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  1. @Leo Gura I couldn't agree more, this TV series is the epitome of everything wrong with the modern take on the franchise. All the nuanced & clever writing is completely devoid in Bethesda's version of Fallout and this show is bound to be an even more egregious example of the cookie-cutter bullshit that plagues their writing and approach to the established world/lore. This really is just a shallow imitation of everything that made the series so legendary and if you can't see that then you must be seriously blind. It's pure iconography, purposely engineered with the most minimal depth conceivable in order to appeal to the widest market possible aka normies. It's a fucking joke and any Fallout 'fan' who eats this is up is part of the problem.
  2. This rings deeply true as someone currently in recovery from a two year long addiction to ketamine. Once I got over the first three days and managed to get to two weeks clean, the thought of dulling my consciousness with constant drug abuse became quite sickening to imagine and I slowly but surely adjusted and fell in love with the beauty of being purely conscious in a sober state of mind. It is hard to overcome any addiction of course, but once you persevere and recalibrate your life, it will be the sweetest victory you can imagine. Wishing you all the best pal @Canadian.
  3. I just recently listened to the whole trilogy and the 4th book which focuses more on highly evolved beings throughout the universe and their relation to Earth. I found it especially fascinating and beautifully uplifting, some of the best insights I've ever heard regarding spirituality and something many people could reap a lot of value from. It's also written excellently, the way the conversations are conveyed is super engaging and I really enjoyed the humourous elements within the series as well. Definitely aligns with my experiences of the Truth, and even if it hadn't, I would have loved it anyway due to how inspiring the messages present in the series are. Highly recommend it to anyone on here who's at odds with themselves and struggles to recognise the inherent Love that permeates all of reality and the beautifully staggering reality of what God/You really are.
  4. @GLORY You may enjoy this video I made covering that combination:
  5. I've struggled with ketamine addiction as well mate, I've been through that exact thought process you described and I fully agree with everyone here that you need to bite the bullet and get sober as soon as you can before things get irreversibly worse. I've made a video on my k addiction journey that might help put your mind at ease that you're not in it alone and hopefully it can provide some helpful advice for understanding your condition a bit more:
  7. I'm a semi-regular browser of this forum and while I do agree that many people on here are especially unhinged (in a variety of ways) and lack the consciousness required to take this work seriously, there is also many shining examples of those who have had life-changing, transcendent experiences by putting in the necessary effort to shed their biases and see reality far clearer than the majority of people on Earth. Personally speaking, consuming Leo's videos and doing my best to make the work fit around my own journey, rather than graviating it around his teachings, has benefited my life both materially & spiritually in ways I can't even begin to describe. My life purpose and understanding of God/myself has drastically altered in the several years since Leo's work catalyzed my path towards awakening and I can understand his frustration when people on here are constantly asking the most asinine questions, endlessly chasing their own tail to no avail, when all they really need to do is to cut the bs and start making steps within their own life towards awakening, rather than expecting themselves to have a Jimmy Neutron style "brain blast" where they understand reality via logic when the answer's clearly lie beyond the mental gymnastics spun by the human mind. But of course, many of those who are going round on circles in here are clearly stuck within self-deception and are denying that they are preventing themselves from doing the work by engaging in petty arguments in here day in, day out, with the sweet irony being that all they're actuaslly doing is just arguing with their own mind and delaying the inevitable work they need to put in in order to awaken hahaha. So yeah, cheers Leo for providing the groundwork in helping me and many others on here to gain a clearer vision of how to awaken, I definitely would have struggled with this without your ability to articulate these profound insights. I am now at a place where I can grasp with my own consciousness what you've been trying to convey via language for many years.
  8. @Francis777 Nice one!
  9. @LSD-Rumi I am mate, glad you enjoy the videos.
  10. For anyone interested, the author of the report made some further statements regarding this experience on reddit:
  11. Oh look, it's me
  12. @Leo Gura Reading that gave me goosebumps as it reminded me of the exact same experience I had last year on an unknown quality of liberty caps mushrooms. I was at a festival and at the peak of the trip I perceived everyone dancing at ridiculous speeds whilst the DJ was fiddling with the dials insanely quickly and to top it off the music playing was very fast high BPM gabber style electronic hardcore music. So surreal, it was one of my most profound trips and really cemented the fact that I am hallucinating all of reality.