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  1. Try to spend 25-50% of your income after tax. It’s good for the economy. Remember! You don’t get rich from saving.
  2. Must say, I’m a bit skeptical. How does this play out in practice?
  3. Well they tend to be stage green or higher so I suppose that could explain that. Obviously not trying to imply people who eat meat can’t be stage green or higher.
  4. Some place warm, beach could be a great non-drinking opportunity.
  5. Doing an actively you really enjoy and with people who really enjoy it as well makes this sort of thing waaaaaay easier. I don’t like dancing for instance so clubs aren’t a good match for me. No wants to hang out with the bored guy.
  6. It’s a trap to consume this. To needlessly get upset and to drag you down. If national news bring you down perhaps avoiding it aids you as well.
  7. Tldr: it’s a difficult and complex issue. If you tax the rich, they often leave for greener pastures. If they stay they care less about making money especially if you take more than half. Which creates fewer jobs and less prosperity. Furthermore it promotes tax evasion. Lastly they are powerful and influential which makes it more difficult to ‘go against’ them.
  8. That is what happens when men want the affection of women. As oppose to the respect and approval of their follow man. The latter leads to the former anyway.
  9. The opposite of conservative is progressive. Conservatives typically are quite liberal. Liberal and conservative are both right wing. While stage yellow is right wing it’s technically more similar to stage green progressivism/socialism than some stage blue conservativism.
  10. It’s completely fine as long as you‘re clear in your voice that’s it not actually friendship you’re after.
  11. The average woman will leave the average man. Who cares? Just don’t be the average man and you’ll be fine. It’s not even difficult. Here is my three step program to be top 80% 1. Have a job. 2. Don’t consume porn. 3. Don’t play video games.
  12. Do you agree or disagree with the videos message? Haven’t seen it, but I’m guess I won’t agree.
  13. @aurum As a Swedish person I’m amazed that I didn’t know this was a think. Guess you learn something every day. I suppose the thai don’t call it a Thai massage either.
  14. I typically hang out with the girl’s friend(s). They are waiting and so am I after all.