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  1. I tested it and had some great social experiences with it. But I didnt found the right dosage yet. I also noticed that it is probably better for me to do it max 1 time a week. What is the right dosage for you? I tested 400 mg and the first dosage was quite intense, almost MDMA-like with a long peak. The next dosaes already felt weaker.
  2. Nice, I really like this approach to nootropics and supplements, that you can use it in a sense to expand your identity, experience new ways of being and integrate them into yourself over time. Especially if you have a high body awareness/good presence via meditation techniques you can notice even more subtle substances like Ashwagandha or Tongkat very noticably and have novel experiences of Self. You just need to be careful not bullshitting yourself and rationalizing drug-abuse Gonna experiment with phenibut a bit.
  3. Do you think you can do it in a way so you get long term benefits in being socially attuned and more confident over time by having these experiences and experiencing your Self in that way of being, that can get ingrained or do you think it becomes short-term and you could even become dependent on it and even less confident without? Was thinking about experimenting with phenibut for a while now but had these concerns, probably gonna test it for myself but would be interesting to hear your perspective on that.
  4. I think most girls just hide it better publicly and once they get comfortable with you and you get to know each other in that context you see that they are all very sexual too.
  5. Honestly this isnt in any way a reasonable or responsible approach. You could do a lot of exploration and would go deeper over time by more trips on same dosing and if you want to increase you can go up in small steps.
  6. Great share! Didnt knew this one, seems very promising from my first impression. But I probably need to be in the right mood to really give it a listen. These two probably were my albums of the year and both were pretty new territory genre-wise for me. There is something very exciting, innovative and fresh in both of them for me.
  7. Wouldnt recommend trying this. What do you want to accomplish? Start low and slowly increase your dosing, you will get into challenging and disorienting territory quite fast.
  8. Amazing new podcast on exactly that topic. Samo Burja the host of the podcast is very well informed and as non-biased and non-partisan in his views as it gets in my opinion.
  9. This is definitely not the type of insight you get by deconstructing your belief systems and inquire into direct experience
  10. It doesnt seem like you attend to this situation from a healthy place. Also I think your unmet needs distort your sensemaking. Dont builds attachment to a women you only know through the internet, easy to fall into a trap there. I read this whole post from you like a warning signal and I think you wouldnt have posted this if you would have not intuited this already yourself.
  11. I had the idea of using ChatGPT to generate personalized motivation letters that fit your personality type and interests, I see huge potential in that. Just gave it one short input, but I will play more with it. I wonder how accurate it can get if you use models like the Big 5 or MBTI + a list of your personal interests. Just gave it this short input and I think the output is quite impressive: You: write a uplifting, inspiring and motivating shorttext that will fit a personality type high in opennes, interested in topics like consciousness work, intellectuality and system thinking ChatGPT: In the realm of consciousness and intellect, the journey is as vast as the cosmos itself. As a seeker of understanding, your open mind navigates the intricate pathways of thought, exploring the boundless mysteries that shape our reality. In the tapestry of existence, you're a weaver of connections, embracing the elegance of systemic thinking. Every thread of knowledge interlaces with another, forming a rich mosaic that illuminates the depth of our universe. Your pursuit of consciousness work is a testament to your inner quest for enlightenment. Through introspection and exploration, you uncover the hidden landscapes of the mind, diving fearlessly into the depths to unravel the enigmas that dwell within. In this grand odyssey, remember that every insight gained, every moment of understanding, is a triumph. Embrace the challenges as stepping stones, for they propel you further on this exhilarating voyage of intellectual discovery. Your openness to new ideas, your hunger for knowledge, and your affinity for systemic understanding paint you as an architect of innovation. As you traverse the realms of thought, let your passion be the guiding star, lighting the path for others to follow in pursuit of greater awareness. Remember, in the canvas of existence, you are both artist and explorer. Embrace this role with fervor, for your journey not only enriches your own understanding but also ignites the flames of curiosity in those who are fortunate to share in your discoveries. Keep venturing, keep questioning, keep evolving—for in the endless expanse of consciousness and intellect, there are worlds yet to be unveiled, and you are poised to discover their profound secrets. Would love to see others here play with it and share your results!
  12. This gets produced in my hometown, this is great! My favorite drink this summer
  13. This is way too simplistic. There are beautiful minds out there, who have suffered through trauma and eating is their coping mechanism. Others have physiological disorders which makes it way easier for them too gain fat. Also a person can be highly developed in other areas but has less agency in one domain like eating. There is also the phenomenon of women who got raped and then get obese to protect themselves.
  14. I really enjoyed his takes in this one. He seems to be back on his edge, much better than a few months ago, both less involved in the culture-wars and less bitter it seems. Very clear and almost no bad political takes:
  15. You should check out the work of Chris Bache. He is a philosophy professor who rigorously experimented with LSD for over 2 decades with high doses of 700+ mics. In his book Diamonds from Heaven he describes his profound experiences with it (it goes very deep). You can watch this in the meantime as good introduction: