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  1. Posts like these are why this forum is such a sausage party lately, embarrassing
  2. @Leo Gura Glad to see the love for Dark Souls 2, I think it's also much better than the original and the fan backlash was utterly asinine at the time of its release. Fully agree that the interconnectivity of the world has never been the best aspect of the series, hence why Dark Souls 3 feels the tightest & most polished of them all. The more focused approach to that game allowed for interesting and varied content to be found in every corner of the game, I never got bored through any of my playthroughs + it had the most fully fleshed out combat which was a blast to experiment with, not to mention all of the wonderfully designed boss battles. Just a phenomenal game through and through, I enjoyed elden ring a lot but I definitely prefer the hand crafted, dense approach to the level design found in the other games but unfortunately I think from software won't go back to that after the massive success of ER.
  3. Hbd king
  4. The End of Evangelion
  5. My favourite movie, it's endlessly entertaining for me and each time I watch it I interpret it in a more nuanced manner. It's a damn shame it didn't resonate with you guys like it has with me and so many others.
  6. @Leo Gura Fully agreed lol Kanye is the most overrated artist of all-time imo. I do enjoy a small handful of his tracks though.
  7. I'm 5 foot 6 and my girlfriend is pretty much a 10/10. In no way am I trying to blow my own horn here, I couldn't care less about bigging myself up, but I think I'm living proof that girls couldn't give a fuck about height because I really am as small as they come. As long as you've got stellar game they will fall head over heels for you, I've never had an issue with attracting girls, my height doesn't even cross my mind. Stop focusing on your looks/height and start honing the positive aspects of your personality in order to attract high quality females, it can be done.
  8. Fantastic report, wishing you all the best on your journey ✌️?
  9. Also that track by Jon Hopkins is mesmerisingly beautiful by the way, in a way I can sort of feel his presence whilst listening to it, soaking it in has deeply moved me and I feel like I have connected profoundly with Waves' soul after experiencing that. Much love & God bless.
  10. His trip report was one of the most beautifully articulated posts I've ever had the pleasure of reading, I think about it all the time, what a wonderful person he must have been. Heartbroken for you @Sine, sending lots of love. I'm honoured to have shared his profound insights with people, he messaged me and said he was so over the moon to see that his words had deeply affected people. I imagine he was a magnificent & insightful individual.
  11. @Terell Kirby Dan Bilzerian was proven to be a con-man who lied about making his money through gambling when it actually came from his extremely wealthy father, he's a truly terrible stage orange role model.
  12. This is a phenomenal post, possibly one of the very best on this forum. Would you be alright with me featuring this on my YT channel if I gave you full credit? @ZenSwift. No worries if not, thank you for sharing such a wonderful overview of your experience.