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  1. What I believe is that it is not possible for God to create a perfect life for everyone but it is possible for God to create a seed that evolves ultimately into that state and we are caught in between the transition
  2. If everything is possible, it is also possible that everyone is happy without any negative emotions including boring.
  3. Read this: Humans are not bad at all. Evolution made them bad making them egoistic selfish creatures just for the sake of survival. It was necessary in the long run to develop the conscious state we are capable of. Now we are questioning the atrocities committed by our ancestors and present leaders and that's what being conscious is all about. Do you realise why do we have the ability to know that we are everything? To be more compassionate when we realise that when we are everything we treat everything else as we treat ourselves.
  4. I think the concept of reincarnation was created for two reasons; first to create the fear that our actions in this life will affect the quality of the next life and to not complain to God the limitations that exist in this life. Imagine if we don't have any memories of our past life, what is the use of worrying about reincarnation?
  5. Matthieu Ricard, a French writer, residing in Nepal as a Buddhist monk. He was involved in a study of gamma waves in the brain and was found that his brain was the 'happiest' ever reported in scientific literature. But he never likes to be called as such.
  6. The less memory you have, the easier it to leave attachments
  7. I don't know if meditation helps in anti aging. But his meditative method helped me cure my vitiligo, an immune disorder
  8. Balance out the karma. Do good for the society. It can be as simple as making a child smile. You can never erase your actions but you can replace it. ( Atleast in your mind )
  9. The happiest man in the world according to science tells us that the second most important thing for happiness is meditation. The first one is always not thinking about yourself
  10. The question of whether we have free will or not doesn't matter. But assuming free will exists and if we believe that there is no free will, it is the most dangerous thing in the world. People will be committing all sort of crimes, because of the belief that if they are not responsible for what they do, why should they care?
  11. It even implied that everyone in the world is 'acting'
  12. Unfortunately it's in my native language Tamil but I will post here: The translation is as follows: 1)It started with a recipe on how to prepare 'satthu maavu', a healthy South Indian recipe. This was because on that morning my sister had told me there was an assignment on recipe making and she needed my help. I told her I don't know any recipe. So in the evening the entity was helping me by writing a recipe. Some of the ingredients I had never heard of. 2) Then it wrote ' Remember one thing. Change is the only thing that doesn't change. This is the time for you to change.: 3) Then it asked me some questions like what is important in my life. When I told it wrong , it wrote 0. When I told correctly according to it, it wrote 1. 4) Then it told me to ask one question. I asked what it was and first it wrote Raman ( a Hindu deity), then Yemen ( Hindu God of death) and arumugam ( tamil Hindu God. 5) Then it told ' Remember one thing. Sleep in your mother's lap. From tomorrow, be yourself'. 6) Finally, it concluded ' For you to be well, for the country to be well, for the world to be well, co-operate with me. 7) Then it told thank you in tamil three times. It was not easy to write on the paper as the entity didn't have total control and so there were some mistakes and misinterpretations those were stricken out by it.
  13. It never revealed who it was although claiming it was God. I suspect it may be the ego taking the form of voice because although it did some good to me by making me lead a happier life but it was against meditating, atleast while it was present and not now. Whenever I meditated during that period, my entire body began to vibrate and shaking and the voice telling me not to do it. But it wasn't against yoga. I have researched a lot about schizophrenic experiences and although there are many cases where they heard voices telling many things, my experience was drastically different. My whole body was controlled by that entity. You may argue it's all being a delusion, but I still have that paper where it made it write with my hands what it wanted to tell and it was meaningful, not some random things. And some things it told were never known by me beforehand. And the actual delusions were not random, like there was a patch of wall where paint has worn of and created a texture. The entity made me look at that particular point and I saw an animation. It would not be possible at any other point in the wall. My mood was affected in the sense before the events I had a calm mind but during that, my mind was bombarded by so many thoughts. Now I am back to calm mind.