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  1. Their main arguments that hold no water is that he crossed state lines to hunt people and that there's some sort of white supremacy involved. First off, it was perfectly legal for Kyle to possess a firearm since Wisconsin is an open carry state, and the barrel was long enough according to the statue and his father also lives in Kenosha. All else is wishful thinking. People say he shouldn't of been there, it was foolish, etc. I can say the other 3 'attackers, not victims' shouldn't of been there. Gaige traveled further than Kyle and with a firearm. We might as well say that military personnel should of never joined the military knowing they may be deployed and never come back. So the whole, "He went to hunt people!" is just a subjective, speculative, weak argument. Everyone who did NOT attack Kyle, survived. And the whole white supremacy accusations are complete nonsense. All of his attackers were white. The next thing liberals have to go off of is that he had a picture with a proud boy member making an 'ok' sign at a bar..lol. What is NOT white supremacy to the left? The term is so overused and stale that people no longer care or take offense...it's become background noise. Everything the media has said about Kyle including the fact checkers has been proven false. As such, it is time for Kyle to sue Joy Reid, Joe Biden, and all the other media outlets who defamed him. Him and Nick Sandmann will be the highest paid individuals by liberal media. Honestly, the days are numbered for woke culture. Biden's presidency has expired, we are simply riding the wave now, watching it crash & burn as more ammunition for the right to win 2022 & 2024.
  2. Those who voted for Biden in a way voted for Trump in 2024 because they helped put Biden under the microscope for the next 4 years. America was too indecisive about who should be president, it was about time Trump took a back seat from all the harassment so that the new guy can be the one to face it instead. When 2024 hits, Trump will more than likely waltz his way into the White House thanks to our Biden voters. We must not forget to treat our Biden voters with the utmost respect for the sacrifice they've made. It was all part of the process and America will be more sure than ever who it wants as president in 2024. Congrats to Virginia waking up last night and last but not least... LET'S GO BRANDON!
  3. Youngkin has prevailed. Looks like the democrat's racist set up with the tiki torches couldn't save them. They saw that the GOP wasn't being racist so they said, 'Fine, we'll do it instead." The House & Senate is next now. The whole race baiting tactics and making it about Trump every issue instead of focusing on actual solutions is no longer working for the Democrat party and the people are fed up with their antics. When Biden wakes up tomorrow afternoon, somebody’s gonna have to tell him he’s now officially presiding over the collapse of the Democrat party. Let's Go Brandon, #1 song on iTunes, the cry of freedom across the world. Thank you Biden for uniting us afterall! Trump is coming back in 2024. Winners never quit, and quitters never win.
  4. I just want to start off by saying that Trump losing in 2020 has been a blessing so that Biden can be in the spotlight. But has Trump really lost? Because winning isn't about never losing, it's about being able to come back after a loss. Biden's approval ratings have tanked in less than a year of his presidency, the whole world is chanting "Let's Go Brandon!" I'd say Biden managed to unite people after all. Youngkin will most likely win this Virginia race which is going to be an even better sign that the democrats will get decimated in the 2022 midterms and then it will be bye bye Biden in 2024. McAuliffe is so desperate he thinks he's running against Trump and the people are seeing right through it. Just recently Biden fell asleep at the climate summit and the world is laughing. He apologized to Europe for us pulling out of the Paris Accord, he should be apologizing to Americans. If Trump wins, he will be the 2nd president ever to serve two nonconsecutive terms and get re-elected after 2 failed impeachments. That's some resilience right there. Let's Go Brandon! 4.4 million views on YouTube and counting, the #1 song on iTunes. Robert De Niro said "Fuck Trump!" during the Tony Awards and there was also a rap song by YG called Fuck Donald Trump. What goes around, comes around. Let's go Brandon.
  5. You mean the liberal reporter who was too scared to say what the crowd was really chanting and instead spun it as "Let's Go Brandon"? Honestly, saying "Conservatives are too scared to say Fuck Joe Biden" sounds like a good amount of cope. Joe Biden managed to bring the world together to chant Let's Go Brandon. He has finally lived up to his message of unity. Did you also know Robert De Niro said "Fuck Trump!" on stage at the Tony Awards and there was also a rap song by YG called Fuck Donald Trump shortly after he was elected? Yet when conservatives do it, democrats go, "Whoah, have some respect for the president now." What goes around, comes around.
