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  1. Nah I had to work. But I am glad for you.
  2. That guy is gone.
  3. Hahaha. Think about it you can actually improve everyone and yourself.if you are not seeing things in this way? The Commander. You can't expect my mind to work in any other way. Also feelings and spirituality are counter productive for me. But the way I am, I actually and literally nail it if I want it. Will be different from now. Don't worry. Takes time.
  4. Jesus Christ guys don't be idiots move on. 1st world problem right here. Who cares about her and her bf. They must've been wonderful couple. She is after his money and he is.... rd and that is all. She will find other capable guy to fuck her no worries. When I think about "helpers" are on same level of "smartness".
  5. Make video on your own. ❌ "Spiritual teacher" that is "awake" that steals from other incompetent ones and repost it for other nerds/feely(feeding their addictions and incapabilities furthermore) incompetent ones. ✔️ Spiritual insight on his own. ❌ I call BS.
  6. You know what... Incapables and re-parrots. ✔️
  7. All I that I wanted woman in red dress and after that picture video became absolete and not worth watching. Is Leo right or.wrong I don't care and not worth my time.
  8. Listen to this guy. About flowers hmm maybe if I get gifted with some wonderful painting ,artistic photo or music instrument (guitar) my armor would collapse and I would start to feel. GD feelings and Love hate it. Got scammed for 20k can't help it but die from laughter.
  9. @Michael569 All ok man.Be well and rock on.
  10. I just replied to her. Nobody forced her to write that. Not my problem because weaklings take everything personally. Want dramas etc. Eye for an eye.
  11. Fair and just you deserve reply and don't cry. That troll told you truth about you 2.
  12. OK I'll try. 1.Connor Murphy 2.How he might see me or anyone else for that. Well I don't give a shit. 3.Worst case scenario. Flying to states and pointing gun at him. 4.Being agressive and impulsive can throw people away from you. 5.Yes I agree. Lets fuck pornstars in making together. Voila. Don't complain. Answered honestly.
  13. Hottie in Red dress and with knife.What a great video no need to look further into it.Haha @Husseinisdoingfine Yeah go for cave stuff .These philosophers...will never understand. The Why guys.Find answers on your own.It will bring actual confidence and other stuff.Big mommy Leo or anyone else...
  14. @Nahm But,but....I am exaclty the same(most likely) as her bf.She will have such a wonderful time. How else would I know.
  15. Haha.......,ha?!Uff..that was a good punch.I say Phil is smart ,just listen to him guys.Cool bro.
  16. Muggles... laughed so much bro. Don't deny your awesome intellect. Correcting supreme judgement stuff. Wish you well,all the best. Never worry about this guy. Thanks.
  17. Sometimes I really wonder is @Nahm really that naive or just pretends to be. Good thing we share same values. Despite don't judge the experience. So is this chick "won" or not. Well you guys decide.
  18. @RickyFitts Yes they are. I agree.
  19. Woohoo one more. This place became colony. 🇷🇸
  20. All answers to life are found when you plug it in your ass or when you make out with dem frogs. (none turned into princess or hot witch) Alex
  21. Finally real stuff.