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  1. I’m looking to get around 180-200g of protein a day spaced out over three meals and one snack. I’d also like to get around 300g of the right carbs. I’m finding it difficult to do this however and just eating lots of chicken is so boring. For the people here getting strong, what do you do for reaching your daily protein? I’ve found whey is the only way lol
  2. I am seeing these new AI apps that can alter photos, sound, text, etc. It’s starting to get to the point where I wonder just how advanced it will be in 5-10 years from now. I’m wondering what some of the broader implications are and if you all agree we may need some regulation soon. For example, AI could be used to tamper with and forge evidence that could interfere with trials. It could also be so good that soon there may be digital apps that replace actually people for texting. I could also see it killing 80% of all white collar jobs. Maybe at one point that one academic’s complaints about AI being dangerous seemed silly but now I actually agree, this stuff could quickly get out of hand and cause some serious problems. Thoughts?
  3. I want to change careers. I want to become a web developer, start with front end then become full stack, and hopefully work my way up to software engineer. I’d like to do this without a cs degree if possible. right now I have these beliefs about it and I’d say how I’m going about doing it - I’m reasonably disciplined and learning what skills and abilities I must have to succeed in this field. I also could further research what I need to learn. - I need to network eventually which I haven’t really done before and is new to me. - I realize we learn through mistakes and I’m willing to make them. I hope I can avoid making something big, like this not working out for me and having wasted my time, but that sometimes happens and I’ve weighed the ideas and I think I’m going about this as rationally as I can. - I would like to start putting in much more work into this. - I’m fairly decisive and can make choices when I need to. - some stuff in my personal life is keeping me from fully committing as much time as I would like to this but I’m working on resolving this What I believe I could develop is creativity since it’s one thing I lack with second being the drive to put in massive amount of work. Any tips to improve in these things and anything else I could work on?
  4. Thanks for expanding on this. I do agree with you. I’ll take this into account and try to do some more writing based off what you said. I actually was at this point when I was in my early to mid 20s. I was an incel 10 years ago before the word was coined. Getting out of this was like clawing myself upward out of a well with no ladder. I’m actually not sure how to approach this even though I’ve been through it, need to reflect on it more. I’m trying to put together a body of writing and maybe put out a short book on this topic in the future.
  5. One of the fundamental obstacles I see a lot of guys having problem with isn’t their “game” abilities. For example they aren’t sure what “to do” in a certain situation or say and are looking for some mental concept they can mechanically implement. That approach to thinking about this stuff has it’s place and is useful at times. Their problem is more fundamental however and it’s that they lack abundance. They are not living a socially active lifestyle nor have the exposure which gives them social access to simply meeting and partying with lots of beautiful women. They sit inside mostly, they keep to themselves, they spend time with the same couple friends who don’t go out either, etc. This is somewhat where cold approach and day game attempts to fill the gaps but this also can be further refined and isn’t the same as being in a place where women are going to be automatically receptive to your sexual agenda. Not all places give the same level of social reception. I’m part of a Facebook group where guys ask for advice. You see a lot of posts there where a guy will put up images of some texting he’s doing with a number he got. He busted his ass to get that number in his town or city then he’s in scarcity mode and trying hard to make a mediocre set work. All those mechanical “gamey” techniques aren’t necessarily the foundation. They are more the icing on the cake. You don’t need a lot of them, sometimes even none, for a robust and rich experience. You’d be surprised how the techniques that are studied in pick up are sparingly used by guys who actually get home runs, in reality much of the “game” you are expected to run as a man is being just a fun and relaxed guy who is confident in himself and can make solid eye contact coming from that core inner sense of well being (not forcing). Basically just knowing how to lead. Not the fake try-hard red pill confidence but actually confident and truly appreciative of yourself. You’re happy to be who you are, weaknesses and all. If you had abundance/exposure and simply were happy to be who you are you wouldn’t be hyper focused on making that one shitty set work. I noticed here instead of guys posting screenshots of text convos they ask useless hypotheticals to try and understand something. Both are just inefficient coping mechanisms to try and deal with a challenge in life. You would know there is an element of chance and you are not in control of the woman or the situation, you can only influence it, so you would have no problem passing onto the next instead digging in, and with this all attuned together you are then quickly able to filter to the girls that like you and put energy into the sets you can tell will go in your favor and you will get laid way more and have way more opportunities to make this girl you girlfriend or that girlfriend a hookup. It’s just what’s efficient. So I would say the main thing to do is focus on abundance. Move if you have to. If you live in the Middle East or a shitty USA state, then move. Second you have to make some great internal shifts and take responsibility for your emotions and how you view yourself. No more blaming others for how you feel or what you like or don’t like. You create all your emotions through your beliefs. Nothing outside you is doing that. Stop blaming your chemistry or the heavy metals or the label of some diagnosis. It is just your beliefs. Your beliefs can be changed, beliefs of course can be changed! So this all revolves around taking responsibility and the first thing you can do is take responsibility for what I consider to be the most important fundamental which is reorienting your entire life towards building abundance. Move if you have to, change jobs, join a co working place, whatever you have to do to just be around women for hours on end every day, do that, then start refining.
