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  1. His main theme is the pursuit of understanding and truth. If it is not the case that all other wisdom traditions, religions and spiritual masters are completely deluded it should be the case that they have quite similiar "ideas" about reality, because they are not really personal ideas but different descriptions of Truth or the Absolute. Other than that I think Leos teaching have a very distinctive personal style that differs from the approaches most spiritual traditions take and is very direct.
  2. Dont know if anyone answered on this specifically, since I dont want to read all the threads on this topic. But deep Spirituality and Insights will make you Stronger like nothing else. You conquer your fears, you come to know yourself, that will give you real confidence. When shit is going down, the wise people will remain the calmest because you have faith and conficence into something deeper than materiality.
  3. Haha, this is an great way to describing it
  4. Honestly this sounds way too rigid, analytic and left-brainy to me if you really talk about socializing. The best thing you can do in socializing is being present in the moment with the people, having fun, empathising, being passionate, really listening to people, giving some value. I think the best material on basic socializing is from RSD Julian and Owen. I think otherwise, trying too hard with your interaction or calculating too much will just hinder your ability to do the things said. If you talk about a special setting like an job-interview, sure there you can prepare better beforehand and be more tactical and there are a lot of good articles out how to do this.
  5. Do you guys think 5 MeoMalt is similiarly beneficial in solving energetic blockages and in this way beneficial for the overall health of your system? I will test out in the next weeks.
  6. I strongly recommend listening to this
  7. Wouldnt claim these to be the greatest bands of all time, but some of my favorites: Tame Impala Pixies The Police and pretty new and recent ones: Turnstile Idles
  8. I think it can differ from person to person. For me Mushrooms always feel much warmer, natural and gentle than LSD. LSD can feel very unpleasant and alien. Also 5 Meo Malt is much warmer and gentler than LSD or 5 Meo DMT for me. For me the more gentle and warm like LSD psychedelic is AL-LAD that is worth checking out.
  9. I also think that this advice on porn does not work for most people. There are tons of research on the bad effects porn has on your brain. Its pretty obvious. Also from my own experience I know that my motivation goes down when I just jerk off to porn. There is less motivation to go out and seek real sexual experiences with women, which are way more meaningful. Also firing all my neurons in my brain with this hyperstimuli makes me worse at appreciating stuff that fires less neurons like reading a book or watching a lecture. Especially for a guy who clearly has a problem with porn and masturbation this is not the right advice.
  10. Daniel Schmachtenberger has an GoodReads Account and I found a few good books on his list that I really like.
  11. Okay I understand, thx for clarification!
  12. @Leo Gura For me your new attitude towards books sounds a bit lazy and uninspiring. Arent there always new ways of thinking and new concepts and new connections, that you havent thought of before, that could complement and deepen your understanding of reality? Also youre still watching videos and most of the time books go deeper into the topics with more nuance and clearer thinking than videos could do. Isnt there still an infinitude of things to know about the relative domain? Not mean to bother you, I know you read hundred of books probably way more than me and you also accessed levels of consciousness far deeper than me. But that are just my thoughts when I hear this and also it doesnt fit for me into the general theme of actualized of lifelong learning.
  13. Help people question their assumptions and worldviews. -> Socratic Method Help them to break their ordinary patterns of seeing the world; making insights, forming new patterns. -> Shamanism Just being high conscious yourself and being a good reflection for them. Help them to see beauty in things. Point out beauty to them. Help them to see the interconnectedness of things.
  14. @Rasheed I agree with you, that there is way more practical advice out there and there are also better models for understanding psychology. You need to evaluate Freud in his historical context. He made some discoveries and useful distinctions that got further used and developed by other psychologists today. I also think that his id-ego-superego is quite useful and has some practical conceptual value for understanding the psyche. Its all about understanding that your psyche has different parts with different agendas, which can be in conflict with each other. The goal is to integrate and bind them.