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  1. I actually intentionally and silently left the forum a week ago with no plans to return, but just heard on another channel about this. My main concern (and this started after some reflecting) was the Connor stuff recently and how I feel your videos and this community may have played a role. I see a lot of mentally and emotionally unwell people on your forum getting advice to do psychedelics and in general just taking on stuff that is way over their heads from where they are at. I just don’t think you have a degree of wisdom or embodiment or life experience that is needed to be a spiritual teacher yet or run a community of this size. You helped me a ton when I was younger with getting out of a victim mindset and taking action but as I caught up and got into psychedelics myself I found myself diverging with you more and more in many areas especially contradictory in experience as well. You’ll always have a special place in my heart Leo and you are a great dude and someone I still very much admire but I don’t feel I wanna continue following your project. I hope this recent event leads to an evolution of your work and this forum in some way that is more healthily and functional than how it is now.
  2. Kinda crazy US politicians at the very least haven’t gone after Israel to some degree, if not the very least reduce funding. This whole topic is toxic to politicians in the US and none of them want to talk about. Don’t wanna talk about it? Fine.... stop putting it on the payroll then.
  3. The experience of thoughts for my lower self is such that it is very quiet and like a radio turned wayyyyyyy down but still mostly playing in the background. Sometimes the radio is off and I’m just engrossed and merged with the moment, there is space and things are just flowing with just the slightest feeling of separation which is just floating in the background and tends to mostly be concerned with not crashing the car while driving or tripping while walking. Honestly I don’t really pay too much attention to my thoughts or if I find the radio gets loud I let it go and it turns down on it’s own. I get all the usual human thoughts, some negative, some positive, some worrying, some strange, etc. I am not really in conflict with them so if I think something that would be offensive as fuck to say out loud I don’t really feel any resistance to it. If I’m overcome by a powerful painful emotion my mind tends to become very nurturing and calming with thoughts “you are safe, you are loved. It’s okay, I’m here, have faith, etc” I cultivated this.
  4. I’ve come out of this before. I didn’t solve it with contemplation or thinking but letting go. Joy and a sense of well-being is just the natural state if you are able to let go. You don’t have to really do anything for it per say. It’s consciousness’ natural state and by extension the body’s as well. From there you return to the natural state of joy and b/c you feel good you create what is meaningful to you. For me that has been an increase in travel now that I’m vaccinated. Try to let go of trying to figure it all out or understand it or make it personal. Even let go of what comes after like some feeling of resistance to the present moment like it’s boring. The answer and well being you seek lies outside some logical understanding or trying to think your way to it. Subsequently I’ve found the answers to existence lie outside thinking and model making as well.
  5. I like following that little tickle I call it. Sometimes I feel very creative while other times not so much. Not the biggest fan of forcing it but there are things we can do to nurture it.
  6. All things self love. YouTube has a ton of content. Also look up John Bradshaw books, inner child healing and Matt Kahn. All for Love!
  7. @Hardkill My grandma is a Holocaust survivor and her dad was killed by Nazis in prison. I felt the ripples of this event in her down my family line which is why I am extra sensitive to fear than most people. I’m not writing this to be some contrarian but because I don’t care for presumptuous and untrue points of view. Take a wide perspective about the land that is currently named Israel. Any historian or trust worthy source will inform you the land was inhabited for roughly 800 years by the people there that go by Palestinian. There was a small Jewish minority that lived peacefully there with the Muslims and Christians as well but it was Palestine 100 years ago. Period. It is not right to colonize and push the locals off their land because 800 years ago your ancestors lived there. I realize Israel was very much born out of desperation due to oppression but I’m not going to stand for this BS story of them being entitled to it because it is their holy land. The US was largely colonized and conquered out of conquest for power and wealth whereas Palestine was conquered out of a desperate situation of fleeing danger and persecution. It was colonized none the less however.
  8. the jews stole the land and have managed to brainwash you and most of the west into thinking it's theirs. granted they stole it out of desperation during the holocaust so I empathize deeply with the thief. It is stolen none the less.
  9. Women live longer than men because men are drinking more, smoking more, fighting more, doing drugs more, and taking far more material risks than women in just about every way from physical work, driving and sports. All that stuff adds up over time. If blood letting reduces these formers then maybe we can see a connection but somehow I don't think it relatively works like that.
  10. cause you live in the forest? you do realize you're still gonna have to upkeep your survival right?
  11. lol I can tell you're angry and just venting but you aren't done with women. If you were you wouldn't give a fuck and be writing this. I was reflecting on all my success and failures with women the other day and I realized that in the past I had way over invested in girls and was in an emotional place where flakes and stuff would destroy my mood. This was like a deep embodiment and realization that flakey/uninterested girls really isn't something that bothers me so much these days. You're doing day game which tbh is kinda overhyped and a waste of time imo. It really depends where you are located but there are plenty of hacks around and alternatives to day game which are way better and will lead to more attractive women imo.
  12. No, I don't agree. It depends where I am. I've been in some countries and cities where it seems like almost every woman I pass (in my age range, 20s) is quite attractive. I have pretty high beauty standards too. Some places I've been this is less so the case. I agree, like I said sexual value is a thing, but it's more comparable to collectables or antiques than gold/money. Some antiques are seen as ugly and obscure to some and are a really hard sell, then someone comes along and a buyer is found. Other antiques are in high demand across the board. I don't think money is comparable quantifier for this like I've said above.
  13. Are there? Doesn’t look that way to me when I’m walking around the street and see all sorts of couples. I mean sure there are guys that have higher sexual value and ones with lower but it looks more like a bell curve than how drastic incels online make it. Seems like the lower ones marry women on the low end kinda like how rich people tend to marry rich people and poor people tend to marry poor people. The whole alpha/beta thing is dumb though. It’s a social theory that was applied by some scientist to wolves and turned out to be totally off. Humans do not have set roles and are more so limited by their socioeconomic status/role, emotional health amongst other things. it’s all about raising your sexual value as a man if you want to raise your chances with women instead of having to settle. This is done through a lot of ways. This binary is too reductionist for me.
  14. I don’t like the word save. It’s more so the universe is quite chaotic and brutal with various wills being exercised and humanity is sort of tasked with figuring it out for themselves with their own survival, joy and subsequent awakening.