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  1. Awareness is not only everywhere, it is also nowhere. I know, it's a really sticky and persistent illusion that awareness is sort of "attached to the body", it seems that you always carry it around with yourself, perhaps inside your head, behind your eyes and between the ears. The body is "inside" awareness. When I say "inside", I don't mean that in a literal, spacial sense, or that awareness is somehow "outside" of your body. Awareness both contains and is your body - and everything else, for that matter. It's like when you look into a mirror, whatever you see "in there" is the mirror, but the mirror itself is not the image, the mirror hasn't changed, unlike the color and shapes that you see in the mirror. The mirror is that which is always "behind" everything that's going on. The image you see inside the mirror is the mirror, but the mirror is not the image. Just in the same way as it would be absurd to say that the mirror is attached to or dependent on the reflections inside it, so it is with awareness. It is not attached to the body - and your body is also not attached to it. Awareness contains everything in the same way as the mirror does.
  2. You're conflating the relative with the absolute. There's no wanting this over that, nothing is better than anything else.
  3. It's a most peculiar feeling. It feels like walking, but not on the ground, or like floating, but not in the air. When D.T. Suzuki was asked what Satori feels like, he said "It feels like everyday normal life, but two inches off the ground". Master Yang-jing asked Hsu Yun: "Who is carrying this corpse around?"
  4. I suggest you give this a read (can you access it without a university VPN connection? If not, let me know and I'll send you the whole thing) It's somewhat similar to calling your good friend a "son of a bitch". You just can't say that sort of thing to a stranger. Context is everything here. With the n-word it's a bit more complicated, because "son of a bitch" doesn't drag this gigantic mass of political and societal connotation behind it, whereas the n-word does. It does matter to whom (if at all) you say the n-word and who you are. Mind you, there is no right or wrong answer to this, stay open-minded and try not to drift into ideological modes of thinking.
  5. Well, the US has urged relatives of embassy personnel in Kiev to leave Ukraine. So much for diplomacy...
  6. @bejapuskas And how do you suppose one would generate consent for this?
  7. @Thought Art Bro I want to hear your music
  8. Don't? Hell, people are scared of doing psychedelics even if they want to do them!😂 Don't try to manipulate your brother into doing them with you, if you want to do them, please, go ahead, but don't go around preaching the benefits of them to people who are not interested.
  9. @Nahm So you're saying that the right thing to do is let him experience these things so that he can find his own way to contentment? What exactly do you mean when you talk about "expressing" in this context? His emotions? I don't understand... When he meets other people who have learned to return to contentment, he will have defeated himself? How is this a game against others in the first place? @Kksd74628 I thought about doing exactly that, you have strenghtened my desire to do so. I just hope he sees the Love. @flume I had the same insight, that perhaps the most loving thing to do is to let him experience these things - but then again, perhaps the most loving thing to do is to try to help him. But if he really doesn't want help, well.... Perhaps I should do as you did with your sister. It's difficult. Dank dir vielmals, dein Kommentar ist sehr berührend🧡 @Rigel Maybe, probably. When I moved out I thought "finally free" - and counterintuitively, that only strenghtened my love for my parents and my brother.
  10. @Salvijus I think @Preety_India's answer was really damn close, so she obviously recognized and kew that situation. Just tryna learn...
  11. @Someone here Have you read my post bro?😂
  12. That would say to him "there's something seirously wrong with you"...
  13. @Preety_India Clear yes. I hope not... Hmm I've thought about that... He is the youngest, but my parents never considered me better than him - but nowadays I feel he might feel that way. That's diffucult to answer. If the answer is yes, then it is not obvious, at least not to me, but I gotta be careful here with my bias, I might be blind to somet things. I was the first one with pretty much everything (finishing school, leaving home, getting a degree, moving to yet another city, etc.) and I#ve wondered whether he felt kinda secondary because of that. That is my intuition, but I haven't figured out what migh've caused it - if it is trauma, it wasn't sudden, our parents were always very loving (or at least they tried, there were some traumatic events which I'm still working on for myself). That could be, but I don't know if he has experienced it. It's possible. I'd have to seriously prepare myself for that - and if he would ever agree to doing such a thing, that alone would be a huge step. Yes, that's exactly correct and I'm trying my best to do that. But that's the hardest part for me because I'm always looking for what he might interpret as condescending etc., even if I'm being totally authentic and come to him with a loving intention. I thought about that too, but I don't know enough about clinical psychology (or whatever) to attest narcissistic traits, but he certainly appear as that sometimes. True that, he always wants to do stuff on his own and not be commanded on anything. That pretty much hits the nail on the head, our parents (especially my father) is rather judgemental.
  14. @itachi uchiha Yes, unfortunately nothing about self help or philosophy, I once gave him the German best seller book on finding the meaning of life, hoping that it might inspire him at least a little bit to reflect on life more, but he hasn't touched it to this day. I live 300 km away, how would you suggest I help him? @Dryas I'm afraid that he thinks already that he is a pathetic loser, he has some serious struggle with self-esteem. I think telling him that he is a loser would make thigs worse. @QQQ Well as I said he like to play the guitar (and bass), he studies Economic Law, he works at a small store that sells leather ware (so he has a lot of contact to customers), he meets his friends like once or twice a week (which btw is a huge improvement, he didn't have many friends when he was younger), but other than that, he doesn't do much. He somewhat compromises his health with bad eating habits, he doesn't work out (no, he started to occasionally use a stationary bike). That's pretty much it I think.