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  1. @Leo Gura mentioned in one of his early videos that personal growth is exponential. I have forgot in which video it was. Can you guys help me understand this concept more? Do you believe that personal growth can truly be exponential in various aspects of life, such as relationships, health, physical strength, intellectual growth, awareness, and decision making? Why or why not? Share your thoughts and experiences on whether consistent effort and dedication in these areas have led to compounding results over time.
  2. I see, so, growing in one area requires lots of energy in the start because we're adapting to it, then once we have adapted / integrated the habit, changed our belief, then we don't have to focus our attention as much on that anymore which frees us to focus on growing on other areas. Once a critical mass of changes has been integrated, then the curve of growth shoots up exponentially. At that point we'll be better able to recognize patterns and be more wise to see the consequences of our actions. This is such a fascinating topic. What is growing exponentially? Understanding? Clarity? Pattern recognition? Knowledge? Ourselves? Is that a specific thing or all of it.
  3. Leo talked a lot about finding meaning and having a life purpose. But this article poses an interesting point to ponder. Would a meaningful life, be a happy life? What do you guys think about this? Note, that I didn't read the full article since it's 50€
  4. If Im the only one inviting people out and initiating conversations over text is this a one-sided friendships? I have noticed that a lot of people are friendly towards me when I initiate things but I'm getting tired of always being the one to hold things together.
  5. Which things are better to talk about with my male friends rather than girls I am attracted to?
  6. I tend to overanalyze stuff in relationship and it really bothers me and others. I have become better at spotting myself doing it, but sometimes still do it. Have you guys deal with that? What are all the manifestations of this? Is talking about the relationship overanalyzing stuff? Where is the line?
  7. Great article I wanted to share since a lot of people here are intelectual types. I Definitelly made themistakes that are pointed out in the article. It's so funny when I think about it.
  8. The whole nofap movement is something that does more damage than good. The problem is not masturbation, masturbation is normal and natural. The problem is masturbating to porn and wasting time looking at that. That's what does the real damage. Learn to separate masturbation from watching porn and then you will naturally masturbate less. When you watch porn it's normal to masturbate like 5-10x times more than if you don't. The whole idea that something amazing will happen after 90 days is stage orange thinking. And suppressing your natural masturbation urges is stage blue at work. Develop a life purpose and you will not even think about engaging in such nonsense. There are of course benefits to abstaining, but the problem is that if you go to far, you will backslide in a way that you will conpenaste for the lost time of masturbating and watching porn. When you don't watch porn and masturbate naturally when it feels good, that will not happen. Even some monks are allowed to masturbate once every 3 weeks.
  9. If everybody acted out of love and truth, woud such a future be possible? I think not. What do you think? I know there are twisted versions of love out there and whatever manifests, manifests out of truth already. Laws enable survival so we don't have to fight for it and everybody needs to stay accountable to some laws for the collective to function.
  10. I think it would be really insightful to see which challenges/frustrations people are facing here. Mine is staying consistent with my morning routine. What about you?
  11. Sometimes I wish that I would desire to read more books, but I don't. Maybe I just feel resistance toward it. How do I contemplate my desires and motivations? How can I desire something more than I do right now?
  12. More consciousness=more free-will. Less consciousness=less free-will. By raising the level of consciousness, you (as the field of awareness-looking) can notice more interconnections taking place. It appears as one is swimming in a larger pool of water and there are more streams that one can enter. In lower level of consciousness, you're immersed in a smaller pool, less streams are present, and consequently you have less access to reality. This access is direct, not just observational. The one who appears to observe is still a subject.
  13. Instead of looking outside at what other people think, look within and feel your feelings. You don't have to know everything. Feel your next step. How does a decision make you feel compared to other ones. Does it feel like truth? If it does, it is true for you and you can trust yourself enough then to take that step. When you establish this trust in yourself, you don't have to keep searching. You will find what is true in that moment and that will be the end.
