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  1. Welp... Sheds some new perspective on Peterson. I gotta say, I like Peterson, but rather for the sharpness of his intellect. Too bad and ironic that he fails to recognize such simple things as presented by Maté:
  2. This topic is extremely important to our work. Anybody who is serious about Self-Actualization knows despair and should know it as their potential friend, and if not, one hasn't been serious about it yet.
  3. Are you attached to your identity or your body? I mean, are you a biological man who want's to become a biological woman? Or is it just the identity?
  4. @Leo Gura If you're going to deconstruct science, which I welcome, I suggest you also include some proposals how science can evolve. I hope you're not just going to rant about the materialist paradigm and how all scientists are utterly deluded about what reality is and how truth is found (most scientists are deluded concerning this, but not because they're scientists). Some scientists (though extremely few, mostly those involved in psychedelic research) know about reality and consciousness, but in mainstream science you just can show up and proclaim that consciousness and appearance is all there is (and a few other things😂). I am currently studying biochemistry, plant physiology and bioinformatics at university and I am very eager to develop science beyond its current limits and misapprehensions (optimally with help of the use of psychedelics equivalent to Galileos use of the telescope), I just don't know yet how, therefore I'd really appreciate your take on this.
  5. 1. How do I recognize whether a friendship has gone down a toxic path? I'm at a point with a friend where it just doesn't seem to be very natural or healthy anymore, but I am not quite sure whether we're just drifting apart concerning our worldviews (which is certainly the case) or whether it has turned into a toxic relationship where nobody really enjoys it apart from the unhealthy satisfaction of flawed egotistic motivations that stem from underlying narcissism or low self-esteem (or maybe something else). It obviously takes two to tango, so I'm trying to figure out what might be wrong with me - but I can't change the other person. 2. At what point do I have to end a relationship? 3. How do I make sure that I'm not deluding myself about my flaws or the dynamic of the friendship?
  6. That's what the DMT entities say when Leo suddenly pops up in the middle of their living room and demands to understand what reality is😂😂
  7. A Zen game is basically something Zen people will do to... "test" each other. II mean, not really, it's just a game. I am very fond of Zen and my best friend is a Zen Boddhisatva - we sometimes play Zen games... There is no definition of what a Zen game is. You have to get it to play it and play it to get it. Answering on the mundane in terms of the transcendent and on the transcendent in terms of the mundane.. Or something like that😂 If you ask me what a Zen game is, I will fart and leave the room.
  8. @justfortoday Yup, your recontextualization technique sounds about right. About 2 years ago I "slipped" into that state of awareness and haven't "returned" ever since lol. Well, but it's the way things always were. For most people it's in the "wrong" context though. When I suddenly understood that the whole universe was/is me and that it is right here, right now, there's nowhere to go, there's only one Subject that observes itself through everything there is, it made me feel like I went insane. There was no I, and there was nowhere to go. No "escape" (but there's no one to escape either😄). You are emphasizing the visual aspect of this realization, I'd like to add something to this: Listen to some sound. Put on some "Om chant" on YouTube or something (it doesn't really matter what you listen to, but the Om chant are long and repetitive sounds). Now, close your eyes and listen. And then try to hear the "hearer" and that which is "heard". As you will find there's no difference. Only boundless sound without locality, appearing and disappearing in consciousness. Nobody listening, nothing that is listened to. Only that which is. It might be a bit easier than the visual aspect, because visual perception is our primary intake and therefore I think associated more strongly with "what reality is".
  9. "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." Arthur C. Clarke
  10. This video helps you deepen your understanding of gravity and relativity, enjoy. For most of you it will probably change the way you look at gravity...
  11. @Hawkins Your telephone directory. You're welcome.
  12. Here, some brain candy for ya. This episode is from the Lex Fridman Podcast with Michael Malice. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BIk1zUy8ehU (PS: "The link could not be embedded because www.youtube.com does not allow embedding of that video.")
  13. I hope everybody here recognizes that it's not possible to "stop your brainwaves" and that this obviously is a hoax...