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  1. @Hales Don’t do it with the same woman regularly, you probably don’t wanna catch feelings.
  2. I would stay away from brutal stuff, that’s not healthy for you since it involves sexuality. If say the girl is dominant and teasing or whatever that’s fine. If the guy is tied up an whipped a little sure but I think the line goes there. Animated neckbreaking or strangling to a degree that he/she passes out/dies is too much. A problem with dominant females is that it promotes PE if done poorly. Although I do advice you stay away from porn in general.
  3. 1. Before you engage in social interaction and social events, pick a goal. It can be to have fun for instance. 2. If it’s a “friendly” conversation try taking topics about the nearby area. Yesterday I was at a party and I saw guy making another girl uncomfortable so me and her friends in a joking manner made up an escape plan. 3. Breath and be relaxed, being nervous is just gonna make it more difficult. If your at a party it’s better to talk to someone that’s not that fun rather than not talking to anyone. Going from alone to a new person is more difficult then going form person to person.
  4. Don’t break the law of attraction!
  5. @XYZ Cuddles really are the best
  6. @Aakash Vijayan Be authentic, if you get friendzoned your probably “nice” in a unattractive way.
  7. @billiesimon Come to think of it I don’t really have a word for a promiscuous guy (bachelor?). Player also has a similar meaning and so does womaniser. It’s basically assumed in at least in northern Europe that if your not taken your would at least want some kind of sexual experiences regularly.
  8. When there's nothing wrong with that, go out and have fun. I meant: https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=fuckboy
  9. Noting wrong with being sexually active but being a fuckboy is a bit unnecessary and unethical. Just be sexual instead of trying to using romance to get the girl.
  10. @kieranperez Well I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree then.
  11. @kieranperez Well would you want relationship advice from someone who’s very unsuccessful? Worse case scenario you’ll get into a worse position then you were originally. They’ll give you bad advice in other words. I think it’s more effective to take advice from someone who faced a issue i do but overcame it. Peterson seems less happy and satisfied with life than me, his advice therefor to has to taken with a grain of salt even if it’s scientific. Leo is not this way so I don’t have a problem taking advice and from him
  12. I don’t get a happy vibe from Peterson whatsoever, this makes me reluctant to take advice from him. I do own his book, but it feel unnecessary long so I haven’t read or applied most of it.
  13. It’s understandably painful and difficult at first, but give it some time and try to be thankful for the new opportunities that now can arise.
  14. Change is hard and takes a lot of work and effort. Most don’t succeed so let’s not pretend it’s easy but it’s possible.
  15. I have a few shit tests, verify whether or not she “kiss and tell”. Ask her about details about some guy she have been with that she knows you know. Ask her to lend you a small amount because you forgot your wallet(not in the first few dates). Ask her about her friends, family and “enemies”. Let her talk about her ex to see whether or not she is introspective. Look at her previous relationships, did all of them last 3-ish months? Get your ass out.