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  1. Set boundaries and if she breaks them find someone that doesn’t. If you don’t have a agreement regarding this type of stuff she hasn’t really done anything wrong. Even if it’s clearly questionable.
  2. Working out the same muscle every day is not the most effective approach to building strength. It’s better to have a more intense workout once every say three days. Be it the pc muscle or whatnot.
  3. Having a decent job is nice and all but being passionate about is what truly gets you the girls. Having friends is nice and all, but in the end it’s about the quality of friendships you have that truly matter. Well you get the picture.
  4. @mandyjw nope, I did last year but got occupied with other things and then corona came and they gym shut down. I suppose cardio is what really counts? @FlowerNote , @Michael569 thanks for the advice, gonna miss the white rice
  5. I feel mentally slow and my memory is poor. I’m only 24 so I do not feel like I should have these types of mental issues. So I reckon it’s a nutrition problem. Any tips for brain boosting foods/diets/supplements?
  6. Started losing mine the instant I hit puberty. Someone mentioned it the first time when I was about 15 however it was still pretty minor at the time. At age 19 it was very obvious and I stated wearing a cap constantly to hide it. To be honest I lived in a small town where wearing a cap wasn’t particularly strange even if done inside. I do not recommend this approach or wigs or trying to hide it with wax etc. It not the right approach. Having it in a long haircut also looks insecure and it’s not a good look. As for girls, well I’ve been blessed with good looks other wise. Was a model as a child even. So even if I wore a cap I was still a popular guy, but well what’s the point of being popular if you can’t do anything with it. (Since she’d notice if I took it off) Also the fact that I was insecure about the whole thing was way more of a problem than the actual baldness. Girls have a unreasonable attraction to confidence and being able to despite you hair situation might very well be the one of the best way to show confidence.
  7. It does offer a lot of convince to live to together and is often beneficial economically. However convince does create issues, especially in terms of desire. To remedy this make sure both of you have other high quality relationships that you spend time with outside of the relationship. As in not together.
  8. My breakup advice of the day is to start changing your life based on how it was before the relationship ended. As in what you spend your time doing, try new hobbies, meet new person people and/or spending your time in different places etc. Doing so makes your mind create separation from the past and you get over the whole ordeal quicker. Dating quickly however is a trap, so that won’t do the trick.
  9. Simple higher education. Universities are full of stage green people.
  10. relationships based on lies and secrets is not the way to go regardless of country
  11. In my country girls aren’t into to guys that have payed for sex. Besides the first time one fucks it tends to pretty shitty, so let’s just say you won’t get much for your money. Also corona can spread sexually.
  12. Just because someone is gay doesn’t mean they want dicks up their butt, or be into sucking dick. Lots of girls rather not have dick up their butt for instance.
  13. One could argue less desperate but in my experience not less horny.
  14. However there is a problem girls face. Sure girls have plenty of options but most are unattractive for various reasons. The few guys that stick out get the same kind of attention girls get and hence will be assholes. So in the end girls get a higher number people interested in them but also struggle to find suitable partners. Also I assume your friend was ok with you using her photo for this experiment.
  15. To be completely honest I would be let’s call it “weirded out” if a stranger on from street came up and started talking to me in the hopes of becoming friends. However if a some dude were being friendly at a bar or other social gathering I wouldn’t mind. Most likely scenario would be if I met someone regularly and kinda got to know the by “mistake”. Like at work or uni etc.