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  1. @Heart of Space Of course. Alan Watts always goes like 'What you have taken to be the observer is just one of the thoughts.' 'Can you watch the watcher? It does not exist!!' and in Leo's enlightenment video he says the illusion is the observer. but then who would it be to talk about ego?
  2. If you watch Leo's videos on ego he says the ego is the observer, literally. Exactly same with Alan Watts. Then, when you watch Eckhart Tolle he says to get rid of the ego you should be the observer. Being the observer is the way out of ego. Wtf? Is there an observer or not? If I go within and say what I feel then the answer is yes. But since my consciousness is at a low level I think it would be wrong to go within.
  3. If questioning who you are is the type of self inquiry that we are talking about, I'd say it is rather dangerous. The purpose of this kind of inquiry is to make human beings aware that they can never understand who they really are in terms of the mind. But.. If the one that is doing the inquiry is a neurotic person or just more persistent than normal person he will literally go crazy. Because after a while if you don't tell the children that he can't bite his own teeth, he will break his teeth trying to do so. I just wanted to write this because there may be some people that are so overwhelmed trying to ratinolize who they are in terms of mind. Just keep it cool and be more focused on the experience and if the experience is not coming don't be too persistent on it. Letting it go will make it come itself which is the only way.
  4. @zazed That is a question. For example, there is this person that is trying to be exactly like someone else. What do you think will happen if you tell him 'Your thoughts are not you, accept and go on.' he will only be a copycat, a wannabe. The problem with saying 'Does it even matter?' etc. is big one I think. Because it is a very dangerous position to take. Say nothing matters and just go on living. How well do you think you could do? If nothing matters why are you even talking about conciseness etc. @Flow With Life This is more understandable. @aurum That is really good, thank you. But the problem is, I can count you maybe 100s of people that say, that think they are consciously doing these when in fact they ate just lying to themselves. It is very easy to tell when looked outside if someone is a wannabe or is really doing something for the sake of doing that thing. Like I know some people that say they wanted to play the guitar since they were kids. But I really know them, they wanted to do it only after couple of girls said they liked boys playing the guitar. Even they say it is very _authentic_ to them and literally believe it, it is not and it'd be impossible for them to know because they really believe it. My point is why not the same thing would be true for us? And I think this is a paradox.
  5. No, what? This is exactly what the ego is. So by the way I know about your YouTube channel. For example how authentic do you think your channel is? Almost all of your thumbnails are identical to Leo's. Of course I don't mean to be rude here, not at all. But you channel is more like a copy channel of Leo's. By going your own way this is what I mean; creating something that is independent of what is already done.
  6. @Leo Gura Cuz I know whenever I read Nietsche, what I say looks like his sayings. Whenever I listen to Kurt Cobain my attitude looks like his. Iunno man, I feel like there wouldn't be a way to control this.
  7. @Flow With Life But if what is only meant by this saying is just 'don't believe anything blindly' I think then the people'd choose to say things like that not 'follow your heart' etc. @Leo Gura Believe me I already am not in society and looking at the stars out in the desert. I don't have any social media accounts, not much friends, not going out etc. still struggling with this very hard. @phoenix666 How can you be going your own way imitating someone else man? For sure you wouldn't be same, but you wouldn't be going your own way either.
  8. Allrigh let's say you apply this and the rest for your life. Can't you see the BIG problem here? You are following him, telling yourself you are not following anyone!
  9. How to follow your own way? How can one really follow his own way? That is a problem that's been fucking me for months. How can one choose his own way without being influenced by others when even the options he has are influenced by other people? I mean every step you take, every word you say, every thought that comes to your mind are just consequences of what/who you have been listeneing to, following and etc. and the bigger problem is other people _tell other people_ to be themselves or even sometimes not to listen others. I mean I hope you can see the huge problem here. So my question is how one can really follow his own way?
  10. I never understand how people can be like that. I mean being that sure of themselves. Especially when it comes to the people that have at least heard of enlightenment. Like are you kidding me? You are being told that your whole life was just an ILLUSION. But now somehow after all you act like a part of it was an illusion which you could never figure out if you were alone, but this part of it is "real as fuck" just as it was real back then when it was an illusion. Are you kidding me? How are you sure you are not literally kidding yourself into something? How are you so sure of what is real and not when you say you have lived in an illusion and have taken it to be real for years once?
  11. @Paintballer So they wouldn't be any authentic anymore?
  12. @Leo Gura No, lol. I sure can laugh at my own death. I don't understand why people are making it big deal. I mean if you are dead then you wouldn't have anything to worry about. How can 'you'? Because of these paradoxes I can say I didn't start taking any action. Whatever the hell I want to start doing, I see the paradox of it and it makes me 'Maan is that a trap also?' So I have a question to you, should I 'seriously' start seeing my life as Highest Hero's Journey?
  13. We all read Leo's insight on seriousness; which he says that can only arise as a trap of ego and more serious you are more egoic you are.Also he said that any ideology, anything that takes life serious is absolutely WRONG. On the other hand we have Higest Hero's Journey...I mean isn't it DEAD SERIOUS? Isn't this kind of paradoxical or is it just me having trouble to balance the two?
  14. @DoubleYou So by that the reason that all the problems we are trying to eliminate are here because of the way we are raised? Because if we are missing something that is always here and now the reason we are missing it can not exist naturally and must come with attitude that goes against the nature.