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  1. Noden in Stockholm is a good option, its not too far from you either.
  2. Did you wear a condom? Size and allergies play a role.
  3. Matthew Hussey has great tips. You’ll find him on YouTube.
  4. Well do you want good sex or romance and long term potential? Risks with picking nr.1 he might be an ass or simply leave you. Risks with with picking nr.2 you might become an ass/be a terrible partner or leave him because you fell out of love or simply got bored with him. That said, life is too complicated to think of guys as one out of two options.
  5. Probably real. Can’t say I recommend it, usually illegal. Confidence is attractive after all.
  6. No, it’s painful and I’m not interested in having kids. However being a woman for day can probably be pretty interesting. Besides as a guy I create life all the time, it just happens to be very simple. Its a cool thing tho to create humans but just not for me.
  7. I don’t think there is a one optimal approach to this. If your horny your more likely to act, but also to come off as desperate. So if your problem is not approaching then going out with a “loaded gun” might the option better suited for you.
  8. If you are a virgin with poor self-esteem because of it, it will probably help quite a bit. Otherwise meh.
  9. I recommend kisses on the forehead if it’s in a romantic setting and mouth to mouth action isn’t on the table. Small victories should be celebrated just like big ones.
  10. Sure girls care about hight and might even be hypocritical about it. However as long as your are taller then the girl you are interested in it’s fine. Speaking of hight and hypocrisy, I knew this one girl who told me she would never be with a shorter guy. Seemingly very sure about it to. A month later is nuts about the shortest guy around and those way shorter than her
  11. What’s does our social life look like? Do you utilize desexualized spaces with your buddies? Building a solid group of guy friends will aid you in fixing these types of problems. When it comes to girls, just be ruthless but handle girls who’s not interested fairly.
  12. On the one hand a ideology that doesn’t have any truth to it won’t get any following. On the other MGTOW, TRP etc is cleanly just a reaction to “woke culture”. Which ironically shares the same structures in how it explains society.
  13. I would go as far as to say, don’t do that at all with or without friends present. Unless it’s a appropriated sexual thing. Sorry to hear about the whole thing. I hope you don’t stay with her.
  14. @Striving for more I definitely except to be approached while I commute to work. It happens almost everyday. By cute girl trying to get my number? No, by people who want directions and poor people who’d like money or food (They approach everyone). That’s fine, but sometimes you don’t want to deal with people and wearing headphones is a sign you don’t. That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t can’t appreciate it. If you feel like someone wants you to talk to them then that’s fine. That’s just not me.
  15. Meh, I wouldn’t pick up girls with headphones in. If she really wants you to make a move she’ll take them out. Half the point of wearing headphone and similar things is to not having to deal with strangers.