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  1. Try to be less predictable. My own mind is superior, and it has strong protection/defense. Nothing can corrupt this mind. And don't mistake it for closed-mindedness. It's closed for falsehood yes, but not for truth, certainty, good morality, justice, righteousness, and such stuff.
  2. That's exactly the answer I thought it would give. And I agree with it. And I also knew that you guys would downplay the answer. I didn't use ChatGPT to validate anything for me. Even if it had said the opposite of what I think, I wouldn't have changed my opinion. And I also knew that you guys would downplay the answer.
  3. @Yimpa Ask it if aliens are visiting earth. But I guess you wont do it because you wont like the answer, or maybe you will edit the answer to: "Yes they are visiting earth all the time, with 100% certainty". (I'm kidding).
  4. I knew the thing about EMP, but it still wouldn't be a big deal according to my definition of "big deal". But of course the definition is subjective.
  5. The difference between me and you people is that I go for facts and evidence. While you just create beliefs. For example you created a belief that a nuclear explosion in outer space would damage earth's magnetic field. You just create made-up fantasies which isn't true. And about the sightings: also many people claims to have seen bigfoot and all kinds of other crazy stuff. Are also those things real? Or are they not real? But this is hopeless. You will never prioritize the truth. You will deny any amount of facts which goes against your belief.
  6. Such a explosion wouldn't cause a nuclear explosion. And even if a nuclear explosion would happen there, it wouldn't be a big deal. A explosion or nuclear explosion up there wouldn't damage the magnetic field. And also nuclear weapon tests have been done both up in the atmosphere, and above the atmosphere in space. You guys are so wrong at so many levels.
  7. I'm getting pulled to opposite directions by 2 forces. One wants me to live, and the other one wants me to kill myself. Both suicide and staying alive is bad. Impossible problem, and I don't even know how I got here. So that makes me stuck. Not dead, not alive, just mysteriously existing. Pretty sure I will get weird dreams now when I go to bed.
  8. And you think you are right when you are wrong. How are you going to fix that problem which you have?
  9. I just started watching this. Analyzis of David Grusch body language and stuff:
  10. David Grusch is lying. (Obviously. It's cringe.)
  11. @Danioover9000 "It's nuanced". Is it a Leo thing? He likes to say "there's many nuances". "You have to see all the nuances". Is that what you are parroting? Verrrry nuaaanced that russia invaded Ukraine. "You can't see the complexity of it. I'm smarter than you because it's such a sophisticated and nuanced issue with lots of background history. It is rocket science and I'm so good at rocket science. Damn I'm so smart."
  12. So I'm wrong because...... it's complicated? I still haven't heard your solution. Since you are so smart and are all-knowing and know the solution to all problems in the world.. why haven't you told us the solution to the war?
  13. Fact is.. that it doesn't matter what I do, or how hard I try, or how hard I don't try. Because life is unfair, I'm a victim, and I'm in hell. Anyone who says otherwise/disagrees with me, is just confirming that. There is no way out. Not even suicide. You guys don't understand how fucking bad it is. Sometimes not even I understand it. That's how bad it is. Anyone who disagrees is just trying to cope with the shit. Or he/she got lucky in the life lottery.
  14. @shnsky @Danioover9000 I'm guessing that the problem which people like you have, is that you are too naive. You just can't believe that there is true evil in the world. So you build a belief system which goes something like this: "It's a very complex thing. Everyone are good, but they just have their own interests. Russia and US is equally good and bad. Russia is right with what they do."