  14. @kras The one who is willing to go the slowest has the most power at the beginning of the relationship. Go slower than her, and she will be the one who will tear your clothes off.
  15. Here is a video from a guy who saw a space craft.
  16. From what I understand, emotions are our responses to events, but response is a choice. However, when I'm in the moment, I don't feel like emotions are a choice, but more like a result. I don't feel like I am choosing emotions out of a spectrum of emotions or that I can conjure an emotion at will. So, my question is what are emotions really? Are they a choice, a result, both, or what?
  17. I found this video really interesting. At 5-10min, there is an example of an insane person. He doesn't feel a need for self-preservation.
  18. I think that Leo demonized pleasure seeking too much in the past. This can present a problem and I think @Leo Gura should address this and explain about it more in a video. I watched a lot of videos and there is an example of that in like 1/6 of the videos. If you view pleasure as wicked, this can lead to a lot of suppression. The ego eventually comes back, and then it's stronger than ever before and this can lead a guilt trip. If you work hard and then reward yourself with something pleasurable, it's good. You can feel better than before when you take a break to enjoy the pleasures of life. Pleasure seeking is a part of us and it's better accept it. When we accept it, we can avoid pleasure seeking to spiral out of control. We gain more control over our life, enjoy healthier things and get more pleasure out of them. So all parts of ourselves are satisfied.
  19. After the latest episode I have become more aware of the trap that I have fallen into after practicing meditation and mindfulness too seriously. A few years back I have written a post on how to become enlightened fast. Well now in retrospect I think it's dangerous to go too deep too fast. I was not developmentally ready for going that deep. My mind become too silent. I didn't know anymore who and what I was. I spend years reading and watching spiritual teachings to understand the depths I got myself into, because I didn't have enough knowledge. Now I think I have enough of it and I will change my priorities back to basic personal development. @Leo Gura I would appreciate it, if you elaborated more on the point you mentioned in your latest episode at 1:17:25 about nihilism. I have definitely fallen into that trap.
  21. @mandyjw You gave me two awesome insights today, thank you!
  22. In retrospect I now think this guide can be dangerous if you're not developmentally mature enough. This is only for people who are ready for it, not for people who need to handle their survival first. If you want to get a better guide I have written a huge post on my blog about it. I still need to add some references to it, but if you want to get the ultimate guide on how to practice mindfulness check it out.
  23. How I became enlightened FAST and how you can do it too Warning: Be radically open-minded before you read everything below. Don't seek too much information, seek massive transformation. Be one(awarness) and let go of all meaning. How to: - being focused only on breath. Redirect your attention to your breath when thoughts arise, you do this every second for a few months. You can't both be fully focused on breathing and thinking at the same time (hearing mental sounds). After sometime of doing this 24/7, the mind surrenders. By doing that your grounding yourself in consciousness, and your enlightened when your fully grounded in this consciousness. - drop every arising meaning creation for extended periods of time by being in this awarness which is connected to your breath - having a serious intention to raise your consciousness. - Being fully open to new experiences, rejecting nothing. Radicaly open minded. - Following intuition. (when your following intuition there are not present as much mental sounds, intuition gets to the point faster than logical mind) - the most important step is realizing that you have nothing to lose. Only than you can fully immerse yourself into it. To destroy the ego you have to be in the being state, and if you want results with enlightenment fast, you have to have a serious intent to raise your consciousness. You have to be this awarness continously to get rid of all thoughts. This means that it's harder to become enlightened by being aware just when your doing your traditional meditation practice for up to 60 minutes or 3 hours or even 5 hours. Being aware of that is easy compared to being this awarness all the time without even making a distinction between sitting meditation and the rest of the day. It's very very important to keep expanding this awarness moment to moment and don't stop for a long period of time. But overall it's not even a long period of time, You can do this in 1 year or even 4 months if your extremely serious to be in this awarness every second for a few months. It's extremely easy but with all the thinking your making it complicated. Reality is so fucking simple you will NEVER understand it with thought. Understanding awarness with the mind is