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  1. Interesting synchronicity happened during resignation. The voice told me to do so at the same time my sister was watching an online class on how to type a resignation letter. The voice in my head as well as the voice in the video my sister was watching guided me in writing the resignation letter.
  2. Yes I was 100℅ conscious and even asked the question who it was. It wrote on the paper it was Ram( a Hindu God) and Yemen ( another Hindu God who is God of death). The writing happened only once but the controlling of the body happened a lot of times.
  3. It made my head tilt and look at objects that are green in colour and avoid objects that are red in colour.( possibly pointing out to chakras green being the heart chakra). It taught me to do household chores by taking control of my body and doing those itself. One time it pointed to the words Maya written on a tiny sticker which I had never seen before. Believe me guys it's all 100% real. It made me leave my job by making me type the resignation letter.
  4. During a certain period in my life, I experienced dreams where a certain character tried to talk to me in certain code language, denoting good characters as green and bad characters as red in colour. This is what intrigued me and dive in-depth into the nature of dreams.
  5. Dreams are sometimes so complex that I wonder if they are not random thoughts but designed by some kind of intelligence within ourselves. What is your take on this?
  6. Being alone drives people to meditate, thus increasing chances of knowing the truth beyond the walls.
  7. Recently, I had a weird experience where somebody else took control of my body. Initially, a voice was instructing me to look after a particular color (which is green) and simultaneously move my head making me to look at objects in my house which are green in color. Later at one point, the voice assumed control of my entire body. It took a pen using my hands and wrote " To make yourself better, to make the world better, please cooperate" in my mother tongue. Has anybody experienced this before? What kind of magic is this? I was diagnosed with schizophrenia after telling a doctor my experiences.
  8. @Haumea2018, No, I don't think there are injuries because this is clearly weird stuff. But I am trying to keep myself busy by doing something. @EddieEddie1995, I can hear a single male voice in my mother tongue trying to guide me in a good way like bathing properly, helping family in doing work and revisiting my past memories. The male voice helped me to balance energies in my bodies which I had never experienced beforehand. The tv characters I watch are literally talking to me in huge synchronicity. Initially, they tested me whether I accept a bribe or not, whether I get angry or not etc. They seem to be a good force but I feel lost in my life and trying to stay in the present. @Waken, Thank you for your positive words, it is really helpful.
  9. Hi friends, it's being a few months since I posted here. I was dragged into an unexpected spiritual process by forces beyond my comprehension and I need help coming out of it. A lot of synchronicities are taking place in the extreme, like seeing times like 11:11, 09:09, and so on. I lost my job and I was forced to resign by synchronous forces. I was literally typing my resignation letter while my sister was listening to a lecture on how to type an e-mail for resignation. I kept on hearing voices guiding me like doing work chores and avoid eating non veg fried food. I was diagnosed with Schizophrenia although I know it is not the case. My own family seemed like it is not mine and they keep on acting weird with modified characters. Now the voices have reduced and I am coming back to normal life. But still I feel a lot of emptiness like I want to keep on doing some work to keep myself active. I already have lot of physical problems and this adds to my tension. Any idea on what is happening to me? Help will be really appreciated.
  10. Yep, if you enjoy the consequences of what you had done, the rebound will be fast intense. Otherwise it's just another day at office
  11. Meditate more and more. Your impulse is your survival instinct which is not necessary right now. Don't allow the emotions to build up inside you. Instead meditate and let go of the unnecessary emotions like anger hated etc. Don't react and expect and you will be rewarded with peace.
  12. It depends on how they react to the bad things they do, if they do it with no intention, it makes no difference, that's how devils are made.
  13. Why can't it be memories playing with you? ( The other way around )