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  1. Some guys become gay some are born gay, some gay guys like feminie men some don't. Everyone is diffrent
  2. Here is a very different perspective.
  3. I don’t do day game but I would skip the mandatory compliment. Besides “attractive” is too vague and isn’t impactful. If you have to give compliments and I would use them sparingly or not at all. Preferably use something like “pretty” or a personal compliment is better. Bonus points if it’s something she cares about that perhaps she hasn’t been complimented on before.
  4. In Sweden this is tricky at least legally, because a couple can if they are very drunk can (legally)rape each other at the same time. Because verbal consent and honest consent doesn't count if you are drunk enough or if one person is drunk and the other is not, therefore should all participants should be tipsy or sober so you don't want one to be kinda drunk and one sober, although both being kinda drunk is alright. This law is undergoing reforms and it's kinda tricky right now. As for me I consider active participation as consent, if the girl is super drunk but is doing her best to get in my pants i'm not going to consider that me raping her, if I sleep with her. Although drunk girls, or having sex drunk isn't really my cup of tea.
  5. My experience with american girls is very limited. Depends what you want, some examples: Easy sex As good looking as possible. Girlfriend material I for instance don't like green orange girls, but blue(within reason) and yellow/teal girls are fine for long term relationships. So certain stockholm girls(yellow) and in my experience italiens, czech, ukraine(blue) etc. Btw never meet anyone who disproves of czech girls, not sure why but their a such a blast to be around.
  6. This is something I'm actually pretty awful at, while I often credit others for work we have done together i'm also inherently smug about everything solely about me.
  7. Perhaps a bit of a cold approach but for me a key principle has for a long time been " You can't change people". So in other words if i were you i'd just look for new friends until the old ones come asking for advice/help. Things sometime have to get worse before they get better.
  8. Spirals 4 step guide to making a great first impression. You focus on these in this order. Be fun, she doesn’t need to laugh but a smile goes a long way. Something I like to do is to hit the girl with my hip assuming we are standing side to side. Catching her of guard although it’s great if she sees you coming. Get her trust, a hand shake while you introduce yourself works fine. Get her respect, by expressing what’s important to you, can do this using the regular small talk questions. I would think about how you best reply to “where are you from”. Your values are more important than the city etc. Lastly show interest yourself. Bonus point don’t stay longer than you need to if the convo is dead, leave. Ask her for her number or talk to her later. It’s ok to leave the conversation yourself.
  9. Firstly it’s messages in the study which isn’t a very metric of attractiveness. Secondly it’s the difference between 0th and 100th isn’t that big if you compare to women. Only the last 5%-10% of guys really see any particular interest, and that’s bit silly to assume only 10% of the male population is getting some action.
  10. Don’t tell her that, have fun, abstinence is not the way.
  11. Don’t sext, in person sex is better. Sexing is just frustrating in my opinion.
  12. The Syntheist community "Noden"(The Node) in Stockholm is a permanent burning man and techno temple. Sorry about it being partly in Swedish. For more info: https://www.noden.community/
  13. @Scenario Would you have the same approach (time wise)regardless of whether or not you slept together on the first date? I do two weeks in a row and then a break for a week and repeat.