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  1. @Girzo @NoSelfSelf I would say both matter. Some girl get upset when you tell them how old you are. I look older and like girls that are around 23 which is older than me so that’s definitely a factor but it’s hasn’t been deal breaking so far. In regards to looks well it matter but not as much as many people think and perhaps not in the way you’d expect. I mean hot people are generally more confident, purely based on their looks. Saying that looks don’t matter is like saying that the colour of he car you want to buy has(assuming you couldn’t change it).
  2. @WazenHot guy are the minority, now does it come with some benefits? absolutely. how about drawbacks? yup. Like unattractive girl/guys groping/tries to kiss you etc. Also it does at least to me seem like being hot only makes girl want some action and not necessarily something serious. Just because your not necessarily hot doesn't mean that your ugly, or even that girls won't approach you. They simply need another reason to do so, maybe you have a great and magnetic personality. Perhaps you've got a great reputation for you love making abilities, combined with a great sense of style and attractive body language. Regardless being a approach by girl is a strangle luxury, that you hardly need and normally just an ego boost out of, your probably not going to be approach by someone suitable for a relationship anyway. Usually their really drunk, lonely, horny or have a need for attention. Don't have anything against girls approach guys, that's just been a observation i've made. If I were you I focus on approaching girls, you learn much more that way. Regardless of whether or not girls approach you. If you make a girl interested in you as a person you'll have way more of a ego boost. I mean your genetics is hardly something you worked to obtained.
  3. If he needs to be ready then there is probably nothing that you can do but wait. If you don't think he can see how you feel, try to make it clearer, guys are stupid in regards to eq so I wouldn't be surprised if you'd as a girl have to be very clear. Giving him opportunities by being alone and so on is useful. This seems very enigmatic, be on you guard if he is none-sexual, in behavior rather the way he communicates yet, very affectionate in a way that seems disregardful of own self desires.
  4. Well chicken meat is healthier than pig and cow meat, It's not rocket science.
  5. Train the pc muscle. Do you always face this issue or only with girls? If only with girl porn can be a problem or too small condom size. To name a few causes.
  6. I made a blog for uni with php, js, html,css and some sql. (as a it student for an exam, in other words it took 6 hours and is hardly well made) You can skip the sql if you don't want the database. I can give you a zipped version of it if you want. people can like/dislike and comment on it.
  7. You're are aware even if you are asleep, that why it's possible to talk to sleeping people. People sometimes talk to me while im asleep because I talk in my sleep. From what i've heard it's rather pointless, and mostly for fun. But you don't remember because the brain is in recovery mode so to speak.
  8. Long term: Suffer until you no longer can be angry. Short term: Then you start to feel angry focus on your breathing and try whenever possible to get out of the conversation or switch topic. The earlier the better if you think a topic might trigger you, avoid it before you get angry. So i guess it's a alright way to deal with it. Leos video is also good.
  9. I don't really have much against them and they do often have a point, although I don't think the pump and dump attitude is very admirable or something that should be promoted. They often hold objectifying views and revel in the misfortunes of modern day indoctrinated girls. So rational arguments are fine, certain attitudes are not imo. Now i'm not mgtow but i can definitely see the appeal. A strangely huge percentage is unfaithful. I mean probably most of them are faithful but still it's alarming, because i regularly meet girls who are not only cheat but are even completely open about as well.
  10. I would recommend making the request low effort , such as a café visit or a walk. The Idea is to allow the girl the ability to leave early if she doesn't want to stay. Now will she hopefully not leave early, but if she can she is more likely to say yes. I would also advise you hold off from people in your program or courses, it gets awkward if doesn't work out and if it does it's not good to meet regularly in uni like that.
  11. “Loyal” you can’t be loyal to anyone besides yourself and I don’t mean that in some spiritual way. You choose whether or not you want to abide by the rules you set for yourself, don’t want to cheat on other people? Then don’t. Don’t be loyal because they your partner would get hurt. Be loyal for your own sake. If you partner is not worth it then find someone else or be single.
  12. I won’t say I’m very good at texting, but if I have an interest in someone I do try to make very clear early on. If you intend to text someone do so with intent to get something done. Talking with your crush for the sake of just talking doesn’t seem logical, on the other hand I’m cold and and haven’t felt strongly about someone just yet. Now I don’t think you messed up, although the “hey” seems once again to not be intended to go anywhere. The more you put yourself out there the better. No risk no reward so to speak. Create an event for the sake of the event(maybe a party) and invite lots of people including this crush of yours and let this be the point of the texting out of the blue. For instance.
  13. I’m best friend(22) is dating a bald guy and she found him on tinder. She is quite shallow as well. I think it’s mostly a problem if you let it effect you.
  14. I would advise against it, although I’m friends with one of my exes(she lives in another country)
  15. Get all the action, when you realise it doesn’t make you happy then move on to bigger better things.