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  1. What about actually creating a simple pinned post Ressource for anyone in dire need of help/lucidity when stuck during/after traumatic "badtrips". Instead of loosing them/yourself spiraling down the toxic rabbithole/maze, we remember where to go for pertinent directions to reframe/transmute negative positions. Kinda like @FlyingLotus made to naviguate leo's blog videos Like clarifying The different Facets of spiritual Problems/Trauma you can end up in with psychedelics, and linking to the best of the best ressources for each facet when you're STUCK in it. Basically some kind of Post-Mortem. And then people can simply link back to this hub to help someone on the forum. (could be pinned in the mental health section) @Leo Gura That would be some next-level stage yellow move, requiring deep levels of holistic understanding Because lets be real, most people stuck here wont go to all the trouble just to see a therapist/psychiatrist who wont know shit about psychedelics/spirituality and just repress their lack of understanding with meds...
  2. Idk, i guess things like microdosing/macrodosing MDMA, maybe combined with a 5meoDMT/MALT for a safe good-trip and/or deep LOVE Realisation Maybe some supplements/drugs around Oxytocin ?
  3. Hello hello, here's some context : (or just skip to the last line) Imagine your body/mind is ill/dying from chronic lack of Nutritive Love (and you neglected it) so now you find yourself alone in extreme dehydration in the middle of the desert/hell so in practice you cant "just keep walking 100 miles to the next water source", or "just drink the dew/humidity on the ground" like "just do pickup/relationships/selflove" because its too damn hard/impossible to even exist in this state of extreme exhaustion from lack of water/love. This is quite a doozie Cant just Rest/sleep it off because even existing is too hard in this state of extreme deprivation of an essential nutriment. Cant just go pickup/find/build a good enough loving Relationship because i'm in a near-death state already, so walking/working for weeks/months is not realistic here Cant SelfLove enough because im an unconscious devil who cannot love nor realise god, it would take a long time/momentum to get good enough to really shift/feel enough relief from the actual flames of hell my ass is stuck in now Psychedelics could be the saving grace to shift the situation, but from what i understand, going in it so deprived could just intensify/mirror this hell back to me lol and dude in this state i cant handle a badtrip empty of Nutritive Love So yeah, of course i'm very proactive on all of those aspects (i get it) But some people can be stuck in a hellish state so impossibly difficult and unable to "just save oneself" fast enough before gameover/alt+f4, so some kind of effective medkits/drugs meanwhile that hydrate specifically those Physiological Love Needs would be crucial to find. What molecules would be pertinent ?
  4. @Verg0 Scientifically, MDMA can become neurotoxic if you take Caffeine 24H before&after the trip, and/or if you trip in a particularly High Heat environment without cooling your body.
  5. @Ima Freeman dude im in a very similar place in my life ! Meditation is basically the best thing i discovered for my mental health, wisdom, lucidity and happiness. But Ego struggles haaard, i have so much irrational resistance to it (check "the war of art" by s.pressfield). And with chronic burnout im always self-deceived in random daydreams and subtle-bullshit expectations. Something that can help you for this is to : Intimately Reflect on your uniquely different and Legitimate past experience, with full Authority and independance from other's "ways/howto". So that you can re-CLARIFY the WHY(s) you are doing Meditation for. And then looking back, intuitively WHAT type of meditation has been actually Resonating The Most With YOU for this purpose. And figure out HOW to maximize this specific thing/way (in the meditative process, but also around it in how you setup your daily life). And Focus ONLY on your top 1 (for rigid mastery) or top 3 (for flexible pertinence). (check "elastic habits" by s.guise) As an example for me : i clarified what is (and isn't) Most Pertinent, For My Unique Situation nowadays : its Not to meditate for concentration or lucidity/awakening, and not even for wisdom insights. Its to meditate for deep Rest and to cultivate Equanimity (so that i can basically train myself every day to let go and Accept Unconditionally whatever happens during Psychedelic trips) So i ditched 99.9% of the guided meditations i've been collecting for a while and distracting myself with. And i've designed what process works best for me in actuality. I also have been designing my Routine and Priorities so that (in a Flexible but Structured way), i reserve enough Space/Time/Attention to really meditate. And i have a little bit of THC on the side, so that mutliple times a week when i feel like it i can gently familiarize myself with the psychedelic world, undistracted.
