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  1. Lol fascinating stuff. Why did you always die of these crazy causes such as by being tortured though??? LOL
  2. They have zero evidence that you ordered it. If they ask you why it was being delivered to your address, you tell them you have no idea why. Just because someone else decided to send it to your address doesn't mean that you were involved with it.
  3. A post like this is a breath of fresh air on this forum, really. Every other week some nihilistic loser posts BS about how reality is awful or whatever. It can be a lowkey addicting ideology to uphold. For you, what makes life so amazing?
  4. Holy fuck. It's really difficult meeting the people in my course. I'm two years late in trying to meet the people in my course and it's honestly such a setback. Everyone already knows the people they wanna know. It's just so much weirder to say hello to a group of established people than to a bunch of people that don't really know each other. Oh well. I gotta push on. I'm joining a society that should have new people. And I gotta find ways to meet people through people.
  5. Does this mean that all other celestial bodies also have their own awareness like Earth? E.g. does the Sun or some distant planet also have awareness?
  6. @petar8p You're taking the 2pm-4pm thing too literally. He's simply saying don't be so calculated about it.
  7. @something_else Lol if only I was actually invited to some parties, or if I knew enough people to invite to a party. COVID-19 really screwed up my university experience. I'm in my third year and I only know like 10-15% of the people on my course. I really hope I push myself this year and build a social life I'm happy with.
  8. @Phil King How direct should you be with the girls you meet in these groups?
  9. The best strategy for getting laid, that is (this is Leo's forum, what else would it be?). I feel like cold approach shouldn't be your main strategy in a college campus environment when you are a student of that college. Either way, honestly cold approach during daytime is too jarring for me at the moment, so whatever you guys say I'm gonna be trying other strategies for now anyway.
  10. @Magnanimous Have you done it? What are the methods?
  11. According to modern psychology this is basically impossible if you measure intelligence with IQ. Leo talks about states of super intelligence he's accessed though, which massively intrigue me. One thing I'm wondering is, do these states of super-intelligence correspond to better abstract reasoning? For example, does it make you a better problem solver, or a better mathematician or a better computer programmer? The main thing I'm wondering is if it's possible to increase your baseline level of intelligence. Whatever we mean by intelligence, I'm still not sure.
  12. I'm graduating this year with a mathematics degree from a global top 10 university. I don't really know where to go with it. My gameplan right now is to find some job that would give me some decent income while not totally draining me, so that I can work on my life purpose alongside my day job. So this means I'm not becoming a fucking investment banker. So most of my options (that is, if I want to make use of my math degree) are basically software engineering, data science and AI/ML. I'm not particularly passionate about any of these fields, but I could probably be decent at them given some training. And since data science and machine learning are arguably a subset of software engineering (i.e I would most likely find it easier to transition from engineering to machine learning rather than vice versa), the only option remaining is software engineering. Basically I'm wondering if I should just do software engineering, something I've never been super duper excited about, until I get my life purpose sorted? And by the way I do have the course and I'm going through it.
  13. I'm 20M and healthy. I regularly lift weights. My diet is overall pretty good. I'm flat-footed and apparently I had shin pains as a child, which lead to me being given insoles that were supposed to correct my flat footedness. I had worn insoles in my shoes for years until a few months ago. The reason I stopped is that I still got pain, specifically in my left foot. I decided that these insoles are useless so I've not been wearing them. It is a very peculiar kind of pain: Happens every few days My left foot and shin start hurting when I step on it, causing me to limp The pain starts randomly (for no apparent reason), and simply goes away after 5-10 minutes I've found that stepping on the ball of my left foot amplifies the pain, but not if I extend (bring up) my toes. So what can I do about this pain? Should I keep wearing the insoles? I do feel like the pain has become more frequent after a few months of not wearing. Ultimately though I do want a better solution than the insoles, because I still got this exact pain while wearing them anyway.
  14. I had started doing Kriya yoga daily for around 2-3 months, but ultimately ended up quitting / taking a break from it. The main reason for this was that the breathing practices caused me too much strain and discomfort. My tipping point was that Maha mudra was literally impossible for me to do without intense strain. Besides Maha mudra, it's not like I felt the practices were damaging my body or that the discomfort was super intense; moreso that it was subtle but there enough that it totally distracted me from the meditative results that these practices aim for. The main source of discomfort with breathing practices was that I constantly felt like there wasn't enough oxygen in my lungs. Take spinal breathing for instance, also known as First Part of Kriya Pranayama. The instructions tell you to breath in for a whopping 10 to 20 seconds, hold for 2-3 seconds, and then exhale for the same duration as the inhalation. How is a 40 second breath even possible without feeling like shit? It's just such a slow breath. I always tried the lower end of the given range (so roughly a 20 second breath), but even this caused me too much of the "out of breath" feeling. One possibility is that I wasn't putting in enough effort into the breath, i.e. not really fully filling up my lungs. But the reason I wasn't doing that is that this in and of itself is also straining in my opinion. However if you guys say this is probably the reason then I'll stop being lazy with my breathing. So my question is, is this actually normal? Otherwise, what should I do to make breathing practices more physically comfortable?
  15. This channel is honestly hilarious.