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  1. Short story: You have low self-esteem. If you did not, you wouldn't not need to "Prove yourself to others" Simple practical things for boosting testosterone(and in turn confidence) Diet changes: more (good)fat, zinc and vitamin D Avoiding ejaculation(you lose zinc this way, the less you do it the better) Exercise(if you don't already) Make sure you get a good about of sleep These are of course not the best solutions since low self-esteem is a physiological problem but they will help get you started and are rather easy. Also try some confidence boosting mindsets etc (google it). Leo might even have something
  2. If you want to make things a lot easier and do not already do this, then... Do: Exercise Eat healthy If you are able, get a nice haircut. (short on the sides, long on top, works best generally) Women/girls really likes a man whom cares about him self and his looks Don't: Watch porn masturbate Avoiding porn and masturbation will increase you willpower/motivation as well as testosterone/confidence levels among other benefits. P.S: Don' t spend too much time watching videos/reading, make sure you do the practice as well.
  3. Can you explain more? How come things stay on earth if there is no gravity?
  4. How would gravity work if the earth was flat? wouldn't everything just fall to the center of the disk, collapsing into a "ball-shaped planet"?
  5. I you wish to reach enlightenment i would strongly recommend avoiding them. If not then.. try to keep it to a minimum, say once every two weeks max. Also try to find something else(better) to do with your time/money. New friendships, love, hobbies, travel and so forth.
  6. Don't invest in your looks/personality for women, do it because you care about your health and happiness. If not for yourself then for the fact that women find that more attractive...
  7. I would recommend: Striving for long term relationships but "doing it" once or twice is not the end of the world, not to mention a new experience. You can learn more about women and about yourself. The trick is not getting stuck, that could lead you down a bad rabbit hole. Have fun
  8. This is deep and has some practical applications, if you wish to defend yourself from others. You do need to be mindful about how you use this, as using it wrongly could make you cold and fanatical. I fear that you may close your mind from others thoughts and feelings. You may defended yourself against the truth if they speak in anger. If they what say is not true, there is still something to be learnt by what they said. How they think and why they think so.
  9. First and foremost i should tell you, i am no master of spirituality or psychology. I have not studied it academically, nor experienced the same Issue. i'm simply a 20 year old guy, whom found an interested in this area because i was going thought a really rough time. That begin said: I believe this comes from a low level of self-esteem and/or self-worth. A feeling that you are not worthy of love and affection and there for you feel bound for betrayal and abandonment. But you are and so are we all, it's a cruel world and it saddens me that you do not agree. You need to learn, is to love yourself and value yourself for who you are first. Because it's is a lot easier to empathize when you have seen the light and right now there is only suffering and darkness. So you lack the perspective to see the other side and therefore you cant forgive him. I would recommend this video (a bit long and messy): Yes i too hold this belief. To grow stronger you must first suffer, in both muscle and mind. What makes you strong is overcoming it.
  10. When it comes to friends/family members, it is not the amount that is important. It is the quality of the relationship that matters and to some extent the "quality" of the other individual. You mentioned that you have a feeling he might feeling lonely. I would guess if that is the case, that the many friends he has are primarily the type that you party/smoke with. Instead of the ones you can have a deeper connection with and rely on when you need support, this is especially common among guys as the have a harder time opening them self's up to other men. Not to mention the people that also do not try face or even recognize their problems by seek pleasure in that way. They have surrendered, no longer trying to solve but rather live with them. Recover from such a state is very difficult as you often don't truly know the alternative and be look down upon by those who do. What i would do if i was in i were your shoes,i would be to try finding some whom have been thought something similar, or a friend you already have and create a strong bond and learning to open yourself up in a healthy way and with time create a deeper connection that can benefit you both from. From there i recommend also finding people seem whom have a higher point of awareness and learn from them by spending time together and you will find happiness . This is not easy, i know this from experience and it requires luck and determination. I made my first real connection when i was 19 and i was the happiest I've ever been,it felt like i could see the world thought a new lens for the first time. One of happiness and positivity . All of my previous "friendships" were nothing more than a excuse to do the things i want to and could not do alone. Regarding my question, yes i admit i wrote that in a horrible way. what i was interested in knowing was, if the freaking feelings comes from thoughts or came randomly and were"inexplicable". If the thoughts that haunt you are conscious or subconscious in other words.
