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  1. Spend time with people you want to be like.
  2. I mean to be kind to others not because you necessarily like them or care about them but simply because it makes you happier. Helping people you hate also makes you hate them less. If you want to be spiritual about it you can call it karma but it also has scientific backing. We are simply wired to be rewarded for kindness usually in the form of every day happiness. Here is a link for more practical reasons.
  3. I heard this comes from a suppressed sexually in which the girl feels wrong for wanting sex so she has this fetish so she doesn’t have to want to. So it can be a response to slut shaming.
  4. I love me too. Cool that we have that in common
  5. I have found that being good with others is all about mood and mindset. Special tricks and games are just a way to simulate and pretend to have it. If you are happy, have a abundance mindset, are outgoing and friendly your very likely going to be successful. So the trick is to make sure you are. For me the best approach to achieve these mindsets are the following. 1. Daily gratitude “journaling” - 10 things(I simply count them in my head) 2. Egoistic altruism. Simply for mental well-being. These are also practically useful for meeting people although that should not be the point. In addition host events and create meetups for various things you enjoy and meet like-minded people. Is all about actually making the effort, not just hoping a invite to something falls on your lap. These things isn’t really about meeting girls but they’ll naturally show up if you are living your best life. Not really a answer to your question but a lot of the time people just watch vids and read books. When they should go out and act instead, I know I’ve made that mistake.
  6. I’ve noticed quite a few girls have porn addiction kinks. I find it unfortunate.
  7. My opinion. Don’t go through people’s phones without their permission or knowledge and break up with her.
  8. Yes Asian men are considered less attractive. They are not going extinct more so than Asian women.
  9. Men who lack either morals or discipline will be cheat given the opportunity. There are also some minor reasons like a belief that they can’t find someone else if they get caught, these might keep them loyal. However it’s actually very common that the opportunity will not present it self. Because they don’t care enough to make an effort to cheat. Girl do not function this way normally.
  10. She doesn’t respect you. Not just because of the cuddles and dick touching but also because she spends time with someone she likes in none platonic way. I would forgive and break up with her. If she comes back begging for me to come back for long enough I’d give her another chance. If she doesn’t then why even be with her to begin with. If she misbehaves and get no consequences she’ll do it again and more seriously in the future.
  11. While I’m a guy and do feel like a fisherman knows how to catch fish better than the fish. I do think this advice can lead to problems. On the one hand, yes you see yourself as the price and so should men. On the other hand having a problem with him only reaching out 48% of the time I think is going to get you in trouble unnecessarily. Yes I get the point that you don’t want to have the girl to do 90% of the reaching out, however a 50/50-ish slip should be totally fine. Otherwise I do agree with your list.
  12. All things in moderation.
  13. Well the conscious aspect at least to me is to be aware of how you and actions are perceived by the other person. Do you overstaying your welcome? Are you making a move when she is receptive? Sometimes timing makes more of difference than anything else. Are you deceiving her? This sort of thing.
  14. Agreeing with compliments or complimenting someone's observational skills for noticing, rather than saying thanks.
  15. Noden in Stockholm is a good option, its not too far from you either.