seen in thread, by a long shot. woke culture is the west’s flavor of neomarxism, it’s Maoism for the 21st century. Anyone curious of how that went, it would serve you well to understand what happened under Chairman Mao’s regime in China. It did not end well, particularly for the red guard & youth guard - who are playing the role of activists in today’s culture. Their destabilizing effects will not be needed once objectives are achieved, in fact they will become a hindrance. anyone here saying that woke is just old people telling at the sky, or another word for kindness, are either blissfully unaware or willfully ignorant, and that goes double time for Leo.
  12. Since Elon took over X, there has been an explosion in the transference of ideas & free thought … many of the conspiracy theories are without merit, and some have shown to have substantial merit with an abundance of receipts. I’m just enjoying watching legacy media freak out about it. They seem uncomfortable without control of the narrative.
  13. The transformation has been pretty incredible. I think many in the west or EU look at some of his tactics as strongman or “dictator”, which there are some arguments for, and would not work in most countries… but citizens seem to love him (85% approval) and he was just elected to second term. Most media seems to dislike him. im interested to see how he shapes policy now that they have the violence under control. Time will tell.
  14. Interesting thread right here. I would be livid if I was any of the people whose name was being slandered. Interesting that every one of them happens to be on one side of the political spectrum, while those on opposite political side, but having similar clout, came back with standard AI replies https://x.com/texaslindsay_/status/1761200385849438607?s=46