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  1. I can feel exactly the same, you loose some of the human worries and anxieties but at the same time its deeply terrifiyng to get more and more to the point of realizing that you are god. In some deep trips I can feel like I can see it coming that I am god but I fear fully realizing it. It feels like fear of death gets replaced with a "fear of infinity", a fear of experiencing absolutely everything forever. But maybe the crucial point here is like @Tim R said above to also realize that its all love that will free you.
  2. If you think you are already clear, the Life Purpose Course will still help you how to really lock in and stay on Track with your Purpose. But additionally to that it will also help you to get even clearer and sharper in your definition of your Purpose, even if you think you already found it. I would not suggest you to rush through the course, think about and digest the information.
  3. Thanks for posting and sharing your experience with reading it! Really interesting topics. I also heard its one of the most difficult books to read and understand. Looking forward to read it in the future too, but there is so much to read already.
  4. Tbh for me this sounds like this could be an imbalance of theory and practice.
  5. Leos new Episode: Why Valuable Things Require Development Over Time motivated to start also a Yoga Practice, next to my Meditation Practice which I already do since almost 3 years now. I was considering breathwork or self-inquiry too, but I believe Yoga is the most valuable for me now. But where do I start? Should I start straight with Kriya Yoga? Then I would go for the books on Leos List on Kriya Yoga and start there, or is this already an advanced form of Yoga and I should start with "normal" Yoga exercises? Would appreciate some tips!
  6. I wanted to start a thread with a list of Practical skills you can develop that will help you making your own money. Would really appreciate to hear some suggestions, since I really want to practice a practical skill that can earn me some independent money. Would be best if I can use this skill later for my Life Purpose, but I havent figured it out yet, so it would be a good place to start with something since I have a lot of free time beside my studying.
  7. A good start and overall collection would be The Portable Jung, edited by Joseph Campbell, very comprehensive. I got it from the book recommendations of Ken Wilbers book No Boundary.
  8. If you do it right, there is nothing needy in approaching women. You are an abundant man, who has no fear of talking to women who are interesting to you. You have no fear of rejection but go for what you want. You are a free man who loves women and can be open and vulnerable about that. You are not hurt if women reject you and can accept/understand that. Thats the right frame and if you can project that, you wont come off as needy. Sure sometimes some people will be judging you for what you do, but thats the cost if doing things that are not what the herd does.
  9. I would not suggest you doing that. In my experience and from what ive read, there is an minimum dosage that is really needed to get the real effects going, for an average male somewhere around 80mg. An dosage of 30mg is hardly noticable but still can have the toxic aspects for your body. and . I would suggest having a safe normal dose experience. But doing a 30mg dosage surely wont kill you, test it out if you want to, but I think it will not be worth it, since youre not really going to notice much.
  10. Dont know if this is the right topic, or interesting for some of you, but I was watching this Episode of Street Epistemology: And they discuss the classic theme of Evolution vs Intelligent Design and I had an interesting Insight/Thought. For me there is no problem here in this paradox. Isnt the evolution exactly the way Gods Intelligence unfolds, so the Evolution which we can keep track of is exactly the History of Gods or Intelligences Ongoing Creation. Dont know if my intuition or thoughts are wrong here, or if this is maybe even obvious to some of you. But I thought its interesting that I never heard of this solution to this Problem.
  11. Leo already said it very well. I think RSD is also about showing high value, but in a more subtle way. You showing high value by just having fun, by not needing to prove anything and not needing validation and being self-fullfilled. And that is done by self-actualization work and fullfilling your needs, caring for yourself.
  12. It reminds me on some Mushroom Experience, my thoughts got so big, every interaction tracked back to the beginnings of the universe, I saw the relation between what someone was saying and how Language developed, how culture developed and why he is saying this right now. So many different axioms and aspects got tracked in my Mind at the same time. All the time I was thinking: how is it possible to think these thoughts/ how is my mind able to do this. Maybe it is something like this.
  13. Suffering = the self trying to survive
  14. A "shy guy" can come from so many different backgrounds and contexts, thats a gross generalization, its not so easy.
  15. Its often hard to see it in a position like this, but everything is in constant change. Your emotions wont last forever, its all temporally and you can go through it. You have so many experiences and years in front of you. I can guarantee you in five years from now you will had enough experiences worth living for. You will be thankful that youve gone through this hard times.