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  1. Read the biographies of Benjamin Frankling or Mozart.
  2. Dude this is exactly what makes it a a meaningful Life Purpose. People like you are needed, who are on the journey to higher development, who have values, who care about the problems. If AI is only being used by stage orange organizations for maximizing profits, thats exactly the thing that creates the dystopian future visions.
  3. You should check out the: Your WIsh is Your Command Series on Youtube. The first 6 episodes I think were pretty much about learning. He presents some interesting concepts for learning: the teachability index and 4 steps of processing information, which are quite interesting. Also there is a big Course on Coursera called: Learning how to learn. I didnt do it yet, but I wanted to in the future.
  4. Just found this channel a few days ago, because he had guests like Daniel Schmachtenberger and Tristan Harris. It seems like he is a great systems-thinker and has many great insights.
  5. Two books from the booklist could be especially interesting for your case in my opinion: Tame your Gremlin and The Sedona Method I think you need to learn to dont take this thoughts too seriously but rather recognize them and laugh about them. Also you should learn to letting go of these thoughts and feelings. Yeah I know its easier said than to be done, but I think these two books could help on the way.
  6. This is very interesting, will try it with the Lions Mane next time. Yeah I think with almost all the spiritual techniques you increase your sensitivity to psychedelics in general. And also just doing psychedelics will increase your sensitivity over time, or you could say your trips will go deeper everytime. For me reality starts to melt awaý on 100 mics already and I start questioning everything and go existential on every little word My friends were talking about girls and relationships and Im like: what are girls? what is a relationship? haha
  7. @Vynce Nice! That is also happening more and more for me, its an amazing feeling to tap in that calm and peaceful awareness in everyday life.
  8. Now its around 5 years ago since I started being interested in Psychedelics, then found Actualized and since then started this journey of growing and understanding. Since then I watched almost all of Leos Content, read many of the books in the booklist, became interested in all these topics by myself and researched further, watched tons of different videos from Aubrey Marcus, Rupert Spira, Bernardo Kastrup, Daniel Schmachtenberger and many many more. Im also now meditating since 5 years regularly, doing psychedelics once in a while and testing other techniques as well. Im at a point where I feel like my understanding has reached a new level, where I can get deep insights and make new connections by just thinking about life or while doing regular stuff. Life becomes more and more beautiful. I just wanted to express my gratitude for all of this and Im excited for the years to come of learning and growing. There is still so much to explore and understand and many years ahead of me.
  9. @Jannes Yeah I guess you were on the same website that I tried, there I had the same problem. On another website they seem to ship to Germany, but I asked them if it could cause any legal trouble and they answered I should contact my lawyer. And yeah it is legal in the Netherlands, I was thinking about a short trip too and I would also do it. The problem is in the Netherlands there are no local shops that im aware of that sell specific substances like this. It can be shipped to the Netherlands but then u need a post adress in NL or people in NL to whom you can ship it.
  10. Oh thats sad, but thanks for the info!
  11. For me the problem with sourcing starts with even finding out if 5 Meo-Malt is legal in my country(in my case Germany). There are a few Websites that sell "Research Chemicals" that ship 5 Meo-Malt to Germany. But to really understand the "Neue psychoaktive Stoffe" list for illegal substances you need a good understanding of chemistry. I see that the substance is not explicitly listed anywhere, but it could be banned as a subgroup or something else. How can I be sure that 5 Meo Malt is legal in my country(in my case germany)? Does somebody know the legal status of 5 Meo Malt in Germany?
  12. I find myself entertained watching him sometimes and there are some bits of truth in what he is saying. But I think overall he has a toxic attitude and worldview. Also I have the inuition that deep down he isnt really happy and fullfilled, but feels empty only pursuing objective stuff and setting this above all else, as far as I can evaluate that Also in some of what he says i feel a bit of a dishonesty or inauthenticity.
  13. For me the horror/fear exists only if my finite mind/my avatar would be the only thing that exists and imagines all others. Yeah the Infinite Mind / God is all there is and imagines everything and when Im in an awakening experience and identify with Infinite mind, me as Infinite Mind/God is all there is and there are no others. But this is only the case as long as im not identifying with my finite identity anymore - in a very high consciousness state. The only thing that fears being alone is my finite mind and as long as im in the experience/illusion of being my finite mind there is also the experience/illusion of others, so there is no problem there. Or am I seeing something wrong? For me your newest understanding of awakening sounds like you as finite mind need to accept that you are absolutely everything and I think that this is what scares people.
  14. Sounds pretty good, but im wondering how much new information there is in his course since he puts so much content out for free on his youtube channel. I cant imagine much important stuff which he doesnt cover already on his youtube channel.
  15. Yeah its quite a low dose, and also the potency varies very much. When I got shrooms from locals they were all very weak. Also some people are way more sensitive than others. Had friends who took the same dose as me and they experienced nothing whereas my experience of the world completely changed and I wasnt able to do ordinary stuff in an ordinary tempo