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  1. @Shin haha thank you for this one!!
  2. We are so certain and clear when it comes to free will. Free will does NOT exist, right? It is cool to say this when we are talking about really small things such as 'being mad vs not' etc. but what about when someone kills someone? Or when someone rapes someone? What happens this person looks at you and says 'Bro I did those and I don't care, cause there is no free-will.' like what the heck? Saying there is no free-will leads to this and I think this is so retarded.
  3. Thank you all for your kind words and good media. I think I am pretty sure it was an ego death fully because you know. I mean like I knew I had no free will. Even the smallest things I thought I was doing were not being done. I was aware that my whole life I thought or felt that I was somehow in my skull somewhere, in the body at least. Somehow I thought that there was a thing behind the eyes that actually sees. For that 3-4 days I was fully aware that these were just fictions, they had no reality. Like I am surprised now how I lived my life that blind, when the illusion was right in front of my eyees I was not able to recognize it. But as I said it was pretty depressive at that time and I literally repeated every night that 'I exist. I am here. I can see' etc. I thought I was going insane, literally. That actually was really scary and when I was really focused and asked my self 'Who is it that's scared?' I knew that it was not real but still I kept saying 'These are all bullshit and nothing more than going insane' I don't know, that was the weirdest experience of my life. Experiencing there is nothing to have a life.
  4. I watched few series of vides on YouTube about holographic universe and when I was done I started to experience an ego death. I know it sounds weird like 'I' experienced' etc. but there is no other way I can put it. Anyways it lasted about 3-4 days and they were the most depressive days of my life. I even concidered ending the all meaningles a lie-based life. I don't understand how people get good insights on these kind of experiences. It is a truth that there would be 'no one' to experience the bad stuff but it is also true that there would be 'no one' to experience any joy in life. I just don't understand