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  1. You are right I think, it happens very commonly
  2. 🙏🏼 Yeah, he has a separate chapter for it, enjoy!
  3. @LovingYou A couple of questions if you are still having fun: 1) Can you describe the experiences you felt during meditation and the kind of practice you were following ? . At what point did you realize that ego and suffering are illusionary? 2) Why do you there exist a man with a good physique, lots of wealth etc. and a man who is poor and has an ugly face with no legs? Do they both experience suffering the same way?
  4. I think it's because when we are in experiential state, our conscious mind is shut off. Once the experience is over, our analytical mind comes back into play. We must understand that the analytical mind is unique to each individual unlike the consciousness. It's trying to comprehend what had happened and creates stories around it to make it as real and logical as possible. The stories are different but real for each people even though the experience is same. Just because we had the experience, our analytical mind fools itself thinking that whatever we had experienced must be true since we have directly experienced it. ( That itself arises from the fact of conditioning of the mind, we tend to easily believe in something we have direct experience in individual's perspective like what we see, hear etc.) So, enlightened people come here to share experiences laden with stories created by our analytical mind, which has taken place unconsciously. The truth can never be found, but we can get as close as to the truth as possible, which is what we are trying to do in these kinds of forums.
  5. I think he is telling that you are the guy who talks in circles. I don't know if it's true or not.
  6. Rules responsible for things like you don't fly when you jump. Science is something trying to figure out what the rules are. The rules are not individual made, they exist just like we exist. A finite world needs rules to exist. Otherwise it will be just emptyness. We cannot change the rules but we can play within the rules. Evolution is something within the rules.
  7. Does the pineal gland release DMT ? I have heard it releases traces of it but they are not strong enough to induce hallucinations.
  8. I have lot of questions for you. No issue if I get confused, you can answer them in as much depth as possible. 1) Do you exist or you are imaginary? 2) Are you in your body or somewhere else? 3) How long will you remain enlightened? 4) How do you view your family now? 5) Are you alive or dead?
  9. The rules don't permit us to do so. Conscious will to choose the world will result in absolute chaos, atleast at this level of evolution. Rules allow the game to exist. Why the game exists, nobody knows or not able to understand.
  10. Yes, I agree that everything is possible and rules can be broken. Also, I agree that direct experience opens up all possibilities and allows us to perceive the world without all the filters and the rules. But, to exist as an individual, we need to follow all the suggestions / concepts we may have ourself created as one. I haven't seen any individual breaking the rules even if it is set by our own consciousness. The rules seem to be universal and designed in a specific way, without which we cease to exist as individuals. Atleast in the individual's perspective, we have to live with the rules. ( If somebody has broken the rules, and if they can show that to me with some visual proof, I will definitely believe it's possible from individual's perspective also ). Possibilities are endless for an infinite mind, but for a finite minds, I don't think so.
  11. This is a mystery yet to be solved. Evolution may or may not have an answer to it, that's why all kinds of theories as well as spirituality is happening. Also, God doesn't need any time to waste, since time is also a tool for perception. God lets everything happen, including waste and non waste and both, exploring all possibilities in a structured world.
  12. Yes, all are assumptions. I am open to all possibilities, but I also use my intuition and logical mind to question things. In my experience, attempts in manipulating the physical world with mind has either proved to be due to other existing forces of nature or due to tactics employed by people to attract the masses with some 'magic'. I have read a lot about Paramahansa Yogananda, but I have not read his full autobiography. Definitely, I will read it in the future 👍 And the problem with having a very big open mind ( although a normal sized open mind is good) is that we become vulnerable to suggestions, similar to hypnosis. We tend to believe whatever we hear without using our logical mind. Even understanding of awakening happens because of our logical mind trying to interpret what has happened. That's why we have so many different explanations across religions for the same experience.
  13. Nobody has recorded that. Physical things can always be recorded.
  14. I just managed to read the whole book. If you are interested in things like karma, ghosts, rituals centered around death, when Sadhguru is going to attain mahasamadhi, how her wife died, reincarnation etc. , this one is the best for you.