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  1. Accept the present moment, there's no pain and suffering there. recontextualize your situation thats causing you you're depression, everything is love, everything is perfection, happening exactly as it should, there's nothing to do, you're already at your destination, you're the entirety of existence, you're complete and whole. Now, since youre living within duality and you're fighting to survive, just become hopeful that at the other side of your goals will be pleasure, fulfillment and happiness. Baby step your goals and go at it smoothly, not trying to do everything at once, and you'll eventually get there. Start with proper nutrition because it has a hugeeee effect on your well-being and use your extra vitality, well-being and focus to help you achieve your other goals.
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4KXidr0z1RY
  3. If I am attached to a pretty rock, do I consider myself that rock and not the other things that I'm not attached to?
  4. damn thats definitely true. i should just assume that it will just happen without being all sneaky and weird about it.
  5. hahahaha
  6. Well of course anytime she gives a serious NO and not token resistance, then you stop. but that card is really solid advice
  7. he actually did hahaa
  8. the 4 pillars of being sex worthy: purposeful- speak with humph, lead the interaction, keeping pressure on with either eye contact, touch, or questions in breaking rapport tonality controlled- being unreactive, not qualifying yourself, grounded like an oak tree, being the buyer and not the seller, talking in breaking rapport flowing- entitled like you already have the girl, hugging her smoothly not choppy, everything is part of the plan even if things don't go your way self amused- creating your own amusement without needing her because whatever you're interested in she'll be interested in, the person having the most fun and giving the least of a fuck are the most addictive traits, making yourself laugh, doing it for you and not her, not having that needy-leeching type of vibe trying to join her party. outer game: building comfort- roleplaying, what would you do if/ would you rather questions to ask her, conspiracy theories: inside jokes with her with strangers, move her around frequently to new locations, verbally lying: pretending to be from her hometown and then telling her the truth. investment- forced investment: ordering compliance, compliance hoops: if she asks for something, baby step compliance playfully and stack them more seriously, temporal investment qualifying- theres something special about her but you dont know what, future projection: telling her that we should hang out again later, similarities: emphasizing a commonality and letting her you like her for it. Do this only when she's chasing and asking you questions, sprinkle it in and don't over do it. shit test- staying unreactive and ice cold, ignore it and move on, exaggerate it playfully flirting- push: if she likes red, you can say i hate red tongue in cheek, and repeat this like 20% of the conversation verbals- keep the conversation on her and talk about emotionally deep topics like goals, dreams, fears, childhood, family, hobbies, work. don't interrogate her and add your own commentary in between answers, touch- break the touch barrier as soon as you meet her with a handshake, maintain eye contact and conversation as you're touching her, you dont have to keep touching her to sleep with her. Social intuition- maintain the right balance of pressure on/pressure off. too much pressure off and she get bored, too much pressure on and she'll feel uncomfortable, you can sense it in her body language. it's always better to go for something and then calibrate after the fact. if you go too far, just tell her sorry and keep the conversation going like nothing happened. pulling to the sex location- baby step the pull towards the sex location throughout the entire interaction from the beginning, giving plausible deniability: an innocent excuse like watching a movie or showing something off at your place, or just hanging out as friends. tackling her objections and staying persistent, keeping the interaction moving normally while going there. When alone with her- start physically escalating, go for the make out and start fingering her, tell her that it doesnt count as sex or that it'll make it sexier, show her that you're emotionally turned on while making out and fingering her, she'll be less likely to resist seeing you so turned on and it will transfer on to her, secretly put on a condom put her panties to the side and stick it in.
  9. Why would people assume that consciousness needs something that is NOT consciousness is order to exist? The brain, atoms, and wavelengths are NOT consciousness so why would consciousness need them? What does it even mean for something to CAUSE something that it is not? The brain, atoms, and wavelengths occur within the visual aspect of consciousness making them made out of consciousness rather.
  10. yeah because the symbol is not actually the thing that its pointing to, so you cannot think of perception. and this realization is started to sink into me, perception is like magic to me now.
  11. right now, the only way that i realize that red is irreducible is because the configuration of atoms supposedly equivalent to the experience of red cannot be reduced to those atoms because there's no red in those atoms! red is red, and it feels like magic!
  12. of course im openminded to enlightenment and seeing reality as just appearance with nothing going on behind the scenes. I was just using the brain, eyeballs and atoms as examples to why the parts cannot literally be the same thing as the actual experience of thing. You wont see red in the configuration of atoms that are supposedly equivalent to the actual experience of seeing red. Basically that red is irreducible because you dont get red in atoms! and thats such a mindblowing insight that I just recently had.
  13. ohhh thats an interesting perspective, i see your point..