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  1. @Gesundheit I did it for 140 days last year. I just hate the process of hunting, that is all. Is that soo hard to believe? I love being social, meeting people, making jokes and being cool likable in general. I just do not like the part where you "hunt".
  2. @Preety_India 75 percent of divorces are filed by women in the USA so you are factually wrong about western guys being more difficult to please. A person that is pleased will not file for divorce. @Leo Gura You are basically telling to a guy from Nigeria that is complaining about Nigeria being poor to stop crying and try to make yourself wealthy. Good advice but Nigeria is still poor. You are saying Nigeria is not poor. He never claimed that he will not try to become wealthy, he just said that he finds Nigeria poor.
  3. @Emerald I want to get what i offer, not less. If i offer a lot i want to get a lot in return. If i offer little then of course i will get little. I do not want girls that do not offer a lot require a lot and me to get forced to take it because a little is better than nothing. This is my emotional language talking aka ego language.
  4. Life is hard as fuck for guys, deal with it. Become strong and own the world. That is basically what the replies people get on these kind of posts.
  5. @Dancer This does not affect me to all dude. I do not live in American and i do not want to get married anytime soon. That video was about women that want to settle down/ get married. Not for me. I just found it interesting and annoying that such stuff even exists. What i sent is the equivalent of men that would not want to marry or have sex with (if you think guy agenda is just sex) if their girls didn't have big tits, cute face, nice ass, was very feminine, girly, good in bed, gave them oral whenever they wanted, had healthy self esteem, emotional self control. Meanwhile the guy is average at best. This is the male equivalent of the material discussed in the video. Imagine how ridiculous it would look if someone said that stuff. Now imagine hundreds of people doing that. Incels are very entitled for sure but they are usually entitled about getting sex not about having the perfect dream girl for the rest of their lives. Give incels some average sex and they will stop complaining.
  6. @Leo Gura I love how you focus on me instead of the woman that said what she said. It is like being focused on the messenger instead of the person that wrote it. I did not make that video. So you are saying that a woman who's job is to match other women with men, that woman is being biased against other women? So that is more possible than her just honestly saying the stuff that she has to deal with in her everyday job? I do not think pick up will help you get women to marry you Leo so i do not think you can use the "hit on 5000 girls" and some will sleep with you kind of thing. That works great for getting laid but settling is another matter. She was talking about settling here, not about incels that cannot get laid. Getting laid and getting a women to want to marry you are totally different things. You can be a master at the first and get nothing on the second. Lastly i have nothing against women in general. It is just western and especially American women that are so ridicious regarding what they want. Go on Eastern Europe, Asia or even Western Europe on some parts and none of this stuff is an issue. I have been told by many people that American women are very entitled and they preferred dating European women because they were more down to earth about what they wanted. So i am not ranting on females in general here, also this is not about getting laid and i have no plan to get married or settle anytime soon so you cannot say "you cannot get laid and looking for excuses to justify it". If you talk with a lot of girls you will get laid and even land a girlfriend for sure.
  7. @Hardkill They want sex and love. If they get that without being exlcusive then it is all good. Men will not wait 1 year for sex.
  8. @Mythos Agreed 100 percent. Feminism is great but these days it is too much. I think Western society hit the sweet spot in the 80s regarding male and female roles. Before that it was too skewed on the guys direction and now it is getting too skewed on the opposite direction.
  9. @Hardkill So you base things on the top guys instead on the normal guys. That is like saying India is not poor because i am focusing on the top people that are rich. No man it does not work like that. The normal guy versus the normal girl. That is what you focus on. Not everyone is a top guy or can be. Tell me what work do girls need to do regarding dating? Except taking care of their looks which guys ALSO DO. What else? The work they have to do is so small compared to work guy has to do.
  10. @Leo Gura Agreed. Personally i think casual game that does not look like game is the best game especially for chilled quiet people since it feels more authentic and enjoyable for them. You can experiment with being extreme in the beginning of course to find your middle ground but i am sure you can be successful in pick up as a confident chilled funny guy that is not over the top loud. More like todd style i guess, not Tyler.
  11. Just look at how incels act and are. That is the typical example of how people are and act if they are denied love
  12. @Leo Gura How about a normal opener? If you do something 100 times of course it will work once but why make it harder for yourself. Where did being authentic go?
  13. @Leo Gura If it was that easy man. My point was that you can get decent at pick up without that massive volume, you just need good sources to learn from. I find RSD very cringy at least the in your face flashy RSD. I mean who the fuck opens a conversation with "you look like a sarah or screaming heyyyy you from a distance across the club". Just learn to be yourself and you should be good not act like a clown. That is why i prefer the two sources i mentioned, their game is extremely simple and it does not look like game at all.
  14. @Leo Gura Well if all the bars and restaurants are closed and you cannot be outside because it is cold and raining then what ideas would you propose? Doubt girls come at someone"s place on first date that easily.