like lighting up the sun with a cigarette lighter. Also with that approach your not creating a sense of linearity, you are non-linear and that method just destroys the illusion of linearity. After I got enlightened I became aware how the body just moves automatically without me thinking anything(hearing mental sounds). I was like shit, I have a lot of work to do to undo all of that programming. So I was starting to do more and more personal development and consciousness work simultaneously. Enlightenment changed nothing . Enlightenment just made me more aware of the functioning of existence, how everything is happening without effort inside me. At that point your mind and ego die, because you surrender to to effortlessness and ego and mind is all about effort. So after you become enlightened everything you could accomplish is effortless. You really don't need any thought anymore to function and succed in life. So... that means you don't have to go to meditate in a cave for 30 years. You can do your life purpose and enlightenment simultaneously. Yes it's hard but if you apply everything I am talking about here you will be enlightened extremely fast. Probably none of that stuff has been discussed on yet. We can be enlightened much faster in this time and age. You have to become increasingly aware moment to moment and maintain that intention for a few months. To not pay attention to the content of awarness but to awarness. And after that you will arrive in utopia, you will want to go back but you'll recognize that you can't. You have embodied that which is permanent. The mind surrendered to consciousness. Now... Imagine the app store. When you click download, the application needs to be first downloaded and only than it can be started. It's the same with enlightenment. You need to embody the higher forms of consciousness and that is pure being. You embody it by being in awarness for an extended period of time. The more interrupted you are, the longer it will take you. Ask yourself how fast is your connection. If it's slow it will take you a lot of time to get to enlightenment if it's fast the higher consciousness will anchor in your 3D vessel and you'll become enlightened fast. Ask yourself how conductive you are. If you want to be enlightened fast, you need to drop all resistance and drop arising resistances for extended periods of time with awarness, by observation, without being judgemental, attached, not building any meaning when thoughts arise, not labeling anything as good or bad for your own gain (because when you do you start constructing meaning and that is illusion), not gossiping not comparing yourself with others, not creating a sense of linearity, being aware that your not what you sense as yourself, existence cannot be perceived with senses it's only trough consciousness. Consciousness is an expanding fractal. Have a serious intent at the start, like your life depends on it. As you become more and more conscious this seriousness will vanish and all that will be left is playfullness. You will start playing with all of the content of awarness and not seriously indulge in it by assigning it meaning, thinking of it good or bad. You will be detached, and after a while that detachment will become automatic, a part of you. This intent must be present for long periods of time, interupptedly. Establish a meditation practice first. I have started with meditation with headphones, at the start it is much easier to establish a meditation practice by listening to meditation music, 7.83Hz resonance, solfeggio frequencies and 432Hz frequencies and music. Meditating in nature or on nature sounds (birds, creek...) is also very powerful. Meditate in the morning and keep expanding that consciousness after you finish your sitting meditation trough the day without making even a distinction between that sitting meditation and the rest of the day. I have trained every second for a few months (3 moths) and then the mind surrendered to existence. Now I have to force myself to think (to hear mental sounds). I think when I want to think and I can stop constructing meaning out of arising thoughts. So if you really want to be enlightened now see every moment as a meditation practice from now on. That's it. After a while it Will become automatic. You could than completely change everything your doing in your life and still maintain that awarness of awarness. It becomes permanent and this is enlightenment. How my journey began. A spiritual experience happened, a paranormal one. I saw a spirit, a ghost, and that being was watching me, I became aware of him and he was aware of me. I Will just sum what happened. I was walking at 5:30 in the morning and saw a light a few meters away from me, I was walking by that light and was looking at it. I was questioning myself, from where this light comes from, if it's something there that the light reflects from, I was looking at it and couldn't find anything. Than I had a realization this light was moving like somebody is turning their head as I was walking by. I had a thought of "What if it's an ghost", and that very instant the ghost moved for about 20cm, it was like a being without a physical 