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  1. @Markus @Max_V Haha, I admit it's kind of a strange topic. Hope you get a chance Max
  2. Are there aliens? yeah probably. Are these real aliens? probably not.
  3. Not an fan of either Putin or Trump, but I don't think you should underestimate either of them. To think that they got where they are now by luck alone is unwise. I do also find them in stage orange, more money/power orientated. Not the biggest on the environment or people feelings aspects, aka stage green. Russia is kind of depressing if you go there, same goes for many of the other eastern European countries. Big place, difficult to control, lot's a sanctions that prevent growth.
  4. How do you optimize boob massage(boob squeezing or what it's called) for the sake of pleasure of the receiver. It is bad to focus more on one, or? I'm a newbie here, never put much thought into it. Or is it kind of "meh, it's nice and guys like it, so why not let them do it."
  5. N1, Block you ex everywhere. N2, Meet new people, make new friends.Plus points if they happens to be the opposite sex. You are you angry at him/her? Did he/she do something wrong?
  6. Do other people open up to you?If you are not used to opening up, being the one that starts makes the hole thing more difficult. Start with the small things preferably something fun, I for instance likd this mermaid show when I was a kid. You can make all kinds of jokes when you tell someone something like that, especially if you have the confidence to back it up. Once you started things gets easier, but don't drop everything at the same time. You can for instance drop the mermaid thing the first time you meet some because it's just something lighthearted you can joke about. Something slightly more serious the next time, well you get.
  7. @student Because most of the aren't, so most of your consumers won't even think about stealing your idea. Imagine you had leos idea and you started this forum. Some people "copied" him and started a channel but as far as i've seen aren't as professorial, serious or successful and don't really get in his way. I'm studying software engineering , the ideas is a product/service duo in the "health and beauty sector". Still experimental but I like the progress i've seen so far. Due to the idea being a applied cream with simpel yet secret ingrediens I have to apply it myself to prevent analys. Here is a idea, contract someone else to do the promotion. They sign a contract disalowing them to steal your idea
  8. If you develop yourself, girls become easier to get and as with every other type of relationship, your requirements increase. You also feel like you have more importerat things to do. So yeah I suppose you could say that.
  9. @K VIL Saw someone videos about that Have a feeling this really creates a strong bond but not much more then that. Which is something people are not used to, so they are in a blissful state. People who really easily fall in love in my experience tend to be neurotic and fall in love in order to feel better, this is of course subconscious. They whole process get really problematic when their feeling arrive early and often and so are rare shared, resulting in heartbreak on a regular basics. Hope you're confusing crushes with love falling in love is suppose to take some time.
  10. @Lynnel If all men are insecure, indecisive or good for nothing, women have all the sexual power. Don't be underestimate the primitive triggers the rule of of emotions, especially in females. Some girls, but not most can be destructive. Let those feminazis do their thing, it's getting dated. Do men care much about a girls personally when they just meet, would not think so. To some degree a lot of men can discard a girls personally completely for sex. Although it is true that men are attracted to "better" personalty traits, whilst girls "only" like them rationally. "So guys are not that great either, but girls are still selfish" Well that one way of looking at it, it's better to drop the emotional side and admit that neither are perfect and that's alright. That's all we get and if you really want to be alone for the rest of your life ,because girls aren't perfect, then that's your choice. We are not ment to be want to be alone, single forever. if we are ment be a certain way and we are, we tend to get rewarded for it. If you get your confidence etc to ridiculously high levels, girls start acting like men but with a key differens, they assume all guys want to fuck them. So if you don't then, there is something wrong with the girl or you're gay or something. So you can imagine all the "justified" unappreciated sexual harassment you'll get, it is at this point remaining none-misogynistic is difficult.
  11. Just me who think people are talking this to seriously, it's a model and has some merit, but it's not a precise science. Feels like popular science, I for one is a mix of a lot of the types. Although extroverted. Apparently i'm ESFP-A, the entertainer this time. 4 months ago I was the consult.
  12. @Visitor can't you throw some appreciation in the mix to for some extra happiness. So you'd think "i'm good", excluding the moral perceptive.
  13. Only ok.... that's a bit underwhelming.
  14. I think you lack the motivation to get started, reading books and watching videos us the easy part.If it's a product, prototype it and ask around if people would be interested. If you need investments there are probably people who can help with that too. If it's a service offer it for free once or twice to get some customers. If you never start because you don't want people to find out, you'll never get anywhere. Most people who buy what you sell are not smart enought to steal it and will think, well clearly there is already a market for that, so why should I start? I also have a crazy "not available elsewhere" idea, but i feel like it would be almost unethical to sell it.Because it exploits a very serous insecurity. The dilemmas of personal-development.
  15. Really hard work manual the first few weeks worked great for me, you basically don't have the energy or desire to do it. Can imagine really straining workout after work could work too.