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  1. @Leo Gura please make a video about the differences between de-construction and construction. Most of the content on the channel is about de-construction, but construction is also important in life. I think the audience should be more aware of the difference between these two and know how to use both effectively. Most of the views probably need to learn how to make better construction to get further in life while being aware of how to de-construction it. This video will also solve a lot of problems with the nihilism/solipsism rut.
  2. @bejapuskas Why does criticizing green offed you? Most of the members, all the moderators and Leo, agree that orange and blue are destroying the world. How long will you keep beating a dead horse? You criticize everyone else expect your own worldview and biases.
  3. Irony. If you want to know privilege look at yourself first. That’s a dumb argument, just because they don’t kill people doesn’t mean we can’t criticize them. It causes problems to people. By your logic we shouldn’t criticize western countries because look, there’s so much red and blue still in the world. Solving political problems requires understanding identity. More identification and excessive pride will cause problems. Progressives want white people to disassociate from their identity while telling the opposite to POCs. How are POCs and minorities going to be free from cultural conditioning if they are so identified? How are they going to question their society? Does it encourage stage blue minorities to self reflect or does it embolden them? As a POC, if I listened to progressives I wouldn’t be able to break free from cultural conditions, I would be stage blue, they don’t help you break free. It’s more about problems within the white community (or problems from their end), it’s doesn’t really care about the internal problems of minority groups (they don’t see them as their own). It’s very white centric in this way. It’s comfortable critiquing whites/Christians/western civilization (“their” community) but won’t do it to other communities. if you’re a minority you see that as a problem in your community not getting highlighted, it’s further perpetuated by the encouragement of identification from progressives.
  4. I don't agree with your assessment of postmodern relativism. But yes, there are dangerous to it, I just don't think you are quite on point. I had tried to point out the problems with relativism and gender, but people misinterpreted it. Then Leo made a video about gender saying basically the same thing and got lauded for it. (This actually happens quite a lot on the forum). Progressives get identity wrong. This can negatively effect you individually if you get too attached to identities. Watch Leo's video he explains the problem with relativism quite well:
  5. My heartfelt condolences to the family. Rip Soonhei, you will me missed. There are many mentally and emotionally unstable people in the forum, in much worse conditions than Soonhei. I’ve brought this to Leo’s attention in the past. These people need practical and often times professional and medical help, not lofty spiritual advice. They shouldn’t be doing spirituality. They are the same way even after months and years of being on the forum, on the contrary they get more confused and distracted. Leo needs to either tell these people to fix their issues first and then come on the forum or ban these people from the forum for their own safety. To do otherwise would be irresponsible. I suggest you create a similar post to this one to politely ask members who don’t have their life together to leave the forum and come back once they do.
  6. Those cousins like their marriages. It's silly of you to assume otherwise. I'm not shooting any one down, I'm sharing my experiences. So shut the fuck up please! Okay. Go open up! No one stopped you! Just don't be rude and call others sexists. You agreed with that analogy!
  7. I respect your opinion except you implied I’m a sexist by saying I don’t support women. Oh please, I’m not married, but I have two older female cousins who got arranged marriages, ones a dentist in Australia, and the other one is a flight attendant. I know plenty independent women who are gynaecologists, in the military, teachers, etc. who got arranged marriages and are happy. So please. Spare me your fake ass woke condescension. Try being informed about arranged marriages before you have opinions about them.
  8. You’re projecting lots of shit! Look if you don’t like my opinions you can just ignore them, it will be best for both of us. Actually I know plenty of financially independent women who support arranged marriages. Many women like arrange marriages. Not all families are like your family, not all arranged marriages are like the ones you’ve seen. Arrange marriage is literally your parents referring someone to you. You can reject them. It’s nothing more nothing less. You sound like a know it all. How about fixing your own relationships before giving advice?
  9. It can be but if your parents are understanding and yours and their survival needs don’t conflict, it can be really good. Many kids ask their parents to get them arranged too. “Normal” marriages have problems too, problems can happen in any relationship. The point was it’s very close to being direct about what each party wants without much BS.
  10. Don’t know what you’re on about. I know many successful arranged marriages, even among younger generations. They don’t have to suck if done the right way. What you’re describing is forced marriage. The husband wouldn’t cheat if he wasn’t forced into it.
  11. That’s basically an arranged marriage in Indian culture. Imo they do really well. People tend to confuse it with forced marriage, they’re different.
  12. Maybe, I know this sounds crazy right, but maybe you might be a narcissist, that’s why you attract narcissists.
  13. Uhhh, an unattractive person however confident is still unattractive... Especially true for men don’t know about women. Even with women, a 5’0 confident guy is unattractive no matter what. I agree with everything else. Can we admit that the dating game is slightly easier for young women? It’s clear on dating apps. Young women are just very valuable to society. Maybe it’s God’s way of making everything fair, women have/had a big disadvantage everywhere else, maybe God gave them a leg up here.
  14. No offence... but this sounds like a guy who fucked all the hot chicks and then in the end goes to the average nerdy girls because they make better mothers and wives... Had all the fun but when you need a life partner you chose the boring old nerd you use to scoff at... such is survival.
  15. It's stage blue propaganda completely blind to reality. Every stage blue country believes it's the best country. It's much easier to see when you belong to two different cultures. The similarities between Indian conservatism and American conservatism are uncanny. Conservatives all around the world believe their culture and religion are in danger, they operate from fear. You know there's a problem when a developed nation uses tactic an developing nation uses.