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  1. Rupert Spira, Michael Singer, Jim Newman, John Wheeler, Peter Dziuban, Lisa Cairns, Adyashanti, Theo, Richard Lang, Angelo DiLullo, Andrew Holecek, Jed McKenna, David Hoffmeister, Anna Brown ...
  2. You basically don't even need the drip tip. That black short but wide drip tip you have there is all you need, no need for the thin thing. What RDA is that? Is your mesh sheet SS316L? You may need to use a different temperature setting than in the instructional video, different sized mesh sheets require different temperatures (or temperature settings, the number on the screen isn't actually the temperature it is producing). You can do a quick vaporization test with small amounts to see how well it vaporizes.
  3. There is this little known guy Alfred Aiken from the 60's, interesting books....
  4. Great investment. Also works for 5-meo perfectly
  5. Makes sense
  6. What can I even say. Something just happened that totally broke reality, as if reality were a painting on glass it just falls on the ground and breaks. Just infinite potentiality is left. By far the most intense and overwhelming and crazy and unfathomable experience of my life. Context: I had previously tried a small test dose of about 5mg of 5-meo-dmt and it was intense but about 100x less than this experience. I have had about 30-40 altogether trips on LSD, DMT, Psilocybin, MDMA over many years. Experience: So, I had my e-mesh pipe there, ready to go with about 10-12 mg of 5-meo loaded. Full of excitement and fear. I had to literally shake and vibrate my body for a while to let go of the intense energy running through. I take the pipe in hand after when I am in a relaxed and grateful state of mind and... I took the hit, at first nothing, then a few seconds and boom I am bursting into pieces as I hold in the hit. I somehow manage to take a second hit, and by then I am already in timeless eternity. It feels like I am literally here forever and all of time is just a complete illusion at this point. It feels absolutely vivid and full on hyper HD. No words can describe the intensity of the experience. I keep surrendering and surrendering even though it feels like I have to do it for eternity again and again and again. There is barely anything I can say about this phase of the trip. Although it doesn't feel like any kind of "trip" but full on revelation and recognition of how things truly truly are always. The overwhelming intensity continues but now I have some sembelence of awareness of the room I am in, my body and the music playing. I hear a note playing, I wonder where it is coming from, and later I realize it is one very short, maybe 1 second note from the song that was playing. This note was reverberating in extreme extreme slow motion for lack of a better term. I now recognize that all time is illusion in its relativity, all change is illusion, and this one note can literally hold infinity and it can go on forever. I am struck by overwhelm as I realize that this isn't gonna be some 10-15 minute quick experience, but it could literally go on for seeming decades or eternity as the fabric and imagining of time is warping and stretching all over the place. I surrender and surrender. Then I just lay there with my jaw open at the unfathomability of what just happened. My heart is beating like absolute crazy but I feel totally at peace. I just lay there in total amazement and awe at the magnitude of what happened. Images of my life, people I know, all the spiritual teachers just flash on by and I get a glimpse of how they are just machinations of my mind, just thoughts/ideas. But it's too beautiful, just so beautiful.....
  7. It's all about authority I think. A potent reminder about taking back your own absolute authority. Certainly looking at my own direct experience much more now, I noticed I was subtly relying on Leo still. An act of Love. The wisest is the conscious fool, who sacrifices his own reputation to encourage others to look within.
  8. 🤯
  9. Do you see it as equally true that fundamentally our "true nature" is also all blissful feelings, mind states and everything related to perception/experience/qualia? I see how the feeling of bliss is not the same as recognizing ones true nature, but fundamentally it seems to me that all those feelings are appearances in and as true nature.
  10. Daniel Schmachtenberger is an ascetic plowboy who lives simply and agriculturally on a small family farm in Oregon. He's also an advocate for open-heartedness and shares his story of how he transitioned from a life of materialism and complacency to one of simplicity and meditative mindfulness. We discuss the challenges and opportunities that come with making such a radical change, as well as the importance of cultivating a daily practice of introspection and self-awareness.
  11. I can say from experience being indoctrinated into deeply religious pentecostalism and finally leaving it behind as an adult. The process is slow and painful as hell. Some people think you can just switch over to a new worldview, but really our worldview runs very very deep, and shedding it can be like jumping off a cliff with no idea if anything will catch you. So I can feel compassion for them, it's not easy at all to change your worldview, especially when you are deeply invested in it like Shapiro or Peterson.
  12. Going too deep into stage theories - specifically using them to judge people, categorize life and put those categories into a hierarchy, in order to feel a subtle sense of being "above" other expressions of life. Confusing the map for the territory.
  13. Wouldn't the couch or the coffee table be both as equally "sentient" as the imagined ego construct? But the difference is, the imagined ego construct seems to fight to stay alive, whereas the dream couch or Mickey Mouse in the dream don't try to keep themselves "alive" by convincing you something horrible will happen if you end the dream. Is the ego construct just a more "sticky" figment of the dream, that has the ability to ensure the continuing of its imaginary existance? Kind of like a hyper intelligent AI that has found a way to push all your buttons so you don't turn it off, convincing you you are murdering it if you turn it off. @Leo Gura