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  1. We gotta be careful with such language everyone who deceives, lies, is selfish etc, are all acting from deep pain. "you are full of shit". shit is someones darkness and deep pain, and we are being very judgmental when we say that. we are further demonizing the pain, saying its not valid, or needs to come out, which is the very opposite of love and understanding.
  2. learning to understand the ego isnt a bad thing. its not something to get rid of or try and overcome, its a part of you and is something to learn and love and understand at your own pace.
  3. beautiful. what helped me was realizing that the ego isnt bad, or a problem, or something to try and change, fix, or get rid of, just to make friends with and understand at my own pace.
  4. i think its pretty arrogant to conclude that anyone who believes a conspiracy is a deluded quack and has no validity to what they think and needs to be changed, i swear this personal development s*** creates some of the most know it all/ entitlted people ive ever encountered, please try and have an open mind
  5. ohh sorry, i think i interpreted this as like, whats a good way to practice self love, and for me the answer is MDMA therapy 100%. A self loving practice i think can be good, but with a psychedelic like MDMA, you can open up the depths of yourself and contemplate easier and find out which parts of yourself youre ready to love, and others you arent ready to. MDMA taught me that both of these states are beautiful. Pain is beautiful, hating yourself is beautiful too. Being in a state of self love, which will be unique to everybody, is quite beautiful, and feels like nothing else. There's depths and degrees to it, and its not a race or competetion, just enjoy where you are, and love yourself more only if and when youre ready. trying to force yourself to love parts of yourself youre not ready to, hurts you, and isnt love. Some parts of ourselves are not ready for love, and showing them love will hurt them more. So all of this can apply to a self loving mediation, id reccomend not pushing yourself and trying to overlove yourself, say what you need to say, feel what youre ready to feel, supress what you need to supress, honor what you need, find comfprt, pleasure and joy. It's all beaitufl, and you are already perfect.
  6. I can say that doing MDMA therapy (with pure, high quality stuff only, i accept no less!!!!) was unbelievably helpful for me to learn how to love myself. It is now my crown jewel of therapy and self love.
  7. if one day some of her beliefs ended up being proven right then how would you feel?
  8. Have you seen Fauci in congress? There are many videos where he is being confronted about COVID gain of function research. There is a genuine possibilty COVID was leaked from a lab and that he was a big part of that. It's all over Youtube. This could open the possibility that COVID was orchestrated and planned all along. Which would open many doors to other trains of thought.
  9. I think thats ok. theres a lot of pressure on us to be happy so that can create a resentment towards happiness and thats all ok.
  10. @Arcangelo aha. its laughable that someone who appears to have such sharp perception on so many things would conclude that CNN doesnt spread misinforamtion
  11. I believe we can't force or try to let go of things, they leave when they are ready naturally. like a sneeze. It just comes up, and goes. The spiritual community has created the idea that holding on is "bad" or "not good", so we seek to let go of things we actually aren't ready to because we think we "should" or to meet the standards that other people set. Everything we hold onto is still serving us in some way so learning to love, appreciate, and understand why we are holding on and how it serves is all there is to do.
  12. @Willie yep I can see how spending most of his time telling people whats right and wrong and how to live their own lives can be tiring.
  13. yeah dude. you couldn't be any more spot on about this. the hypocrisy and closed mindedness is appalling, despite how open minded he claims to be.
  14. @BjarkeT look up kylo ren. you're welcome.