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  1. Can’t say I’ve felt sexually harassed, but legally(technically) I’ve been. Butt pinching and being kissed out of nowhere. I suppose the difference lies in whether or not you feel safe and in control. If a girl is all over me I know that I’ll be fine because I’m stronger than her. Although I’m sexually traumatised, so I do get panicky if people get too touchy too quickly, even if I like them.
  2. Analyse why you don’t have friends, for me in the past it was due to neediness and jealously. Took me a long time to realise that.
  3. You mean fuckboy style? No it give me IBS. Meeting and getting some action without getting the girl invested emotionally? yeah that’s fine.
  4. Just use a condom, if you’re partner has unhealthy looking markers or blemishes be careful. Take things slow, and don’t have high exceptions the first time. If you are a guy the hole is further down then you might expect 😅 assuming she is laying on her back. Also you need to lie on her to get it in from that position unless you wanna make it way more complicated than it needs to be. Also try different condom sizes so you know which one suits you.
  5. I think it's a legit way to make money, but remember that there is a loser and a winner with every trade you make. Some people will give you bad advice in order to profit.
  6. @TheBeachBionic Typical fuckboy behaviour. You are picking the wrong guys.
  7. @Annoynymous Yeah I know a women who is getting married soon and doesn’t consider it cheating because “he won’t find out”.
  8. @Annoynymous It depends on the relationship and the woman. Maybe she not satisfied, maybe she’s in long distance relationship and is sexually frustrated, maybe she craves excitement or that she likes someone else. Could be a multitude of reasons and length of cheating. What constitutes cheating is subjective and should be discussed within the relationship. For me kissing or more(physically) well as dating.
  9. They can if they want to, just like every other stage. Differences? Better communication due to a more open minded perspective, besides that not that different. Furthermore the choice of partner can differ.
  10. @Shin There is never none, if you'd feel like there none is your just too picky with who you count. Elderly people want to talk, they are usually lonely. Family, that annoying guy from work...
  11. Every end is a new beginning and all good things come to an end. Be detached and grateful for people who do want to talk to you rather then needy and upset about those who don’t.
  12. Skype with him, don't give him your full name or address and you'll be fine.
  13. You need to more playful and "flirty" Here is a zip-file, that will probably help: http://www.theattractiveman.com/f/downloads/texting-cheat-sheet.zip These are some examples: http://theattractiveman.com/members/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/Texts.txt I haven't tried them, so take them with a bit of salt. Must of them seem alright. "The attractive man" is responsible for these, all credit should go to him.
  14. To be completely honest I have never meet anyone I would describe as yellow. Most who believe they are, are either orange or blue.
  15. Teach a friend for free and he might recommend you to someone else. Earn a few beers. Youtube can of course also work, I have never tried. If you not that good yet go with a friend and get some perspective. As for you breath, slow down and try to relax. Push your shoulders down and open up your body language that will get you out of your head.