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  1. Stages don't disappear, they are integrated and transcended. That means that if you are a healthy yellow center of gravity, you have integrated all the lessons from previous levels - e.g. you know how to behave when red values are needed. You know how to communicate to pretty much any person in a way that makes sense for them. You don't go talking about systems thinking with red center of gravity, you use red's language and values, pointing to blue
  2. Have anyone seen Stanislaw Szukalski's documentary on Netflix? This man was an unknown da Vinci like genius of our times. I really recommend watching his documentary on Netflix. I would classify him as a hyper-narcissistic yellow, but the quality of his art hints he might have been beyond. Coral maybe? Who knows...
  3. it is indeed
  4. Lol Dream Theater is not actually a Rush cover, even though it may seem like that's case eventually haha Rush is great, music is great! cheers
  5. @Leo Gura Oh c'mom dad People do far more dangerous things on a daily basis... Prescription drugs, alcohol, porn, fast food. Mixing microdoses of true medicines is actually pretty safe. A much more gentle way than blasting through infinity with 5-MeO and not knowing what to do with all that information the day after. (I'm not talking about you, by the way) I am being very sincere here, I can feel my brain is operating in a whole new level, even though I still live in a duality. One step at a time, right? I am also getting ultra sensitive to any substances and subtle stuff... I am currently testing walking meditation holding mudras to see the subtle diferences in my perception.
  6. With diligent practice this will improve. I know it seems like an impossible mission right now, but as you advance in the mindfulness practice, you start to notice very clearly that you go through some quantum-leap like improvements. It will get easier. I will be eventually effortless. Good luck!
  7. You might like this thread:
  8. I must disagree with you on this one. I found that mixing substances is amazingly useful for personal / spiritual development. I have been making experiments with mixing substances at very low doses and the results are pretty outstanding. I can feel a deeper level of presence in the afterglow days, even weeks after profound experiences. I had an experience of effortless attention mixing 0,5g of cubensis, 80mg of gincko biloba, a cup of green tea and 3 puffs of marijuana. I spent hours looking at a park pond with victor regias and lotus flowers. I could feel my brain upgrading to a new level of experience, since you start thinking very differently when you are completely present and with virtually no self-referencing thoughts. I am getting to the conclusion that the secret of the shamanic path is not really taking more and more, it's using substances at threshold levels to boost your spiritual practice of choice. I also had a very interesting experience mixing 25mg of modafinil and good quality marijuana. Same presence, almost no THC paranoia, not the same bleeding of love through the heart as the shrooms, but it was very interesting to see how my sight operates, how I scan my environment and calculate everything in matter of milliseconds. Do mix psychedelics! But do it at really low doses and very responsibly. Know when to stop tripping and do the fine tuning by meditation alone.
  9. I've got a spotify playlist for that: Enjoy your trip
  10. Well I totally get what you're saying, but why don't you give it a shot? We're all open and curious
  11. This song is called "Everytime I take a step, the world leave its place"
  12. Hey ya'll, It's my first day trying modafinil and I must say, It is indeed a very curious substance. Apart from all the mentioned and known effects, some really weird encounters are happening throughout my day, and I can't avoid to contemplate the possibility of my state of consciousness being influencing the "external events". I know I'm entering sorcery terrain here. The encounters where somehow profound and taught me so much and I am so intrigued, that I had to post here to see if anyone ever experienced something like that on noots. The first encounter was with a former employee of the company that I work for. I met him on the way to my favorite restaurant. He told me some significant things about my working environment and people that I work with. The second encounter was with a girl that was crying, sitting next to a bridge edge. I was ready to get a shared bike to ride back to work when I saw her. I stopped to talk and see what was going on (I thought she might have been having suicidal thoughts or something). She seemed happy to talk to someone and I managed to make her calm down, but all the girl could say was pure nonsense... I don't really know if she has been abused or was on drugs. She mentioned that google had found her identity, and she had nazi blood. That she was tired of people judging her and... that she had to go back in time to give something to her father. In the middle of this interaction, a homeless boy came and asked me if I could lend my bike for him. I gave him some money (he was trying to scare us, I guess, but was just a child) so that I could keep talking to the girl. I'm omitting lots of details of the interactions to keep the post short, but I have a strong feeling that I am attracting all these situations, so that I can help people and learn stuff at the same time. Today I have learned that I don't really have to take responsibility for every being that I encounter. I don't regret talking to the girl and calming her down, but I learned that her problem is much bigger than just that moment, and that I can't get too involved, so I could not solve my own psychological issues. I have learned that your mental state absolutely influences in the "outside world" and that sometimes it is better to "close the channel" than to keep it wide open.