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  1. @F A B Fat guys are hilarious, blast to hang out with.
  2. If it was socially acceptable, I would go around in underwear. The heat here is worse than in turkey
  3. Going out tonight primarily for pickup, I’m helping a buddy get laid but also trying my own luck. What’s your favourite way to start a conversation? “Hi” seems somewhat boring
  4. Depends, I meet less then 10% of the girls I have something with through “pickup”. I don’t even do actual pickup I just happen to talk to some girl at a party or something. Friends, events, work and university are the places/ways you meet girls at least in my experience. Also you don’t have to be super obvious about what you are doing, say you see a girls put in some flowers in her car next to the flower shop, ask her causally if you can help. Strike up a conversation, maybe make a joke or two. It’s no big deal. If you feel like she might like you go for the number otherwise don’t. I don’t think she’ll tell all her friends some guy helped her and if she’s does it probably a good thing I would go for a number if it’s in public. If it’s lets say you do it in a mall and you approach a girl in a confident way, it will look like you already know each other.
  5. With my ex I had sex a few times a week, it wasn’t a priority. She wanted to do it more regularly than me.
  6. I’m going ghost busting soon with this one girl who seems to know her shit. I’m sceptical to be honest but I’ll try to keep an openmind. Do any of you have an experiences with this? I’m going to an old asylum known for all kinds of spooky things including people killing each other and the like.
  7. @MM1988 I would say most guys get some action maybe not exactly what they want the most but still they get some. Imagine 30 years old women, do 80% of them lack a partner? Probably not right? If so where do all these partners come from, they can’t all be lesbians.
  8. The end results is what matters if she had a good time over all, who cares? It all demands how you do it.
  9. Coconut oil is better for frying right? Cold showers is the shit for losing weight, preferably in the morning. Club soda is fine isn’t if just water and salts or whatever? Avoiding all sugars that’s the basics of losing weight.
  10. Almost everyone has something they can teach you or give you a new perspective. Although I’ve fallen into this trap myself so... yeah.
  11. Seeing thing as black and white is stage red, seeing things as “grey” is orange. Yellow view morality in a multitude of colours.
  12. It’s interesting how often feminists and anti-feminists don’t understand each other when they argue. I don’t mean the two of you above I just mean in general. Both constantly misunderstand each other as if you spoke different languages.
  13. You can still talk to girls and go to parties in order have a good time and/or meet new people. Pickup feels outdated.
  14. I get nervous from dates, idk know why. Usually it’s fine when I get there so you are not alone. Breathing is the way to go to become more comfortable.