3D body. Than my fear programming kicked in, I didn't know what to do, I have grabbed a stone an threw it at the ghost, and when the stone was in air the being disappeared into the ground. I had the strangest feelings that moment, feelings that I didn't felt anytime else. When you see stuff like that your perspective is radicaly altered. I have researched a bit after the event and came to some strange and mind blowing conclusions and after that I have decided that I'm not yet ready to accept that reality but I told myself that it Will come a time when I Will understand, so I have put all this aside and was not thinking of it at all. After a year and a half, some strange events happened and I was invited to a secret forum not publicly available but only trough invitation. I have found about spirituality and all progressed from there very fast. I was curious to find out more because I knew I couldn't trust what I see and hear anymore. I knew there is something more to reality than my perceived self, my sense of self. I made the intention to raise my consciousness to the highest level possible. This is what I did aside from all of the things I have already mentioned. Everything already mentioned is enough to become enlightened. This are more the things that happened after enlightenment. I still think they are related and can lead to enlightenment and Will help you tremendously if your are open enough to accept them. - When the teacher in school was talking the theory from the textbook we had to all write it down. I have witnessed for long periods of time how thoughts automatically triggered when I had to write it all down. So I have trained to write without hearing mental sounds from the teacher (to repeat that which the teacher said in my mind). I have directly become the teacher. I was in this ever present awarness that is everywhere. I was all of the connections. I have become a channel for the teacher who was talking. I had no thoughts and my arm was automatically writing down every word the teacher said. Try it yourself without stopping till your arm hurts. In this practice it's not important to pay attention to content of awarness it's just being while your bombarded with thoughts. This is just a side practice that was born out of being aware of breath all the time, but found it to be really great in raising consciousness, so I had to write it down. - I have used many activations to activate energy channels. The are a lot of different activations but the ones I have had are easy to perform for everybody who has an internet connection and speakers. You go on youtube and learn about Light language activation, you read articles, just immerse yourself in this for a period of time (for 6 hours at least) because it's abstract and not tangible to the mind. Then you listen to Light language channelers. Channels are people who are channeling higher dimensional codes from higher dimensional beings. And after you listen to them you transform in unspeakable ways. You have to sit, palms up and listen to the sounds, be a sponge. It's best to listen before going to sleep so the subconsciousness processes all of those codes when you are asleep so the next day you wake up with new established templates, with new wakefulness. It's also very important to study many perspectives in this field by listening to different youtube channels and reading multiple articles. You really need to be curious here if your not curious about what I'm talking about here your probably close-minded, just drop that resistance now and do your research, you will not just learn new concepts you will come out in a different plane of existence because you become more attuned to non-locality. The best Light language channeler I had the best experiences with is this one. He has removed most of his videos 2 years ago but he said that for a fee of 70$ or something like that he can give you all of them if I remember correctly. I have those videos but will not share it due to the respect and out of support for this man. This activations are extremely powerful. Search on youtube: newaeonawakening - Becoming more aware that I am an interstellar galactic citizen. Becoming aware of that raises your consciousness to to galactic level. The path to universal consciousness is trought enlightenment. We are evolving. We are becoming more and more aware that we are visited not only now but from the start. I'm talking about beings from other solar systems, other galaxies who are assisting our evolution from the start.. You become aware of beings in other dimensions and that raises the consciousness because you don't trust what you see and hear now. They operate just on higher electromagnetic wavelengths and our eyes cannot perceive those light frequencies so we don't see any of that. They can materialize in this dimension and disappear in an instant. They are just not fully approaching us because that would trigger a mass fear response. When The tipping point is reached, when there are a number of awakened and conscious beings, then there will be contact. And that contact, when they will land and fully show themselves will transform the earth extremely fast. And that