  11. We are all suffering is some way, assuming we are not enlighten, He is simply trying to avoid it in his own way. Weed: yes as it is suppress your the (sub)conscious thoughts bad/good that are created naturally, giving more "space" to think about what ever you like and be not by hindered by bad thoughts. I.e if you have a calm/good state of mind you will not like it if you use it recreationally. Sex: Is a bit more tricky as we are suppose to enjoy it due to our biological need to reproduce, but a healthier mind will wish for love and intimacy instead of meaningless sex. So that the joy of seeing another in pleasure give us more pleasure than the sex itself. I would look at like this way, he is escaping his suffering by having sex and smoking weed, quick fixes are never good and will lead to addiction and he will not be able to do them forever.What then? Would you say that they have close and open friends, families -relationships? You can find much greater joy from kindness, closeness to others and friendships and the lack of this leads one into pleasure seeking. This is why religions often tells you to avoid it. Side question if you want to share, are the freaking feelings constant or more based by your thoughts about yourself and/or the things around you.
  12. A bit of backstory About a year ago i was not one to easily forgive people, i would hold a grudge over really small things and just waste mental/emotion energy thinking about it. This was about the time i start watching Self-help and spiritual videos/content. For anonymity (Not actual names) William - A neighbor (student dormitory) Amanda - An other neighbor, the girl William likes (Allegedly) Story Last Saturday i went to a party with a friend, at the party i meet my neighbor William and some friends of his. Me and William(and his friends) had partied before so i offered them some of my alcohol. We had fun talking/dancing with people, one of the people i spoke to briefly was Amanda. I live in a student dormitory so after the party i went to my kitchen and made myself a sandwich, drank some water. I heard some noise in the corridor and saw Amanda having some problems with a friend of hers, so i help out. After that i sat down with them and continued eating my sandwich. When William came with a friend of his and saw me, he ask me to come with him to the kitchen, so i did. After entering he started to act aggressively so i keep my distances and sat down in a couch. After that i tried to see if there was anything i could do to help in a calm and friendly way. His response was "lick the floor". I refused in once again a calm and friendly way, after which he started beating and kicking me.Giving my face some serious bruising and than leaving because his friend stopped him. We where both surprised that he would do that for no apparent reason, but some how immediately after each punch/kick i forgave him and even feeling bad for the pain he must suffer do to so. As if there was nothing to forgive.... This in turn relieved me of hatred of him and potentially regret. As well as him not needing to get hurt because of anger i could had towards him. I simply defensed myself trying to block/dodge his strikes I should also mention that i already have a girlfriend that he knows about and that him liking Amanda is a theory his friend had. How to implement this in your life If you wish to attain this ability you need learn 3 things 1. Learn to recognize behavior/traits that indicate inner suffering, there are some obvious signs such as drugs, alcohol abuse and criminal activity. But there are also some less obvious signs like: Do they change a lot when they drink, do they play a lot of video games or have similar distractions. Do they have a very sex, sweets or some other pleasure seeking lifestyle. Are they fat, unattractive, lonely, heartbroken.... you name it, the list is endless 2. Learn to mirror the suffering to yours: Did you have a time where you suffered in your life? Did you remember treat people badly at the time and why? Basically what you need to do is to understand that, they hurt people because they suffer and suffer even more because they hurt others i.e karma. As well as be able to empathize with it. (Empathy comes with age in case you are a teenager/kid and are currently lacking) 3. Allow yourself to forgive them without any conditions. You do not need them to ask for forgiveness or should remorse, we are the same after all and they simply don't know it yet. If you want some "payback" know that what they did, will hurt them too in the long run.
  13. No more let life divide what death can join together. - Percy Bysshe Shelley, Adonais
  14. Without: Ideologies: Materialism (this guy is the real villain) Authoritarian/Totalitarianism Nationalism/Patriotism (And yes i know there not the same) Racism Character traits: Fanatics Xenophobia/homophobia...... Greed/Power hunger Mental illness: paranoia, sadistic and so on Religion in some cases Why could we ever justify/want war, suffering? Missed anything?