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  1. You could try to go down in her, it usually takes about 15 minutes to get a girl in a orgasmic state. Also applying sensory deprivation through teasing helps quite a lot. As for fingering, try keeping the finger locked touching the g spot and moving your hand. Perhaps that helps relive strain.
  2. I can think of arguments for both sides, but I statistically I suppose you’re right at least among youngsters. I suppose high school kids have other things to do. I know I certainly didn’t try much at that age. Although you don’t get addicted to something you’ve never tried or didn’t have a abundance of, like alcohol or something. You can just idealise it and value it highly.
  3. @Shroomdoctor Alright then it fine, some natural tension is always useful.
  4. If people question your stare your probably over doing it. Still works sure but generally you don’t want to get criticism about this whole thing. Over staring borders on creepy, so if people bring it up it’s probably a warning sign. You want hear that you are a good listener and that you in the moment with them etc. Rather than complains. Its great to be present but if you are only focusing on them it’s indicative of desperation.
  5. NoFap means you don’t masterbate, while he’s it’s better if you don’t ejaculate it still counts. The reason it’s problematic to fap(with or without ejaculate) is that you get a reward for (basically) nothing. It typically a problem if you need external stimulation as you’re not really horny then. Although not sure about the harmful effects of ASMR.
  6. The video is ridiculous yeah of course, thinking of any girls as out of your league is not productive and often not true.
  7. @Anirban657 Approaching women will make you more confident especially if you see some success. Although the only way to become more masculine is to spend time with masculine people(unfortunately)
  8. Things that help at a bar: Avoid being alone with your mind. Go to the bar disk and talk the people there first thing unless you see someone you want to approach of the gecko. Once you have your drink of choice try to a approach someone/some people instantly. You can start a conversation to a bunch of guys, maybe you'll have a blast and be in a great mood. (Great for picking up girls) It gets way more difficult if you actually sit down and start to think about what to do.
  9. Let's you have a movie night set with a girl, you tell her the movie, the time and she is fine that. A few days later she changes her mind about what time or movie you are going to watch,let's say you don't really care if its at 20:00 or 21:00 for instance. Similar examples can be the restaurant we are going to or whatever. Some people have the strong believe that you should't give in and be decisive. Others believe that you should be authentic and therefor be accommodating whenever it seems reasonable. Should you be accommodating?
  10. “I definitely don’t see this working out” could make her upset. Just forget everything you know and show her that you like her rather then flirt with her the regular verbal way.
  11. Train your pc muscle, by doing kegel exercises.
  12. I would recommend her content, I'm not into guys so i haven't tried anything but it sounds reasonable, creepily so https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0NjSG_gbGRuc2XxkgIb-yw
  13. Focus on the small habits in life, that’s a great way to start. Do your bed in the morning, keep your room clean etc. Gradually make them more difficult but let each habit have 3 to settle before moving on to the next. In addition to the benefit of the actual habit you’ll also become more confident. Has nothing to do with girls? yes I know but the small things makes a big difference over time. You’ll have a solid base to build upon.
  14. Don't try to be. Metaphorically let people slap your penis, or rather don't consider it slapping.