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  1. @pluto That is just much easier said than done. How do you not do and just be? That is the all question tho.
  2. @Nahm How do ‘you’ discover what you are not and what you are? Eventually you’d have to come to the point where you ask yourself “Who is it that is asking this question/doing this investigation?” and here you are paralyzed again. You can never answer this question because any answer will bring about a further question
  3. @molosku But isn’t it your conceptual mind that says “reason, cause etc. is conceptual and the rest is just what it is and it is ultimately the reality” that’s just meta-conceptualization that your mind does
  4. How can you bring about a controlled accident? That’s the biggest problem with spirituality. Contemplate on this. How can you do anything not egoic? Any ‘doing’ is egoic. See this for yourself. Don’t just be a pseudo spiritualist. See clearly that it is impossible to do anyhting not egoic. So what are we to do when anything we try ,even a little, is pushing us away from where we are trying to get to?
  5. @Markus Really? Can you explain more about the negative effects?
  6. @Torkys Thank you, I have watched the video but it didn’t make me write anything. So unfortunately wasn’t helpful. Anyways, what do you mean by that Infinite Intelligence? Would that mean you are able to get any knowledge whenever you want?
  7. @pluto I have never experienced such a thing tho. I don’t know it’d surely blow my mind if I were able to write or say something I have never learnt/ heard of before. Such as let’s say I don’t know the simple formula F=ma but somehow I wrote or said it. That’d really be a great proof and a mind-fuck
  8. The most plausible one I can come up with is that we don’t know ANYTHING about where our thoughts come from and how they are generated etc. Furthermore, we live with an assumption of thoughts are located ‘ in the head’. Why do we believe that? Has there ever been a thought found in a skull? Ever? So channeling, miht be understood as thoughts coming from another source or within the same source but different locations etc. since we don’t know anything about where thoughts actually come from it’d be plausible to concider the possibility that wherever they come, somehow we might be able to experience another thoughts or information coming from a different place where they usually do.
  9. @Nahm Thank you for the sources I am checking them out now.
  10. What about channeling? Leo mentioned in his video saying it is true and sure possible to be done. I am so excited for new mind fucks and of course lil bit scared. I have been reading people channeling Einstein, Tesla WTF??? Seriously, what the actual fuck?? Anyone wants to share any thoughts about this very exciting topic whic has a huge potential just to be some shit mentally ill people are talking about?
  11. @Nahm Yeah cause apparently the thinker is who we take our selves to be
  12. @SgtPepper That might have happened out of choice but that still doesn’t apply that how it went after was not chosen
  13. No I meant questioning which is ‘one’ of those things that are required to live a wise life along with meditation, contemplation etc.
  14. I know all the gurus, wise-men, sages have given the answer. But did you receive the answer for yourself which is the only way that the answer could mean anyhting at all? The question, the topic of the investigation is ‘Is there a thinker to thoughts?’ don’t just give me the answers that you have almost memorized. A lot of people who thinks they have the answer live their lives just as same as a person who doesn’t even ask the question. Learning=Realization=Behaviour Change!! I will be defending the answer yes and all those great non-dualers you are invited! The first thing I have to say is okay I might not be able to know when exactly what thoughts will come but I can say ‘I am gonna think about an elephant’ and then think about the elephant. Doesn’t that apply that actually I can think my thoughts?
  15. @Epiphany_Inspired Yeah that’s just awesome. Thank you for that!