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  1. cant we also be generating atoms and quarks instantly from consciousness, still existing underneath the surface of things? (although knowing that atoms are also made out of consciousness)
  2. is it possible to find a particular objective with specific attributes within an infinite universe? You can theoretically never find it even if you had forever to look for it right?
  3. Okay, I'll make time to do the full-length process.
  4. Is 20 minutes enough to noticeably change your consciousness so that you're calmer and more focused?
  5. damn it got taken down while i was halfway through the video
  6. interesting way of putting it. i agree that images literally do exist and are not the same thing as neurons.
  7. We can imagine flying and instantly manifest anything we want within our imaginations, but if our imaginations are bounded by a brain that's bounded to a finite set of physics, then shouldn't our imaginations also be limited by same set of physics as the brain? Can science explain this?
  8. Is the ultimate happiness partying or living mindfully/meditating? Is living a normal life while being woke and seeing divinity everywhere just as fulfilling as a living a yogis life?
  9. Avoidant... My best friend was anxious attachment style and literally the opposite of me. It's best to learn the others' love language and reassure them with that to bring them into secure attachment.