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  1. Facial hair seems to be a big factor also.
  2. Morally its better to get out so she doesn’t get needlessly hurt if someone wants something more. Although I’m an ass so I wouldn’t have done so either
  3. Sorry to hear that. I this is actually a common and tricky unintuitive issue that’s a bit outside what can be communicated on a forum. Listened to great podcast about I couple of weeks back featuring post-feminists. Unfortunately it’s in Swedish.
  4. Vagueness like “not looking for anything serious” is less of a turn off. However a lot of girls just want some dick as well. People hurt themselves or others when they sleep around. Harm reduction is mostly kind bonus. Don’t get me wrong, sleep around but don’t assume that there is a way to it completely harmlessly.
  5. Great more options, heard guys know their way around dicks a little bit better too.
  6. I find this stuff creepy af when it happens. Power outage is annoying also.
  7. Can be a surprisingly big rush even with strangers
  8. Sorry to hear that. Friendships can be tricky, especially when you don't feel like you have many options. I second Bando advice. Although some people are just toxic and treat others poorly almost regardless of what one does.
  9. Glad I can offer some extra joy to your life On a serious note, I'm sorry you perceived me as antagonistic/toxic, that was not my intention.
  10. Although we are going thru a paradigm shift so it’s bound to be messy, bloody and terrible. Harm reduction is something we should try to aim for.
  11. I do also think that people take offense to critical observations on a gender as a attack on themselves. Most people have a relatively strong gender identity. So if someone is critical of men for doing x, other men get offended needlessly and try to justify themselves even if they don’t do x. This obviously doesn’t help the situation and leads to needless bickering. So careful wording criticism of the opposite gender definitely help. Saying most men do x is naturally better for the sake of preventing needless bickering. In addition people tend to assume their opposition is a way more homogeneous group than it is. Feminists, anti-feminist, red pill guys and incels are all groups of people with all sorts of subgroups. Some of which you probably don’t have much against. Yet people tend to assume all feminists for instance are all the same. Which definitely isn’t true.
  12. Let’s say we have Olof, he sees women poorly because women/girls like you seen men poorly. Yet it’s completely unreasonable for him no? I’m sure it seems like small unreasonable reasons to you, but surely it doesn’t for them. People are unreasonable after all. Some people are racist too, surely they feel like they have good reasons for that. What do you mean by this “pick shit”? Pickup? If so, yes I do agree with you that’s it’s often done in unhealthy ways for everyone involved.
  13. The whole struggle of which gender is more terrible and oppressive seems to me to only be escalating. Making the life’s of everyone involved worse. Victim mentally runs rampant on both sides. In more metamodern(aka strange yellow) circles I’ve seen that this isn’t really a problem. How do we move past this here on the forum and have a positive effect in society as a whole? P.S No gender complaints please!
  14. Both have their own struggles. Women tend to be more neurotic. So you could say men by default are more present. Men are more likely to shot up schools, women cancel and engage in destructive gossip. Men however tend to more materialistic. Violence isn’t bad by default, only when goes out thru poor outlets.
  15. Gratitude journaling with a focus on men. Let's say you write down 5 things every day. Be kind to men in your life. By being kind your trick your brain into liking them. Because people don't help people they don't like. You view men poorly yet get upset with men who view women poorly. Doesn't that seem hypocritical? They probably feel like they are justified in their beliefs just like you are.