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  1. @Spiral I wouldn’t consider it as cheating but also I can’t just say it is only because she enjoys to do so. I mean isn’t it obvious that she knows other guys will be turned on and if she didn’t want this to happen then she wouldn’t do it
  2. @Spiral I feel betrayed bro
  3. Are you okay with your girlfriend twerking when other guys are around or sharing a video of that? The answer will be related with a lot questions so I’d like to hear your answer
  4. How does one have romantic relationships when he/she is into enlightenment? I’ve read Leo’s insight about his girlfriend and I can’t stop thinking like ‘Maaan he’s everywhere saying he, me or any individual don’t exist but atm he is saying to someone ‘ ‘I’ love ‘you’’? How does that work? Or how come anyone that denies seperation can say to his gf/bf ‘You are more special to me than all the other’ I mean this is kinda funny and really interesting to think about
  5. It literally does not and I won’t deny it untill I get that enlightenment experience ,which I don’t know if I ever actually get it tho, but will work on ‘coins’ that’s for sure. See I completely get it that heads can not be seperated from the tails because the moment you do heads are not heads anymore it requires tails to exist. But heads are NOT the tails, they are not identical. To me, they are different but not seperate.
  6. @Naturalist 2 sides of the coin, still not the same to me. I mean I still can’t get that simplest thing out of all you have said. I mean they are not seperate, obviously but when people say they are the same I don’t get it. They can not be seperated but they are different
  7. @Nahm Why is it not just your idea that 'all is love' but is absolute truth? If everyting is relative to other how can everything be love, for absolute certainty? I am sure it is not for someone that was raped at the age of 9 and faced his mom's and dad's death.
  8. @Shiva How can it be so? If something is absolute how can it be relative? If _A_ is absolute truth then it can not change for me and you. For example I can understand that colours are relative I mean simply a car that looks green to me might look grey to a colour blind person. And how something looks is all we know about its colour so it is not _absolutley green_ How come absolute be relative?
  9. Can someone elaborate on meaning, truth, value being relative? I mean wouldn't it be impossible to say 'Everything is relative.' because by saying that you refuse that 'Everyhting is relative.' is relative. You take it to be absolute. You are absolute on nothing is absolute. Can't really understand and doesn't really make sense to me.
  10. Thank you, all for your answers. Somethings are clearing up, that's for sure.
  11. A LOT of people that are on a spiritual path they all make this distinction between ego and them. Ego and Me. They see jealousy arising they say 'My ego blahblah' they see something great happening 'Bro that's the real me' For those who share their insights about ego, who is it that shares these insights? Who is it that says that's me recognizing the ego? It is ego. In fact more egos are created and the ego game became like an onion. At the end of the day the 'me' that thinks of this miserable 'ego' says 'Gosh, finally I am free of ego' Free my ass. YOU are the ego but you split it so that even a lil bit of you reamins. So that you will not die completely.
  12. @Heart of Space Of course. Alan Watts always goes like 'What you have taken to be the observer is just one of the thoughts.' 'Can you watch the watcher? It does not exist!!' and in Leo's enlightenment video he says the illusion is the observer. but then who would it be to talk about ego?
  13. If you watch Leo's videos on ego he says the ego is the observer, literally. Exactly same with Alan Watts. Then, when you watch Eckhart Tolle he says to get rid of the ego you should be the observer. Being the observer is the way out of ego. Wtf? Is there an observer or not? If I go within and say what I feel then the answer is yes. But since my consciousness is at a low level I think it would be wrong to go within.
  14. If questioning who you are is the type of self inquiry that we are talking about, I'd say it is rather dangerous. The purpose of this kind of inquiry is to make human beings aware that they can never understand who they really are in terms of the mind. But.. If the one that is doing the inquiry is a neurotic person or just more persistent than normal person he will literally go crazy. Because after a while if you don't tell the children that he can't bite his own teeth, he will break his teeth trying to do so. I just wanted to write this because there may be some people that are so overwhelmed trying to ratinolize who they are in terms of mind. Just keep it cool and be more focused on the experience and if the experience is not coming don't be too persistent on it. Letting it go will make it come itself which is the only way.