  6. Btw, this might go better in the "Mental Health, Serious Emotional Issues" subforum
  7. 2 years ago, Leo made a blog video about balancing work & rest, that can help on this topic quite a bit. Here's the link and a summary
  8. Understanding How to solve cancerous/maladaptive Systems (system-thinking) is a part of the solution as a whole (but of course if you're burnt out you just cant get yourself to learn this...)
  9. Burning-out (especially self-induced) is a tricky thing. Sometime its like trying to untangle a giant ticking bomb made of interconnected knots of fragile conductor-wires (wich will blow up in your face as the knots get tighter & tighter until a wire breaks). But you're trying to do so, stuck in rest-deprivation, with Homeostasis working against you, as the knot is tightening on its own (its a dynamic System with a survival drive). So most ’solutions’ are actually not helpful because when they loosen a wire here and there, it does so by subtly tightening other wires somewhere else. So out of 30 different ’solutions’ in apparence, there might be only a few that will really help your unique situation. And the twisted thing is that most people start seriously trying to untangle this shit, only when they realise they are already knee-deep in this mess and exhausted. So you might not have the luxury to try 10 more ‘solutions’, as you're running out of ressource. And thats not even half of the complexity of self-induced Burnout. I think the systemic problem Burnout is a waaay bigger thing than we realise as individuals and as a society. Because it can be sooo subtle, most of us dont realise we're burning-out until we're stuck in quicksand. And this chronic-state is interconnected to 99% of our life, influencing more and more our (lack of) wellbeing, what we neglect and what we act on. Its basically an Exponential-DisEase. So yes, successful PREVENTION is key and extremely valuable. But still, there's an even bigger need for powerful real-Solutions to self-induced burnout.
  10. Just a few minutes of attention, let it build up (amazing game, basically a Meta-SelfDeception) It creates a powerful immersion that you can learn from (although dont watch if you are very averse to existential crises lol) Also a powerful teaching/example of what THOUGHTS are in actuality (reference to leo's video on Thoughts) This is Video is superb enough on its own. But since its a VideoGame, its Interactive, so just spend a few bucks and you can go experience this first-hand, really immersing yourself in this teaching even more (especially about Will and Truth) At multiple points this Goes-Meta very deeply to the point where YOU THE PLAYER become played by the game itself, ingeniously (can get quite a visceral experience) I think most of us (me included) Neglect or Underestimate the Pertinence and POWER Of ART in the Learning/Awakening Process.
  11. I edited it, i think its better now But anyway i mean : Rather than dissolving this special/unique kind of powerful Compost into non-existence by letting it go, we could instead Transmute this Shit into Art/Creation in a Powerful/special way that we cant really get with other kinds of energy
  12. Interesting take on this, like Suffering is some kind of Compost. Its still shit, excrements, but its Nutritive for the roots of plants Exurb2a made a good audio on this :
  13. "Suffering" is sooooo important, its like one of the biggest things that we all live through as human beings one big hungry elephant in the room Btw WHAT IS SUFFERING ?? An Emotion ? A Thought ? Pain ? Really ? It seems to be way more/deeper/essential than that in actuality Suffering in itself is negative, foolish, bad, or is it ? Maybe there is a unique kind of pearl at the bottom of this dark well, that you can become only by experiencing it enough Very interesting to Contemplate and learn about Could it be that SUFFERING is an Opportunity of Powerful INTENSITY, to be Transmuted from destructive to creative. (but Different from an emotion, a very specific/different kind of intensity) And that by Transmuting it, it brings a special Depth/Substance/Essence to whats being Created through it, Infusing with a profound flavor/taste Unique to this origin Also, Suffering is actually extremely energy-intensive, you really notice that when you stuck in it for a while like every human being will experience, an all of this tremendous ammount of energy is just wasted or worse How can you actually Aïkido it, like instead of just making it disappear, rather Redirecting/Channeling Suffering into some deep Creative endeavor (all while its overwhelming your state of consciousness so intensely and subtly) Its especially relevant for anything Art, but it might also be an unique/necessary kind of energy for realising specific facets of Awakening