  6. As some people already know, a teen black girl was shot and killed by an officer in Ohio for wielding a knife. I'm guessing the cop should of shot the knife instead? Then LeBron being the race baiter that he is, goes on Twitter unleashing his inner Maxine Waters by making a threat towards the officer & inciting violence. If that's not black priviledge, I don't know what is. If white priviledge exists, black priviledge must exist too. Anyways, we now have rioting in Ohio because it's always assumed that when a black person dies to a cop, it's due to race. Then leftists tell themselves it makes white people uncomfortable to talk about race just because they don't have time for their nonsense. That's almost like a dog who can talk saying the meat smells bad just because it can't reach it. As far as spiral dynamics is concerned which is purely just another form of theory..if the right is blue then the left is red. LeBron inciting violence? Definitely red. Maxine Waters calling for more confrontation? Red. The left is really just red virtue signaling that it's orange so that their narratives can be more palatable. Or maybe they're orange only on Sundays, who knows. I never thought I'd say this but for the first time ever, I'm with the left. I whole heartedly agree with Rashida Tlaib to abolish police. Defund them all. We need all police and security to quit. That includes any security that leftist celebrities and congressmen/women have of their own.
  7. I only agree with the 3rd charge of manslaughter for Derek for being reckless by not letting off. Policing is ugly no matter which way you cut it, but the only reason he also had those first two murder charges was so that they can make an example out if him-no more, no less. It's very hard to prove that he was trying to commit third degree assault for the second degree murder charge due to those sort of practices being allowed by the Minneapolis polkce department at the time. The same goes for the third degree murder charge where it's also hard to prove that he intended to commit an act dangerous to others. The jury had to vote guilty on all charges due to the fact that it would cause more rioting and put themselves in danger. Floyd was no angel either and it was important that his actions were looked at as well. People who can't stand that and get angry all of a sudden by spewing nonsense such as "blaming the victim" is only because they aren't mature enough to look at both sides of a story because they don't want to see Floyd's wrongdoings. As far as Maxine Waters goes, she must be held accountable for inciting riots with her "be more confrontational" comments. Liberals are quick to bring up their narrative from Jan. 6 that Trump incited the capitol riot, but they're missing the point. It's not that Republicans are unaware of the left's narrative of "Trump incited the capitol riot", it's precisely because they are aware of that narrative that it's important to use it back against the left when they are being hypocrites such as in Maxine Water's case. It's clear that the left doesn't like being called out for the same things they called Trump out for, it's only fair that way. But the best thing from all of this, which is why I saved the best for last...is DeSantis' anti riot bill. While the whole fiasco of Derek Chauvin and George Floyd was a tragedy, I'm highly against rioting and looting in the name of anyone. It's good to see that in other parts of the country, bills like these are getting passed that are meant to discourage rioting. The left isn't the resistance, it's the right. The left controls the media and Hollywood...hard from being the resistors. The blow back is building up slowly. So what if democrats control the Senate, House, and White House. They have before and ended up losing them. It's good having the democrats control everything for now since it puts them in the spotlight and leaves them open to most of the criticism.
  8. https://www.theblaze.com/news/3-georgia-police-officers-shot-one-suspect-killed-and-another-apprehended-after-chase?utm_content=buffer9afa9&utm_medium=referral&utm_source=facebook&utm_campaign=fb-glennbeck Sadly I've been seeing many cases of people under the effects of the kool-aid from the left side of the aisle saying that trying to flee shouldn't be a death sentence in reference to the man who got shot in Minneapolis. I don't want to mention his name as that's playing into BLM's game of turning another person into a martyr. The thing is that the people who condone fleeing from police also don't care about the lives put at risk on the road in a high-speed chase. In this exact instance with we also see what cops have to go through on a daily basis. I think everyone should be a cop for at least a month. Blue lives matter.
