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  1. agreed, hard to make my mind up fully on this. she sounds like a racist boomer with her choice of nomenclature, "the blacks." I think the full conversation would give a better idea of what went down.
  2. it's largely low conscious and all sorts of dumb drama and gimmicks are stirred up to sell PPV purchases. It can be entertaining but I'm not gonna lie to myself that it's somehow particularly intelligent or conscious.
  3. cons - awful for the environment - unhealthy / addicting - wage slave army - animal cruelty pros - cheapest source of protein for poor people in the US - their milkshakes are good
  4. found the channel around 2016 and wasn't a huge fan cause I was practicing a dogmatic meditation practice at the time, started watching videos more periodically in 2017 and towards the end of the year began watching weekly and several of the back videos. Have taken a break from watching weekly for a while now. Not every new video interests or is pertinent to me at the moment. These are five classics from when I started watching regularly - Understanding emotions part 1 - Spiritual enlightenment (first video on it) - Dealing with strong negative emotions - Masculine/Feminine video - How to stop being a victim
  5. Brian rose is the #1 example on youtube that diving deep into consciousness work doesn't automatically mean you clean up all that shit in the closet. If anyone doesn't know who Brian Rose is, he started a youtube channel called London Real which at some point in 2019 really started to take off with viewership. He was interviewing some really interesting individuals like Sahdguru and Wim Hof and putting out several interviews that were quite beefy and interesting. He had over a million followers at this point and was covering topics on psychedelics and self improvement. Jump to 2020 as COVID lockdowns started. Brian started to collaborate with David Ike and Alex Jones. One of his interviews got taken down and he started a donation platform. He raised A TON of money to start some video platform that materialized in the most pathetic way and seemed to then be swept under the rug. Jump now to 2021 and he is running for London Mayor. Bellow Rebel Wisdom summarizes the events from 2020 till now and Brian Rose is a good case study of how just because you get into consciousness work that you automatically aren't a saint like some people think.
  6. Steven crowder has literally zero integrity. The guy dressed up as a transgender woman and tried to start shit in public to show that trans people cause problems. He also tried to troll a black artist on the street and embarrassed himself. The guy is completely bankrupt.
  7. hank hill high integrity for stage blue
  8. I like his jacket... I think that's all I like about him
  9. so strange how putin critics with influence always end up accidentally falling out a window or dead, even in the UK
  10. Stuff only occurs in the present moment that is simply just that, present moment, and no other way than that. Past or memory is a type of thought created from what you have experienced in the present moment. Paradoxically, with no relative reference points set, this recollection of memory occurred at the same as when the direct experience occurred.
  11. eh don't overthink it just let it go if you didn't feel like socializing with them
  12. Has anyone tried this? Apparently there are benefits to sleeping on the floor What have you heard about this and tried?
  13. Weird how he ended up interviewing Sahdguru though I guess he was open to anyone with an audience on his podcast until he found out that the Alex Jones type is the one to donate thousands to some fear based cause
  14. Steven Crowder is toxic life purpose on parade.
  15. I don't think it's just Republican's either even though they are a big factor. Society in general in the US just isn't quite ready for all of Bernie's ideas. It's a lot more complicated than simply passing a law in Washington.
  16. My next purchase. I like spreading out. Buy a bit of everyone in this sector. Also this is a long term investment. I plan to hold my stocks in this sector for ten years minimum. They are only bound to go up. Anyone who knows how powerful these treatments are knows this is only gonna rise in value. Basically comes down to how well these companies handle themselves and which ones come out on top so to speak. I think all of them are gonna do well.
  17. Jp is such a moron. He is basically a right winger dressed as a hippie.
  18. they are but they are coming from different places emotionally
  19. I knew you were gonna say something about his laugh as soon as I started reading your post either you love his laugh or it annoys the hell out of you
  20. I don't think so. I think one is more about being servile while the other is more self centered, kinda like a cool celebrity.
  21. I don't think women do it to please men or for men so to speak. They are doing it to feel desired by men and know men want them and approve of them. I think there is a difference. There is doing it for someone else and doing it for yourself cause it feels good knowing other people desire and want you.
  22. john bogle seems like a healthy orange. guy was not hellbent on being a billionaire and seemed to pass it up
  23. this will never NOT be funny
  24. I would say it largely has to do with wanting to feel beautiful and desired by whoever they are interested in. Self expression and personal style is interwoven into this as well. It is multi faceted.