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  1. @Leo Gura Hey Leo, I've been trying to release this blockage within me for a long time now, part of me really wants it out, part of me doesn't quite feel ready. It feels sort of rooted in the stomach and it animates my facial expressions and surface level mood. I can feel a new layer of peace and ease underneath it. It sort of makes me feel as if I was ready to throw up some food and am constantly walking around and holding it in and having it drag me down, but on an emotional level. That's how close it is to erupting and releasing from my system. I've been using vocalizations lately to Express it, and it has been working great, except for the fact that I seem to be damaging my vocal chords a bit. But I havent quite got to the root of it. So I've decided to look into kriya yoga. I have your 2 top kriya books on the list, and the comprehensive one has so much in it that I'm not sure which to practice. Would you mind pointing me to which lesson or technique that will help me gradually release this block if there is one in it? Something that will clear out the stomach throat and headspace passage ways or something like that. Chanting and OMing was really helping and I know I could probably get it if I continued, but I stopped because my vocal chords feel irritated through doing it so I'm looking for something else in the meantime. Thanks a lot.
  2. @Shroomdoctor going back to your original question, dealing with this fear usually means how to manage it. Maybe it's a fear of being try hard or being seen as desperate like I said earlier. That's all I could really relate too. Like if I was approaching girls in high volume then I'd fear people making fun of me, like they'd think, "man what's wrong with this guy that he feels the need to spam all these girls?" So Idk it depends how serious you are about looking into this issue. Sounds like you want a quick fix, but if not, contemplate it very well. Identify what kind of people you feel insecure around doing it, then visualize them watching you and judging you to trigger the insecurity to the surface and follow that to the source. And "be yourself" is good advice just overused and needs a practice of radical honesty to actualize, which barely anyone practices, so they can shed their false layers preventing them from being naturally attractive.
  3. @Shroomdoctor What sort of things do you practice then?
  4. Authentically?... A few major elements of being authentic includes: being natural, effortless and free flowing. Which also means not being forceful, try hard, or anything of that nature. Learning skills, techniques, or lines to attract is inherently inauthentic. Just think about it. That being said, learning how to pull takes skill and knowledge and assumes she is already attracted to you. That's what pickup is for. To pull efficiently when you know she already likes you. I wouldn't use pickup to learn authenticity, use brutal honesty with yourself.
  5. It makes sense that you feel that way. RSD and other pickup companies heavily demonize being a beta male so much with all their talk like "kill the beta male" "kill the ego" etc. That just shows that they are in denial of their own insecurities therefore being beta themselves. This really creates a lot of shame for people who are insecure to embrace their beta qualities with love and understanding, rather than being reactionary to it like I see a lot of people being.
  6. @eleveneleven Start here. Work with what you are currently aware of in your experience then work your way to absolute authenticity.
  7. @Shroomdoctor It's probably the fear of being seen as a fraud... or as desperate if you happen to be. Day game apparently has the lowest pull rate, just stick to night game then you won't feel so out of place. Why are you doing pickup in the first place?
  8. @Emerald I went veggie when my dog passed. That night I was sitting on the couch watching TV and I saw a pet pig on TV expressing happiness and acting like a dog to their owners.... while I was eating bacon and eggs. I was disgusted. I saw that everything on earth can be our friend, and not just a thing to get shallow as fuck narsissitc pleasure out of. The beauty I felt that day when my dog passed and how deeply we can connect with all living beings greatly outweighed the low quality pleasure of eating meat. People just dont get this. Culture is so shallow and narsissitic that going deep and getting intimate is seen as weak
  9. To myself: "be natural, effortless, and free-flowing." Natural just meaning being myself, and the effort to stay true to my natural reactions and feelings as if no one were watching or judging.
  10. @MM1988 "In order to transcend something we first need to let it be, and we can’t let it be until we become fully conscious of what it is." - Peter Ralston. Like let's say the negative emotion is jealousy, you have to follow the feeling and trace it all the way to the existential assumption that is being held, which is the hardest part. (Could take months or years to get to) Then once you are at the core assumption and fully conscious of it, you simply let it be, which is the same a surrender. It probably won't feel like an assumption, it will feel like a genuine aspect of you so think of it as, "what is" and not just an assumption you're holding.
  11. @Wyatt thanks for replying bro, I probs wont do it but was just shootin in the dark here
  12. @okulele Word like I tried so many hours of meditation in a short month span doing concentration (just trying to be in the moment and ignore everything elese) but now my emotions are just way too strong to ignore so I just try and work with them because focusing on other things is like going against a strong river current for me.
  13. @okulele I'm personally in the boat of turning your attention on the suffering, pain, fears and worries instead... It is just so rare to come by true heart melting beauty that inspires one to go fully into it and let go of everything else. So I just try to work with what I have and amplify it so I can get to the root of it.
  14. I would go home, get comfortable and get ready to do a "meditation" sort of session. Then close your eyes and visualize the scene you experienced, or visualize him looking at another pretty woman and soak into it. Pretend that were happening right now and experience it as if you were at some setting where he would do that. Sink into the feeling and allow it to do it's thing. Even if that means you feel like it is dominating you, defeating you, destroying your value. If that is happening almost naturally then it has to be fully allowed. Sink into it so much that your outer reactions like anger and jealousy subside, and you are left with a more sensitive state that feels more threatening to be in, like being vulnerable. Even though the vulnerability is painful to go into, I personally notice a sense of openness when I do so myself, so it feels good in that sense, but it can be difficult to enter in, especially around other people because it feels shameful and embarrassing. Best to enter into it in a private space where you won't be judged for expressing these seemingly "bad" feelings, yet they simply just arise naturally don't they? Even though culture, parents and friends think we "shouldn't be feeling that way". Don't intellectualize about it all either! Just feel! and embody! Once you sink beneath the surface reactions, then begin asking, "what is fundamentally true about me, such that I feel ______________ (insert deepest feeling or state here) "Fundamentally true" = Belief, but it won't feel like a belief. It will feel like "what is". Don't think of it as a belief either, that's just intellect. Think of it as what is actually true about you.
  15. I really know nothing about how money, insurance and banks work. I'm still pretty much a blank slate in the money domain. I have my best friend who got into this company called Primerica. He told me basically that the banks scam people with insurance, and Primerica doens't and is the real deal, and is actually a good service to humanity... I gave it a shot and went to an interview with a guy. They seemed really nice and I really enjoyed my time there. They offer a course that teaches you "unbiased" (according to my friend) about how money , insurance, and banks "actually" work so you can understand and see the "truth" that is not told to you by banks. When I got home from that interview that day, unexpectedly, I received harsh backlash about it from my parents and they claimed that it was such a scam etc. It's so funny because I am literally like a little child to car when it comes to money knowledge. I am pretty in touch with the not knowing element and also the pressure to "know" and take a side. Parents and most people think it's a scam and my best friends keeps trying to convince me its legit and its really annoying actually. Anyways just seeing if anyone has experience with this company. Not really interested if you made good money or not, I'm sure that's possible. But if you know anything about how it actually works from first hand experience that would be cool. And BTW, I am not going to take a side, just gonna remain in not knowing as much as is necessary. Just looking for more perspectives. Thanks!