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  1. Only a true conservative would try to make laws and rules out of chaos. Kind of like acknowledging that yes, chaos is necessary, but we must tame the beast and "civilize" it by bringing more rules, concepts and order to it.
  2. This made me appreciate the power of art. These albums can take you on an experiential journey of total deconstruction of the sense of self. Here is the collection in one piece.
  3. Catalogue of businesses/projects I have tried so far from age 18 to 23: Many of these have failed, but some have succeeded, so feel free to ask me about any of these if you are interested: 2015: Affiliate marketing blog 2016 - 2017: Repairing iPhones and reselling them 2019: Porn addiction coaching 2020: TikTok social experiments 2020: Matched betting 2020: Print on Demand t-shirt business 2020: Digital photocopying service for elderly people 2020: Smart tool/product lending service (crossed out = idea scrapped)
  4. Update - October 12 2020 Woah what a year it has been.. A lot has happened since the last update. Actually, everything has changed.... 1. Quitting the porn addiction coaching business The business I started a year ago ended up being very little about the external and very much about the internal. I hit a brick wall. I self-sabotaged the shit out of myself and basically forced the business to fail. This forced me to go inward and face the things that were stopping me and all of my own internal dysfunction and bullshit. 2. Facing my own demons, deep inner work I was faced with having to radically change my view on things if I wanted to move forward. I was forced to go deep inside, way deeper than the surface level "porn addiction". I was forced to learn about real self-love and eventually I realized there was no way out except radical self-acceptance. I basically had to bring the beast of "porn addiction" to the surface to examine it, analyze it and finally integrate it. I did shadow work, journaled, talked to my inner child, talked to my shadow, meditated, took psychedelics and eventually I realized that there was something deeper going on here, porn was not the problem. I stopped being ashamed of watching porn and ta daa! it stopped running my life! I stopped binging on it excessively and I stopped feeling like shit about my sexuality. Who would have thought? For 3 years I was "fighting" the porn addiction, when all I had to do was to love and accept myself for it not to be a problem anymore! So simple, yet so difficult to embody when you have tied your identity around fighting this "evil" thing that you have imagined...... So basically, I left the porn addiction niche because it was so toxic with religion induced shaming and such deep rooted beliefs about being a bad person for fapping etc.. I cannot support people denying and trying to suppress their sexuality, and I don't have the expertise to make these fundamental root level identity shifts in reality for people. That is the only way out of that mess of toxic shame......... From September 2019 to August 2020 I focused mostly on myself, because I knew that if I don't go deep within I will just self-sabotage even more. 3. New business - Truth: The "universe" cheers on for courage Throughout the summer I was thinking about my life purpose and I was figuring out what to really do with my life etc. Something was not right though.. I was feeling very lethargic, very unenergetic, no passion and no desire for challenge. I just expected that when I figure out my life purpose, then I will be passionate and have tons of energy. But that didn't seem to give me any energy for now... So one day I met one of my friends/mentors, and he said something that stuck with me. He told me it's better to get you hands dirty and do something, that way you will gain momentum and you will learn much more about yourself than infinitely analyzing about stuff... So an opportunity presented itself. Two of my friends who are great business people asked me to join them in starting a new business. I decided to stop analyzing my life and start living it and said yes, even though I didn't feel ready at all... It has been a wild ride already these past few months. Things have happened that I never though would be possible. I have put myself in highly uncomfortable situation, high pressure situations, but they don't beat me down in the same way they did before. There is now a deeper level to rely upon, all the self acceptance stuff is there. My self-worth is no longer tied to this external thing, and that feels liberating. Incredible things have happened, doors have opened for us in places that we never knew they existed. I have felt that fiery passion inside me light up again and I am feeling very inspired at the moment. I know this feeling is passing, but it's great to at least have it back in the catalogue after over a year of apathy. This is what it's about, I need a balance between immersion and analysis. If I am too much in the analysis side of things, I fall into apathy, if I'm too much on the side of immersion, I self-destruct. But now I feel like I can handle way more immersion than before. A year of meditation and all that shadow work and psychedelic reflection has allowed it. I see that in a phase of "analysis" the benefits of meditation and shadow work are not that clear, but they become crystal clear in a state of "immersion". They build resilience, the storms don't whoop your ass so bad anymore. I am starting to trust myself that I will be able to thrive under massive pressure. When I have to pitch at an event, or I am put on the spot I often find myself having a calm, internal smile. Knowing that I am enough no matter what happens, there is always meditation and the present moment to rely upon.. The present moment always cradles us, we just have to remember it's there... I don't know what will happen with this endeavor, but I trust it is the right path because I trust my intuition more now. It might not make logically sense for me to go into this, but I feel it is a necessary step for me. I need to learn the art of business, that is an essential life skill that I can build further curiosities onto. See you now, future me