  9. I was hearing about this on the news inside a clinic where the liberal media was spinning it as usual as "systemic racism" and "vilifying victims". So far what we know is that the so called victim had a traffic violation with a warrant out for his arrest, resisted arrest, and yup you've guessed it....has had a history of crime under his belt. So what is BLM's response to this? The good ol' pasttime of burning & looting businesses baby. The founder of BLM has also bought a 1.4 million dollar mansion in an all white neighborhood. The only movement going on here is the founder moving into an all white neighborhood according to Candace. I love black conservatives like Candace. They're the key to helping swing black people to vote the other way instead of with the color of their skin. Much respect for her. White liberals don't like black conservatives because they view themselves as their equals, they don't buy into the whole "You're oppressed" narrative. I saw a social experiment done on YouTube where some guy was asking white people and black people on the street about systemic racism & oppression. Surprisingly, only the white people acknowledged systemic racism whereas the black people that were asked whether they felt oppressed or not gave looks of "What the hell? I own a business, ain't no one holding you back more than yourself." There's the argument for BLM that we can't demonize it entirely just for the "handful" of violet people from the movement. But when the media and corporations bow down to BLM and tout it as this angelic movement and worst of all retaliate back towards those who question it, it's only fair to question it even more. When you get retaliation and canceled for criticizing something..that to me is fascist-like behavior.
  10. https://www.actualized.org/insights/how-nazis-win-elections Just read that article and I couldn't disagree more. The whole angle of "Trump is egocentric and only those who are egocentric support him" is an egocentric statement in itself coming from an ego that feels threatened by Trump. It's no different than that hit piece from 60 minutes towards Ron DeSantis. For example, the left's biggest argument for Trunp being racist and supporting division is his border wall. Trump however clearly said that the wall is to protect the people inside that we love, not because we hate those outside. It's also to cut down on illegal immigration so that people would be made to come into the U.S. legally. Mexico has its own border wall with Guatemala. But anyways, reading the article reminded me a lot about the toxic "woke" ideas we see floating around nowadays. I'm seeing conservatives uniting against the MSM and all these woke corporations such as woka-cola (who promotes racism towards white people). Given with the Biden administration's track record already, 2024 is shaping to be another pendulum swing like we had in 2016.
  11. White fragility is another new hogwash term coined by that nutjob woman who wrote that book. These days the whole "you're racist" phrase has been weaponized to push political agendas, narratives, and delusions. Leftists now are trying to fight racism with more racism by going full on anti-white, cramming down all these toxic ideas that white supremacy is at every corner. When a crime gets committed against a person of color, the left loves to assume that the perpetrator is white until they find out he wasn't...then they don't discuss it any further because they can't push their narrative. Last time I checked all videos on YouTube with that woman have more dislikes than likes. The term white fragility is just another defense mechanism to describe those who have no time for nonsense. The funny thing is, the woman who coined that term is white herself and she's virtue signaling as if she's morally superior to others. I'd say the most racist people in this country now are white liberals. They don't like black consevatives because they see themselves as their equals and don't buy into the whole "I'm oppressed" victim mindset. And you're over here saying "white people don't like to hear narratives on racism." That in itself is an inherently racist statement towards white people with the intent to demonize them. Like Morgan Freeman has said, "We get rid of racism by no longer constantly saying white people this...black people that...". Hell I'll make a new term: liberal fragility. Liberals who get upset when others say white fragility is hogwash.
