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  1. Just meal prep if you don't want to cook every day, much healthier than this pre-cooked stuff... And yes, don't use plastic for cooking.
  2. Mysticism isn't always the right answer. In fact, it's the "wrong" (or rather: inappropriate) answer to most problems, even though one could say that, in a sense, mysticism is the ultimate solution to all problems. But as the Buddha said, It's much easier to pay a nickel to get on a boat, instead of developing Siddhis that allow you to walk across water. So if you want to be wise, pay the nickel. Have you tried to approach them? Like talk things out? Two years is a long time ago.. And if it was two years ago, and since then they haven't done anything - that's good, don't you think?
  3. @Vibroverse Are your neighbors still threatening you? Have you called the cops? Nobody said that you're supposed to love them. I'm also not calling you pathological But I do think that it's unhealthy to try to apply mysticism to a situation like that instead of dealing with it in ordinary ways, like one would deal with such a situation.
  4. @Vibroverse You're conflating the relative with the absolute and you're projecting absolute principles on relative problems. It's rather similar to Zen-devilry. Thinking about "deleting your neighbours from existence" because you are God and your neighbor is "imaginary" is selfish desire. Which is why I said that this is how things become pathological. Your crazy neighbors are God too. God doesn't get upset about them, you do.
  5. Existence can't be "turned off". You can turn off thoughts, which is what you're actually (and unknowingly) asking for here.
  6. Yeah, the question is therfore: so what? Because one can't say anything about everything. Only because everything is consicousness / god, that doesn't mean that the answer to ordinary questions like "why are phones addictive" has to involve consicousness or god. In fact, it's rather counterproductive, because such an answer just isn't helpful, you know? It doesn't add anything valuable (I'm not shitting on you or your post in particular, this is a pattern I've genereally observed on the forum) to the discussion.
  7. Why does the answer have to involve God and imagination? Why would saying "because it gives you a dopamine hit" not be sufficient?
  8. This thread is a perfect example for how this stuff can become pathological. Just move to another neighbourhood for christs sake. ??
  9. Good one?? We always do what we want. Then the question becomes: what do I want? And why do I want, what I want?
  10. That's why I said that we're juggling words, because if you used "selfless" instead of "selfish", you'd still be saying the same thing
  11. Well yes, but now we're just juggling words the no-self-Self can't be selfish, unless you think of it as something distict/finite, which, as you said, it isn't. Is compassion only drected towards finite beings? Because if yes, then compassion is essentially also just playing the game. If compassion = selflessness... wouldn't that make your true nature the same thing as compassion? (rhetorical pointer question)
  12. That can be construed in a very self serving, selfish way. That Self/You you're talking about, that which is all, is not the same self as the "selfish-self"
  13. What's your understanding of compassion? How important is it in your life? After all, if others are illusory, why be compassionate? That's one of the big questions. In Buddhism it is said that "Karuna" wells up from within you like a spring, once you realize who your are. Alledgedly, many people here have realized the Self. How compassionate are you? What would it mean if you're not compassionate? Because it seems to me that the opposite of compassion is selfishness, in whatever form it might manifest
  14. Pretty much all of them except from @Gili Trawangan, @Leo Gura, and @GreenWoods @r0ckyreed As far as I can tell each and every one of those quotes are saying the exact same thing. Solipsism/bubble is based on self/separation, whereas consciousness isn't. This pretty much sums all of it up. Solipsism is not awakening, not sorry to burst your bubble. Pun intended. Awakening = no bubble Awakening goes way, way beyond beliefs like Solipsism. No self, no other, no separation, non-finite!! So long as you perceive reality as this finite bubble (which is literally why you even chose that word in the first place), there's a bubble left for you to burst. This "bubble" is a belief, a fiction, a projection.