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  1. do you need the possibility of getting into a physical fight in order to not be meek?
  2. my best friend was a bit older than me and one of the most popular kids in high school, and i got to become popular through him and would go to parties, clubs, and meet cool people with him. but i started realizing how the "cool" people were actually jerks and quite superficial in how they interacted with each other, and any type of vunlerability was looked down upon on. Another one of my friends was into spirituality and the occult which sparked my interest in spirituality, but he was also very stage orange and mostly cared about power and getting rich. I just felt like something more substantial and authentic was missing from the people i surrounded myself with and knew there was more to life than this, and that lifestyle just seemed immature to me. That's when i started searching and found actualized on youtube and it just resonated with me and knew it was what i was searching for.
  3. i just realized that thoughts arent coming from us, because thoughts enter our consciousness from out of nowhere, we didnt choose them to enter us. And when we have another thought to think about the previous thought that entered, that new thought also came before it entered our consciousness. our egos are not really ours, its the universe trying to make sense of itself.
  4. So they can understand how certain ideologies work for different cultures and time periods, but they will still view them as bad? And yeah, I can see how stage orange would look down upon theocracies or communist societies
  5. In what ways are stage green people able to embrace different cultures and ideas that stage orange people aren't able to? Because orange is still able to work with all types of people without judging them, and doesn't see different cultures as inferior. But stage green people seem to judge religious and materialistic people and the cultures that created them. I also see stage green people say things like nazis aren't bad, it just worked for that time and place in history, but aren't they also capable of judging them for being oppressive?
  6. Yes, thats exactly how I feel around some stage green people. They've accused me of being a bigot towards autistic people for using the word retard, or thinking I'm insensitive for not accepting a joint from them.
  7. That's a great point of tyt, that's why I had to drastically stop watching them.
  8. I've seen stage green people being able to empathize with criminals, racists, and greedy people seeing that they're just simply brainwashed by their society to behave like that. Wouldn't that partially be stage yellow attributes from them?
  9. cant we also be generating atoms and quarks instantly from consciousness, still existing underneath the surface of things? (although knowing that atoms are also made out of consciousness)
  10. is it possible to find a particular objective with specific attributes within an infinite universe? You can theoretically never find it even if you had forever to look for it right?
  11. Okay, I'll make time to do the full-length process.