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  1. I have gone there with gay friend of mine. While I really had a fun time, I wouldn’t go there without none-straight company.
  2. What’s wrong with pretty women? Or hot women? You seem to use the terms interchangeably.
  3. It’s a matter of preference. It’s usual in business. It can be a wonderful thing, for the shamanic archetype not so much.
  4. I find it sad that lasting relationships is kinda rare and that so many kids have to grow up in single parents households. Like I was.
  5. Only a poor product or service requires marketing.
  6. @meta_male Yeah it worked out fine, I’ll probably hang out with her again. I’m great with conversation in person it’s really just the texting bit that I’m struggling with. We did make out and she wanted to hook up.
  7. @meta_male I don’t really date at all. In this case it was setting up a meetup with strangers. While it isn’t people I look up to(nor down on) it’s so common I must be doing something wrong. Like for instance We ended up chatting on an anonymous forum. The reason was that both of us wanted to have a meetup and she asked me to tell her more about myself. I told her my age, gender and that I was new in town(it’s not clear in that forum). Minimalistic absolutely but we’ll get to talk more on the meetup. That was super boring apparently.
  8. I’m awful at texting. Which is ironic because I write for a living and critic others writing as a hobby. I’m so bad at texting that people point it out, guys and girls. I’m typically described as boring or something similar. I also really dislike texting, I find it boring. One could argue with that people doing things they find boring are themselves boring. Something that really bugs me about texting is that I often have to “carry the conversation”. It makes me preferably not want to have it at all. Are you good at texting? What makes a good texter? Do you enjoy texting?
  9. I agree with Leo on this.
  10. I also find friendship difficult. With men its useful to have an activity that you do together. Typically in my country it would be things like going out for a beer or two. Just causally being friends without a shared activity isn’t really a thing in my experience.
  11. Splitting the bill is one thing not sharing chocolate is another. I don’t stay if a girl did that
  12. The difference between being a millionaire and having a few hundred billions isn’t that meaningful. At least when it comes to quality of life. The difference with being good with women and great with women isn’t that impactful either. If you have a solid 40% success rate that’s absolutely fine.