time is by a lot of channels coming in the next 15 or 30 years, we'll see. I have an important question for you. How do you approach something so different that you can't relate in any imaginable way? ....It's consciousness, that is the only reletable way. Because the same consciousness that's present inside me is also present inside them. It's the same. You have to be aware enough to recognize that and only then you can connect on a conscious level. I had conscious contact with light ships materializing in the sky more than 100 times but most of them were not not like youd imagine, like looking at them for long periods of time. The longest sighting I had was long around 80 second I think but most of them were just for an instant, to just show me that they are there and that they know and recognize that a peaceful conscious contact wants to be established. I have also remote viewed places that I canno't even describe in words. It was not random at all. I had raised my consciousness to the galactic level with the intention to do so. I had many more paranormal experiences but that is not the point of this topic, I just want to make clear what is possible when your serious about rising your consciousness. Crazy stuff Will happen. - Pay attention the the wholeness in which all content is happening, like you look at a picture in you phone and tap left or right. When your doing that your detached. Your not attached to the content of the image in that photo. So look reality as a photo. Pay attention to all perceived light and all perceived sound. Don't indulge in the content of those two, just become aware of those. Also become more aware and increasingly aware of sensations in the body. - journal and write a lot about your insights in the start and after the download is complete drop all of that and be that. Find masterful teachers to learn from. And refine your intuition. I have learned the most in my early days from Arcturus RA and Ehani - The fastest way is to be just aware for a few months that you're reality, see reality as a picture the whole time (maintain samadhi). That will be enough to embody an amount of consciousness that will destroy the ego without psychadelics or anything else for ever. That is all it takes. Yes psychadelics are very usefull for enlightenment purposes but you don't need them to get enlightened. I have had only 1 trip before permanent enlightenment (which was good enough) I have taken 3grams of magic mushrooms (or after enlightenment, I don't know for sure all happened so fast). The important thing about psychadelics I would say is that you can't expand consiousness if you don't have any (yes you are conciouss all the time but you get lost in thought). So first start a meditation practice and after a while try psychadelics, otherwise you Will just be lost in though and no long-term insight Will be gained. This way is much more powerful than just hoping to attain enlightenment by gulping psychadelic substances. Yes you can do that but in reality you don't need it. Reality is a psychadelic trip by itself no addition needs to happen to make it more psychadelic it is already psychadelic. Perfect. - Learn how to ground yourself. Ground yourself in nature with barefoot walking, exposing yourself to Schuman resonance (7.83Hz) - Listen to 432Hz music... Meditation music, ambient music with 432Hz is best. - Listen every day to Solfieggio frequencies. I have only listened to those frequencies for many months. - Sun gazing in the morning and/or at night for a few seconds and than start building from there to up to 44minutes a day. - Using cristals. Learn about cristal therapy and start using them. - pay attention to your breath, and when you get lost in thought return your awarness to breath. Be aware of your breath more and more. You can't simultaneuosly be lost in thought and have awarness of your breath - altering my DNA trought sound and vibration - maintain a rhythm with sticking with the basics. Optimum sleep, nutrition and diet. - biohacking my light body. Using photonically enchaned quartz nano sperical sand in a pendant. That's powerful. Most of my light ship sightings happened after having this pendant. (Gammatron key) - using alchemy, higher dimensional vitamins and minerals for my etheric, magnetic and light body. This elements are not located on the 3D periodic system of elements, it is plasmic. This is a game changer and I have found out that from one of my masterful teachers Arcturus Ra (creator of gammatron key). I recommend you watch his videos on YouTube, he's extremely deep, a lot of stuff Will be abstract but that's not even important when your raising consciousness. Your higher self Will understand all of that. You Will be activated by just listening to him, if you remain non-judgemental. I don't want to reveal what that substance is, because I want you guys to listen to this guy first. This stuff alone can make you enlightened without psychadelics and you can make it at home if you want to. What I'm talking about is the holy grail as described in many ancient sriptures around the globe. This is extremely powerful stuff for the purpose of enlightenment. @Leo Gura Thank me later