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  1. @m0hsen Can you give me links to these studies? Or maybe names? I would love to read them very much.
  2. @m0hsen I guarantee you that your pineal gland will never ever produce such high doses of DMT. This has nothing whatsoever to do with "limiting beliefs" or "not enough practice". There are limits to our bodily existence. Only because you really, really want to bench press 1000 lbs doesn't mean that you ever will. Also, DMT does not occur only in your brain, it's found in various tissues all over your body. So don't focus too much on the pineal gland. We know very little about the effects of DMT because we've never studied it properly, even researchers like Strassman didn't want to go too woo-woo, so he stuck to measuring rather boring parameters like heart rate or pupil dilation Now please understand me, I'm not denying that some hardcore yogi might've been able to produce exceptionally high amounts of N-N- and/or 5-MeO-DMT (and probably even some other much less known compounds), whether it be through yoga, meditation, breath work or some secret practices, but what I am saying is that it was not in the range of breakthrough dosages. Do you microdose DMT? Or how do you know that? in physiology, there's something called "equilibrium". Which in this context means that your brain will adapt the ration of receptor densitiy to substance concentration in the synaptic cleft. Which means that even if you somehow get your brain to produce more DMT in the long term, since this is a very long process, your brain will slowly adapt to those slightly higher, new states to return to equilibrium - aka it becomes your baseline. Of course, your baseline then is different from your baseline now, so in that sense you will get closer to some other permanent state of consciousness, but here's the problem: as I said, DMT breakthrough dosages are in the mg range (within 3 tokes, which is like what? 1 minute?), whereas natural production of the pineal gland (I'm now talking about melatonin, which is a precursor, not DMT, because the occurence of DMT was studied in rats, not humans) ranges in µg (per day!). So we're talking about a factor of 1000x. You'd have to change your brain chemistry by a factor of 1000 in terms of a very specific relation between almost a dozen 5-HT-receptors, a couple of other receptors and their ligands (N-N-DMT, 5-MeO-DMT, etc.). I'm not saying that it is impossible, as a matter of fact, I don't know. I'll have to do more research on that. But anecdotal stories told about (not even by) some yogi who has supposedly reached and the promise of Bashar is not really enough. Besides, what's even the point of trying to recreate a breakthrough experience without admitting the substance exogenously? Because the psychedelic realm is (imo) not even the point of spirituality..
  3. Wow this is such a good example for stage blue. Just the way the bishop begins to talk about "God" and "objective values" and how he doesn't like subjectivity😂
  4. @m0hsen Bro, it's a gland. Not a freakin DMT lab. Do you actually know how ungodly massive of a dose the pineal gland would have to produce in order to create a breakthrough experience? Forget it... 25miligrams+ from a gland that produces its main chemicals (e.g. melatonin) in the lower microgram range? not gonna happen😂😂 not to mention your MAO which would simply break down any present DMT. Which is why you have to smoke a lot of it within a few tokes, that way your brain is overwhelmed and needs some time to break it all down
  5. @Fishmonk What you do is called fearmongering. There are individual cases where the various vaccines have led to rather serious health issues but most people are fine. We don't really have any other option here. Either you cooperate and take the vaccine or you don't (which is also fine if you have good reasons), but if you decide to do the latter, at least do it without spreading overly generalized, incidental, flashy news which scare people into not getting the shot.
  6. What would you do? Would you keep working on your life purpose? Would you live a hedonistic life? Would you meditate more? Would you leave society and become a hermit? Would you become a monk/nun? Would you travel the world? Would you love other people more? Or would you simply go on living? This is actually something to really think about. Because your life will end, only you don't know when. Today might be your last day on earth, literally. Are you conscious of that? Do you act/live like you know it? Or are you in denial about this fact?... most people are, including me. Looking forward to your answers. Maybe this thread can spark some inspiration and motivation
  7. Before you start listening to this, I need you to become a little bit... stupid Become once again like a baby. You don't know anything. You don't know what sound is, you don't know where it comes from, you don't know who is listening, you know absolutely nothing. And then listen. Listen closely, but don't try to listen closely, just let the sound come to you. Don't even do that, that's already too much. Nothing to do, nowhere to be. Just... Let the birds tell you the purpose of the Universe. They will explain it much better than anyone of us could ever tell you.
  8. Yes, being is not only all that is left but also all that was ever there. So you're in the same place where you always were. What you call "emptiness of being" I think is your search for meaning. Because clearly you find it bleak and boring, aka meaningless. I'm pretty sure that this is an accurate diagnosis Your mind is fooling you.
  9. One more step and you will have completed the circle. You're at 99% meaninglessness. You need that last 1% to see that life is 100% meaningless. Because when you realizes that EVERYTING is meaningless, you can apply it to "the problem" of meaninglessness itself. And the result of that is: It doesn't matter that nothing matters. And then it's like a game, where you know from the beginning that it doesn't matter a bit, but it is because of that, that you can get fully involved in the game with all your effort. What did you want anyway? Did you want it to matter? Did you want it to be serious in the end? You're not talking about transcending desire, you're really talking about meaningfulness and nihilism.
  10. Ok now I'm intrigued. I wanna start experimenting with LSD microdosing this week, is it really that powerful for you? How much do you take and how frequently? Sounds like you're either taking rather high doses (by microdosing standards) or you're evolved enough that even small doses can trigger such experiences. But it sounds amazing❤ Love = non-duality/non-separation/surrendering/melting into one --> same as Death = collapsing of dualities/boundaries, surrendering distinctions, melting into everything else
  11. Ok wow, the "as if" just turns that sentence into an absolute overdose of going meta😂
  12. Maybe some of you know the famous Koan: "Does a dog have Buddha nature?" - "Mu!" This Koan is of course absurd and meaningless, because everything is Buddha-nature, so what the master wants to hear is not "mu" or "hai" ("yes"), he wants to hear the true self in the student, i.e. the Buddha say "mu". In other words, he wants to get the student to understand that everything is Buddha, including himself and him saying "mu". But so long as the student makes a difference between a "wrong" Mu and a "true" Mu, the master won't accept his answer, no matter what he says. And as soon as the student realizes that every Mu is the true Mu, he solved the Koan. I was just sitting at my desk and trying to do some Japanese Zen calligraphy - I wanted to do this for a long time, but didn't dare to draw an Ensō (the circle, the symbol for emptiness, Mu), because I thought that before I "am allowed" to draw a "real Ensō", I must realize what the Ensō stands for. Otherwise I would be drawing a "wrong" Ensō. I just realized the solution to the Koan above - all Ensō are true Ensō. There are no mistakes.
  13. Damn, the "why" is the same😂 haha great, not even a reason for there not being any brain lol