  6. This is a topic I think all sides need to research more, we need to take medical science into play and really listen to people who identify as trans. You have the conservatives who think this is just a disease or whatever and then you have the liberals who are fine giving an elementary school kid radical hormone therapy cause little Chris now identifies as Christina. I’m supportive of giving pre teens some choice but we need safe guards to make sure they aren’t misdiagnosed or their diagnosis won’t be re-contextualized at a later point where they will regret it. It’s maybe a somewhat poor comparison, but I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was little. I was medicated. I grew up with this label thinking something was wrong with me. My mom had passed away and my dad was very distant and unavailable. Of course I would have behavior problems and not be able to focus in class in school with old teachers where half don’t give a shit. These medical models we use to try to fix kids can have all sorts of flaws and not account for many factors. I limited myself for years keeping my belief system entangled with this adhd / bad student label I created for myself believe what the adults in my life told me. We have to make sure these choices come from the most genuine and clearest of places with cutting edge science as well. These are decisions that shouldn’t be made from liberal emotions. Some adults are making these choices from some fad liberal agenda which is based heavily on their hippy ideology and it could really cause problems for some kids who are indoctrinated into this and one day think they are a different gender cause they want some attention and don’t realize the ramifications from changing one’s identity so drastically.
  7. It’s basically the reason why pick up guys are able to make so many videos. There are a lot of guys who just want to try and understand something that can’t ever be understood in its entirety. Why do women flake? Cause they can. Where does a 300kg gorilla sit? Where ever it wants to. The best thing you can probably do now is rest up and start making some plans to go out this weekend.
  8. Stop thinking about this and stop looking for some silly mental model or belief to explain everything that happens. It’s a waste of your time and mental energy. Your entire energy should be going towards understanding yourself and understanding any beliefs that are keeping you from living in your flow and going out to socialize, or from doing whatever else you wish to do. It’s that simple but it’s the heavy lifting. Stop distracting yourself. This does nothing to get you laid or even understand anything you need to understand.
  9. You need to travel. Vegas is clouding your world view. There is way more to pick up and women than your Vegas bubble.
  10. Most of the guys here envy the lifestyle he had and Tate is also is associated with self help and pick up / women which a lot of guys are into here. Makes sense why he would be discussed a lot here. There is a lack of masculine role models in this space.
  11. How’s your diet ? I’ve noticed this happens to me if I’m eating foods packed with fat and carbs.
  12. I’m going to do some research on this stuff. Some of it seems kinda inconclusive. I did a heavy metals urine test in 2021, did it all properly, and my results came back showing I didn’t have any in me. Found it odd since I do eat canned seafood a couple times a month. I’d like to improve my energy levels and clarity of mind.
  13. A larger gay male population would be similar to the problem when a country goes to war and loses half it’s men. Creates issues with repopulation. Wouldn’t be as bad with all the unresolved trauma and violence though.
  14. So the argument is toxins / metals / pesticides => a contributing factor to fueling degeneracy, potentially harmful sexual beliefs in society and weak social structures. I can kinda see it. I think this would have more to do with stuff like ADHD, learning disabilities, autism and these sorts of stuff but could also affect choices these people make with their sexuality and following a fad. I think the lgbtq culture we see now is partially a fad and will become less prominent and more just a causal fixture in western society going forward. We may even see the gen z generation looked back on as the gay generation. Just hope kids aren’t indoctrinated so much, transitioning in youth seems like it could be a big issue down the line.
