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  1. You're onto something big here. Keep it up!
  2. @Meetjoeblack what was going on that made the experience bad? what kind of symptoms?
  3. @Leo Gura How tight is your body in general? Do you hold a lot of tension in your body or not that much? I'm just curious what kind of blocks you have because I'm dealing with a major one right now.
  4. External things are triggering trapped neurotic energy that is within you which is being held by your body. All you have to do is relax. But you can find ways to gradually release that reactive energy out of your body. Look into TRE (trauma release exersise) and try and get your hands on CBD, which relaxes your body and mind and trims down that reactive energy
  5. Look into TRE (trauma release exercise) to get out some of that neurotic energy that has a hold of you! Works really well. CBD can help tremendously also. I dont meditate anymore because I dont like sitting in all my pain, I want to actually deal with it so I can feel lighter and more cleared out in my mind and body
  6. TRE trauma release exersice! Learn it if you can its fantastic. It will vibrate that jealousy right out of you
  7. @Display_Name dont play games, just point it out directly so long as it's out of love and contribution
  8. @seeking_brilliance yep I've figured it out. That need to qualify myself is just unresolved body tension animating itself through behavior
  9. Right awesome. I'll try and explain. When we were kids, our bodies were relaxed and empty, at least a lot more relaxed and empty then they are now. Then through growing up and learning, our natural authentic being is then buried by ways we should behave and should be, other wise we suffer the consequences from parents, teachers, which reinforces these behaviors. So this manifests as body tension, stress, seriousness, and stubbornness etc. So our bodies are tense holding in these tensions all the time and we become so used to it that we forget we are tense. You would look at me and think I'm a normal decently relaxed guy, but on the inside my organs are very tense. I'm miserable. By having that desire within us to be happy again, which includes going back to that childlike state of love, wonder, creativity, magic etc, our bodies have to let go of this tension, otherwise we will just adopt fake behavioral patterns to compensate for this body tension, like faking a smile or people on social media being superficial which all comes from fear of facing this pain. So you might experience a low level vibration happening all the time in your body because your body is sick of holding in that tension and is trying to gradually release it. But like we both said. We are holding ourselves back from this relaxed state. We havent been that way for so long that it would be such a leap to just go back to it, so we choose to hold on. It would also freak out everyone who is tense around you and remind them of their own misery if you were to relax. People love to hold other peope back and trap them in their tensions, because they are trapped aswell. And it would be too tragic to see someone embody a truly loving state because that's what they've always wanted, but were too afraid to do it themselves (in my opinion, and maybe not in every case). So we're trapped in our own tension and dont even know it. And we wonder why so many people are miserable. Its crazy! Techniques: Learn TRE (trauma release exersise by david berceli) this is a physical activity. You basically weaken the psoas muscle area through exersise and lay in a position and you will feel your upper leg muscles start to tremor. The better you get at this technique, the more deeper and powerful vibrations will arise and that will be faster than that baseline vibration you feel sometimes. It's the same thing just faster and stronger so you'll feel a change. Same with any muscle group. Have you ever lifted weights then your arms start to tremor? That's because you've weakened the muscles that are always holding in tension and the muscles cant help but release that tension because they've been worked and are weaker. It basically trims the tension away this technique. It's up to you wheather or not you want to go all the way and get it a its core, which I've never done. Technique 2: get a hold of CBD. It's a form of cannabis that nums the mind but relaxes the body. It feels similar to alchohol but it's actually good for you. This can trim the tension down tremendously. I actually stopped using it cause it works so well. Just goes to show how much I dont want to change!!! I wouldnt go over 8mg. Be careful with this stuff. If you take a high does your body will be in for a ride. Because its trying to relax your body while our egos are trying to be tense so there will be a battle. Maybe even start with 3 or 4mg and dont go any higher. I'm not sure what your default level of relaxation is so tread lightly. Technique 3: Reverse Kegels. Lately ive been doing this. I don't know much about it but I just relax my genital muscles and my dick starts vibrating and releasing tension. Works really well and I can do it at anytime. There ya go hope this helps lol
  10. @seeking_brilliance haha. I cant even tell you how many times I'd try to explain a nice moment of clairty to some of my friends and have it come across as such a stale, uninspiring rant that I wouldnt even want to hear from someone lol
  11. Great! I think becoming aware of the reasons we dont want to change is just as powerful as any other good practice. I'm actually too afraid to know why haha. Cause that would immediately resolve the issue. Ignorance is key to staying the same
  12. Yes of course, hopefully I didnt come across as making you feel bad for not wanting to change. I'm in the exact same boat! Haha but yes we are holding ourselves back! You wont notice a change with the bodies natural vibration because it's too shallow amd slow of a vibration to notice change immediately. I have some other techniques to share but let me know if you are interested in them or if you think you're okay with what you're doing.
  13. @Husseinisdoingfine notice any changes yet? I've been eating a lot less in general and notice less brain fog and more clarity, which honestly freaks me out sometimes
  14. Nice let me know how it goes once you complete it.
  15. Well ultimately I believe we can release these blockages at any time. It's just relaxing the internal body parts holding them in. But I was on 15mg of CBD and like 7mg of THC and CBD relaxes the body so I had an opportunity to release it. I almost did. The energy in my stomach was moving up my body but then it started to get freaky so I cancelled it lol. I believe we secretly want these blockages there. But our deepest selves dont, but yea.