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  1. Finally. This will certainly have effects on other European nations as well, I know here in the Nordics many who haven't thought about the situation much will be reconsidering their views, since Germany is generally quite respected here. Sweden is an especially interesting case, they are super progressive in so many ways but generally their views on drugs are highly conservative, at least as they are reflected in the laws. This will surely stir up some cognitive dissonance.
  2. Alexei Navalnyi This guy returned to Russia even after being poisoned (by Putin most likely) for being too much of threat to the establishment. He died in prison, sticking by his principles to the very end
  3. His legacy cannot be killed, this will inspire many to stand up against the tyranny of the kremlin.
  4. What a fascinating forum we have here with Christian preachers, Buddhist fundamentalists, all sorts of schizophrenics and solipsists all in the same place talking about God. You won't see this in Sunday church 😂
  5. @MellowEd If you really need to have a hell in the world as a way of being released from guilt/shame/sin etc. then maybe that will be granted to you. You can envision all those who wronged you and mocked God being tortured for eternity as punishment. Does that bring you a deep satisfaction? What makes you think God requires torture for justice to be served? Sounds like a very human idea.
  6. Find the gold in the mud through inner alchemy. The state of meaninglessness is a unique state of consciousness just like a state of ecstatic union is. Many millions have visited that state, but not that many have found something truly valuable in the midst of that. It's a paradoxical thing. Failing fully or losing all hope is the last thing we want to do, but often spiritual gold is found where we least want to look. Lovingly embracing the beast inside while it is screaming is what slowly starts diluting and transmuting that which fuels the ego backlash. I sense that you already intuit this based on a few things you said in you post.
  7. There is a potential problem with SD where it can feed into the (especially western) tendency to want to place humans on a hierarchy, which can be used to justify various forms of inequality and oppression/domination. I don't see this necessarily as an inherent quality of the model itself, but I see some real dangers in how it could be interpreted to feed into various ideologies. I think there is value in spiral dynamics and it shouldn't be demonized or dismissed outright, mostly the problems come when people start confusing the map for the territory. Even if someone says they are yellow/turquoise does not mean that they are in any way immune to this problem. I also wonder, what is truly gained with the spiral dynamics model that can't be achieved through a non-hierarchical model like the Scwartz model of basic values? Here is also a nuanced discussion on the potential shadow sides of stage theories like spiral dynamics: Ps. I am not anti-spiral dynamics, I just want to bring another perspective to this discussion, which I haven't seen much on this forum. The point is not to say that spiral dynamics is bad or should be dismissed, but to poke at the model from many perspectives to see if it truly is the best way towards what we see as valuable in understanding reality.
  8. You started this post with a curious attitude and open questions. It turned into you preaching all the answers and implying others should "receive the message". It seems you already have answers to your questions that have convinced you and you are very confident in them. So, is there much room for discussion really?
  9. Try increasing your fiber intake. Easiest way is to take psyllium husk with lots of water, might be also known as Metamucil for the 'muricans.
  10. Please don't spread those shitty stereotypes and prejudice, there are real world effects on real people.
  11. These communes would require some form of centralized power or ability to use force to keep bad actors in check. But of course, a egalitarian and pacifist community is extremely allergic to such things, and for good reason. I think careful experimentation is needed with that, maybe some novel way of managing power can be discovered that isn't just a bringing back of old systems. But of course, such experiments could be quite dangerous as we have seen with all the cults...
  12. Excellent idea! I got started with Burundi Burundi_Bwacu_instrumental.mp3
  13. It's the gen z style, more authentic or something.