  15. @Consept I think early 40s is a good time to look for a long term partner to marry. Testosterone goes down as you age so you probably won’t be as tempted. Also you will have had a solid 20 years to build yourself up and also sleep and date a ton of women. We are gifted as guys because we can play the field longer. I wouldn’t waste that on a marriage in my 20s or 30s. To me it’s important to sleep with a lot of women and get a good taste of all that’s out there. I have a friend who is 43 who was dating a 27 yo. We as guys should not waste this. I’m perfectly fine as of now not getting married and shagging young women till I’m in my late 40s.
  16. Is this guy a student ? there was a video of some old dude doing this as well (he was like 30) and he was getting results 😂
  17. This is an unbelievably cool tool and project. I’m actually finding myself coming to it for help on things like JavaScript and asking it detailed questions which it produces. It also seems to have been programmed with integrity which is great (of course I asked it how to have sex with a woman). All around a stand up job from OpenAI. I will use it going forward to help me with programming and writing. It absolutely can be used no for that.
  18. I mean, I see your point. I just am not sure where the chemistry line ends and the belief line begins. Seems like there’s always something kinda crazy going on in society. Also, prior to modern chemistry a lot of people were just peasants and drank a ton so it’s difficult to gage it with the health of prior generations since modern medicine has kept up. All I can say is I wonder how people would be different if this stuff was cleaned up from foods and homes. Do I think it would end all the glitter hair gay “my pronouns are xe xer ” stuff? Not sure. Seems like it’s gen z’s version of being edgy. I have a family member who even identified as like non binary or whatever just from hanging around mean green sjw types then seemed he dropped that as soon as he made a new group of friends.
  19. She wants to explore her sexuality a certain way. You obviously don’t want that to be a part of your relationship with her. You ended it, good. Stop creating all negative self hating emotions with your beliefs. You are a spiritual being that is never worth less than your true value, which is the highest and greatest value of them all. We all learn through mistakes and experience. You learned about what you want or don’t want in a partner and how to handle your his situation. Reflect on it and move on. No need to play the victim and create these self punishing emotions which you are 100% doing yourself, no external force is causing you to believe what you believe. You will be wiser and stronger having gone through this 💪
  20. If it wasn’t chemicals it was bacteria. I just don’t think this is something influencing people’s preferences or if it is it’s probably towards the back of the line with beliefs towards the front. Maybe the metals could lead to more impulsive choices but we also have molly and cocaine now which probably influences that more. We’ve also had alcohol for ages which has also been a substance a lot of people have sex on. Seems to me all the gay USA non-binary over the top stuff we are seeing is more just a society trying on new clothes and different values. I don’t think it’s rooted too much in the chemistry dimension.
  21. Do you think this is the industry to be in to ensure remote work going into the future? I enjoy this work. But I also largely got into it because it seems to be the best field to be in to be fully remote going into the future.
  22. It’s hard to say conclusively. I don’t think toxins / chemistry plays a role nearly as much as beliefs do. There has always been all sorts of stuff out there in our food. Society values are always changing. In my dad’s lifetime you could be arrested for being gay and today you can get married if you are gay. That is a pretty big shift and I think you can look for chemical explanations to make sense of the data but it won’t actually tell you much. Look at stage blue / red countries. Is their food somehow cleaner? Some of these countries say that gays don’t even exist in them North Korea must be all about that all organic gmo free food. I think some people may have just natural gay / trans tendencies or preferences, but due to the environment and beliefs surrounding this, you have more people choosing to adopt this lifestyle, sometimes even if it’s just “trendy.” the body will give physical pleasure for a lot of things.
  23. Fair enough. it’s not known but by my estimate it isn’t just one or two. This is where I disagree with you and I think you’ve made a number of mistakes. I believe your work’s dangers aren’t always apparent, even with a warning label and I think elaborating isn’t necessarily sufficient and much more of a token gesture and lip service even if that isn’t your intent. I presume you believe elaborating is sufficient to solve this problem, but it is not. I haven’t watched the YouTube video in the OP. I just saw this thread turning into a critique of your work and used it to share my thoughts.