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  1. @Ayilton noo he seems very green and yellow these days
  2. @AyiltonWhy? don't you think it would work?
  3. The scientific way of understanding the universe, is great of interacting with then universe. Because you learn the relationship a certain object or phenomenon interact with other objects and phenomenons. With this knowledge you can manipulate the universe to you liking by putting small things together to create something greater then sum of it's parts. Like a for a computer for instance. Using this method you'll get to figure things out but, why it does not really add much anymore, a iPhone six or and old Nokia. The newer phone doesn't make you happier. The expensive care doesn't have you happier. Science is not wrong, but there is more to life than it.
  4. We don't have sun in the morning Why should I sleep naked?
  5. Does not matter if you just want to get laid, don't believe me? Try lying about, it's just going to make things worse. You do't need to have fun with girls for hours without having end goal being sex, unless you live in super conservative country. Although it does help. Why do you think you would make a terrible father?
  6. Being a slut to me is more then just being promiscuous, it's how a person views themselves.Generally they feel like their value comes from their looks and how much others approve of them sexually. So they have a need for approval and affection, that will lead them down a miserable path. This need as a coping mechanism to very briefly feel better about themselves. So technically you can be a "virgin slut" or be a girl whom have slept with lot's of guys without being a slut. People in stage green will disagree with this whole idea, which makes finding them very easy to distinguish.
  7. @egoeimai Do your friends have accomplish the things you want to change about yourself? Maybe one has the diet thing and someone something else you want to change about yourself. If so, you can ask her/him if they can help you with it. You can for instance eat and cook together. If it's with studies and procrastination you can use the same method. People can be a great motivator. Have you tried this? Powerful stuff.
  8. @egoeimai Why do you need to accomplish them if they won't make you happier? If it's habits like gym and diet etc. Use a commonplace book with a to do list, has worked great for me in those essential first few weeks. The biggest changes in life happens when you move and create a new social circle because, with the old people you have in your life you can't really change. Welcome back btw (haven't seen you in a while)
  9. Trump know people that's for sure, maybe in order to exploit them, but still. He manged to become president with all odds against him. His motivations might not be great, but that does not mean the results won't be. Think of Asia, in those countries workers are payed almost nothing under poor conditions and as a result they can export almost everything we make. Trump wants all the productions to move back to the US because he is wants to "empower" the country. If he has success the environment of will benefit as a result, due to different regulations and because of the unneeded transports. Also the Asian countries might reconsider their view on pay for their employees due this big loss of cash flow. To be honest this is really a annoying problem, my father also has a company but he can't compete with eastern countries because of their laws and low pay. I mean he could not legally pay someone that little. He has a transport firm so it's not like he is selling a product.
  10. I got laid my first few times was via online "dating" websites. Sure it took a few months and for me and it was like 100% luck the first time. Some horny girl wanted some d and I guess I was good enough.
  11. @ajasatya That works for almost every problem
  12. @Anna Konstantaki Well the desire for approval in general is problematic, it means you have limiting beliefs about yourself. Altought giving an girl a orgasm via text. That sounds interesting, haven't done that before(as far as I know) . @aurum Thanks for your reply
  13. I can't talk about those countries you mentioned but I'm sure there is some, shaming is such an unproductive way of doing things. But it has absolutely been reduced heavily within the last 10 years.
  14. Got your attention didn't I? Now I've pondered this topic a little bit today. I have not myself asked for nudes, although I, as i'm sure many of you guys also do, appreciate nudes. But the thing is that if one would find themselves wanting it, surely an easier and better way would be porn right? It also seems like a common misconception that all guys want nudes, this is not something you necessarily benefit from thinking as a girl. While I don't mind, it's strange to get ones that weren't asked for and it comes of as desperate. I don't think there is anything wrong with asking, but I don't get it. Now maybe it's the personal aspect, which would make some sense. Feel free to discuses dickpics while you are at it. I had too big trust issues to make that mistake when I was new in this field For guys: Why ask for nudes to begin with? Isn't porn is superior in every way? For girls: How do you feel about a guy asking you for nudes?
  15. "Knowing" things that make you happy is what matters. If you think you know, that a loved one that has passed away is in a good place, you'll feel happier about that. If it's actually true or not is rather irrelevant.