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  1. I handle shrooms well but they require much respect and proper dosing and handling. Not my ass kicked before on them. But they have also been incredible for me for deeper resolution and expanding my consciousness. I see long term changes in my perception on life with an occasional shroom trip. I’m a lightweight though. I don’t do more than .5 and this is a great dose for me. I’m not trying to breakthrough or have some sort of outer worldly lost in the trip type experience.
  2. There will not be a resolution to this conflict until many of the citizens of Israel come to terms with the fact that their entire state is built largely on lies. It would be one thing if they were honest and acknowledged they are a western creation, but the entire thing keeping everything together I s the deeper dishonesty about how they have this god given mandate (funny enough it started with the British mandate) to live on and rule this land that is now called Israel. Imagine if we all just rolled up and demanded Ethiopia cause humans apparently come from there? The modern Israeli is over 1000 years separated from this land and the modern Israel citizen and Jewish diaspora have genetic similarities with Europeans, not anyone who has inhabited Israel for the last 1900 years.
  3. What you fail to see is the bigger picture. Looking through a bamboo shoot it’s easy to see Israel as this country under attack but it exists entirely through colonialism and the displacement and destruction of the true ancestral inhabitants of the region who lived there for over 1000+ years before Jewish refugees from Europe showed up backed by western interests. This wasn’t that long ago either. Only 70 years or so. Many of the people who were displaced and had their homes and land stolen are still alive.
  4. I would agree with your assessment here. I think Israel is very much seen as artificial to many. It is a unique outlier when it comes to state building and the formation of a nation into a state. It has the colonial element of the British who oversaw that region after the Ottomans. The British didn’t really care about the local populations or how their mandates and whatnot would cause complex issues for the true locals of the region. Keep in mind there were Palestinians there through British rule and for several 100s of years prior, all through the Ottoman Empire. Nations prior to the modern concept of state were much looser in definition and often had fewer political aspirations and desires to build countries. This is probably the biggest lie that comes from Israel. The people there have this totally bullshit narrative that they are entitled to the land there because the people they claim as their “ancestors” once lived there but were forcibly removed. Keep in mind this happened like 1000+ years ago during Roman times and a couple hundred years after. It’s just completely asinine garbage. Hebrew was a dead language with little connection to the modern Israel apart form it being historically a Jewish language. The land was given to refugees of WWII and there is a humanitarian element to it as well since it served western interests to have an ally in the Middle East. There was also wealthy backers who identified as Jewish and wanted to build their own state. Israel’s formation is complex to say the least and it is comprised of humanitarian effort, western geopolitical interests, colonialism, ethnic jewish nation building and of course plenty of lies about the whole narrative of the country. I would definitely say modern states like the USA and Brazil were much more organic in terms of forming into what they are today.
  5. It’s hard to say. USA is also struggling with their decision making on this and all the conflict of interests back home and abroad. USA “checking” their own ally sends messages to Iran that there are cracks in this coalition that can be exploited. They may just try and escalate in some form through their proxies if they sense a lack of coordination. But also simultaneously I think the one guarantee Israel has is the USA will step in if Iran escalates. It’s also an election year in the USA, Biden administration does not have the same backing as previous presidents on Middle East policy. Isolationist influences. General grid lock and even funding for Israel war effort put under scrutiny like Ukraine. To say the least this is not a unified USA with a cohesive and decisive foreign policy. Israel is very much unchecked here.
  6. Let’s be realistic with the current situation USA will not stop supporting Israel for many geopolitical strategic reasons USA probably does not have nearly the amount of sway or ability to call a ceasefire. They are knee deep and entangled with Israel and don’t have the sway to likely get one. Their only method of forcing a ceasefire puts USA strategic interests in jeopardy so as much as they would like one it’s not possible. Israel is like a rabid uncaged dog that the owner is only in the position to continue to support but has marginal control over what it does usa has lost a lot of influence recently
  7. Worrying about humanity is a waste of time. All I can do is live my best life and do what I believe is honest and truthful and has integrity. Thinking about how complex and deep all these humanity issues does nothing for the world. Living in harmony and flow and choosing to not create painful emotions by un aligning from false beliefs is the best thing anyone can do for the world.
  8. What do you mean by carousel of life? If you mean the emotions which you choose to create that may be unpleasant. Then yes, it’s possible to resolve that split and choose to no longer create the carousel, choose to live in flow and harmony. If we are talking about the ever changing life, with all its challenges and the need to be fully responsible and engaged and creative, then no I would say that does not end until death.
  9. I fundamentally disagree with you. I think life is such a wonderful thing, so blessed to be alive. Why do you believe everything in life is BS?
  10. That’s not under her control though. She can only accept him for who he is or choose to leave him, or have a conversation with him and see if he changes. This is the process of dating and relating to people. It’s entirely her choice to stay with him or leave, and make the choice best for her. She isn’t a victim here. She will be fine either way.
  11. Is it what you genuinely want to spend your time doing in order to attract money? Do you enjoy it? Is it a passion of yours? What are your intentions for pursuing it? You can make something wonderful out of anything you are truthfully aligned with.
  12. Women have their own rationale. Because it’s beliefs and thought that create emotions, what you call vibe; and most women are living their life governed by their emotions. They definitely are rational, but they have their own rationality and they think sometimes differently than men. I say this with no certainty to anything, just my loose conclusions from my experiences.
  13. He’s free to be who he is. It is not your job to change him. Be open and honest an discuss it with him, understand and have a genuine conversation. If you don’t see yourself on the same page with him after, then accept him for who he is and continue the relationship or leave him. It’s not that complicated, jsut open and honest communication to see if you can come to terms with each other.
  14. Thanks for expanding on this. I do agree with you. I’ll take this into account and try to do some more writing based off what you said. I actually was at this point when I was in my early to mid 20s. I was an incel 10 years ago before the word was coined. Getting out of this was like clawing myself upward out of a well with no ladder. I’m actually not sure how to approach this even though I’ve been through it, need to reflect on it more. I’m trying to put together a body of writing and maybe put out a short book on this topic in the future.
  15. This is a topic I think all sides need to research more, we need to take medical science into play and really listen to people who identify as trans. You have the conservatives who think this is just a disease or whatever and then you have the liberals who are fine giving an elementary school kid radical hormone therapy cause little Chris now identifies as Christina. I’m supportive of giving pre teens some choice but we need safe guards to make sure they aren’t misdiagnosed or their diagnosis won’t be re-contextualized at a later point where they will regret it. It’s maybe a somewhat poor comparison, but I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was little. I was medicated. I grew up with this label thinking something was wrong with me. My mom had passed away and my dad was very distant and unavailable. Of course I would have behavior problems and not be able to focus in class in school with old teachers where half don’t give a shit. These medical models we use to try to fix kids can have all sorts of flaws and not account for many factors. I limited myself for years keeping my belief system entangled with this adhd / bad student label I created for myself believe what the adults in my life told me. We have to make sure these choices come from the most genuine and clearest of places with cutting edge science as well. These are decisions that shouldn’t be made from liberal emotions. Some adults are making these choices from some fad liberal agenda which is based heavily on their hippy ideology and it could really cause problems for some kids who are indoctrinated into this and one day think they are a different gender cause they want some attention and don’t realize the ramifications from changing one’s identity so drastically.