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  1. Leo already said it very well. I think RSD is also about showing high value, but in a more subtle way. You showing high value by just having fun, by not needing to prove anything and not needing validation and being self-fullfilled. And that is done by self-actualization work and fullfilling your needs, caring for yourself.
  2. It reminds me on some Mushroom Experience, my thoughts got so big, every interaction tracked back to the beginnings of the universe, I saw the relation between what someone was saying and how Language developed, how culture developed and why he is saying this right now. So many different axioms and aspects got tracked in my Mind at the same time. All the time I was thinking: how is it possible to think these thoughts/ how is my mind able to do this. Maybe it is something like this.
  3. Suffering = the self trying to survive
  4. A "shy guy" can come from so many different backgrounds and contexts, thats a gross generalization, its not so easy.
  5. Its often hard to see it in a position like this, but everything is in constant change. Your emotions wont last forever, its all temporally and you can go through it. You have so many experiences and years in front of you. I can guarantee you in five years from now you will had enough experiences worth living for. You will be thankful that youve gone through this hard times.
  6. Because these prankster, the dude in this example mastered many social skills by his pranks. He goes up, just having positive vibes for himself, he doesnt need anything from the girl; he is non-needy. Also he is very relaxed in this social interactions and just has fun. He doesnt give a shit what the people around are thinking of him, thats very attractive.
  7. I think of this in a little model I have in my head, im not sure how true it is. But I see it in 3 levels or stages: 1.) People are good socially, but not really conscious, dont really know what going on and its not build in a stable fundament. 2.) People get more aware, more introspective and cause of that can be a bit more self-conscious and it can be harder to socialize. 3.) People who are conscious of whats going on and also introspective aware of themselves and then master to socialize on a stable foundation. So continue your consciousness work and also go out and learn to socialize and eventually you will get to stage 3. But its also a lot about letting go, just seeing the social interactions as fun dont get too analytical about it.
  8. Dont forget that in this forum, the man express themselves far more freely and are more likely to express their true agendas or feelings about things, whereas when you as a woman encounter man in person, they will signal higher virtues and try to hide their vulnerabilitys.
  9. @fopylo Yes, sadly its very hard to change people and show them whats good for them, it must start with their own intention. Therapy can just begin when the client admits to himself: Some things I do are wrong and I have the power to change. They need to see the value for themselves and willing to improve themselves. We are lucky that we adopted the Mindset of Openmindedness and willingness to change and grow early, before its too late and we get stuck in our conditions and behaviors and worldviews.
  10. Yes I can completely understand you. Since my own psychological health and understanding drastically improved in the last years I can see much clearer the dysfunctional patterns of my near friends and family and how it leads to their own suffering. It is very hard for me to now see how my own parents have problems in life and suffer. And the problem is when people werent open for this sort of stuff for such a long time its pretty hard to open to it. Because nobody wants to admit that they live for such a long time in an unhealthy way and that most of their suffering is created by themselves. Also I cant really tell my parents how to live a better life. I think the best you can do is try to give subtle tips here and there, motivate them to exercise, maybe cook some good food or look that they eat some healthy stuff.
  11. So penis pills are like psychedelics for the cock ? Conscious penis pill business is coming
  12. I think when someone really has problems with his sexual urges and desires and these hold him back, no problem try/practice NoFap. But in my opinion its not very spiritual to leave out one of the best and also deepest things in life.
  13. Tim Ferriss uploaded a video today, where he presents a few books:
  14. After watching the last video I got this idea. You can start journaling on any habit/hobby/skill you want to improve after doing it, or in the evening as an exercise to go meta on it. I guess this can be very valuable. For example you learn the piano consistently and then you want to go meta for one month, so you decide to journal one month about it everyday. Im sure you can improve in any skill through this. Its an easy exercise to go meta and improve on anything: meditation, instrument, sex, psychedelics....
  15. I think it depends on what you measure. But yes, you can train to see the beauty in specific freatures of the person, even if they are not conventional attracive/beautiful. Every human being has certain aspects that are very beautiful that you can see. But im not sure if that really helps with being attracted to a partner long term.