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  1. @Jodistrict You didn't read what I said earlier. Weed is great for amplifying emotion so you can study it. I'm not sure how you're meditating, but meditations is not about studying the emotional body. Understanding the mind is done off cushion such as journaling, noting thought, etc.
  2. Up until recently I was for backing Ukraine, although, it did make me nervous with the threats of nuclear war by Putin. And, to be honest, the threats do still concern me. My initial reason for backing Ukraine is that I wanted to send us a message to bullies in the world. "NO, you cannot just run over a country without being met without opposition." We can't let Russia, China, N. Korea, and Iran do whatever the hell they want. However, this thing with Ukraine is going on and on and there doesn't seem to be and end in sight. So, should we just let Russia have Ukraine? What are the consequences if the west were to back out? It's costing us endless amounts of money. Should we just count our losses and move on? This may sound harsh, but war is fucking nasty.
  3. It's not a great substance for me. I would say that it's only pleasant 25% of the time. But I'm probably different than most.
  4. I should amend my last statement. You can be a lefty and still protest against wokeism. But like I said earlier, it will be a difficult term to define until there's some agreement on what it actually means.
  5. That is not true. You can be a lefty and not woke
  6. Check out the "Qualities and Shadows" section of:
  7. The literal title of this thread is "What is woke?" Asking the OP to define woke just seems like you're missing the point. I'll take a stab. Woke is a confusing term but it is, after all, just a concept. I think Leo had a good point in saying that the right wing would say that love and peace is woke ideology. It depends on who you ask, but IMO, woke encompasses the unhealthy manifestations of green. The woke ignore science in the name of equality is just one thing I can think of. You could say a lack of critical thinking as well. Or maybe even hypersensitivity, "Let's not offend anyone." Healthy green won't necessarily fall into the trappings that the so called woke do.
  8. In my experience weed makes me very aware of my thoughts and emotions. The downside is it makes the mind busier, distorts thinking, and makes me sluggish. I don't find weed helpful for meditation but it is great for journaling. Try it out for yourself though. In meditation you want the mind to be bright, clear, and energized.
  9. There was a lot said on this thread that I agree with. LSD is so much cleaner than mushrooms. It offers a much happier high. I'd start with 1 tab just like the others said. You can quickly bump that up to 150, then soon enough 200. At 100 you'll probably laugh and enjoy the way it feels, it's quite pleasant. It may also be entertaining. At 150 it gets more interesting, more colorful, more visual movements. At 200 things get kinda blurry and dancy, but it's super fun. At 250 the visuals are more electric, almost digital. 300 is very digital and it can be difficult to make out what some objects are. That's how I experience the stuff and how I progressed over time. Each time I tried it, I was like, "I want to do more," just out of curiosity. I personally like the 225-250 range. 300 can get me into trouble even though I am very experienced with this stuff. I would definitely not recommend more than 100 to a first timer, though. Mushrooms, IMO, are way more intense. I don't know what the equivalent is between the two, but I can barely take 2g of mushrooms. I hear that others are the opposite. So this is likely subjective. I do know that I am sensitive to fungi because my friends take more mushrooms than I do and they don't trip out like I do. I, on the other hand, take more LSD than they do.
  10. Find a teacher, if you're truly serious about the spiritual path a teacher will welcome and guide you with open arms
  11. The combo is not good for spiritual work. In fact, I would cross MDMA off that list. However, I am a firm believer that MDMA strengthens romantic relationships if done in moderation. That said, the combo is wonderful for pleasure. The MDMA offers a really pleasant, euphoric effect while LSD offers the visuals and auditory hallucinations.
  12. If you haven't already checked it out, this site is invaluable. Check out the Qualities and Shadows: