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  1. Thank you guys for taking the time to reply God bless you
  2. I've always been a sort of outcast, but since I've started this whole interest in meditation, spirituality and what not, I feel even more disconected from other people. I have had many friends and romantic relationships in the past, but hey all seem to come to an end in the worst way possible. I have been cheated on by long-term girlfriends. Some friends have also tried to "steal" my partners. Other friend's partner has developed a romantic interest in me, which in turn has destroyed the whole friendship. It took me 30 years to accept that people are just fucked up like that - that's how it is. I tried many times. That's why I got into spirituality, since I realized that there was something really fucked up with pretty much everyone (myself included). Nowadays I live alone like a freaking hermit, because I am tired of dealing with people's bullshit. It's frustrating because I also realize that this suffering has the function to motivate me to wake the fuck up, but boy, it hurts. I've been playing the guitar, working my 9-5 job and meditating, pretty much. Everything seem pointless. I don't feel like I should do anything about my life anymore. I don't want to find a new partner, make new friends, make money, or whatever. I'm not even depressed or suicidal. It's just a huge frustration. I found myself bored at the peak of a mushroom trip last time I tried. (yes I should finish watching Leo's nihilism video, I guess) This game sucks, God... Give me some fuckin' good DLC or something
  3. The sands of time no longer speak in tongues of persuasion An ocean changed in form and sound to swallow thee The dust of silence procreates, but fades immediately As I observe the sphinxes vanish in the winds I know his day is nigh I know the night must die Revealing lasting peace beyond all fragile woe I feel the void extending I feel the self transcending Dimensions falling down beneath the open eye I look around myself and witness dreams and dreams and dreams I am surrounded but untouched by all things ill-conceived The strangest forms appear to me in everlasting streams To renew illusion's seed that no thing will ever be relieved Void is mind itself, and mind itself is void A presence of the absence of will Is speaking from beyond the veils of lunacy Reminding me of what I am I know the I is falling I know these roots are sprawling For benediction comes through him who is in all I feel them flowing through my veins I feel them slowly breaking chains And reason resignates with unexpected grace
  4. Don't you dare to dick around the work. U dicking arround? Questioning the king of the forum? Leo needs humbling, and the universe will provide it. You guys need to be careful. I know I will probably be banned anyway, so... DON'T YOU DARE TO CREATE DISTRACTIONS DON'T YOU DARE TO QUESTION THE WORK LITTLE SHEEP, BEHOLD THE KING OF THE FORUM
  5. This is a cult. This is a cult now. Can't you guys see? Leave before you get hurt
  6. I am not going on the ride and I really hope that not too many of you get hurt in it.
  7. Come on guys, ship is sinking. Leo, by the way, what your body is trying to tell you is that you have to embrace and accept your humanness to heal. I just hope you realize that soon enough. I know you can (:
  8. I think you are projecting me chalenging the mighty king of the forum, who will from now on be intolerant to people that are not VERY serious about this work.
  9. @Canadian why do you assume I haven't done it already eh?
  10. And if I seem more delluded than some dude that is telling he is wake as fuck and is making sure everyone knows how godly he is, I am sorry, I forgot to take my 5meo breakfast. You can thank me later, Leo.
  11. Leo plugs a fuckload of psychedelic crazy shit and discovers he is actually an even bigger infinite thing that is actually a no-thing, which is everything. I hope you are not delluded about your claims and that is honestly trying to convey your experience. You do sound delluded, Leo. You seem to be aware of it, but your videos started to look like a huge ego trip, paradoxically. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate your work and your effort, but you sure don't seem to embody compassion like many spiritual teachers. How can you be so sure no one has ever realized what you did? How come smoking ridiculous potent psychedelics will actually make you integrate god into your life? You reached for the secret too soon You cried for the moon Shine on you crazy diamond I really hope this shit is for real See ya
  12. Occult Gate The Tarot Priest Warning for the naive: Discovering the power of divination tools might screw your head if you get too excited. Like any other spiritual tool, it has to be used the right way and for good reasons. Otherwise, it might just simply trap you even more in your narrative mind, with an added extra layer of complexity. Have a good trip.