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  1. Sorry that’s a grammar mistake. But yeah you don’t need them. However it’s advantageous to take supplements unless you’re really into optimizing your diet. Most people have deficiencies even if they eat relatively healthy. Besides it’s just blended leafs and stuff, it’s not like pills. Furthermore my diet is OK. I get free food from work. Sometimes salads sometimes pizza.
  2. Hi! Do you have any experience with greens powers(like athletic greens)? If so, what’s been your experience? Currently I do not take any supplements and to me this seems like a good option.
  3. Not all girls squirt. So it might not matter which appendage you use.
  4. I get the feeling you’ve got a unrealistic perspective on love. This video might help. https://youtu.be/jcbEiZQ9B7o
  5. Start friendly and escalate the following way if he doesn’t take a no. 1) Kindly ask him to leave you alone. 2) ask a bouncer to take care of him. 3) take him outside.
  6. @StarStruck Just offer to do a second date.
  7. I’m actually rather feminine, works like a charm. Just be yourself, have confidence and you’ll be fine.
  8. Time is the biggest factor. Also changing up your life can do wonders. Move, get new hobbies, get a new job, get new friends. Mix it up.
  9. None of them. I believe, English is my second language. Furthermore I prefer saying “kindly” instead of “thanks in advance” as it’s less presumptuous.
  10. While you should definitely work on your confidence. I do think it’s not unreasonable to ask ones partner not to talk with their ex. It’s not the same as having friends of the opposite gender.
  11. @something_else You don’t need the girls to like you if you simply want to hook up. You only need them to feel strong sexual desire. It’s different if your dating or in a relationship. Many girls will go a long way to get approval from guys they find attractive. Don’t get me wrong you can obviously flirt and imply interest that way normally tho.
  12. While SD is a technically a scientific model. That doesn’t mean that it is considered accurate by the scientific community. It’s criticized for it’s limited perspective among other things.
  13. Don’t compliment as a general rule. About anything.