  5. I found this very interesting and I didn't see it posted here before. What do you think? Source:
  6. @K Ghoul That's a good idea! Using CO2 emissions as an indicator as to how nations embody environmental values in their actions is really good because it is data that is available for all the countries I will research. I think I will focus on a ton of countries and see if development in environmental values is reflected in the environmental policy of the country and its CO2 emissions. Maybe the way to solve all these environmental issues is to aid countries and individuals in their development towards greater holism through the stages, so it would be really meaningful to also attach this to the developmental theories. This opens up a lot of interesting paths to take this type of research. Really excited about this now! Thanks a ton for the idea
  7. What would you love to know more about in regard to the relationship between Geography and society/environment/development/politics/self-actualization/Life-purpose work etc.? Currently I am planning my topic for my Geography Masters thesis, which will give me the opportunity to dive deep into some topic and spend hundreds of hours studying and doing research related to it. So if there's anything related to Geography that you would love to know more about, I would love to know! For example one area of research that came to mind was to look at the changes in people's values related to environmental issues from the world values survey, and use the Cook-Greuter Ego development model to see if higher degrees of ego development are associated with an increase in environmental concern in a certain geographic area. What do you think?
  8. Excellent insight into the Blue worldview from Pastor Sempa
  9. Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh with over 1 million bike rickshaws. These hard working drivers make about 5$/day. I visited this country a couple of years ago and the people there are some of the most genuine and friendly I have ever met.
  10. The issue is not police brutality, that is just a very surface level symptom of many deep and systemic issues. The black population has gotten left behind in education, work and they are stuck in poverty. Poverty keeps communities stuck in a cycle of crime and the struggle has many people in these communities resort to drugs as a coping mechanism. Drug addiction and the war against drugs plays a key role, because these people get arrested for nonviolent drug offenses and are sent to jails and prisons, which basically force you to become a violent criminal by having to join a gang etc. Rates of violent crime are significantly higher in blacks and that can cause a bias when police are interacting with them. The police are also concerned with their own survival as much as anyone else and they are subject to unconscious stereotyping, (although deliberate racism definitely seems to exist within the police). This is just one example of the probably dozens of systemic issues in the U.S that this is just a symptom of. Some possible systemic issues that this is a symptom of: A prison system that doesn't aim to rehabilitate and profits from keeping people in. War on drugs which gets people into cycle of crime Lack of oversight on police forces, minimal training of police Large amounts of guns in the general population, which causes police to have a highly sensitive trigger finger Lack of public preschool which would even out the playing field for education. It is not helpful in any way or for anyone to say that the ONLY cause of this problem is systemic racism or police brutality. We need to accurately diagnose the issue if we want to solve it. Outrage can actually make things worse by focusing on the wrong problem, although the emotional reaction people are having is totally understandable..
  11. @Zigzag Idiot That's very interesting. It seems to be true that the sense of being a separate self only stays alive because we believe in the reality of the "negative" emotions. Fear tends to be retractive/restrictive and Love seems to be expansive. So the only way we hold "ourselves" together is by believing the fear which is necessary for the illusion to exist. By letting go of the insistence on fear being real we are released into the base state of infinite Love. Let me know if this sounds right from the course perspective, I'm a new student
  12. @The observer My intuition based on some spiritual experiences is more on the side of love being the fundamental thing, that's why I spoke to you because you have a different view, my aim was to not be confrontational in any way but I guess I didn't succeed in that. I just felt like you were being completely dismissed by everyone so my aim was to point out that your view could also be right and bring some kind of balance between the two sides here.
  13. @The observer I do see what you're saying and I think it is entirely possible. Honestly we have no idea, just arguing at the level of words is never going to result in anything. Only experience can tell us the reality of it and if what you said is your experience, who are we to dispute your direct experience? I am open to the possibility of what you are saying to be true, but I also think it would be fair for you to entertain the possibility that there is a deeper level of understanding. But of course it's your choice. I wish you all the best on your journey!
  14. A very fun video about the road to stage yellow with art and music typical to each stage