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  1. Please don't pressure or persuade anyone into taking psychedelics. Imagine if your brother has a trainwreck trip and psychosis, and it was because you persuaded or pressured him to do something he didn't feel a calling for. The furthest I would go is talking about your own experience, then if they get interested and want to try, cool. Then it is out of their own curiosity and desire to explore that area.
  2. @Muhammad Jawad every human respects honesty and truth deep down. If he gets heartbroken because of your honest feelings and expression of them, it is his job to communicate that to you and then maybe you can have a much healthier relationship built on solid respect. Maybe he is being disrespectful towards you because he senses you are not being truly honest with him and how you feel about him, and that's his way of trying to trigger you to open up so a relationship built on more honesty and respect can be built. Another persons feelings are never your responsibility, it is their responsibility to communicate to you if they wish you would do something differently. And you do it if you really want to do that, not because you feel forced to. Otherwise we are merely slaves to our own constructions.
  3. Yes, it's not flawless by any means, but generally I think the video provides a nice overview (CaspianReport). There will always be people who feel the analysis is not balanced. Especially in cases where there is some clear personal involvement with one of the actors that is being analyzed. Looking at geopolitical situations like this requires taking a certain type of birds-eye view, which is very difficult to do, when our home countries are involved. For me also in this case that you're talking about, since I am from Finland. We should acknowledge that it's especially difficult for us to take the Russian perspective on all this. What matters is not if Russia is somehow objectively being threatened, but whether or not Russia as an entity and the people in power in Russia feel they are being cornered or pressured in some way. Very minor shifts in power can be detrimental in games of geopolitics. We should also be aware that while the media in our countries is not straight out propaganda by any means, it is still biased in subtle ways and feeds into narratives that the population wants to hear, such as a simplistic dichotomy of West=good guys, Russia=bad guys, or victim narratoves about the West (which may or may not be true). It's clear that NATO is also wanting to survive and spread, and it seems Russia feels threatened by that, Russia interprets that countries are being subtly pushed to join NATO. And that NATO is not simply a defence alliance, but also has been getting involved in other countries wars. Which is clearly the case in many ways. It would also be an underestimation to think that Russia wouldn't be aware that provocations like this will increase Nato support in Sweden and Finland. The game being played in these situations is very complex, so I don't think we can simply state that joining Nato is the obviously best choice based on some collection of facts, there might be a lot of things in play, for example information that intelligence agencies might hold that isn't public that is affecting the policies regarding that. Notice I'm not saying joining NATO would be bad, just trying to point out some complexities regarding this situation. Some different perspectives to consider that might not come intuitively to people like us living next to Russia.
  4. @itachi uchiha r/geopolitics seems quite solid. Definitely those discussions are on a whole other level of nuance and holism than typical political discussion we see in social media.
  5. I see what you're saying. Even though there is some of that utopian idealism, I think overall it's a breath of fresh air, a break from all the intellectualizing around these ideas, which might not be very accessible or interesting to most people. Expressing these ideas through art is a positive direction, a more right-brain approach to make the whole thing more balanced out. Overall, for a shift to happen, the messaging should be a bit idealistic to get people's energies up, and get them to work towards that new vision. Get people excited for something new, some new possibilities and ways of operating in the world. That is how pretty much all major peaceful shifts in culture have taken place. There's a vision that is simply more powerful than the old paradigm, and then it starts becoming a reality as it gains more and more momentum in peoples minds. The vision needs to be so powerful that it sparks a fire in all the worn out people to take action and try their best to figure these things out. But yeah it's also important to balance it out so it doesn't slip into dysfunctional and immature utopia expectations. Here is some analysis with more depth about the message of the film:
  6. Yes. Could have quoted that to make it more clear. Also, I tend to derail some threads sometimes from the original topic when I get inspired by something in the replies, and I realize it's usually not constructive to do that. Important discussion you initiated here for sure!
