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  1. These are just simple beliefs, reality is much more complex than that. It's true that everything you see, hear and speak are formed within you, and by direct experience or some contemplation you are able to realise this, but it simply means that whatever you see is not the direct experience of what you see, but a projected version of it. There could be an external world or there needn't be any, both holds equal probability of being true. It's wise to keep both the options open while you continue contemplating.
  2. Nothing is permanent !
  3. Merry Christmas ! Ps: They don't play this here, just the western one lol.
  4. Does that work well when you are not listening to a song?
  5. Sometimes what is imaginary can literally become real, atleast inside your experiences.
  6. Not only the intensity in dB, but also the duration for which the music is played can cause ear damage. Earphones can cause more damage than loud speakers, especially for those who use it all throughout their day at high volumes.
  7. I don't think he himself believes in any of those weird things he is preaching, instead he most probably uses them to strengthen devotional practices among Hindu believers, and to raise his bar as a spiritual guru among the population which are on lower scales of conscious development and are strict followers of religious superstitions. When you give a seemingly logical reason for those superstitions, they would listen to you and think of you as someone who knows a thing or two about god. I don't know what his real intentions are, though.
  8. Beliefs can turn someone's life brighter while it can encourage somebody else to get rid of living. While there is nothing wrong to have beliefs based on our experiences and knowledge, we must choose our beliefs in such a way that has a positive effect on our experiences rather than causing us more suffering, especially when both the choices hold equally true. When it comes to curious questions about life, it's always better to use rational approach to come to conclusions rather than forming beliefs based on our own biases.
  9. If you wish to improve pronunciation, I heard Elsa is good. I don't have much experience personally with it though.
  10. Good if it's done so. I just hope they don't push half baked products into the critical markets for the sake of getting bigger market shares.
  11. Because generative text based AIs are comparatively easier to create but difficult to be disciplined enough to be used for commercial and healthcare purposes. There's a reason why Google hasn't incorporated their chatbot yet into their personal assistant devices. Speaking about customer service, most of them are very simple AIs, which simply work based on direct text inputs given by its developers. Also, humanoid robots are not that easy to create at affordable costs, especially the ones that can walk.
  12. When chatbot technologies are incorporated into humanoid robots, they become powerful devices capable of love and healing. But it's not going to happen anytime soon!
  13. Love has many words, and the closest one to the truth is unconditional love.
  14. What about actors,singers, politicians etc.? Aren't they put on a pedestal? Publicity and popularity come with their own set of challenges.