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  1. @Angelite Saudi Arabia needs more uncontrolled capitalism. To topple their monarchy and some good old democracy. Safety doesn’t mean you are high up in the spiral, it just means you value the absolute basics.
  2. Edging works wonders as a beginner technique.
  3. No technical problems on my end.
  4. Probably caused by deforestation equipment or something if it’s kept secret. Although our media, at least our government-funded media has brought up the fires. Some fires in Spain also apparently.
  5. It’s easier to justify war against someone that “oppresses people and does horrible things” which is what a lot of people assume non-democracies are all about.
  6. @Leo Gura That very unclear, if i was a an hivemind and my mother hivemind died? or my queen? or? I was a hivemind I rather kill humans because that's a lot of food. If a was a lone ant I won't care cuz ants can't care.
  7. I can only speak for Scandinavia. Humanistic take on conquest. Estonians wants us to rule them even these days. Protestantism is probably a huge factor here. Lacks of corrupting interests abroad cuz we didn’t colonise much in America/Africa. Natural resources: Oil, iron, wood, uranium. Heavy labour promotes socialism and provide wealth to pay for it. We have gender equality from the norse religion. Guess who ate special mushrooms before going into battle: vikings. Nazis idealised us as oppose to oppress us. Because we have physical traits they consider better. So they didn’t mass murder us and shit. Also good luck invading Norway in the 1300s it get doesn’t more defensive than that. Cold as shit and mountains all over the place. Mulitiparty democracy without electoral weirdness. Weak ass military/country throughout the 1850-today. So nationalism makes little sense. Russia invaded? well we would be sooo fucked.
  8. Killing a human creates mental distress, killing insects don’t. In essence both are just as imaginary and worthy of life. Ants are hiveminded so you should consider it as a limb rather then a individual entity. Beetles are less detrimental to earth than humans so one might argue for why they are more worthy.
  9. I consider “the gender wars” to be a game for people who do not understand the other side . On both sides but very often guys, who make assumptions, that often just is a misunderstanding. After which they argue against something no one had any interest in to begin with. Statements like “Men rape!” And then guys get upset because all guys don’t rape and that statement implies that. Is a bad choice of words? Sure but not something worth arguing and wasting time on. That being said feminism is often so green and idealistic it’s silly and without system thinking goes nowhere.
  10. @playdoh You know, not all Scandinavians are blond That's just a stereotype.
  11. So the financial state of experience Europe/North America is in a bit of a pickle. Partly because of Trumps trade war but also due to a lot of other factors. High debt both private and governmental, the car industry isn’t doing so well and so on. Things will get worse before they get better. A recession is long due. What’s your investment strategy? Gold? Obligations? Something else?
  12. I think abortion should be legal until the day the child is born. Not for for woman’s sake but for the child’s. Being raised by people who doesn’t want you is not worth it.
  13. It does have some problems, but I think Americans should get free healthcare. Like quality over quantity, in that waiting times are super long but once you get it, it’s really solid. Nurse have really stressful working conditions and often get sick due to it. That combined with a poor pay makes it a unwanted career choice. Also by raising taxes you incentivise large companies to move and pay taxes somewhere else.