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  1. This is what the op said: "What would happen if all drugs were legalized? How would it play out?" But you turn it into something different.
  2. You are insane if you think that fully legalizing selling, buying and use of all drugs would lead to good things. I don't need any data for that, because I can use my brain to understand it. You are like "where is the data which proves that drinking lava is a bad thing?" I say: there is no data, because no one (except you, apparently) would be so insane and drink lava in the first place.
  3. And in those countries it's also legal to sell and buy any drugs? I don't think so. So no, I'm not wrong.
  4. Disaster in every imaginable way. They aren't illegal just because it's fun to make things illegal. They are illegal for a very good reason. But of course all the drug lovers will disagree. They want easy access to their drugs.
  5. I don't have any mental illness. Is it a new thing in this forum to give people "mental illness" labels and then have a crusade against them? Btw, you sound like Leo. Try to find your own things to say instead of parroting Leo. I will never again in my life touch psychedelics. I have gave them several chances, and every trip has been super bad.
  6. Bs. Your problem is that you haven't experienced things where you have had zero control. Your life is way too comfortable. But don't worry, sooner or later life will teach you the hard way.
  7. No we aren't always in control. Actually free will is probably a illusion, so you are never in control.
  8. Look, everyone thinks they have the key to happiness. Yoga, meditation, psychedelics, grace from a enlightened master, Jesus, therapy, anti depressants, Buddhism, solve childhood trauma, go to the beach, fuck a prostitute (yes I have got that advice too), surrender, prayer, etc. But they are all bs, none of them works.
  9. I don't know what that is. And I'm not gonna do Kriya yoga, I have tried that too, didn't help. Sigh.. okay. Yes I did online video lessons.
  10. @Salvijus I have done Sadhgurus inner engineering program. It didn't help. I don't know how to "receive grace" from someone else.
  11. 🙄 So, how does that work?
  12. It does sound weird and rude. I have no such experiences from my childhood. I'm from Sweden.
  13. @flowboy People have always told me that I need therapy.. I have tried that, it didn't help. I don't have any childhood trauma.
  14. No, the purpose of the telescope isn't to take cool pictures for the public. The purpose is to do scientific work with it, stuff which the public wouldn't understand and would think is boring.
  15. I think this one is nice: You can also download a 136.99 MB version of it here: