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  1. @Leo Gura I'm a few hours in and this has been awesome to listen to, great to hear an open-minded dialogue between you two, especially considering you both have radically different worldviews. Can't wait for part two.
  2. @Danioover9000 nice one cheers mate 👍
  3. The link to the video is unavailable in the UK, was wondering if anyone had an alternate source or could summarize the video? Thanks.
  4. @Danioover9000 sick guy, I'll definitely be checking out Manben, Monster is another fine example of high art within the medium.
  5. @Consept awesome response, you really hit the nail on the head there.
  6. @vindicated erudite fully agree with your sentiments mate, it feels like the UK is on the cusp of some radical events occurring
  7. @lmfao that was definitely one of the factors that won the vote for them, a lot of people over here were jumping on the Brexit bandwagon for purely ideological reasons. There is a big chunk of nationalist-minded people in the UK and lots of them were easily swooned by the Tories "Pro-Britain" mentality. Labour was vague on its stance regarding Brexit so I imagine that will have lost them a lot of voters when Corbyn was running for PM.
  8. Since the beginning of the initial lockdown last year, I feel like many Conservative Brits have become more disenchanted than ever with the Tory government that has been in power for over a decade now. Obviously the more left leaning part of the populace has been denouncing the conservatives for years and even had a shot with a truly socialist visionary in the form of Jeremy Corbyn, but his 'failure' in the last election also seems to have set the scene for the catastrophic handling of COVID by the tories and seems to have massively tarnished their reputation even with staunch Conservative voters. However it also seems like Labour (sort of like the UK's Democrats) is appealing more to the right wing with their new leader Keir Starmer, who's values and ideals are a far cry from the left wing attitudes of Labour under Jeremy Corbyn. There is a very clear tug of war between orange and green values within the UK at the minute, but even so, the tories seem to keep coming out on top despite all the bad press and very obvious corruption. I imagine the only thing that could sway the right wings voting power is an elevation in consciousness, much like how it is anywhere, but it's interesting to wonder how and when that could take place, it definitely seems to be happening slowly but surely. Just wondering what anyone else's thoughts are on this and what people from other countries wonder about what's going on. Cheers!
  9. @lmfao anime & manga definitely have some examples of high art (Ghibli, Evangelion, Berserk, Ghost in the Shell, Angel's Egg etc.), but unfortunately I've found that the overwhelming majority are immensely shallow and poorly written.
  10. @FlyingLotus nightmare fuel right there
  11. My condolences, he was a truly valuable member of the forum, tragic to hear what has happened.
  12. @Truth-Seeker That was a thoroughly riveting read! Thank you for sharing ?
  13. @Leo Gura happy birthday my man, hope it's been a gooden ✌?
  14. Couldn't agree more with this, it's just more of the same homogenous garbage that Disney has turned Star Wars into
  15. @Dunnel at some point this suffering you're facing will become a catalyst for your deepest growth and eventual realisation of happiness. Praying for you mate, hope you manage to face your demons and persevere, life wants to you to be happy, you have the power to embrace it if you keep moving forward. Much love.