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  1. Seriously tho, at this point, I'm not so sure that Peterson hasn't tried multiple Psychedelics. I know that he has done mushrooms and I also think acid. He must be so damn curious... He knows about DMT, I bet you he also knows about 5-MeO... Lol he even knows about Terence McKenna😂😂 He's hiding something, fo sho
  2. Sorry, the title might sound misleading, didn't think about it😂
  3. @Holygrail Great, you're going in the right direction. Notice, that even to call there anything "it" or "the actual thing" is the same as using any other words. @karkaore The answer to that question can't be understood by using language itself
  4. I wonder if JP will ever see the video and what it would do to him
  5. Ahh ok nevermind, now I get it. JP makes people paranoid, true. Title is appropriate, sorry. I'm still much too biased in favor of him🤦‍♂️
  6. @Carl-Richard Of course it does, but not as bluntly
  7. @Leo Gura Why did you choose to name the video "What's wrong with JP"? Why not something like "Understanding Jordan Peterson", something that doesn't trigger so many of your orange/blue viewers? I think that might give a wrong impression of what you're actually saying in it, I feel the video title isn't as neutral and nuanced as the content of it.
  8. This video will get a lot of views for sure... Nice. Thank you @Leo Gura, made my day❤
  9. Also, don't try to fall asleep. @Someone here Any idea what could be the cause of your insomnia?
  10. @Someone here I don't understand your confusion. You seem to understand, at least on a conceptual level, that "the world underneath" all labels is "nothing". Yes, but it's also not different. Noooo void the void. Till there's nothing to void and nothing that could've even been voided. You're still clinging to the last label, "something". edit: you're treating the label "something" as "nothing" and vice versa. there isn't even nothing, that's how much nothing Nothing is. Goddammit words are clumsy. Find out for yourself, we obviously can't tell you about nothing.
  11. Don't forget @Mu_ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMLQHfrr1W0rdi5HuIDHTwA/videos
  12. "Books"? Wow. Sounds like a lot of work. I imagine writing one is hard enough, but multiple books? Damn. @Preety_India What exactly are the different topics you cover in your books?
  13. Oh boy I can't wait for the book it's your life's work and you're still relatively young. Infinite potential for exploration.... You're probably going to write more than one book, I assume? In your later years maybe?
  14. Don't talk to him, I think he wouldn't anyway. Imagine how he'd react if he found Leo's videos. Might've already happened, who knows.. Probably he'd suffer cognitive dissonance because at first, Leo seems like an ordinary self help guru with interesting videos on philosophy and epistemology - but then he'd find the other videos. And then... well, he would simply not know what to make of it. Leo would seem like a crazy man to him. I think JBP gets a lot more shit than he deserves tbh. I don't agree with many of the things he says and if you can manage to separate the political stuff from the psychology stuff (though both are sometimes intertwined), you can learn a lot from him. A few years ago, he helped me lift myself out of a pretty dark hole, so maybe I'm slightly biased in his favor. 2hr sounds good
  15. Of course I could enjoy his art, look at the pictures, they're beautiful People are so unbelievably unwilling to let go of their silly ideological attachments. Which of course robs them of their capability of enjoying life. If I'd show you these pictures, you'd say "yeah they look really nice". "Oh yeah? Hitler painted them." "Whaaat, fuck those, I don't like them anymore" It's just such a narrow and impoverished way of looking at the world...
  16. @Someone here It's much more simple than that. I'm not biased towards "the negative", since there is no negative. You're trying to answer a question that cannot be answered with words, because words are part of the answer. To say that there is no stuff is simply as close as I can manage to talk about "it". Of course words fail, what did you expect?
  17. @Someone here All of those are "ideas" - and not even that. To say "the universe exists" is saying too much. To say "the universe doesn't exist" is saying too much. To say "the universe is an idea" is saying too much. To say "the universe is not an idea" is saying to much. There is no "stuff".
  18. @Leo Gura Do you sometimes feel frustrated when you're trying to explain?
  19. @Someone here What are "colors", "sounds", "shapes", "appearances"? In other words, what is "the world"?
  20. All the time? Not. You can't be clear-headed all the time. Diet, exercise, sleep, meditation, supplements. Maybe microdosing. Also, stay away from negativity.
  21. Great podcast there were some points were you could see how Leo had to restrain himself not to go balls to the wall and just spit it all out. Like in the very first question about psychedelics.. I tend to forget how different many of us see the world from the majority of people. What we regard as obvious is absolutely and radically heretical to most people. Leo be like: "Oh yeah yeah, I'm all for science!" Also Leo: "My penis is literally inside your mind." Oh god I love it😂😂 I'm really looking forward to Leo's next appearance. Great idea to make this podcast round.
  22. @Leo Gura What do you think, is there a real problem with trolls on the forum? Do you consider "employing" more mods?