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  1. For all who are truly interested in their health, go read: Regenerate: Unlocking Your Body's Radical Resilience Through The New Biology by Sayer Ji. This guy understands health on such a deep and holistic level. Don't underestimate this book! Go read it. It's amazing. This guy is a genius
  2. Hey guys, I'm searching for a video by Leo in which he says something along these lines: Does anyone know from which video this is?
  3. @Michael569 Thank you, this list definitely helps. A bunch of stuff you mentioned applies to me. Stress, Animals Products, gut problems. Actually, these 3 things are connected. I will try to fix my gut problems and see if that helps with the migraine.
  4. so funny, doctors tell me there is nothing I can do to heal my migraine but medications and pain killers. Did anyone of you successfully cure his migraine through food or other natural stuff? I'm open to everything Any book recommendations for healing with a holistic approach? Doesn't have to be specific to migraine
  5. @Manusia Thanks for that Information! Helps a lot
  6. @knakoo How much LSD did you take? I also had crazy experiences with binaural Beats on LSD. Got into a completely other world full of fractals, no self
  7. @GreenWoods Hard to imagine that this works. I gotta make some more research. How can you make sure that these Subliminals are not full of bs messages?
  8. @GreenWoods What is the difference between affirmations and subliminals?
  9. I'm really into binaural beats lately. There are basically frequencies for everything as well as for every Chakra. Do these frequencies really work to open chakras? Is it worth listening to them while sleeping?
  10. I do take notes but still after a few day I forget all the little nuances of the book. Are there any methods for notetaking or studying books that you recommend?
  11. try binaural beats. That got me into a whole new dimension, completely surrounded by fractals (600mcg) or try to work on your chakras through a guided meditation. It should be pretty easy to open at least your heart chakra on LSD
  12. Spirit Science has so much high consciousness - easy to understand - content!
  13. @Lyubov age is in the title18 years. That's why I'm curious. It's not like I can't get it hard. I just don't see the point in it. Seems like time waste to me
  14. @flowboy Thanks, I'll do that. Shouldn't be a problem though