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  1. Going off from the forum for 6 months. Enjoy it guys, I wish you the best.
  2. @Optimized Life Cool. I’m actually reading a book called “The Direct Daygame Bible by Sasha Daygame”. Good stuff.
  3. Dude, if it works for yourself, I appreciate it. I don’t feel comfortable doing that, it’s not for me. Maybe it’s a personality thing. Keep going, I wish you the best 😉
  4. @Optimized Life We should write a book called "Effortless Daygame"
  5. Great perspectives here! If you know how to talk and socialize w/ all kinds of people these days, you're safe
  6. What a cool job. Reverse engineering alien tech 😄
  7. Hollywood is a school for revealing intense counter intuitive shit. They make it be “normal” to us through movies. Do you think MIB is a coincidence? They are preparing us for a lot of things.
  8. Do you think they can distinguish who’s more developed & spiritual? What if they don’t have a religion/moral code. If love is the law for them, ok.
  9. How do you think they communicate their thoughts? Telepathy? Language? Farts?
  10. @Sugarcoat 😂😂 You can do it