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  1. @AwakenedSoul444 Tried noFap?
  2. That's basically me(the guy) 🙈
  3. @silene I've always thought of The UK/USA as nations rather than unions. I suppose the definition is a bit fluffy. How do you feel about the term Internationalism? I just discovered it
  4. Nationalism is on the rise all over the world. Everyones favourite example Scandinavia is not an exception. I've noticed some reasons. Sometimes due to a charismatic leader. (Believe it or not Trump is actually here) Sometimes due to "integration" problems. (Includes segregation and crime) Sometimes due to increased multicultural presence combined with conservatism/patriotism. Sometimes due to good old fashion racism/xenophobia. Sometimes simply because immigrants come from nationalistic socialities. Sometimes and maybe worst of all because nationalist are misrepresented and discriminated against, especially by green people. Creating sympathy for these nationist. (At least in my country) Sometimes due to international trade inequalities. Noticed another reason? Let me know. How do we give people other alternatives to fixing their perceived problems? So that we can reverse this trend.
  5. @Nickyy You are right, not to mention that environmental questions are not as conflict inducing as many other topics for yellow/green people.
  6. @Nickyy Green-yellow-ish I would say. I do meet a lot of green people as I'm active in environment-related seminars hosted by my local university. We have a bunch of green and a few yellow people interact. There is certainly a degree of careful wording the yellow folk need to deal with but, for the most part, it works just fine. @Inliytened1 Absolutely, I would say that probably that best way to "ascend".
  7. @Nickyy That has not been my experience at all. Sure there is some conflict but for the most part it works out. Assuming their not radical.
  8. Unfortunately yellow girls are really popular since stage orange and green both guys love them. They get you so to speak. Actually this applies generally for yellow people to be honest.
  9. Just take it easy with her for a while.
  10. Sex is often used for escapism, however, unlike many other forms of escapism, it can directly harm relationships and therefor others.
  11. The idea is to focus on their spiritual practice and not be distracted by such things. You don't need sex to find god or reach enlightenment so for them, it's a waste of time.
  12. Rather than pills how about a piece of paper with some spooky liquid on it?
  13. Absolutely, if you live in a safe environment and can focus on the small things, those things get better. Sweden and Switzerland are great examples. Both are high on the spiral. Neither has been at war for the last 200 years. Both are is naturally multicultural and have been so for a very long time.(Sweden has Sami and Finnish peoples)(Swiss have french, german Italians). Both are safe from natural disasters. Both have great trade opportunities due to their location.
  14. Nice guys are like juice, they ruin your health but you still think you should be consuming it Long story short, don’t consume juice, it’s mostly just natural sugar. Smoothies are the healthy alternative.