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  1. I figured i'd share this video You can clearly see the mechanisms of Childhood Trauma, irrational Beliefs & Vows (survival), Fear of Change, fear of the Unknown & Homeostasis. I think seeing it in another person can help in your healing journey.
  2. But whatever.. At least now that i see it i can work to change this belief (Neuroplasticity, Memory Reconsolidation, Hypnotherapy, Affirmations, Visualizations, Self-Love, etc)
  3. Today while doing inner-child work, i realised i have this deep belief from school. LOL THIS IS SO FUCKED UP Damned if i do. Damned if i don't. Unconditional Unworthiness All the way, i'm just weak & bullshitting. I'm too weak for weakness hahaaa.a Fun times. Fun times...
  4. @FlyingLotus thanks !!
  5. @GeoLura Truthfully, i'm not after enlightenment. I'm doing this to heal childhood traumas
  6. @Thought Art oh i would gladly try one session, is it on youtube ?
  7. @OctagonOctopus thank you this is really helpful, i realise my self-deception of trying to escape the very thing i'm trying to heal haha I'll do each techniques, thanks again 🙏
  8. During the breathing part (30-60min), can i listen to a podcast (laying down) and still get the main benefits, or is it essential to be in a meditative state of mind ? (I'm struggling with heavy existential fears during the breathing part. I know it's normal and i'm safe but it's really hard to be mindful and keep going, i'm suffering on the edge of giving up the whole time.)
  9. To be specific, it would be a very practical video to teach ~5 ways of breathing that help us with some precise self-actualizing challenges, like a set of tools to pick from. For example, your "shamanic breathing" video shows one pattern/tool that is really powerful to help deal with trauma and have psychedelic experiences. And i'm sure 90% of people don't even breath properly (me included) in their daily lives, or are unconscious of how it influences their state of mind.
  10. The way we Breath can be extremely helpful for Survival & Spirituality. Very few people know how to use the breath.. It's like learning to use a multi-tools instead of just hammering with one side. Need more physical power/endurance ? Lazer-focused Concentration ? Relaxation ? More Alertness during your meditation ? Need help with Letting Go ? Struggling with your Emotions ? Brain-fog ? Stuck in your head ? Dealing with Pain or a Traumatic-experience ? And i'm just scratching the surface, i don't even know whats possible with those yoga practices. Also it can act like the butterfly effect : Shallow-breathing -> you feel kinda anxious -> it influences your train of thoughts -> wich influences your emotions -> wich influence your thoughts -> etc And of course it works the other way too. The breath plays a big role in those vicious & virtuous-cycles. There is plenty to talk about, it's a very practical topic that would have an impact on a lot of people lives & their actualizing journeys.
  11. Hey @Leo Gura, it would really be worth it to engage a discussion with Frank Yang, about any topic, & it could be posted on his channel (so you can keep the flow of yours, not much to loose). I'm 100% sure he would LOVE to 👍
  12. Thanks ! I find it hard to precisely feel my emotions