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  1. When I talk about Consciousness/God I am talking about the Observer/Stillness/ or I Amness which I can feel sometimes more and sometimes less and to which I get closer when meditating. When im talking about the ego, I talk about my identification with the very earthly person, storys, appearance etc. And yes the capital letters are quite arbitrary I didnt thought about it, it just came naturally with no conscious intent.
  2. Leo said many times things like "You never were born" or "Your birth is imaginary". I didnt understand this till a few weeks ago, when I had maybe an glimpse of awakening, im not sure. How I understand it now is: You as Consciousness/God never were born, but you as ego/form got born. But that birth is in the absolute identification with consciousness just part of the dream the consciousness dreams up as a story for the ego to make sense of the experience. So wouldnt it be much easier for people to understand this if Leo would mention that you never were born in the Absolute sense as Consciousness/God. Or am I missing still someting out?
  3. @OriginsThis sounds interesting, I think I can imagine what you mean with this and maybe im already doing this a lot. I can get very hyped up by my creative thoughts and positive imagination. Where do you got your knowledge from in neurplasticity or neuroscience?
  4. Yes its an very interesting topic. Nice choice to study this.
  5. Thats another interesting distiction you made, but I think thats another phenomena of thoughts than what I mean.
  6. In this episode Andrew Huberman explains exactly how you trigger neuro-plasticity for learning. Very interesting!
  7. I was contemplating about Thoughts. In meditation guides they often talk about that thoughts just appearing in consciousness, but you cant control them. But I think there are 2 types of thoughts. 1.) The thought just happens to you/appears in consciousness randomly. 2.) You are thinking with intention. Could it be, that the first type of thought is coming from the ego/unconsciousness or unconscious patterns, and the second type of thoughts are coming from the Observer/Higher Self? Or is there no thought coming from the Higher Self and both coming from the ego mind, but one with intention and the other one just happens to you unconsciously? Im not sure about it.
  8. Leos advice sounds a bit toxic for me in this thread. There are many young guys who have erection problems especially because of watching too much porn. When the first years of sexual experiences are only porn it can get unhealthy and thats the case for most people today. Also it can cause more anxiety which you described due to unrealistic expectations. It can be the case that you have a few more experiences, getting slowly more comfortable with the other person and then start enjoying sex and get up easier in real sexual experiences.
  9. What I experienced is that women can be often more sexually/aroused as the men, when they are in a deep relationship and have great intimacy with their partner. I saw and experienced many relationship where the women wanted more sex, whereas single men can be more horny than single women, because there is lesser need for intimacy and security for them to have sex. But im not sure about this theory.
  10. @Strangeloop It can be just the anxiety and after you done it a few times you will get up/in easier. I think doggy is the easiest, if you have problems to get it in.
  11. I struggle with this problem a bit at the moment. How can I fully accept myself, but at the same time wanting to change many things and work on myself? I think in constantly improving myself and looking into the future for a "better version" of myself lays implicit the assumption that I dont fully accept myself as I am at the moment. How do you guys think about this/manage this problem?
  12. Im currently reading Einstein: His Life and His Universe and its pretty amazing and interesting. You get a great insight into his mind and can learn about childlike curiosity, openmindedness and dedication to know the truth. His character traits correlate with many of the concepts Leo is teaching. Should be on the Booklist in my opinion.
  13. I would reallyappreciate that. When you really can give it to me free, I would take it
  14. Has anyone bought the full course and did the program? Was it helpful to improving your meditation and understanding about meditation? Im doing the first free meditations at the moment. I like the format of having daily practices with instructions + the theory lessons. But im not sure if the full course is worth it.