  12. Had to post this here in response to Leo's new wisdom video calling Trump a fool along with the maga cult. I do wonder what the kool aid is like from the left side of the aisle though. Biden is just as much of a fool if not more and leftists don't like hearing that so they call it a "false equivalency". It's their new buzz word these days to as an excuse to avoid being throwing in the same boat. Thing is..if the democrats don't deliver big, it's bye bye come midterms just like Bernie said. Same happened to Obama and Clinton. It's a joke that leftists think Fox News and PragerU is propaganda when one hard look at CNN tells you enough. I quote Don Lemon from CNN, "Everyone who voted for Trump sided with the Klan and Nazis." So does that mean that those who voted for Biden sided with Stalin then? It's only fair...or wait for it, here it comes...it's a fAlSE equIVaLenCy. PRojeCting bro. They say Kayleigh McEnany was bad, but has anyone here seen the circle back girl (White House press secretary)? My single biggest issue with the left and why it still hasn't been able to win me over is their Trump derangement syndrome and oversensitivity and that is why I can never buy into the idea that the left is stage orange or higher than the right (assuming it's stage blue). Even Vaush, a hardcore leftist made a video on the problems of the left and mentioned oversensitivity being a big one for them. I've always been a centrist and leftists hate it because I don't side with them on everything. Another thing I see from the left is condemning any form of nationalism..they automatically think "Nazi!" and that's why the right fires back with calling them commis. Obviously you don't put your country first if it's way in the wrong but some pride for it isn't bad either, balance is key. When I hear that globalization is inevitable, I think it's complete nonsense. There will always be pockets forming to fight it back because this whole "we are one" thing has its limits as well. Anyways I just felt like clowning the current state of affairs for a bit. Outie
  13. Well guys (for whoever cares to read this) I'm going to announce my goodbyes here. The only useful part of this forum was the consciousness section that goes into complete unknowing. However I'm sorry to say but the politics section here is largely left and heavily biased as a result no matter how much people want to deny that all they have is opinions. People in this section think they know the absolute truth of any individual such as Trump that he is a demagogue, Fox, Newsmax, etc. Are all propaganda. To me, these are all opinions just like whatever I say is an opinion. Calling it a deflection, projection, bla bla bla is another opinion as well. My opinion is this: I think people here have built a fortress around their ego hiding behind all sorts of psychobabble that it has taken much of their humanity, creativity, and spontaneity away. Of course upon reading this, it will be rationalized with more of the same psychobabble that I'm a cultist, brainwashed, potentially due to loneliness from childhood, just some guy that gave up on introspection, so on and so forth. Everyone has a PhD in psychology here from what I see and if that gives them a sense of belonging, so be it. I think any violence from the right is unacceptable that it has happened but I'm fully for Trump's vision of the election, country, etc. I'm not saying this out of any anger but I think that maybe America needs the entire government to go to the democrats. It's just meant this way to perhaps lead to a faster collapse through accelerationism where things get so much worse that the left can wake up and be willing to go back to the way things were. I know this sounds extremely right but hey, a lot of shit here sounds extremely left..but America probably just needs to become communist and learn the hard way. I truly see that as a possibility. I may be wrong, who knows. When people call MAGA a brainwashed cult by Trump, I simply think they are brainwashed by their own media such as CNN. A few people probably started calling MAGA a cult and then a whole lot more boarded the train too so that's how they are brainwashed. These are just my thoughts. I know I will be completely thrown into some complex, spiral dynamic, ponytail-out-the-asscrack type box here and that's ok too. I've realized that the most important thing is to be your natural, spontaneous self just as I've wrote all of this without a single thought. Just follow the truth that makes you happy and that's the only absolute truth you ever need even if others think it's further reinforcing the ego, giving up on becoming more conscious, etc. You are an expression of the divine and if that comes in a form like this post, so be it! Even if it's thought of as reinforcing my ego, deceiving myself further, etc. You may think, "Damn, he even knows he's deceiving himself and doesn't want to evolve." Who the fuck knows in the end? Am I saying "who knows" as an excuse at the end? Who the fuck knows. I'm just glad we had 74 million people going the other way. If all of you see it as devilry or brainwashed supporters, or me being what's wrong with with this country so be it! This entire free, spontaneous rambling has been a whole meditation for me. Ill take my ban, whatever dirty little judgement or label is about to come of me in after posting this in peace. It all may of sounded like a bunch of bullshit but i sure feel more original than most of you here lol. Cultist/stagered/egomaniac/God/deplorable/whateveryouwannacallit outtie.
  14. It's simply appearing on my news feed on Facebook from friends as I scroll down. I got some hard-core republican friends among some left and moderate. The whole thing is still developing. There are maga people who are just sitting and not doing anything, but acting more as the cheerleaders for the ones in DC. The reoublican party has been imploding. They're going after "Trump traitors" too.
  15. Let me make myself clear here first before anyone starts judging me of deflection, apologizing for the right, false equivalncies, and so on. I am -hearing- some right wingers say that Antifa was also mixed in today at DC as undercover Trump supporters. They zoomed in on tattoos and found a communist symbol on one of the guys' hands. Has anyone verified this?