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  1. Smoke weed, eat some mushrooms and listen to some really inspiring music while looking at nature. Boom.
  2. This dream is just one of infinite
  3. If you still judge smokers, that means you haven't faced your own addictions yet. Believe me, you do have addictions. Smoking feels good. It's a social lubricant, and I dare say tobacco is a sacred plant for several shamanic traditions. Every sacred plant has something to teach. I've learned a lot myself dealing with nicotine addiction. I feel like there's a perfect order of sacred plants teachings: tobacco => marijuana => mushrooms / peyote => ayahuasca The shamanic path is, nevertheless, a dangerous path.
  4. Nah, his main trigger is actually red. He hates red's guts and that's his whole campaign. Legalizing guns, putting more people in jail, and so on... He's solid blue. Blue can be as cruel and violent as red, you see... Every level can, really.
  5. That's an unbiased opinion from a second tear standpoint. Most Brazilians, including some folks that are commenting here just can't get out of the mainstream perspective, which is sad given that this forum is supposed to be full of "high consciousness" people. Bolsonaro is probably the final blue move in our history, he will make it very clear blue's limitations, and I fear our gamma trap will be solved through rebellion / revolution. We might even spiral down to red, like it's happening in some Northeastern cities. It's so sad, but it's true. Brazil won't be green in our lifetimes... We have four years of "regress" ahead. That's why I want to go somewhere else ASAP.
  6. @Stefano Haddad himself is an example of honest and competent person, despite his affiliantion with Lula / PT. He was one of the best mayors São Paulo ever had. He's intelectually light-years ahead of Bolsonaro. I won't be repplying, because it's a waste of time, but try to see the perspectives you're missing, my friend. Sincerity and honesty are huge values for you, but they exist just in your head. No ego is sincere or honest. We're all playing games here.
  7. Bolsonaro: blue (super blue) Trump: red / orange Haddad: green Even though your narrative about the political situation in Brazil has partial truths, it doesn't change the fact that the PT candidade was well ahead on the spiral when compared to Bolsonaro. The choice wasn't really that hard. A green candidade that belongs to a corrupt party and a blue candidade that also belonged to a very corrupt party (PP). Your narrative seems the standard orange narrative that got spread through mass media. There's much more nuance in the scenario. Lula is not the saint that the workers party says he is, but he is also not the devil like most orange oriented people like to say. The funnyest thing is that lula himself is ORANGE/green and people think he plans to implement blue communism in Brazil. Orange will always go with blue or none when forced to choose between blue and green. It hates green more than anything. Politics are really easy to understand when you have a good grasp of the Spiral Dynamics model.
  8. Your goal is to tell the truths without the blaming in your heart. It has to be authentic. People are just lost. They have no guidance, no father, no mother, no education. Just the sick culture. It's not their fault.
  9. Is there a "free won't" of some sorts, or this ship is just bouncing around? I can summon people and situations, does magic have a use in realization or is it pure distraction? I feel like watching a movie of my life sometimes. I also have a sense of expansion when I close my eyes and concentrate. What might be the trap that keeps me in the duality? This ego is a high IQ motherfucker, it feels like this kind of intelligence might actually be an obstacle to realization. Most of my breakthroughs and insights came from psychedelic experiences. Is that "entering the room through the window", or do you belieave a healthy amount of psychedelic experiences is actually necessary for most people? Is it possible to recognize an awake person just by looking at his / her eyes?
  10. Everything everyone says might be misleading. We can use some pictures, brother.
  11. It's definitely not offensive, but points to a truth that most egos feel uncomfortable to admit. That's why they simply stop listening to what you have to say and start justifying their position. I found eating habits can be hard as religious dogmas to break. Maybe even harder... Food is most people main attachment to this sensory experience. I openly talk about psychedelics with people. I usually start saying that LSD helped me to quit a 5 year nasty smoking habit. There's nothing wrong with being honest about your position when asked, but if there's curiosity from someone else, that is actually a window oportunity for you to learn more about your own unconsciousness. I don't want to sound paternalistic. Most comments in this forum come from that position and just suck... It's just that I really can relate to your experience and I am convinced that I have done some really good progress in this regard.
  12. I generally say my vegetarian diet has significantly improved my health. That really gets their attention. When you say "i just do not want to support the animal farming industry", they actually hear "I think you meat eaters are hypocrite murderers". If you are high consciousness, you understand the responsibility of your words. You don't blame others if they don't understand you, you improve yourself to better convey your messages. That's the catch, that's the challenge. Being gentle doesn't mean being nice, means avoiding the firs-tear finger pointing. Of course, you will fail. People are going to misunderstand you. It's not their fault, they could not possibly behave other way.