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  1. 99,9999% perfection. (And notice all the details.) But it needs a good sound system. Like for example JBL Partybox 1000 which I listened with.
  2. @EmJay Use your brain. Prioritize truth even over feeling good/being happy. This should protect you from wishful thinking, which most people here suffer from. You can listen to "gurus", but don't get brainwashed by them. They could be right, or they could be wrong, you don't know.
  3. It's not controversial at all. It's like West vs Hitler, good vs bad, help Ukraine win or let evil win and get the following future wars from that. Only evil people, brainwashed people, or useful idiots stand on Russia's side or don't want to help Ukraine because of fear or whatever. "Controversial: giving rise or likely to give rise to controversy or public disagreement." "Controversy: prolonged public disagreement or heated discussion. "the design of the building has caused controversy" If there is public disagreement about even such a easy topic, then there is no hope at all for mankind. But luckily that's not the case. In the free world there is overwhelming support for Ukraine. Only a few people with cognitive impairment, broken moral compass, or victims for brainwashing are against strong military assistance to Ukraine. This is also maybe the only thing which republicans and democrats in US agree about. (Mostly) In fact, this topic is so easy and uncontroversial that even 2 neutral countries, Sweden and Finland, decided to send heavy weapons to Ukraine and join Nato.
  4. So Germany and Olaf Scholz blocks Ukraine from getting western tanks. Germany and Scholz will forever be remembered for being the country who gave Russia the victory, and therefore will also be responsible for future wars because authoritarian regimes learned that starting wars gives them what they want. Don't buy German products.
  5. @AlwaysJoggin That's something which I could have wrote. I think the reason for this shit is that life/consciousness is a accident, or a bi-product of a dumb reality. This is what modern science says, and it makes sense. Either that, or God is a sadist. Or life is a test or a school.
  6. The only one who came with good advice was Tyler Robinson earlier in the thread. But of course the problem is that I can't get a partner. So there is no solution to my problem. I really don't want to live.
  7. Oh God.. People are still giving the same useless advice.. I already heard all those things like 13 years ago or something. But don't take it personally. What a sad reality we live in. Everyone are the same, all girls dislike me, all people give the same useless advice, nothing ever changes, there is no hope whatsoever.
  8. I think I just got a insight. Life is about not having what you want. We all suffer from that. And like a sign: when I wanted to come to the forum to write this, then of course I wasn't able to, because the forum was down. See? I wanted something, but I couldn't have it. It was like Satan was mocking me/fucking with me, or maybe just to confirm my insight. The most painful part about this is when I want a girl, but can't have her. And it also works the opposite way: girls who want me, I don't want them. It's so fucked up.
  9. No. Waste of time and energy.
  10. Some people are born lazy. Or became lazy from the upbringing. I'm like that too. Or maybe "less energetic" would be a better word for it, if you get triggered by the word "lazy".
  11. I don't love her that much, unfortunately.
  12. @Aakash Vijayan My long-distance gf kinda dropped her male friends immediately after she knew how I felt, and I didn't even ask for it. That's how much she loves me and cares about my feelings.
  13. Oh and also, why the hell doesn't she invite you to the party (borderlines to orgy party)? She will cheat on you or leave you at any time. It will hurt less for you if you ditch her before it happens.