  7. One of the only other "teachers" I have found that very clearly talk about the Absolute Consciousness realization aspect of all this in addition to Leo is Peter Francis Dziuban. I mean the perspective that you are Consciousness/God/Infinity/All right here right now and nothing can be outside of you. He has a phenomenal book "Consciousness Is All - The Magnificent Truth of What You Are" It's such a beautiful book. The audiobook version is almost 40 hours jam packed with direct pointers towards what Consciousness and Infinity is, and how this right here is that. Just getting started with it already getting mind-blown, highly recommended! It is really causing me to become much more curious about what Leo is pointing to here and helping me really orient and turn towards towards the essential core of the "matter"
  8. Check out the movie watchers guide to enlightenment ( The website seems to use a lot of acim terminology. It can be a legit spiritual practice to look at movies from a perspective of spirituality. Some films can be seen as a powerful technology implanted in the dream to help you see whats real and to let go of attachments. Some amazing spiritual movies, that point to towards awakening to an everpresent Reality that we are already but have just forgotten. Most of these I found from that site: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Fearless (1993) Truman Show 13th floor Waking Life
  9. Usually we are grateful for things it is easy for us to feel good about. Nothing wrong with that, it's so important to get that ball rolling but if not expanded upon, it leaves out a big part of reality, and can enforce a subtle split between the "good" and "bad", the desirable and undesirable. It's possible to take gratitude and turn it into a potent form of "shadow work". Here's a "fun" exercise: Instead of being grateful for the things you find easy to accept, be grateful for the things you find most difficult to accept, and even things that cause fear. Something like this: "I am grateful for seeing my selfishness, not being able to give more money to that person who asked for help today" "I am grateful for my insecurity, my anxiety and struggles with self-expression" "I am grateful for shame and all the frustration in me" "I am grateful for seeing all the war and torture happening in the world." Notice how painful it is to accept something like that. It can even feel like something is dying or like you are being ripped apart. But trust yourself, trust that yes it is painful, but it is also liberating. An immediate fear alert might go off about how being grateful of these things is wrong and how it shouldn't be done or how it is damaging etc. But if you persist with it, you might discover that there is a massive power to it, and that there is a counter-intuitive thing that happens when you are grateful for also the things that are most painful to accept.
  10. Usually very well balanced and nuanced analysis. Love this channel
  11. Infinity. The way we tend to traditionally think of the word "infinity" through our schooling and culture is something like an infinitely big thing. Something massive, something like a never ending number or an endless sea. I realized that for me it was limiting to try to "grok" infinity through that framing. It easily can get us to start looking "out there" for infinity. I recently realized that the words for infinity in my native language are quite interesting. The words in Finnish for infinity (ääretön, rajaton) could be translated quite directly as "boundless" or "without a border", "borderless". The terms boundlessness and borderlessness can bring about a different kind of flavor and perpective to what the term "infinity" might be pointing to. It doesn't have to mean some colossal thing, It can be something quite relaxed, something gentle. Infinity is simply that which has no border --> that which is not and cannot be separate. Would be interesting to hear, is the term infinity seen in a different way through the word that is used in some other languages as well?
  12. I think I might would have replied something along those lines if I was asked this question as well. It makes a ton of sense. But for the sake of further exploration: What if it's an assumption that that's what needs to happen? Will we keep digging into the root causes if we take that sort of deterministic view on all this? Collective paradigm shifts can happen, mindblowing discoveries can be made that recontextualize everything, we could understand the root causes of problems and solve them very quickly. Change looks progressive only when looking back, but what has been is not always a good sign of what's to come. I think it's one of the potential traps if spiral dynamics and other developmental models are taken too religiously; what has unfolded so far is assumed to be a sign of how things will keep unfolding. And thus the @Nahm said: "Peace can not become a reality or be actualized because it’s already the default." So maybe by assuming the "progressive path" to peace, we are just pushing the "change" or "shift" further into the future. Maybe we must realize directly that peace is already here. Maybe that's "the way".
  13. You could also ask: "have you ever met someone whom with there was a 0% possibility of making peace with?" Let's take the two people from all of human history who would be maximally opposing of each other and maximally violent towards each other. If there is a greater than 0% chance of them finding peace (utilizing all known methods of negotiation, communication and spirituality) then I would say world peace is in the realm of possibility. If the largest possible separation can be either healed or seen to be an illusion, that would make "solving" all the smaller separations between people a nice walk on the beach. Heal or see through the biggest separation, and you heal and undo it all.
  14. I never fully understood that talking point. Isn't the growing of industrial hemp (with less than 0.2% thc) legal almost everywhere already? It's not like you need high amounts of thc in the hemp to use it for any of those things.