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  1. What are your methods for financial housekeeping? Do you use any program or just pen and paper?
  2. *starts laughing* Hey look, I found something with the name just one thing!
  3. A few years ago, I have developed a technique for running meditation, I practice it daily and it has produced great benefits for me and I've had several insights during the state of no-mind that this technique evoked. Check it out:
  4. What you're describing is logical deduction, not mystical realization.
  5. No description whatsoever is possible. All description is comparison - so what are you going to do when there is nothing to compare with?
  6. I'm really having trouble understanding what he says😅 what's the reason he wouldn't take the vaccine?
  7. Truth is simply what is. Being = Truth
  8. So long as you are insisting on "two bodies/people experiencing two different perspectives simultaneously", so long there is nothing anyone could say to make you entertain a different thought. And so long as you are insisting on thought in general, you won't be able to see beyond thought.
  9. Oh? Are there two bodies? Or is it maybe just one big body?
  10. There are not two. No "my perspective" and no "your perspective". Nothing to explain here, go beyond thought. And don't turn "beyond thought" into yet another thought. It seems that you are local, that there is a kind of center, which you call "I". And once there is "I", "you" arises simultaneously. Both are illusory.
  11. Locked for low quality. Please make more substantial posts.
  12. One does nothing with the Truth except dwell in it.