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  1. So I tried the plugging method for the first time in my life, started with around 15 mg and experienced some really interesting experience where my thoughts got a lot clearer. It's like I was watching concsiousness for the first time in very long time and could understand every detail at such amazing depth. I saw the interconnectedness of all and felt this powerful vibration that I love to call it God working through me, solving daily life puzzles. The day after I tried a dosage that looked like 30 mg but oh man... I wasn't ready at all for that one. Just few secondes later I felt this nausea and my heart staryed beating like it was about to explode. I soon realized that I was about to die and feared that I took a little bit too much. My body vibrated so fast that I literally left the human realm and entered absolute reality where I had to feel all of the scariest emotions that really exist. It was like a purification of everything "bad" that I have done in my life as I could feel this nasty energy wanting to come out of my skin and stomach through puking. I had to go through the worst that a human can possibly experience to feel inifinite love. I really prayed to survive and I think I stopped the death process by fighting mentally too hard. Anyways I did experience great levels of awarness afterwards that made me become aware of how careless I have been in my relationships and my health. I really felt dissapointed but also very happy that I grasped it. It's all love and the lack of it is the result of our misery. The only way to become really succeful in life is by connecting to that divine source. So much wisdom and knowledge is hidden by the amnesia we go through in our daily life and that's why spiritual work us so important. There is a lot of bullshit preventing us from reaching our truest selves which is of course GOD like. Anyways back to the question. I know that I didn't go all the way but I want to know, what dosages are safe before it gets too much. I know that with DMT it's almost impossible to go wrong as people have done up to 200 mg but with 5 MeO, I have heard it's a different story. Does anyone have this kind of knowledge as I can't find anything on this except of 25 mg+ for heavy territory. Thanks.
  2. Hi there. I never asked how to plug, I was more after the dosages that Leo reccomends. The article that you shared dosen't even work. Have a nice day!
  3. So I haven't done a proper dose 5 MeO DMT in almost two years from the amount of respect I have for this sacred molecule. Last time it changed my life forever and I can still feel the insights that I received back then in my life. Realizing what infinity/GOD really is, isn't something that you really forget easily. It becomes part of you for the rest of your life and identity if you have done it right. Ever since I have worked on becoming more independent creator by clearing my old beliefs and seeking new knowledge. The gifts of wisdom and love is the reward of this type of work which will surely reflect on your quality of life. Anyways this is not why I created this thread so let's get back to the question. I have only tried smoking it but I am now interested on trying plugging it like @Leo Gura. I have tried plugged ketamine so I am conscious of how powerful this method can be. Right now I have freebase version in my possession and I want to get the most of this experience. So how much do you reccomend for a GOD awakening and is freebase good for this type of ingestion method. Thank you!
  4. Brain is a filter for consciousness ;). Without the brain you would not be a human being at all. Consciousness imagines not only the brain but your physical body too. It's all a dream created by an infinite intelligent being aka God. You have done very good job in creating "evidence" to stay in sleeping mode. You can become conscious of all stuff that are being said here. Read about people leaving their bodies and teleporting between countries on earth and even astral realms. So you don't even need psychedelics to understand this. It's so obvious once you experience it. You will laugh at yourself and think lol how could I be this stupid believing a piece of meat could generate my being. You are an eternal divine being but right now you are just trapped inside of a prison created by scientific conditioning that you believed in. Funny thing is, even science aren't sure how consciousness is generated. Start seeking real knowledge and most importantly of all, be humble.
  5. Yeah I think he is referring to low quality juices. You can't find this stuff here in europe cause we have so strict regulations!
  6. You are 100% right about this, however I think if you only going to do it a few times then it's alright. Like it can't be more harmful than smoking one cigarette. There also various qualities of vape juice out there but most of the famous brand are okay.
  7. I just want to say how much I appreciate you for existing. Many people here and outside of the forum dosen't understand how deep this stuff goes. You are literally giving out diamonds for free. I had another God awakening yesterday and saw your face "up there" before merging into an infinite God state where all paradigms collapsed. There is only GOD, the rest is an illusion, a play of different energies because what else would God do? So keep focused guys, this stuff is for real and is happening right now. It's not somewhere on a psychedelic experience, it's right here and you can become directly conscious of it. After many purification over the years I have started to integrate these states in to my everyday life and I can tell you that this journey is so worth it. Yes you will face your fears and "dark night of the soul" but trust me you will come out of it much much stronger. Your authentic self is yearning to express itself, waiting for you to heal all of your bullshit and traumas that dosen't make any sense. Move on and realise your infinite magintude. You are not just a human being, you are literally IT. So remove your fears and start following your intuition and you will see miracles manifesting before your eyes. Thanks again @Leo Gura
  8. Yes it happens all the time, without it there would be no flow in our conversations. We are always exchanging energies and that's why we avoid some people or conversations becsuse we can feel that bad vibe.
  9. One of the most profound experiences that I have had doing intensive spiritual work is the realization of telepathic communication. I don't know how many of you have had that yet but I have experienced telepathy with other avatars and it shocked me. I am talking about long conversations where memories and thoughts were exchanged. First time it happend was on a low dose on DMT with my friend. It felt like he was an extension of me, like I was the right hemisphere and he was the left one. We could feel the same feelings and we did not need to talk much because it was all understood intuitively. The second time was the most profound one and it was on 600 mcg of LSD. I felt like my friend was the same consciousness as me and I had access to all of his memories and secrets. I could speak to him through my thoughts and we both understood each other. That was a very intimate feeling and he did also experience the same as I described. Now a year later, I am not really suprised why this could be possible because I realized that I am one with everything. Talking to "others" is just talking to myself. In an infinite high state, you have the possibility to download anything you ever wanted to know. It's all one Mind.
  10. I agree with you. I just did it for the sake of exploration and not planning to use it more often than once or twice a year.
  11. When it comes to ketamine, I find that this "sticking power" begins at higher doses. I have done ketamine 5 times in my life and most of them were forgotten except for the last one where I went all the way. So upp the dose and see the magic
  12. It can't be understood without high levels of consciousness.