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  1. Thank you for sharing this! I haven't had such a profound experience with 5-MeO-DMT, but look forward to having it soon.
  2. I'm glad that Leo is the way he is. He is the first spiritual teacher I can identify myself to. Before I found him I thought that all of them are just "nice" guys. Not saying that Leo isn't. This kind of arrogance will trigger most closed minded people and only the serious ones will stay.
  3. ♾️❤️♾️
  4. This is a really good point. One of my bad habits in the moment is the following. Since I work all day long on my MacBook for my business it happens often that when things are loading I take my phone to open Instagram and watch something on it. Sometimes I use it even longer that the program or website took to open. I already tried to hide the Instagram App somewhere on my phone but this didn't work since my brain figured out fast how to find it. Another thing I'm trying is to open this forum instead of Instagram but I'm not sure if this solution is much better. The best thing would be to just be patient enough to just wait until it is open.
  5. To be honest I don't know if there is already a thread or video about this topic. If so please send me the link to it. I started with my Commonplace book a few days ago and today I'm writing down my good and bad habits. This brought me to think about how to best stop with bad habits and I wanted to ask you if you have some good strategies that you want to share. Some things I think of are: Replacing bad habits with new habits, e.g. if you want to stop playing games you could replace it with going to the gym Just stop with one bad habit at a time Depending on your personality reduce it slowly or stop with it immidiatly Write down the benefits of it Be aware of why you want to stop with that habit
  6. I just smoked 40mg of Venom Toad (5-MeO-DMT) but couldn't let go. A few hours before I had a breakthrough with N,N-DMT and although it was a very intense trip it was easy for me to let go. In general I never had any bad trips with it no matter how intense the trip was. 5-Meo-DMT seems to be on a complete different level. It hits much faster and stronger than N,N-DMT. Within seconds I was from a "normal" state to completely losing control of myself. It is pretty hard for me to descripe this experience. In the beginning I tried to let go but it got to intense for me. I felt that my ego was defending itself. I put my eyemask & headphones off and tried to calm myself down with looking through the room. It worked and now I'm back to "normal". Since 40mg isn't a highdose for Bufo 5-MeO-DMT I'm not sure if it would be better to increase the dose because it might be easier to let go then. Or is it better to decrease it and slowly go up with it?
  7. I understand why you like dissociatives but be careful that you don't take them too often since they are addictive and not the healthiest.
  8. It's not worth taking it solo. It has a similarity to ketamine but is too short to really take something out of the experience. Besides that it is also addictive and many people don't know how to inhale it correctly. I've inhaled it a few times on LSD and it did intensify the trip for a short time and gave it a good taste, but nothing I would recommend to others. There are better substances than that.
  9. He said: "Psychedelics do not fit the criteria because they simply change the way you perceive reality. Thus not making them reality." To the second question: "We are part of reality because we are inside it and and have the consciousness to perceive it from the inside as well. Imagine it's like a fish in the Ocean. He is part of the Ocean. But he can also perceive the Ocean which is outside/around him." To this he just replied why do you think that he assumes that. Okay thank you. I ask myself if it benefits me to have conversations with people about this topic that a critical and I don't only mean psychedelics. Sometimes it just triggers my ego. And it is also very hard for me to put this in words that others can understand what I mean. I guess it is better for me to go deeper into this topic and to have more psychedelic experiences before I start talking with other people (besides this forum) about it.
  10. This is a question I ask myself all the time. With my past experiences it feels like only consciousness is real but consciousness is everything. Does it mean that everything is real because everything is absolute?
  11. I already asked him that and he said the following. "Reality is the Universe outside of us which we can perceive with limited senses. Because if there wasn't something real outside then there is nothing to perceive. Something must be perceived and that something is reality."
  12. A friend is often very critical about psychedelics. He is asking me how I can know if the experience on psychedelics is real and not just some illusion. Even if I think it is real I find it difficult to explain him my point precisely. What would you tell someone like him?
  13. When do you plan to release it?
  14. @Leo Gura I wanted to ask if there is a reason why you don't reply to my post. Don't you like to be asked with your name in the title of a post; did you ever speak about this topic in one of your videos and you just don't want to repeat it; is it because I didn't make a lot of post yet or didn't you see my post? I'm here to learn and to improve myself. I would like to know if there was a reason for that or if I am just overthinking it.