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  1. Just to clear i'd (in a respectful and none judging manner) tell how i felt about it and give them two different opportunities to resolve the issue, hoping but not finding it likely that, whatever the problem is, would get resolved. Otherwise i would just move on and either ignore the problem or find other people, which ever seems more reasonable(i would forgive regardless). Although i don't disagree with you. I find it hard to find people whom really invest in themselves, but i agree with you.
  2. Do you find it moral to use karma against other people whom are trying to hurt you? I mean to instead of returning the "favor", let them continue but give them plenty of opportunities to stop, not because you expect them to stop but to let their guilt do all the work for me? Let's for instance say that a friend of yours is ignoring you and is doing to to be mean rather than not wanting to talk to you. Also not to sound horrible, i would (unless you count this) never try to hurt someone as punishment.
  3. Try this one: http://asmrion.com/
  4. Sorry @egoeimai I just meant putting you hand in your pants like men do(usually combined with tv), i was not trying to promote masturbation.It was meant as a joke.It was in poor taste of me to make this kind of joke, ill restrain from it in the future.
  5. Go out and have a to seat in the sunlight and focus on the sensation. If that does not work, do what men do:
  6. Nicely put
  7. Haha, why do these threads so often escalate into insults or even get sexual?
  8. If it from a stranger or someone inappropriate, creepy... regardless he probably likes you.
  9. We do have certain biologically decided character traits that can differ from person to person, but otherwise not really, it's mostly based on our past.
  10. Water, fruits, fresh air and lots of sleeping/bedtime. Not much you can do about it, excluding medicin.
  11. Emotionally not all, but I am secretive about my past. I have been burned before, so I'm very picky regarding whom I tell certain things.
  12. I don't follow a specific pattern. Wake up at 09.00ish Works out and meditates, basic morning stuff) and waste time 12.00 cooks/eats lunch 13.00-16.00 studies uni stuff. 16.00-23.00 spends time with friends/girlfriend (dinner at 18.00ish)or have a look on the forums/youtube. 23.00- ??.?? Have "swedish fika" with one/two of my foreign female friends or study or have movienight or girlfriend. Repeat.
  13. Social media is for unconscious people
  14. I don't care much for enlightenment either, i meditate, learn and i try to grow. Would i happen to get enlighten because of it, well i would not complain. That's awful
  15. “Happiness is not about what the world gives you - happiness is what you think about what the world gives you." -Google Executive