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  1. @trenton I consider murder suffering level 0 (assuming it would happen painlessly), because that person wouldn't experience any suffering, he/she wouldn't even experience any loss (probably). But it's probably still wrong to take away something from someone. (Someone's life.) It doesn't matter what mental gymnastics you are trying to play. Suffering is bad, wrong, and evil. Period. This could be easily proven: If I would torture you or someone super close to you, then you would suddenly agree with me. But of course I wouldn't do such a thing. Or you can ask Jeff Foster: I don't need your help in this matter, but thanks.
  2. @trenton You should do whatever causes the least amount of total suffering for everyone. So if I would hurt the guy a bit by punching him in the face (for example suffering level 15), and that saves the woman from suffering level 95, then I do the right thing if I punch the guy in the face. It's all about the math. Simply just calculate.
  3. It's not that difficult. Whatever causes suffering to someone is wrong/evil.
  4. There is no limit to how much bullshit humans can believe in. And maybe the worst part is that there is also no limit to how convinced humans can be that their bullshit is true. Some people can be so 100% sure about their bullshit that they don't hesitate to die for it, or kill other people for it, or whatever. I once talked to someone who told me that she's 100% sure that the earth is flat. And my mom has gradually over the recent years lost her mind, because she believes in almost every conspiracy theory there is. And of course she is 100% certain of all the bullshit. And she is constantly trying hard to convince me of all the bullshit. If the society/mainstream/scientists/politicians say something, then she immediately believes in the opposite thing. For example she thinks that covid doesn't exist, and that the vaccine is dangerous, even that masks and covid tests are dangerous. She once told me she pray every day that I wont take the vaccine, that I wont take a covid test, and that I wont use a mask. But of course I will take the vaccine immediately when it becomes available. I think humans might be more stupid than animals. Because we believe in bullshit, and maybe animals don't. This stuff applies to everyone. No one can be trusted for being sane. No one is immune against the risk of believing in bullshit. Not even Leo. Not even me. Not even you. And this of course also applies to this whole post. This entire post might be bullshit.
  5. I see. Thanks. Maybe that is the case, I'm open for that possibility.
  6. Try to explain? Not just "you have to experience it yourself"..
  7. I think all other spiritual teachers would disagree about that. (I disagree too.) For example impermanence is a cornerstone of Buddhism. Imagine someone having a deformed body because of cancer or something. Must suck to be stuck with the deformed body forever.
  8. @Topann I agree that life sucks. But the biggest reason to not committ suicide is that it would hurt other people. Imagine doing a math calculation about which choice would create the least amount of total suffering in the world, (you+other people), and then choose the option which results in least amount of total suffering for everyone. But you are of course free to do whatever you want. Since you didn't ask to be born you don't owe anyone anything. Before parents create a new conscious being they should be aware of the risk that their child might for example committ suicide.
  9. @Mannyb Do you ever take painkillers? What painkillers? Or some other medicine?
  10. @trenton Other examples are cleaners, construction workers, berry pickers.
  11. @trenton Yeah, so yes buying and selling sex should be legal. I think the law is there only because many people look down on people who buy and sell sex. They think it's disgusting. And I don't believe in the human trafficking thing. Trafficking exists in many many jobs, so why aren't those jobs illegal then? And why aren't porn illegal then? I don't think human trafficking would increase if buying/selling sex would be legal.
  12. Either make it legal, or make all porn illegal too, because otherwise it's inconsistent. It makes no sense that having sex for money is legal as long as there's a camera recording it (porn).
  13. People are so paranoid. Who cares. Just take the vaccine and stop caring and thinking about it. There's so much bigger things to worry about than potential microscopic risks with a vaccine.
  14. At 26:18: lottocracy.