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  1. @SamC Yeah, right?! Yes, I did. I thought I should do that with art though. Maybe because my whole life I wanted to be an artist and didn't want to give up on that idea. But only through going down that road I realized that this way is insufficient and not quite right for me. So I guess this is a good example of a life purpose morphing into something else through doing the process.
  2. @SamC I'm in a very, very similar situation. I have taken the LP course 4 years ago and thought I wanted to go after an art career (I wanted to give people a sense of purpose by showing how beautiful the world can be). But this shifted more and more; I've been feeling pretty unsatisfied although I've had some success and became quite good at it. Like some important part is missing. Now I'm taking the course again and it's becoming more and more evident that my 'real' passion is giving people deep insights about themselves through intuitive understaning (same as you), because I freaking love the feeling of doing this and helping somebody in that way, and I feel like this is my ultimate strength. And I think I still want to help giving them a sense of purpose, but more through helping them to actualize their own Life Purpose, but as a niche in the art field. So I'm thinking about coaching, writing, public speaking or even therapy. It's really confusing, but I feel like it's the right thing to somehow combine the two. I still really love art and it wouldn't feel right to abandon it. Exploration plus trial and error is probably the right (but scary) thing to do at this point. I don't know if this helps you in any way, but maybe it helps to know there's someone with a very similar problem. I'm currently feeling very lost myself, especially after thinking I've found my LP.